Lattenzaun/Fences (English Subtitles)

picket fence in 1/35 Scale Here you can see the set that I have used to represent a picket fence in a diorama . Hier Raus a fence of about 16 cm length , which corresponds to the original ca 5.6 m , 1:35 scale First, the slats should be straightened . I use to one of the bars contained in the set . Anyone who is not quite sure the alignment can make on a checkered sheet of paper , so fits equal to the angle . Then you should , or woman , the slats against renewed slipping , secure by an adhesive tape . It happened very quickly , which makes the ” slats ” self-employed. So , all the best prepared , for the bonding of the transverse slats . Subsequently, the first crossbar is glued . Then, the second . When bonding is to be ensured Sufficient pressure , thus holds everything . So it should look , after sufficient drying time for the glue , I use white glue . The figure is only for the purpose of size comparison . The third long ” bar ” is now cut into two equal parts . So they can be used deep enough into the future diorama . These parts should now lie for the next step in front of us on the table . Now we measure two positions at which the supports of the fence to be fixed . The supports should be flush with the top edge , the crossbar . For the position of commitment something is not quite so symmetrical it can be, the fans something . Once sufficiently dry season schedule and our fence is finished . Now it goes to the painting and aging . Who wants to can now cancel individual boards represent damage . First I applied , spotted and painted with a small sponge rest a black wash . Everything was painted with Vallejo colours. Below you can already see the next steps , which we will do . Now, the original color of the fence is applied . My should have been blue . Up and down we dab the paint on with a sponge , in the middle we can therefore paint . As next Schrit , I , dry painted with a lighter color , not pure white . would offering here , the mix of the fence color with gray or white . Drybrushing is, which is painted with very little color on the brush . I have now with different green tones , from dark to light , again painted with very little color, or dese extensively distributed , only the lower part of the fence . One can at the upper side to apply the same here and there . Next we blinded again with a black wash the lower part . Done! Here again the fence as a background for a possible diorama . With a bit of green in front of it , a bush or grass , you have a nice conclusion for his Diorama , backwards. Of course you can also use the kit to represent a corner in the fence . Who has interest , this set can , for a small fee , relate about me . Thanks for watching .
I hope you have taken something for your next diorama

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