Let’s Design Cities Skylines — EP 44 — More Parks, More Shopping

[Intro music] Hello, everyone and welcome to episode 44 of “Let’s Design Cities Skylines”. Today we are back as usual, at the city of Cedar Valley where we are taking a look at the latest creation, the latest expansion in our city. Which is this little neighborhood on the corner that you know follows the urban sprawl type layout and obviously, even though it looks amazing or at least I think it does. We are going to do quite a bit of detailing because obviously this is not by any means finished. We are going to get it pretty much complete I have to say. At the end of this episode, we are going to leave it at I would say like 95% completion because I mean it usually happens that I just want to come back and add more things afterwards that I mean, I have been adding details in like the downtown area not so long ago. So that, I mean even though I don’t show them much It is like I just need to do that For my own sake So but I don’t know why I am saying this. But in this episode, we are going to be focusing on this We are going to be adding a lot of details Like I said And in fact, we are going to leave an area where the fire is where there is a whole strip between the train tracks and this neighborhood that we are going to start breaking ground into and that may be, you know, left for a future episode but don’t worry about that we will get to that in a moment. First of we are starting by putting down pretty much trees all around and I know that I sound like a broken record but I usually like putting down trees in clusters and leaving open space in between that I don’t know It just gives more breathing room as to compared to like putting just a massive amount of trees you know one next to the other which look fine but I don’t know but in my mind, I think adds an extra level of detail just makes it look nicer and I highly encourage you go try that out in your cities instead of just putting trees with a brush and that’s it and actually I don’t think I ever talked about this One of the main reasons this type of tree I mean ever since the beginning of this series like from before even episode one I started working on the map It’s because I don’t know I feel like this tree, first of all, it looks really pretty it is somewhat low poly and also covers a pretty big chuck of footprint, every time you put it down which is something actually I mean if you are trying a large portion of your map with trees I don’t know it just makes it easier the fact that one tree can I mean just a little cluster of trees occupies a big area makes things a lot, a lot easier when detailing and you know that is one of the main reasons why I chose that even though it’s not going to be the only type of tree that I am going to put in this area. By the way, I am talking way too fast and I can’t I need to catch my breath And this, by the way, this what I am doing here, is what I was talking about I wanted to leave that gap in between the freeway, the rail connection and the suburb. And have a bit of a walkway park Which I mean I think I have done this before somewhere in Cedar Valley but I can’t rember I might have actually demolished things like this I remember we used to have a park similar to this on the main strip that leads to the government house And I don’t remember if you remember that and I don’t even know what episode number that is probably like 20 something or like late teens… I don’t know, but I haven’t done one of those in a while and I figured this would be a great spot for that Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to actually detail this but I’ll probably get it done in the next episode we will see what I say or what future me says At the end of this episode but we’ll get to that in a moment. One thing that I did learn though as I was putting down the pine trees I forgot to mention this which is amazing that I really didn’t think of this it’s such an obvious thing that I really never put so much attention to so it turns out that as I was putting down all the trees and the foliage and everything I kept hitting the tree limit Back when I started this map, I’d say by episode ten I already had the “Unlimited Tree Mod” But I mean You know how this game is like every time there is an update, in fact this week the new “Stadiums DLC” came out and it totally broke my game it’s working now, but it was yeah it was having issues with traffic precedent and so on graphic glitches, had to update my drivers anyways I am getting off topic here but the point is, back then there was one of these updates it broke my game in a way that was really frustrating because it made me have a lot of work, extra work what happened was that all the trees were duplicated and I am pretty sure it was because of the unlimited tree mod and even to this day I find, I mean I cleared the trees many, many times I would save the game and the game would load up with the trees not deleted and it was like really frustrating to this day I still I mean for some reason it fixed itself for the most part I kept deleting, deleting the trees, the duplicated trees and eventually most of them were fine But to this day, like I said, I find just random trees on roads in neighbourhoods that I maybe built after or in an area where there was you know just a ton of trees that I deleted, but then due to this glitch they reappeared and I, you know, keep deleting them yeah I guess my point or the point I was trying to make like five miutes ago is that I am going to stay away from unlimited tree mods for now a least as much as I can, I want to to get this neighborhood done as I was hitting this limit what I was doing, just simply deleting trees on the edges of the map trees that you would never really see on camera or that I am going to make sure you never see on camera No