Live PD: Cool Kids on the Block (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. Rob S.

    Yea, that's the biggest issue with airsoft guns, they are licensed replicas of the real thing, down to the manufacture stamps. If orange safety tip is removed then its even more identical.

    There should be a way to identify airsoft guns from real ones, and quickly other than a removable or coverable orange tip.

  2. filobetobaby

    I remember bringing a shotgun to speech class for a speech on how to clean it, kept it in my locker all day. Nobody said anything. Guess times have changed…

  3. Andre The Giant

    Im sorry but the dude at 1:15 was just asking to get shot. Has a bunch of dudes with guns pointed at him and he stands up and nonchalantly puts both hands in his pocket. Couldve been shot right then n there.

  4. Jonny Cade

    Lmfaooo they all look too excited to be pulling out those guns 😂 I get the situation but they really over did it, max they need two officers with guns out

  5. Kiki James

    Can we give some props to the cameramen that walk/run/jog/spring into uncertain volatile situations with cops without any weapons brandishing only a camera and a BP jacket?! They are the real MVPs of this show.

  6. Sean Sharp

    I get policy lol.but it does not take that much time and resources to secure a few dudes laying in the floor….one has watch with leathal one less leathel and one with cuffs lol shouldn't take 20 minutes but whatever

  7. Brainy Beaver

    My fiends got arrested at gunpoint in Canada for the same thing…. cap gun. … Just kids being stupid firing out a window in a car, trucker called it in.

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