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[police radio chatter] They’ve got a pursuit going. [siren blaring] [police radio chatter] Stolen car. [police radio chatter] Stolen car. [police radio chatter] So we’ve got a
high-speed pursuit. We have numerous
officers involved. So we’ve got state
police assisting us. [police radio chatter] MAN (ON RADIO):
Arrived, immediately struck our officers. All right. He struck our officers. It was stolen out of our city. So it’s one of our
stolen vehicles that we’re looking
for, a Chevy Impala. [police radio chatter] Sounds like he just crashed. WOMAN (ON RADIO): Exit 70
off-ramp, we have a 10-20. [music playing] He crashed. He lost control of the car as
he was trying to make the turn. He was coming in too quick. Good job. Good job. CHRIS ROBINSON: Still
want to make sure he’s got nothing [inaudible] OFFICER 1: Yeah. OFFICER 2: Is anybody
else in the car? OFFICER 1: Stand up. SUSPECT: Oh, my [bleep] leg. Oh. Oh. Oh. That [bleep] got my coat. OFFICER 2: Everybody all right? Our guys are right? Have the state
call for medics. He got Tased. He did? After he crashed, when they
approached him, he ran on foot, and they Tased him. I think he was trying to jump
over the fence at the point of the Taser deployment. My car is way over there. Idiot. It came over the radar
he ran one of our guys. Maybe just trying to hit
our car and then they misinterpreted it and said– Well, hit that pole. So whatever that’s
going on there. You see it? So now the suspect
is being treated. The ambulance is
on the scene now. He’s going to be treated
for Taser deployment, as well as injury to his left leg. SUSPECT: Trying to take
him on the highway. PARAMEDIC: Why’d
you try to take him? Because there would have been
a chance I would have got away. [bleep] took that chance. PARAMEDIC: How fast
were you going? [bleep] going like a buck and
some change, like a buck 20. [bleep] I was going fast. [chatter] I don’t know, brother. [bleep] It sucks though when
you get– when you get caught. Feel me? So he’s in custody right now. We’re going to check
him for warrants. And we’ve got a stolen motor
vehicle recovery as well. MAN (ON RADIO): Yeah,
we’re getting in a 10-83. Domestics are the
most dangerous calls a police officer can go on. MAN (ON RADIO): Be advised. It’s absolutely horrible when
the kids see their parents, not only verbally fight and say
nasty things about each other, but physically fight. Because those are things
these kids will never forget. [siren blaring] And then they learn– that’s what I’m
talking about, whoa. Sometimes the most
dangerous situations are with other police cars. [police radio chatter] OFFICER: Let me see your hands. OFFICER: Show me your hands. OFFICER: Step away. Step away. OFFICER: You, get down
on the ground now. WOMAN: But that’s my husband.
OFFICER: Get down on the ground! I don’t care.
Get down! OFFICER: Don’t go
with your hand. Let me see your hands. Let me see your hands. [shouting] You’re being detained right now. He didn’t do nothing. OFFICER: Come over here. WOMAN: What happened?
OFFICER: Let’s see it. STACEY LYONS: Who
else is in the house? WOMAN: My kids,
my kids, my kids. STACEY LYONS: Where are they?
Inside? Do you have a
permit– or a firearm? No. Do you own a gun? No. Tell me what’
going on, all right. Nothing.
We were just having an argument. That’s it.
– Right. Your son called in and said
that he was hitting you and he was choking
you, that he has a gun. No. That’s not true. You could check him right now. That’s the only reason why
we came out with our guns out. No, no, look. I’m fine.
He’s fine. We were just having
an argument, please. – Keep your hands down.
– OK. What was the argument about? We were just having an
argument about, you know– just please don’t
tell [inaudible].. You’ve got to tell
me what’s was going on. We was just
having an argument. That’s it.
– Did he hit You No. Look, we was just