I don’t do that I’d never do that I always like finish everything, even the things that you don’t see Oookay [laughs] Sorry But so what I discovered is, actually, this was my original point man I am all over the place this morning It’s 10:30 in the morning by the way when I am recording this My point, my real point is that I realised that I could turn off anarchy and since the footprint of these trees is like so wide or I mean the hit area of the trees is so wide that if you have anarchy on and you just click on many, many times as you would when you are building one of these, you know, neighborhoods you get a lot of trees that are like really like to close to each other, too close to each other and they don’t really give you that, they don’t really give you an extra or a better look just because they are too close to eachother and what that means if you turn anarchy off you can achieve pretty much the same effect because the trees are so wide they still blend into each other but having anarchy off pretty much prevents you from putting many trees into one spot and obviously that translates into having a smaller tree count which means that I mean technically you can spread out your vegetation throughout your map I mean Cities Skylines maps are really big, especially if you play with 81 tiles enabled I mean you are going to need 65,000 assets at the same time, your GPU will appreciate the gesture of you not putting a million different assets in one spot because you know obviously the polygon count will make it a bit harder to process again I am going way, way off topic here but you know all these techniques that I have been talking about for you know the last several episodes actually are things that I have been learning pretty much on the fly I mean again this is episode 44 it’s been over a year since we started this particular city plus maybe another five months of me playing City Skylines not necessarily on camera just like figuring stuff out, like playing with the game and man at the same time all the new mods that came out and just recently, I mean the last few months have been insane. In fact, I have a list of a couple of mods I want to talk about some highlights from this week, but I will get to that in a moment. Before I continue, I wanted to make one quick note I’ve been posted on this past few days before this episode comes out a few screenshots that I took when we started Cedar Valley And, holy crap! The level of detail that we are working on back then is nothing compared to what I am doing right now on screen Like I would have never done a park this detailed first of all, I don’t think I even had the tools to do this I don’t think anarchy was a thing. Can you imagine City Skylines without anarchy? [laughs] I just, by the way, I just pictured that in my mind as I was saying that, as those words were coming out of my mouth for someone who doesn’t know what anarchy actually is I am not talking about looting you know shops or supermarkets or just rioting I am talking about “Prop Anarchy” But I don’t know it is just funny. Again, man today I am just all over the place I do apologize for that or maybe not I think many of you actually when I just like Go like on a weird tangent like I am right now again In any case, yeah we have come really, really far since the first episodes of Cedar Valley And it’s only getting better and better and you know me, when I am playing, when I actually started recording the Arrowhead episodes with Fresh and Flux and I feel like they also feel the same way all these new that are coming out and they just make it way easier to build things and we can achieve a much greater level of detail without extra work and it’s not like we are just lazy or anything, but like producing these episodes takes a long time, I know I say this all the time I don’t want to like sound again like a broken record or try to like justify anything actually but all these tools like really really help us get the episodes with a much higher quality in terms of what we are actually building and at the same time, we don’t have to like dedicate our full lives to this because like I mean, I don’t do YouTube for a living So I need to do this on my spare time and you know like, things like “Prop Line Tool” or “Move It”, just make it easier for me keep pushing out these videos in time. So I am thinking that in the next year and in the next couple of months, we are going to see a lot of amazing content out I mean the community, the community, it’s really, really active Seems like every new week there is an amazing new mod that’s out and actually I was mentioning a second ago, I have a couple of mods I want to recommend from this week this is not something I want to do every week I am not going to give you like “Another Recap of the most Amazing Mods this Week” I mean you can go to the Steam Workshop I guess, but every time one of these mods catches my attention I will certainly mention it and in today’s episode, we are going to be talking about three mods that I spotted First one is a retaining wall asset [it’s called “Retaining Walls” in the Workshop], that was created by Ronyx69 Ronyx69 in case you don’t know is the same modder who created the large decals So, yeah, you know it’s good I am going to try to remember to include the link in the description to all these mods so make sure to check them out and if I don’t send me a tweet or a message or even a comment on this video and I will do so you can also, obviously use the Steam Workshop search box, that usually works and the second mod that I wanted to talk about and this is more of an asset than a mod is a “Modular Warehouse” by Avanya which is something that I have been using for quite some time actually I have been told about this before it came out but it looks amazing, it looks what I was expecting it, it’s, you