Let’s Play RimWorld, Part 2: Dude, put on some pants! [Series 2] RimWorld Alpha 15 Gameplay

[Let’s Play RimWorld, Part 2: Dude, put on some pants! Bjorn Strongndarm Series 2: RimWorld Alpha 15 Gameplay] Hey everyone! Welcome back to Rocky Face, here on the RimWorld. When we left last time, we just had a brand new colonist
join us. So let’s get to meet him real quick. Let’s see who is. He is Drew
“Strapping” Logan. He’s male. He’s 31 years. Childhood: He’s a disciplined farmer. Ut says
he was the younger of two sons. On the family farm, a frontier plot that struggled
to turn a profit. Drew’s father was a strict
disciplinarian, constantly at his sons to work harder and keep quiet. Drew burnt his hand making breakfast
once and swore to cook only when his life was in danger. A pretty serious reaction to a
burnt hand! But okay. And I guess he was a farmer as an adult too, it says. With the farm under constant threat from brigands, Drew learned
to defend himself using his father’s hunting rifle. He mastered how to construct fences to keep
livestock in and local wildlife out. And he tried to paint and he can’t do it. So he’s
probably bad at art, too. But he can’t do social, artistic, or cooking. So I’m guessing social,
maybe it’s because his dad was mean to him when was a kid. And then cooking is because
he burnt his hand the one time. So, traits. Sislikes men: Strapping really dislike and
distrust men. I wonder if that’s because of his dad, maybe? At any.. Trigger-happy. Ok Pewpewpew! Strapping is a terrible
shot but he doesn’t care because guns are awesome! That’s shooting minus 2; aiming time minus
fifty; shooting accuracy minus 50. So if he’s got eight, does that mean he’s got — I
mean, let’s see, we’ve got — over here we’ve got, she’s only have a shooting of two.
but I don’t know. Would he be better or worse with that minus 50? So, the
shooting accuracy is 85; hiss aiming time is 50. So that’s good that’s gone down,
but that’s got not good that it’s gone down. Now it says base chance not to miss per
square of shot distance. So I’m guessing that the closer in you are — if I understand — the
closer you are the less that that it hurts you? Like the less it matters. And
the further away they get the more that it drops off, you get a lower — low
accuracy? And then, let’s see, what’s Dral. She’s 93. That’s better. Bu then a
hundred aiming time. It takes her longer to aim. Just for comparison, what’s Jackson
at? He’s 95, so he’s not a whole lot better than his sister. Gosh. I wonder
if I should give the pistol to Strapping, is the only thing. Let’s see.
What are their mele like? So this dps — I’m thinking that’s
damage per second — is 2.5 for Strapping and then its 2.7. It’s a little bit more. I don’t know
if it’s a big deal. So let’s do this. Let’s Let’s have Dral equip the knife.
And then let’s have Strapping equip the pistol. And while he’s doing that let’s check
his needs. Low expectations, that’s good; shared bedroom; — he hasn’t even slept it it yet — and he’s naked. Humiliating. So we should probably get some clothes
for him. Ok. So he — thats, that’s him. What else do we need to know about him? Real quick
shooing I looked at already. Melee he’s not great at. You can… Animals and medicine. Eeh.
He’s good at construction; he’ss good at growing. Let’s see, what should we have
him do. So he won’t cook. Let’s just leave the hunting to Jackson, because
Jackson can’t do a whole lot. But construct and repair, and grow. So that’s
all really good. Ok. Ok. So that’s Strapping. Let’s go ahead
and… and party. Oh. So he can throw a
party, too. Strapping is throwing a party. Everyone who goes will gain joy and social
energy. So, good. Yeah. Go. Get your party on. Go party, guys. And while they’re having
their party we should be thinking about some defenses. Now, I’m thinking what we
want to do is — it depends. They can come from over here, or from up here, or from kind
of down here. So yeah, it’s going to depend on which way. But let’s go ahead
and wall this off. Actually, what we should do, probably, is that we should probably be going
ahead and just walling out. You know, like along here, and up here. So that we only
have those two — maybe three — entrance and exit points. Although, let’s see, how are we for wood? Not bad. Not bad. All right. They’ve gone to sleep. Let’s,
uh, let’s see, do we want to do that? Do we want to go ahead and wall it all
around, or…? Yeah. Let’s do that. Let’s do that. We’ll probably have to cut down some more trees while we’re
at it. So… so, let’s do that as well. Oh, wait! She doesn’t like Jackson? Oh, no,
Strapping doesn’t like Jackson. That’s interesting. It’s because he’s a man, I bet. So Dral
likes Srapping… All right. All right. Strapping doesn’t like Jackson. Ok.
