Listen Technologies – Using ListenRF to Tour Oldcastle Manufacturing

Good morning everyone I’m Kristin Rector with Listen Technologies And it’s a pleasure to be here And having the opportunity to be a part Of making your experience at old castle more
enjoyable Because of the technology that we have to
make sure That you’re going to hear all of the important Information that Bob and his collegues are
going To share with you about what they do here At this facility I can tell just from what I’m seeing Looking around it’s going to be a very Interesting couple of hours as we learn About what old castle does So we’re really proud to be here To be a part of making sure you’re Going to hear the important information They’re going to share with you These guys take the right forming material That we have up here to make the right size Whether it be 8 inch 10 inch Or make all kinds of big different sizes What I seem to like about that Of course I’m not on the receiving part So I don’t hear what I’m saying But I found particulary when we got in Noisy environments around the pipe machines And such on there I could be talking to everyone in the Whole group and they could be 30 or 40 Feet away from me And I saw several people nodding their heads And they could understand exactly what I said It took me a few times and a couple places To get used to the technology But after a while you just forget That they’re even on or anything else As I mentioned maybe the only downside I had to be careful not calling out To employees because I thought I’ll Probably be shouting in someone’s ear I was talking to one of the employees That was off in a spot But overall the feedback that I got Particulary within my group was very good And I think that the plant tours I’ve Been on before going to plants where I don’t neccessarily hear great I had to be right next to the tour guide To be able to pick up on this And with this technology what I really like About it is you can be anywhere you could
be Looking at different things and still being Informed and as you’re walking you’re not Worried about where everybody else is You’re walking throughout the yard You’re observing different products You’re looking at different things So you can be a lot more narrative On the products and what your Processes are than you normally could be

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