fighting for my phone. That’s it. Look this way. Look the other way. Keep looking the other way– no, the other way. It’s the other way. All right, so he
definitely was choking you. WOMAN: No, he didn’t.
He didn’t. He definitely was choking you.
WOMAN: No, he– What’s the combination? All right, do you
have the combination? Have you got a warrant? It’s domestic violence, sir. No, but I mean– STACEY LYONS: We
have to search– OFFICER: We’ll
just do the whole– we’ll just do the whole safe. We’ll take the whole safe. Ah, take it. Yeah, absolutely. For what? I didn’t– Yeah, she’s got red
marks on her neck. Right now, I don’t care
what happened in there. But they will not
let you out of jail if we don’t have those guns. I don’t have any guns. If you don’t have any
guns, then why can’t we look in the safe to make sure? Because we’re going
to get in that safe, do you understand
what we’re saying? How expensive was that safe? I don’t want to talk about it. OK. You said you haven’t been
arrested in 10 years, right? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. All right, which
means you’ve been acting somewhat intelligently
in the last 10 years. Don’t ruin it now, man. We need– we need that safe. We don’t want to
damage your house. That’s not– unfortunately,
we don’t make negotiations. And you’re under arrest for
a domestic, which includes your children being witnesses. We cannot, by law–
you have to understand. We have rules we have to
follow that are way above me. I don’t make them. It’s a domestic law. We don’t have a choice. Really, dude? We’re really going to
go down this route? Right now you need to start
thinking with your head. I know you’re upset. You’ve already done enough to
your kids with the argument. You want the fire
department to come in here and traumatize them even more,
when they should be in bed because it’s 10
o’clock at night– at least the little one, right? OFFICER: We’re good, bro. We’re good. STACEY LYONS: The officers
inside figured out the code and located three firearms. We got a sawed-off
12-gauge, I think, a 38 special snubnose,
and a Walther– this looks like a 380. He has no permit. So those charges would push what
ever he had up into a felony. The kids seemed terrified
but also relieved at the fact that we were there, and
the situation was over. [siren blaring] [police radio chatter] So right I’m going
to star going code. Yeah, this is in the
north end of Bridgeport, right before Trumbull Avenue. [siren blaring] It’s been plagued with
violence over the years since I’ve been a member of the
Bridgeport Police Department. I’ve seen many
lives lost up here. [music playing] [police radio chatter] What happened– we got
shots fired right now. [police radio chatter] [music playing] Where are those
shots coming from? I got a black male running
through the rear yard! He’s got a turqoise shirt,
blue shirt, blue jeans. Let me see your hands! He’s running towards
Sunshine Circle. He’s reaching for his waistband! Stay in your door! OFFICER: [inaudible] MARK BLACKWELL:
He’s still running. He’s running towards
the reservoir. [shouting] Dark jeans, turqoise shirt– he has braids. Let’s keep going! Keep going! OFFICER (ON RADIO):
He went in the bush. The suspect’s [inaudible]
behind the apartments, between Sunshine Circle
and Trumbull Ave– blue shirt and
holding his waistband. Trumbull Avenue. MARK BLACKWELL: Now
see, that’s a 10-4. OFFICER (ON RADIO):
I didn’t see him toss anything over the fence. I think he dropped it. All right. We got the part in custody. MARK BLACKWELL:
Yeah, SD-1, on that’s a 10-4 for that party that
was just taken into custody. Yeah, we had other units
that took him into custody closer to the reservoir side. This is mainly
run by the MDB boys. This is a group of individuals
that conduct criminal activity. We’re going to backtrack,
see if we can locate a firearm. [police radio chatter] This is a Friday evening. It’s a warm night, a
lot of kids out here. Are you guys looking
for the killer clown? Did they say something
to your school– in your school about them? The killer clown,
