Lets Play Minecraft: Xbox One Survival: Episode 15: Building My House [Xbox One, 360, PS4, 3]

hey guys if cat 77-year with another
video on the channel anyways let’s get straight into it if you’re in around
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let’s get started welcome back to another video on the
channel of let’s play minecraft Xbox one survival anyways let’s get straight into
it so today we are going to be replacing our house
yes replacing our house you might be wondering why would we even replace our
house what’s our reason for that well um you guys have been asking a lot
of different random things for me to do and one person actually actually
suggested I get a more permanent house instead of that house over there that’s
why we built that magic room the other day but now today we are going to be
building a new house I can’t sit any of my dogs and I don’t understand it I
don’t know why I can’t make them sit there running around like pyromaniacs
and I don’t understand it we have cleared out a ton of space over
here so we have plenty of room all over the place for us to build this massive
mansion six and a half hours later and do something like that and once we do
that and we’ll connect it up sure that’s great it’s gonna be it’s gonna be an
okay size mansion I’m not sure it’s gonna be pretty big boxy to say the
least I’m not sure it’s gonna look okay in the
end I bet you though now we month you know what also we might
as well use some stone bricks I don’t know how this is gonna work okay yeah so
it doesn’t matching out perfectly that’s good
and then do this all the way across this is just for decoration that looks really
cool actually being honest here and that’s how the first floor is gonna look
the second floor might be a little bit different and that’s just because of
space I think that looks really cool to be honest um I’m gonna build out two
maybe we’ll use just fences okay so something like that perfect that looks
actually not that bad one hour later right and there you go so now we’ve got
the full all of the sides all around this is all done now
so all we got to do now is put the roof on and then we’re done all right so
we’re just gonna grab another I think it’s gonna be like three stacks I’m
gonna hope it is and that’s gonna be it with the wood and I think we’re actually
gonna probably DeForest this whole entire forest by the time we’re done
with this project just from this one building it’s kind of ridiculous to
think three stacks and we’re gonna convert all of this to wood planks or
whatever just so that we have that we might also start working on some more
buildings as well I’m not sure if maybe eventually we’ll start working on
building like a city or something maybe this is like City Hall I don’t know I
don’t know they open out to us that makes no sense but sure just do that it
looks good we’ll do it like that perfect I’ve taken down so much wood I’ve used
my entire axe my axe was that almost like more than halfway in the beginning
of this video this axe was that more than halfway and now I’m back down to
nothing you know I don’t know if it looks good or not you
guys let me know if the roof looks good or not if it doesn’t look good to you
guys then I’ll probably just replace it with spruce that’s gonna take me a lot
of time so keep that in mind that might be half of the next video and go up here
and that’s about all you wanna do there so let’s just for the time being fill
this in like so we’re just gonna do the levels that I just showed if I feel like
it should go any higher then we’ll go higher do the final top layer of the
building and then the building is done so I’m pretty excited about that I’m
pretty happy with that go like this all the way oh I knew that was gonna happen
too darn it and there we go we’re done there we go
guys so this is the exterior of our building now obviously I think we’ll
build some like outdoor stuff now now this time around and what I want to
definitely start getting into building in this series just because you know
we’ve got the materials and we’ve got the stuff to do it and I thought it
would be kind of fun to just start out by building a big mansion kind of house
you know in this type of style we’ll eventually adapt to suit some kind of
style with our buildings and we’re just gonna go all the way around and there we
go done so there are the fences for the roof pretty simple this build was pretty
fun to do I actually enjoyed myself doing this this was a pretty laid-back
episode where we just built a big big big big house as you can see this is the
end product of the house alrighty guys so time for the comment of the day for
today today’s comment was from mine Cube and he said for a youtuber like with you
with over a thousand subscribers your content is amazing I love the work you
put into your videos and the quality is awesome my quality is amazing but like
other people say you need more subscribers thank you so much
for that dude thank you so much for all the positive feedback like always guys
and yeah once again leave some comments down below of what you would like me to
do in the next few videos I’m starting to run dry of ideas probably because I’m
starting to pre-record these so also just to mention thank you guys so much
for 2017 subscribers that was a awesome feeling when I got those 2017 subscribed
so I thought I might as well bring it up and thank you guys for that cuz it’s
kind of funny and it’s kind of awesome at the same time so once again thank you
guys for that and ya guys so anyways guys hopefully we’ll enjoy it if you did
please be sure leave like and subscribe to the channel if you’re new around here
and yeah guys thank you guys so much for watching and have a nice day everybody

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  1. Moi Plays

    Hey epcat keep up the good work and stay happy ,and why do you have 2k subscribers i think you should have 100,000 and remember stay happy and love ur videos

  2. YT_Hard fang

    I love your vids I've had watch your vids since the very beginning and love to see your channel grow love your world trying trying to build exactly like your thx bye

  3. Ronnie Dinnage

    hey epcat your my favourite youtuber and I subscribed because your a sick youtuber and can I be in your shout out room and soon your hit 1 million

  4. D3MON

    Hey epcat77your vids are the best ever you should have a billon subscribers your quality of the video Is awsome I've been sick the last few days but your videos have cheered me up a lot keep up the amazing work

  5. Khaos Klan

    Man when I first saw your Chanel I thought this guy had over 1000000 subs and I was surprised to see for a brilliant youtube channel .keep up the good work

  6. ddipps

    Epcat77 dude you are the type 9f minecraft person anyone would like to watch because you keep us updated on the world and make sure that everyone wants to watch you!!

  7. JcEcho

    Epcat77 nice video (like always) and you inspire to make better let's play videos, I make let's Play minecraft Xbox one Videos too but mine aren't as good as your's but I'm working on it

  8. JcEcho

    I have been stuck at around 693-694 subs for a little bit now and I don't know what I can do to start growing at a good rate again, any suggestions?

  9. KoolBro24_official

    Here's an idea for a cool underground area, at the highest bedrock layer have black stained glass. It makes more since if you look at it done

  10. FaZe Zombies

    EpCat77 I Love Ur Videos To Be Honest I Thought U Would Have Like 100k+ When I Found Ur Channel But i Just recently Noticed That U Only Had 2k Still alot But For Your Content U should Have More And U Got me Back In Minecraft (Love your channel)

  11. Cole Smith

    I just started watching dis series and I love it just subbed and ternd I the bell on I think u should kill the ender dragon next episode and keep up the good work ❤️❤️

  12. H0LL03D CLAPPS

    Hey ep got on your channel and i loved it ever since. When i wake up, i get dressed and run dowmd stairs and with my laptop. I just wanted to let you know this love you thanks for the great content and keep it up <3

  13. Fierce Active

    I started watching you when you uploaded this video and I already seen every episode and you have inspired me to start my own lets play!!! THANK YOU

  14. Nrec Gjidoda

    Epcat77 this is what I did on my minecraft world I crafted a diamond pick ax and enchanted it then I found a place that had a lot of trees then I cut down all of the trees and got like a lot of wood not just a lot but a lot lot I got 50 stacks of wood I'm being legit right now then I was left with a field that I can build a lot of things at so then I never had to cut down any tree again and I don't even know what to do with it try it and you might get 50 stacks of wood too maybe even more 😀

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