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Hi guys! Uh- Leslie here! Uhh… My parents are actually out in Portugal at the moment taking a little vac-cay-cay So I’m here alone and I decided to record a gaming video. But it’s on my parents laptop and I’m not supposed to be using it so don’t tell my mom! [Laugh turns into Cough] Anyway– A nice man on the internet told me I should play SLENDER And you know– I thought that was a good idea cause apparently it’s good for children …like me so uh here we go let me play this fun fun game. Alright guys, so you know just here walking through the forest… You know, just minding my own business, woopdeydoo. Ohh! Where’s my flashlight? Oh there it is huh. Oh [bleeep] Anyway, so uh my parents are vacationing in Newark. Just chilling at the beach… You know they took the train over on Saturday… And I’m just here– home alone for the weekend. And you know that’ll be fun, my parents finally decided… …I was old enough, you know now that I’m 21, I’m probably old enough to you know stay home alone for a few days… which is– exciting Actually– There was a movie called home alone but I’m not aloud to see cause it’s too violent. But uh– Maybe let me know what it’s about in the comments below! Woah! This is getting a bit spooky so I’m gonna have to check twitter for a second, yeah. Oh Alfie! Oh boy! [Phone ringing] Oh, guys! One sec my mom is calling! Parents can be poopy faces sometimes, huh? Hi mom! How’s it going? Yeah! No yeah that’s what I said… Oh you’re having fun? You’re at the beach right? Yeah, right… What am I doing? oh, I’m sitting at home– uh – practicing my cello. Can you hear it? [Leslie screams] That’s my cello. Okay, so I have to use basket 7 for those things? Ohh. Alright mom! You’re the best. Mom- everything’s going to be fiUHUUHNUGNRNNNEN Hi! Elmo just finished going to the bathroom! Leslie chuckles to himself in reassurance.

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