he killed 13 people. Not all clowns are bad. I’ll see you later, buddy. [police radio chatter] Right now, other officers
recovered a firearm right in the location where I had– where I last had
eyes on the suspect. [police radio chatter] We’re not sure exactly where
the shots were being fired at or if they were being
fired at an individual. [music playing] You could tell that
the firearm was just recently discarded, as it was
laying on top of shrubbery and debris back there. Fully loaded, one in the pipe. MARK BLACKWELL: And that’s
another illegal firearm off the streets of
Bridgeport today. The individual is a juvenile. We’re not able to interview
that juvenile at this time unless there’s a parent
or guardian present. We have to get a order
to detain through a judge and transport him down
to the detention center. [police radio chatter] CHRIS ROBINSON: Here we go. [siren blaring] The gang unit was in a soft
car, which means it’s unmarked. He spotted that party in
the middle of the road. So we asked for an
officer in a marked car to approach that party. He’s in the middle
of the street. As soon as the officer
approached the party, he took off on foot. So they ensued him
in a foot pursuit. And now they’re
blocking off the area. They’re going to
get the canine out there and try to locate him. [siren blaring] [police radio chatter] He took the gun out over here. He’s [bleep] OK, which way do
we think he’ll go? We got him boxed in here. CHRIS ROBINSON: Our gang units
have a report that this guy has a firearm in his waistband. [police radio chatter] CHRIS ROBINSON:
Who’s back there? OK. [police radio chatter] He’s over there– next– next one over, next one over. [police radio chatter] Where you at? [police radio chatter] Hey, we got to find– keep back. Where’s the gun, man? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? All right, [bleep] [dog barking] All right. Where’d you drop it? Next yard over? Santos, next yard over! [dog barking] That yard where
you saw the hat, he said he dumped it there. [dog barking] What did I do? What did I do? I didn’t do nothing. All right, back up. Did we– you pat him down good? Yeah.
OFFICER: All right. Let’s do the– you got
anything else on you? All right. You got ID, or no? How old are you? I’m 21. What’s your name? What’s your name? [bleep] And I don’t have
no warrants or nothing. All I was doing was buying
a pellet gun from somebody. I saw the cops, and
I started running because I didn’t want y’all
to think it was a real gun. When y’all find the gun, it was
a pellet gun, and I was scared. That’s why I ran. I swear to God. I don’t do nothing bad.
I don’t have no warrants. Obviously, we thought
it was a real gun. You see what’s going on here? CHRIS ROBINSON: OK. Yeah, show us where
you dropped it, man. SUSPECT: [inaudible] Well, we don’t want a
little kid to pick it up. SUSPECT: I know.
I know. He’s gonna– yeah. This is where we
were behind too. Whereabout? Because I was just in this yard. SUSPECT: I threw
it over this fence. CHRIS ROBINSON: All right. OK. It’s the firearm that
they say that our party had in his waistband. But it appears that
it’s actually a BB gun. But as you guys can
see, it looks real. Anybody that pulls that
out of their waistband, you’re going to believe that
that’s actually a firearm. So as he ran trough these
backyards, he dropped it here, and he continued
running northbound. And that’s where we located
him in a resident yard. I just threw the gun.
That’s it. I don’t have nothing else. Later we find out
that it’s a pellet gun. He said he hooked up
with someone on Facebook and bought– and purchased the gun from them. And as soon as he
purchased the gun, he noticed police observed it. That’s when he dropped the gun. It is, in fact, a BB gun. We’ve recovered that. He’s going to be charged
facsimile of a firearm. The officer on scene
almost shot him because they believed he
did have a firearm on him and actually pulled it out
when officers approached him. [music playing]