So let’s go ahead and also chop down some more trees. And, yeah, let’s go ahead and then build
this wall. NOw, ventually, I think I’m going to want to make this wall out of — let me
pause it. This is going to be a little tedious — but I want to make this wall out of… what’s the word I’m
looking for? That doesn’t look right. All right, here
what I’m going to do. I’m going to cancel, cancel all of this. Ok. Alright. You know what? I’m going to
designate this wall with it paused. I’ll be back in a second. This’ll just take a minute. And
I’ll talk about what my plans are. All right. It’s all designated, and they’re
all going in and working on it. And I should go ahead and make sure I’m
chopping down enough wood for this as well. Now ultimately I’m going to want to
trade this out for a stronger material. A non- flammable material especially. And, let’s see.
What I want to do is, actually, go like that. And also, actually ,let’s make these
out of steel. But yeah, something stronger like that.
But this will do for right now, I think. That’s only one wide… um, that’s ok. Oh, and there’s our first raid. Let’s see;
where is the raider? I dismissed it on accident. Now I’ve go to find this guy. Alright. He’s coming from down here. What’s
he like? He’s got a wooden Club and
he’s just wandering around. Ok. So when he gets a little closer we’ll
figure out what he’s doing, and we’ll start doing something about it. Oh, and
Jackson’s idle. You could go hunting, although I don’t really want you hunting with that
Raider out there. So why don’t we have have him mining. And, you know what? It would be good to start
mining, getting some more components. So let’s do that. I don’t know how far in those
are going to go but… all right, now where’d that… he’s just kind of wandering around down
there. Does he even know what he’s doing? Yeah, he’s wandering. I’ll wait ‘till it says he’s
attacking. We’ll see how far they can get on this wall here. Ok. Want to out sandbags along there. Couple more traps.
All right, he’s got those out and now he’s idle again. But you know what? It looks
like it’s about bedtime. Oh, and now he’s begin their assault. Okay. And which way is he coming? He’s
coming from there. So let’s get them drafted. And, actually, no. She’ll go
there, and he’ll go there. This is not built yet. He could go — he’s going
to go around. Ah! Curses! All right, Jackson you get
yourself up to there. And Dral, up to behind that tree, I think. Shoot! And Dral’s hurt
already. Dang it. Oh, shoot! Dral — I forgot,
Dral’s got the melee weapon. I forgot I switched them out. Dang it! So, yeah, Dral, take him down.
Jackson, fire. Ah, jeeze. That was a mistake on my part
big time. All right. Okay. He has been knocked out. Um, Oh, he’s got some
good traits. If we can — an organ farm as a child?! He was raised on an illegal
underground organ farm — oh, it’s a her — her body was used to grow organic implants for wounded mercenaries. Though her upbrining left her haunted, it has also given her a unique understanding of
human biology. Okay. Wow. All right. Well. Let’s make this for
prisoners. Dral, how is your health? Actually you’re just bruised. You have a
cracked tibia — that’s kind of unfortunate. But you shouldn’t get infected or
anything. So actually, let’s undraft you guys. Jackson are you — yeah, you can
capture Blackburn. Oh, wait — undraft. Sorry. And then we’ll get uh.. you know what? We should get
some lights in here as well. In fact, while they’re sleeping, let’s go ahead and
designate a few more things. So let’s put a power conduit along to here. And then
down into this wall. And let’s put in some lamps. And, Strapping, you’re up? What’re
you up to? Oh, and you know what else we need to do? He’s naked. And
we forgot about that. Oh and we have a heat wave coming on. Watch out for heatstroke. Okay, we’ll do
that. Oh, and the cooler is broken down. So, can Strapping — Strapping, can you repair
things? You sure can. That is… yeah. You can stop relaxing long
enough to go to fix that/ Now, do I have food in here? Now
I want to put meals in here, too. Want to keep the meals nice and cool as well. And I just want to
make sure this has priority over this. So hopefully we’ll move those meals around.
That’s sorted out. But yeah, we need to get strapping some, um, we need to get strapping some
clothes. So for that we need an electric tailoring bench. Put it right there. And
let’s also — I gotta look at Blackburn and set his prisoner status — so I want him to
be able to have some medical care. What’s his health? I mean, yeah, he’s not doing great.
He’s getting some medical care for his, his hurts. So, not sure why this one says — Oh,
doctor care, but no medicine. You know what? He could have some of the herbal medicine that we got.
For now, anyway. And we’ll try to recruit him. See if we can get — er, her. I gotta remember this is a Blackburn’s a her. I guess it’s the
word “Oaf”. Last season it was Tomboy; this season it was — it’s going to be her, who
is an oaf. And, yeah. Let’s get some hunting done. Ostrich. Let’s see. Is this something that’s going to attack me?
Megatherium. It’s a type of ground sloth. Megatherium are giant solitary herbivores.
