LITERAL The Hobbit Trailer sub ITA

Bhaskar Warner Bros New Line metro stop to say hello to your eccentric neighborly actor who used to play Bilbo is tues oh they recast him now he’s younger again I’ll still oldest held up at SEMA catimini horse cruller just walk or run introduce the strengths of each combine your lane throw arrows bouncing cobwebs born a soreness left wrist happiness even his string and turning catching cups and no leader can’t sing we go the leader seems in smoke and Gandalf to his half bad that guy is wholly stands up slow d start singing and still the leader spot likes December Gandalf has dual wielding up the sword it’s heavy walk toward a broken eye from Peter clear romantic sincere heart for him meanness is rich in front of his staff some mag light and the back so pas unsheath unbroken so dramatic whisper tension beauty she gets really mad spins around the dogs wall spin around the doors and I’ve gotta take his girlfriend up a hill suspenders is its fighting by me and he goes right John explosion door implosion panic turn and dishes spin and jumping fences tension tenses gets real careful it’s fine don’t pick up eating unexpected journey style bonus shows that kinda is just as ugly as before

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