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Can you put my current
on hold, and put me out with a
black male carrying a rifle case on Baden Drive? Hey, bro. What are you doing
with that rifle case? Can you drop it? Drop it. What are you doing
with that rifle case? Is there a rifle in there? – No, it’s just ammunition. – Ammunition? Who’s that? – That’s my brother. – Do you got any weapons on you?
– No. No weapons on me. – Turn around for me. Why are you carrying
this around? – No, because I
just got it from– you know?
– You just got it from what? – My mom’s. He just dropped me off. – Who’s that? – That’s my brother. – He dropped you off? But why is he so far back
there, and you’re right here? – No, because we just came from
the store and then– you know– – All right.
– Matter of fact, go ahead. Touch it.
Grab it. – What’s in it? – There’s nothing in there. Just– just clips. Nothing in there. – From what I’ve been told,
the altercation happened on– – Stay right there.
– Yes, sir. – 302, I sent you a
call on your zone. – OK. I got a cell phone, a
broken watch, wallet. All kinds of stuff. Shirts. – Hey, bro? – OK. – 381, 1031 on foot. Westbound on Baden. – 381, 1031 on foot. Status check. – 10-4, we’re coming
up to Darlington. – Copy. [siren] – Zulu 1, what are the charges
that he ha on the subject? – 384. At this point, just LNP. Saw him walking
with a rifle case. Stopped out with him,
and he took off on me. – 384, I copy that. – I was kind of in
a tough spot there, because I had him that
I was dealing with, and I didn’t know if this
other person that was walking with him was related to him. And I don’t want to just
have my back to him, so I went to check on
him, and he bolted off. All right, let me grab it. Right now we’ve got a– looks like when he was running,
he dropped his cell phone. Might be able to
get fingerprints, or something like that. So this is what he
wanted to run from. So we’ll see what’s in it. He was right. They are magazines. We got a big– looks like a 556 drum mag. The 762 by 39. Common AK-47 round. Not– they’re not illegal. It just is a little
odd at this hour. I’m going to try and look
through some reports, and see if– you know, maybe
somebody’s missing three magazines and a rifle case. Maybe get some
charges out of this, other than just a
resisting without violence, and maybe get an actual
felony charge with a burglary on the male that ran. – Tom, you were focused
on the magazine there. – Yeah, the big one is a
50 round drum for an AR-15. It’s not illegal to possess
those unless you’re a convicted felon, or they’ve stolen items. So there’s a reason why he
ran and separated himself from them. – And that’s what they want
to know, is why is he running? – Why’d he run?
Yeah. They’ll take a look,
find out if there’s any burglaries in the area,
where maybe this is loot. You know, it’s just gotta
match a description. But with that phone
being left there,

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Reader Comments

  1. nurul soheil

    Officer was worried about his brother too much!!! Instead commend him to stay on your knees at gun point!!! Then he can talk with him face to face!!! Because when you are looking up then you distracting your eye side !!!

  2. nurul soheil

    Game called "catch me if you can " !!! Feels like he did for fun all the time with police officers!!! Maybe he wants to assure that they are training good !!!

  3. Christian Stitt

    I bet he got caught. All they had to do is get a judge to sign a warrant to go through his phone and find out who the parents are and contact them and tell them they need to help locate the son and if they know where he is to give him up or they will be charged with obstruction of Justice.

  4. Batista Alvez ferreira

    Polícias são tão gordo não aguenta correr sem preparação tem que deixa outro companheiro ao lado do idivido ae o cara não foge igual ese fúgil

  5. ayebrahletsksate

    I watch so much live pd that when I was a drug user , I was always telling my bros ay bro watch out when u drive and make sure ur cars registered and don’t tint ur windows. I was always telling em what cops look for lmao

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