know obviously modular warehouse and we are talking about large footprint warehouses, like it’s pretty big and has a couple of company names, like UPS, DHL, even some fake names as well and I think I am actually not supposed to; I am not supposed if I should say this but I think bsquiklehausen is working on a variation of those warehouses, while together with Avanya by the way bsquiklehausen in case you do not know him, he is the asset creator behind, you know, the custom planes from “Stricttoastair” or the ones from San Minato or Rhinestone Airlines as well as some of the train props that I have been using here and on Arrowhead so make sure to check out his Steam Workshop if you haven’t yet he makes some really good assets that are like really efficient when it comes to game performance finally, we should talk about Vehicle Effects” this is a big, a big, big mod. It’s game changing in the way that it will add a lot of detail to your simulation I guess. “Vehicle Effects” literally adds to for example trains you can now have for example a steam engine putting out clouds of steam out of the chimney you can have lights, like a spinning light, mounted on a locomotive or you know things like that So I highly encourage you go check it out I know many asset creators are already updating their trains to support this and hopefully you don’t even have to do anything maybe next time you load your savegame the trains that you had now look much, much nicer so, yeah, I am really looking forward to giving that a shot as well Yeah, I mean, we have covered a lot of topics during this timelapse and we are still not, we are still a few minutes a way and I wanted to take this opportunity actually to ask any modders in the room, I guess, if you are a Cities Skylines modder and if you want to give me a hand and not just me also like Fresh and Flux we have been struggeling quiete a bit with the “Cinematic Camera” mod and I want to try and keep this short because I know many of you, most of you are not modders so but this has been a mod that we have been struggeling with this is how we get all the cool cinematics at the beginning of the episodes and at the end and it’s a really good mod but it has some like really really basic features and there is, I mean we honestly need like like two or three features added to the mod and keep it the way it is but I think I read that the mod creator is no longer going to update that so there is literally no point in keeping emailing him or messaging him to get an update but if you are a mod creator and you want to give us a hand please do send me an email or a tweet or a facebook message or even a comment on the video and that I mean if you can help us with that, that would be highly highly appreciated not just by me there is so many YouTubers struggling with the same thing so at the very least we will make you popular on the steam workshop Because we have been looking for help on that front for quite some time so please do get in touch if that is the case and finally I wanted to talk about schedule so I said a couple episodes ago that I was going to be out of town for about two months and that is starting in a couple weeks [sighs] unfortunately I am not really ahead of schedule like I am literally recording this episode the Saturday it before you know the Saturday it comes out that didn’t make any sense I am recording this episode right before it comes out on it’s usual day that’s kind of what I am trying to say which means that I couldn’t really prerecord a whole bunch of episodes which means that there may be gaps in the schedule I am going to at least try to keep one video a week it may not all be Cedar Valley you know in between Arrowhead Junction and a few other videos that I want to make that I think I can make while I am away they will fill you know my weekly schedules but Cedar Valley may be off for a couple of weeks I am going to do my best and minimize that as much as I can but I have to apologize in advance I mean I am having some crazy weeks I mean the Arrowhead schedules have been insane I am literally recording one Episode every week and a half we are really rushing it but I mean man if I could just show you how amazing it Arrowhead is looking it’s it’s just out of this world like the level of detail that that we have been adding and the level of construction the amazingness of the construction that we are making you just sit and wait it’s going to if you think you like what you see so far just you haven’t seen anything yet it’s really really that good but wow it’s been a long timelapse this one or at least it feels like it it’s probably because it’ early in the morning for me so what I am going to do now is just leave you with a some music as this timelapse finishes and I will resume in just a couple of seconds [slow jazz music playing] and as we slow things down I just want to take some time to you know do a bit of walkthrough across the many things that we have built during the timelapse because the time-lapse goes by really really fast and sometimes you just cannot see everything I am going to pause the game because the framerate is getting kind of crazy after building this my game performance has significantly gone down I am guessing two factors are in play here the fact that there is so much stuff going on here you know like all these assets and props and everything and also the fact that we are like over a hundred thousand population even though I know the game is capped at 65,000 agents I feel like every time I zone a whole new neighborhood it just gets worse and worse So yeah not super fun to work around and right now my quality settings are not at max so my shadows are not at max details are not at max and I am only getting 20 frames per second So I am going to try and point at this neighborhood from this corner because if I look