Extinct after being wiped out on Earth’s native North American continent the
ground sloth was brought back using advanced cloning and artificial gestators.
Um. So, 360 — I think 360’s a lot of meat. Gonna be a lot of meat if we killed
him. So, like, what would this be? Where’s the meat amount? 63. Yeah. So let’s, let’s hunt him for sure.Aand Jackson, let’s, let’s do that
right now. Because we’re low on food. Uh. Let’s hope he doesn’t attack you. Everyone else is busy with something.
He’s hitting him. Jackson is hitting ‘em all right. Jackson. Hunt — no, no, no — hunt *him*. He’s the
biggest; he’s the — yeah, excellent. Now we’ll get him butchered.
We’ll start making some more meals. Actually, we we have some raw food in here don’t we. Not a lot, though. Yeah. Let’s do, let’s make lots of meals. And
keep on hunting. Now, why are we not building — no steel. we
need to get, to find some more steel as well. So we can mine these also. But we
definitely to find more steel. Yeah, I know we’re low on food. There’s this — yeah,
Thomas is cooking. We’re, we’re on it. So while they’re running I’m going to
find more some more steel to mine. ‘Kay, I found a bit more steel we can start
mining. But I think what we might have to do is to start digging around up in here,
just to find out, you know, what what we can find. Right? Just to — oh. Area revealed? Oh. There’s just this little hole in there. All right.
And that’s just sandstone there, so we don’t need to mine that. All right, Jackson.
found a little spot. Looks pretty good. It’s nighttime again. About time for of
another sleep. Ok, we’re up and at ‘em again in the
morning. And you know we’re just, just working away here. We’ve got — what was that? —
anyway we’ve got things to build. Okay, good. Now who do we have that can tailor?
Dral is our tailor. What’s she up to right now>She’s playing horseshoes.
That’s fine. We do want to get some stuff done pretty soon. So let’s do this. Let’s
make a couple of pairs of pants. And let’s make a couple of t-shirts. And
we’ve got — let’s not allow rotten. Because that’s going to be — but we’ve got all
sorts of stuff we might be able to use. Mostly we’ve got leathers. We should have
leathers over here — maybe they’re over here — we have some turkey leather; some goat hide. I don’t know how much we need, to be
honest. But hopefully we can make some leather clothes here. And then, what we’ll
to with Dral is, we’ll just do this manual for now. But just so we can put tailoring to
there. And, oh, cargo pods. What did we get? We got a load of
marijuana leaves. All right, go ahead and collect them. Maybe we can sell them. And
another area revealed. I don’t even know what area that was. Right Uh oh.
Snaggletooth. He’s — oh, he’s our cat. Yeah, do you medicine cats? What do you do?
I don’t know. Alright, this is looking pretty good.
We’ve got the outline done. You know, now that we’ve got this done — how are we doing
for wood? We’re out of wood. So let’s cut down some more trees. Actually, you know what we
should do? No actually, some are marked for cutting. Those haven’t been cut down yet/ What we should do
is, we’ve got — yeah, I got things growing, very good — maybe make a growing zone for
trees? So that we can, wont run out of wood. Grow. So what kind of trees? So I looked at
these before. It looks like oak — it’s a long growing time,
but how much — you get a lot of wood out of it. I’ll try to see where it is. I am
not seeing it. It’s slow growing but wood’s very strong. Maybe a faster-growing one? I think
maybe a pine tree is a good mix? It’s a slightly slower one, but I think you get a little
more. So let’s do that. Let’s do some pine trees there. Jackson, you’re idle again? It’s hard
keeping you busy. Let’s, uh, you know, erm, let’s start digging. And just see if
we can come across — let’s dig a tunnel and see if we can come across more, more stuff. How are you doing. Okay? You’re hot. Yeah, we’re all hot. There’s a heatwave on.
How else are you doing? You know what? I wonder if we could put a horseshoes in there
for you. So you can play horseshoes. And we can also make you a little table and chairs,
I think. Nighttie again. See y’all in the morning. All right. It’s back to morning again. Let’s
see. He is not naked anymore. He is wearing some pants. So we like that. Now,
maybe it’s time to —lots of building going on — but while we’re at it let’s go ahead
and put in some floors, too. It’s time for that. A little wood floor across here… and a wood floor in
here as well. And actually, Jackson, you mine that already? You sure did. Didn’t find
anything though. Keep mining. Let’s just try that. See what we get when you do that. Some
floors in there. And we also need to clean that up. Now, we should start
thinking about also, like, building a hospital. And maybe it’s time to start
working on some bedrooms. But let’s get this stuff built; chop down some more
trees. Oh, and you know what? I was saying
earlier that I really want to trade this out eventually for something stronger. What we
could do is make ourselves a research bench, and finally start getting on some
research. Put that right there. Alright. We have a squirrel that’s self-tamed.