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  1. Phoenix Fira

    dont really know anything about police investigation but shouldnt they be using some gloves when they pick up that gun for evidence?? 9:57

  2. millermonsterair

    "im allergic to dogs"… right… just scared of the dog but didnt wanna admit it. wouldve been better if they actually let the dog go on him….

  3. Sara Brant

    Why tell the parents that the child called?? That puts the kid in danger after the abuser gets out of jail! What a horrible horrible decision that was to tell the mom the kid called! They act like they are there to help the kids vut they just put that child in wayy more danger doing that!

  4. Carlos Machado

    LMAO we need that safe 🤣🤣🤣 what a bunch of f**** Liars I hate when cops lied to try to get what they want if you know you don't have a warrant stop asking for the f**** safe you can't take the safe neither so stop bullshiting

  5. The Hammer And Tickle

    I thought the last case the dude that ran was stupid but I thought cops could only charge him with running from the police and never heard of a "Facsimile firearm charge" SO I DID SOME RESEARCH.

    I learned that running from the police in and of it's self is not a crime… in some states, (I already knew this next bit though) but most states have felony elude charges, especially in cases of when a vehicle was used or misdemeanor charges when on foot. Alot of the time cops will charge runners with misconduct, failure to follow a lawful order etc.


    No person shall draw, exhibit or brandish a facsimile of a firearm or simulate a firearm in the presence of a peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or paramedic engaged in the performance of his duties knowing or having reason to know that such peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or paramedic is engaged in the performance of his duties, with intent to impede such person in the performance of such duties.

    (e) Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

    I thought brandishing a firearm Fake or real was an felony because cops wont know if the weapon in question would be fake.

  6. semper gumby

    Bridgeport is a shithole. My Marine recruiter was based outta there. When we would pt there were streets we had to avoid running down due to high gang activity. Not fun worrying about getting shot before I even joined the military lol

  7. Jose Matos

    Why don't they show one of Bridgeport finest getting arrested for sexually assaulting and assault his a girlfriend Steven Figueroa he only been arrested 6 times .but today was a good day he got fired .

  8. RoCapBG

    Remember, when you see a cop and you haven't done anything wrong don't just start running wtf do you think will happen you will get shot or you will get caught and fined.

  9. sapper made

    I mean this reaction for a stolen car……image a kid on a bike or elderly person crossing a street and a cop is going 100 miles per hour in a neighborhood. For what? A $3,000 car

  10. The Dreaming Journal

    Bs cops shouldn't be able to break into the safe when the safe had nothing to do with the domestic and guns weren't pulled. I'd make them get a warrant otherwise that's safecracking

  11. Caitlyn

    The poor woman. She was abused probably all of her life while in and out of relationships. She was obviously brainwashed. So unfortunate.

  12. Jacob Broering

    Buck 20?? Could of gotten away? Does he not know about the police intercepter or a charger? Their top speed is around 160.. okay bud

  13. Laura Kirk

    interesting dept, it would be nice for them to be back on live pd! LOVE LIVE PD! MY VERY FAVORITE SHOW SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING! MANY THANK YALL!

  14. Rob Lee

    A black troll probably stolen probably has a record longer then Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and Obama lying tongue put together👅👍👍🔊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔰☝🚨Hahahahahalllolll🚗💨💨👎 what a low life saying if there would have been a chance he would have got away knowing the car is probably stolen I'm pretty sure of it when a piece of trash!!!!!

  15. Skidz1818

    Just saying you might, and i mean might be able to eventually get into my safe. However i know for a fact you are NOT going to be taking my safe. Empty it weights 1500lbs it is full of ammo and firearms so its goota be close to 2klbs, it is bolted to the concrete foundation and was put in while the house was being built, before the walls were even up. So there is no way your getting it out of the house, it wouldn't even fit through any of the doorways in my house.

  16. DDSilvaMendoza Mendoza

    Guillermo Ramón es hijo de Juana por lo tanto está fuera de cualquier contacto con la policía y Msrcos el hijo de MTGG no es aprobado por la policía…Walter será aprobado para trabajar directamente con DDPA..

  17. Neuro Breach

    This is why i run cross country.. after i get 200m away from the cops they arent catching me.. ill be 10 miles down the road before i stop running xD

  18. da real lil shotty duce

    I dpnt see how those guns have anything todo with the dv cade he never pulled or brandished any fire arm so why do they need it so badly i think the 🐖 just wanted to trump up any and all charges hopeing his guns werent legal or was hopein they were used in a crime

  19. da real lil shotty duce

    They tryin to act like he pulled it atvtgem when he pulled the gun to throw while he was in the process of running away from them how are you a threat to somebody if your tryin to leave from the space/area their in order to get away from somebody and do get away from them.then how are you a threat police just want to trump ☝ as much shii on people as possible and its fucced up their ruining people lifes and futures doing that shii makein people more of a criminal then what they were supposedly tryin to prevent to begin with smh

  20. Supercalifragilisticthisbesuchadopekid

    I hate it when the woman defends the person hurting them. I get that they are like brainwashed into protecting them, but it just really sucks. I witnessed a man hurting his wife for the first time yesterday and that’s something I’ll never forget. It’s just horrible):

  21. David Sastre

    Another broken woman defending her scumbag husband against the safety and interests of her kids. These problem homes need to be identified sooner. What a brave kid.

  22. It'z J.Stogden

    Some of these cops be like.. You have any needles, knifes, grenades, missiles, Nukes, Plutonium, Uranium on you? I be like I have a floss picker in my little pocket. Haha. Okay, bye.

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