at the city it just gets even worse down to like 14 frames per second it doesn’t matter let me talk to you a little bit about this segment over here so this is going to become a park obviously, I haven’t detailed this yet, but I will probably do it in between episodes for the next episode I am not sure if I am going to put this on camera because it will be very similar to sort of the detail work that I did on this one so you know to not be super repetitive I will show you the final result in the next episode but I am probably not going to show it on camera the entire process one thing that I want to point out is that I don’t think that I am going to have like super tall trees here I am probably going to have like low level bushes maybe a few clusters of trees but really really like tiny like something like this every once in a while and also one thing that I wanted to show you is in detail this little zigzag pedestrian crossing we did that before on the other side of the city a while back and honestly I love how it looks I think they add a ton of detail they are really simple to make I mean if you have “Fine Road Tools” obviously but they just look amazing and obviously we needed a smart place for people to cross you know the freeway because this is a very busy free way and this I don’t know I figured integrating this with the park was a good idea and obviously tunneling under was you know an extra level of detail that I could have avoided by just going across and over the train tracks but I feel like this is such a busy train track that you know it will be kind of dangerous for go across and the same goes for here this little you know pedestrian overpass with a bit of a picknick area here I know some people actually enjoy just sitting next to a loud and busy freeway and have and spend the evening So I’m not judging I am just saying that that exists in case someone was already writing a comment saying that this is unrealistic I’ve seen that many time so yeah I also extended I mean or pretty much filled this area with a park as you can see it’s a very grid like park which I actually kind of like how it turned out it’s really really simple there is not a lot of detail here except the few plants, a few of batanes, flowers, pinetrees the little fountain in the middle but my goal with this was to start integrating the different areas of the city we still have a few gaps here that I wanted to sort of integrate a bit more not that I want to fill everything with stuff but I do want to have things you know to flow a little bit better and having this gap here definitely doesn’t flow I mean I mean even if we had a big construction area here would work not necessarily a park or more shops but that’s something to keep in mind I definitely want to come back here and add more details probably going to do that in the same session as I work on this park let me show you here in detail how some of these paths actually work there is this pedestrian crossing here that I mean obviously the pedestrian path goes around or goes under the train tracks there is like using anarchy there is like really no connection here but Tim the Terrible created these beautiful assets and I decided to put them pretty much all over the place this is not the first time I have used them I have used them before but they do look amazing here and obviously if you look at it if you pay attention closely here so the fence has come all the way to here but I think the fences should also continue pretty much through out the lenght of this of you know of where the pedestrians and the train tracks are just to like for added safety not that people it’s not like I am trying to prevent people from like breaking into the train tracks but more like people accidentally walking on the train tracks and getting hit by like a huge huge freight train so we will will continue proabably the fence design all the way through here and obviously have gaps for these pedestrian crossings obviously So let’s see what else do we do okay so in terms of this neighborhood as you can see there is a lot of things going on here there is so much that I may not be able to show it to you in these last few minutes of the video but I wanted to point out a few highlights specifically where I added the extra level of details so like for example this elementary school and high school combo I mean obviously nothing out of this world we have a couple of baseball courts [he’s referring to the basketball courts] and just the play ground here and obviously the decals that point or give signs that kids are coming in and out of the yard from this direction that is why everything is kind of worn down here [giggles] which I really like how it turned out let’s see this shopping mall over here spent quite a bit of time working on this one as you can see, there are some ploppable parking lots but then I started filling the area with my own custom parking lots or at least the decals and obviously just adding cars that the angles are quite not right I know there is like so many lines going in different directions that is one thing I don’t like but this also happens in real life so I am okay with that and sometimes I mean given the limitations of the assets that we have like this angle like I have no control over this angle otherwise I would have done a different shape oh can you imagine if someone creates a mod where you can actually draw nodes and create your own like assets pretty much live I’m just man maybe maybe I am dreaming maybe I am not [laughs] if you are a modder out there yeah just you know food for thought let’s see, let’s see what else I mean these shops right here look kind of nice these ones have one design style these ones have another design style and obviously added a few like tables and umbrellas here for picknicking and this is pretty much what you