I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m not really a big fan of squirrels
since, you know, since the one that attacked Ziggy last time around. But they are
what they are. All right. Things are going well. Things are going really well. I
think we’ve got — we’re getting some wood floors in here. And we’ve got some trees need to be
chopped down inside of our building first, maybe. Let’s see if that’s right. All
right. We’ll hopefully just replace those. Uh oh. Alright. Ok. Blackburn is ill. And we’ve got a raid.
So here’s we’re going to do. I always do that. It was down here. Let’s check out who the raiders are.
A pistol, a survival rifle, and… someone else with a pistol. So they’re attacking a wooden
wall. That worries me a little bit. We’ll have to wake these. Ok. They’re coming down this
way. So let’s get our fighters all drafted. Jackson, you’re going to be there.
And Strapping, you’re going to be right there. And Dral, you’re going to wait back
here in case any of them kind of, come through. Oh geeze. Thomas, I’m gonna wake
you up so you can come — oh, you can’t get to that fire. Don’t do that. We’ll take care of that fire soon, but… Okay they’re,
they’re coming out the other way. So this is worrying. They’re splitting around. Um…
Let’s let, actually, Dral just go to here. And Jackson, you need to race up to here.
And Strapping, you need to get right to there. Because they’re coming up the side.
You gotta beat them. If they get through — oh, they’re just attacking the walls? So why do you
need treatment, Dral? What’s happened? What does she got? No she’s a survival rifle! I
thought she was just mele. Dang it! Okay. Dral, you up here as well. Shoot. Not
under cover. Jackson? Get under cover *right* *now*. Strapping, behind cover. Yeah, okay. Dral will be unhappy about
that. We will deal with that here momentarily. Attacking my walls for no
good reason. Okay. How are they doing? Not so hot. Not too — Strapping… Okay. All right. One is
down… Let’s see. Maybe we can flank him. So… ‘cause if we can kill — if we kill or disabled him,
I think that this one’s going to run away. So, Strapping, come back here. Jackson,
come over to here. Strapping, I want you to come over to here. Dral, I want you to stay
behind cover. Strapping, now you come up to th — no. Come over here first. And
then come up to there. Now come to here. No. No. Nope — there. Behind cover. Now go to
there. Alright. You’re behind cover of the table, and now fire. Come on. You see, you flanked him… This does
give you cover, right? I hope it gives you cover. Shoot! Shoot, shoot, shoot. That’s not good. Did not work
at all. We’ve got fire growing… Fire’s growing, and she
is staying right there. Dang it! Okay. Okay, perfect. Alright. So now everybody is going to get
undrafted. Thomas — er, Strapping’s already undrafted. What’s his, what’s his
circumstance? He’s got serious heat stroke. And then a
bunch of gunshot wounds. So, Thomas, you’re going to prioritize putting out the
fire, I hope. And hopefully is in there; it’s not going to spread. I’m hoping.
Dral: seeking a safe temperature. That’s probably really smart. And colonists
needs rescue. Oh, and it’s not happening automatically. So, rescue Strapping.
Jackson, that’s your job. Fire’s out. Excellent. Alright guys. You go, go rest. yYou’ve
earned it. That was a heck of a fight. I am going to come down here and just put
in some graves to bury these guys. Just put in five.
But you guys gotta rest. Strap — we’ve got some medicine. All right. We should be able to heal
these guys up. Ok. So that was, that was rough. There’s going to be a bit of sadness going
on here. Uh… fortunately, she’s not really too close to a break. And hopefully we can get some — urgently
hungry. Hope she gets up and get some food here, or someone get some food for her.
But, yeah, they’re all hungry. Had a rough, rough night with that raid. But you held them
off, guys! You did good. You did good. So — oh, and we got new
weapons. Yes. So we’ve got some pistols. Is that all we got?
Were pistols? Rearm that trap. Rearm that. Let’s set them all to auto-rearm.
But with that I think we’re going to have to call it a night. Call it, call it a day.
Call it a full episode. Because, well, that was, that was pretty pretty crazy. But we
managed to survive. Let’s see… we got some cargo pods. Let’s head
over and see what we got real quick. I know I said I’m done, but now I’m just too
curious. And who we got? Steel that’s about as good as we could ask. And some
neuro.. neuter-o-a-mine. I can’t even say it right. But that — we haven’t got the the technology for
that but we can use that, eventually, to heal people. So someone’s going to have to
heal Blackburn; we’re going to have to be healing Strapping and Dral. They’ve been
hurt. Burying these guys. Lots of cleanup to do when we get back. But that’s going to
be it from me today. Thanks so much for watching! We’ll see you next time.

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