Let’s Play Minecraft Bedrock Edition [Windows 10]: Survival Episode #2: Silk Touch & Fortune

hey guys if cat’s 77-year with another video on the channel anyways let’s get straight into it if you’re new around here please be sure leave a like and subscribe to the channel and without any further ado let’s jump straight into the video now in today’s video guys we are back with the second episode of let’s play minecraft bedrock edition so today guys we are going to be going ahead and doing some work specifically on the village I’m sort of getting worried that at night time I’m gonna forget to go to bed one day and then a bunch of zombies are gonna come in here and kill all of my villagers which I do not want I want to keep these villagers because they are precious and lovely I want to make it so that no zombies can come in and kill all the villagers or that kind of thing I don’t want that to happen so we’re gonna avoid that at all costs and what we’re gonna do is we are gonna try to clean up this village someone make it look brand new which is probably the worst idea possibly had because I’m gonna fail miserably at it alright so what I got to do though is I need to gather a bunch of wood and then I’m gonna get to making a bunch of fences and once I do that we’re gonna fence the village in and we’re gonna light this thing up and I guess I will cut to a time-lapse meet you guys back when I’ve gotten some of that done alright guys so I lit up the entire village I also put a fence around it I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out I’ve gotten rid of all of the caves and all of the holes in the village all it is is a village now and there’s a ton of space over here for us to build whatever we want so if you want to build their own stuff over here go ahead that’s totally fine what I might do is maybe we do some mob chilling because we are at level 27 and we need to get up to level 30 which would be great if we could do that today maybe we can do some enchantments that would be pretty nice something we could do is set up the enchantment table that is something actually that I’ll do right now to go in here and we make ourselves the enchantment table which we hate move move out of here move out of the way thank you we’ll grab diamonds and obsidian grab that’s and then we make ourselves an enchantment table fantastics we have made ourselves an enchantment table now something I might want to check and I’m actually just gonna get my diamond pickaxe and see if I can’t set it up so that I get this soak touch pickaxe because if you guys didn’t already know there’s a weird way that you can get a silk touch pickaxe you might think that you need to get level 30 enchantment to get it so touched but you actually don’t it’s kind of strange it’s like level like 14 it’s like this one specific level that you can get that like almost always gives you silk touch it’s super nice I just don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get it we’ll see I’ll throw this in yeah you see it’s as easy as that guys I didn’t even have to say it like did I not just say that there’s a specific level that you can do and you can get silk touch without doing anything this is level 13 and I just got silk touch thank you very much I appreciate it so we got a silk touch pickaxe that’s fantastic oh no we’re only up to level 26 that’s a bummer trying to think what we can do about that because we don’t have any bookshelves we’re gonna have to go and kill mobs isn’t that very nice it isn’t fortune 3 its fortune – now here’s the thing I like my fortune 3 but fortune – though is still pretty nice you know what I’ll get that enchantment just to see if this updates and isn’t so touchable or so it’s just not breaking pitch axe not that bad I’m pretty happy with that ok so let’s make a diamond pick and then let’s see if this gives us a fortune 3 enchantment on level 26 I’m breaking 3 okay well do belly balling minutes late down at this point I’ve played this game for such a long time and I never get on breaking three enchantments so you know the heck with it let’s just see how this goes this is what could possibly go wrong guys like of course we’re never gonna get a fortune pickaxe with this yep I was right we didn’t get a fucking pickaxe okay that’s fine though I’m breaking three you see I’m not really I’m not too fond of what I’m seeing here I can combine these bows that’s probably a great thing that I can do combine it into one bow we go punch one a breaking one that’s not too bad I’m pretty happy with that let’s look at pickaxes now let’s see if it’s changed silk touch one okay we don’t quite need silk touch right now that’s the thing um we’re gonna keep on doing this all day aren’t we one utility lay down talk to the librarian say hey I want a bookshelf sure here let me give you a bookshelf thank you very much I appreciate that we’re going to go over here put this bookshelf down and now are we up to level 30 oh there we go Fortune 3 oh my gosh I’ve wasted so many levels trying to get fortune free but I couldn’t get it on a level 26 enchantment alright well I guess what we’re gonna have to do in that case is we’re gonna have to go ahead and do something in fact that’s exactly what Matthew I’m actually just gonna go caving guys that’s soon after um we’re gonna mine up coal because hey why not that’s good for levels and XP other things other than coal I’m not going to accept I’m gonna use the silk touch pickaxe on that stuff doing Alice Nate Dale alright guys so I have 27 and a half levels I think after smelting all of this will be doing pretty good as far as all the things go back up above ground I think I think we’ll be good with 28 levels there once we smelt all this so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna head back up WEEE there’s a whole new update I didn’t really talk about it but most of you probably already know about it it’s the aquatic update absolutely unbelievable you can just for an example of one of the things that you can now do in minecraft go underwater and I can swim see this look at this I can swim around there’s dolphins and different animals swimming in the water it’s just liven up the atmosphere underwater which is really cool but I definitely want to take like one episode just to like look around with maybe a coral reef or something along the lines of that and welcome back to the village we see librarians with food in their hands I have not seen that yet is that like a new feature or something that’s pretty cool CIN all right so now that we’ve done all of this I am pretty happy with how this turned out I got 18 Dimond or I don’t know how much of the video on the show but I got 18 diamond door and I used the silk touch pickaxe to get that hey 28 levels okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna grab that diamond pickaxe and we’re gonna go over here to the enchantment table and we’re gonna enchant our pickaxe finally oh my goodness we’ve been waiting forever to do this fortune enchantment what do we got fortune 3 I’m breaking free awesome yes alright guys so we got fortune and silk touch in one episode we also fixed the village and did a restoration project to it hopefully you’ve all enjoyed today’s episode if you did please be sure leave like and subscribe to the channel if you’re new around here also be sure to check out my new discord server like I said in the last video we just created it there’s a bunch of people on there you can come on there and chat with me chat with all my friends and that will be a bunch of cool stuff next episode we’ll definitely be using the fortune three pickaxe on this diamond door I’m really excited about that anyway though guys thank you guys so much for watching and have a wonderful day you

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