would see as you come in this is like very typical of American suburbs where you see the back of the stores and maybe there is like a sign as you can see here with the Bed, Bath and Beyond I decided to put another sign right here on on the entrance that actually rotates [mumbles] which is why I started the simulation for a second ugh you know in real life I would have had like a super tall sign I know there are some assets like that I didn’t like any of them to be honest but where that lists pretty much every store that is on that corner let’s see moving on there is another are right here this one didn’t get caught on camera during the timelapse I pretty much put these are pretty much a 100 percent custom parking lots parking lines I guess and all these cars are just there manually added and together with the cracks man these cracks decals look insane the just I mean only adding just one or two already makes your whole area much much more realistic and it breaks the the you know the repetitiveness of of the the underlying concrete texture that I have that is interesting over here we have a Wendy’s and now we have another think this is a elementary school with the fence around it so that is also really really nice how it all came out and let me see what else I spent I guess yeah this this is a big one this massive you know shopping area here I mean it’s not crazy detailed in terms of like it’s actually really simple that is kind of what I wanted to so we have some flowers on the corners there is some patterns here going on I try to break the bushes a little bit by introducing fences every once in a while I remember doing this back in the golf course but I don’t know I though they look really really nice obviously tons of bollards pretty much everywhere preventing cars from cutting through areas where they shouldn’t be driving even back here I added some like you know some back entrance for maintenance stuff so we have the tank, the gas tank by the way there is there is another half of this tank inside the building that you don’t see obviously the the two tanks side by side were way too big for this area so I added so I just keep one you know that’s something to keep in mind you don’t have to use the assets as they come you can like tweak them and hide stuff to adjust you know the looks right back here obviously cargo loading area for the wall mart and the best buy nothing too crazy just a few hash lines a few decals pretty much decals everywhere the man holes are also I know these are vanilla but they they really make things come together I might have gone a little overboard with the with the man holes but they do look really really nice and finally have the McDonalds here that has a bit of a road or internal road you coming throughout obviously this is not really connected just use your imagination cars will be maybe driving around here maybe cutting in and out I was trying to do a drive through but I didn’t have the right assets at the time so and it looked kind of weird so I decided not to do it and lets see finally actually not finally because there is one more thing I want to show you after this the switchback here with with the little white fences kind of coming down and I mean just clusters of bushes here and there they just look really nice this view man this this looks amazing with a little police station back there it just it really gives you that the impression of “hey like we are going down really fast so that is why we are making these big wide turns” let’s see what else oh another elementary school heavily detailed I try to like you know put some time into detailing these build more than anything else because these are like the centerpiece for for many of the different areas and actually that brings me to this area right here where I used to have a big patch of grass and it didn’t really I really couldn’t think of anything to do there besides putting a lot of trees which I didn’t want to to do because I mean this area already as you can see is just full of trees so I decided to add a little pond and by the pond there is this little beach side for the neighbors in the area the want to come here and have a bit of a bar-be-que let me start the simulation so you can get the some effect going up I would have added the smoke effect to every single grill but it would have been really it would have been way too much and I decided to you know keep things simple and I mean these rocks also like make everything look much much nicer too And finally this fire station here nothing too crazy really really simple but it is definitely more rural and aimed for like putting out wild fires in the forest that was kind of my idea and also I mean I have been getting this comment a lot but I feel like people want or you guys want me to start branching out and have a you know like hiking trails throughout the mountains So I might start working on that maybe next episode maybe in the next couple of episodes but I definitely want to do at leat one mountain range with some some hiking trails maybe the ones in the back make a bit more sense but yeah for the time being this is what I am going to left this neighborhood as oh yeah I forgot about this tiny little park that we have here just a few little custom heavily detailed areas in the middle of the neighborhood doesn’t inherit anybody so you know good stuff but unfortunately we are out of time for this episode if you enjoyed thus far please give this video a like that’s very much appreciated and also if you are new to the channel please consider subscribing if you haven’t already there is a link to the full list in case you might have missed an episode but that is all I have to say for now I want to thank you all for watching and hope to see you in the next one [happy music]

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