Love Thy Neighbour: A World Changers Film | Full Documentary

So do I have to look
at the camera for this? It’s the Good Samaritan. If you need to read
it, just read it. Just thinking how you
should use like a voice over. Just read it. OK. If you feel that’s what
you’re more comfortable with. On one occasion, an expert
on the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what
must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What is written in the law?” he replied. How do you read it?” He answered, “Love the Lord
your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with
all your strength and with all your mind, and love your
neighbor as yourself.” “You have answered
correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.” But he wanted to justify
himself, so he asked, “And who is my neighbor?” In reply, Jesus said, “A man
going down from Jerusalem to Jericho when he was
attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his
clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going
down the same road, and when he saw the man he
passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came
to a place and saw him passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, as he
traveled, came where the man was, and when he saw him he
took pity on him and he went to him, bandaged his wounds,
pouring out oil and wine, and then he put the man on his
donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out three
dinari and gave them to the innkeeper. Look after him, he said,
and when I will return I will reimburse you for any
extra expense you may have. Which of these three men do
you think was a good neighbor? He fell into the
hands of the rebels.” Then the expert of the law
replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go
and do likewise.” Hi, I’m Emily Hamilton,
and I’m one of the community workers at Centrepoint Church. This October from the 7th to
the 11th, we’re launching a new movement in the City
of Cockburn to love on our neighbors. Start from the beginning. Yes, at the hot point is
just to love on people. I guess the whole, the agenda
for the whole program is to love on people, and yeah. You said love on people. Just love people. Just love your neighbor. You just put that
love on people. EMILY HAMILTON Yeah. It’s interesting that you
put that ‘love on people’. Um, I think something that
I’ve noticed is some people in our community are very hurt
and withdrawn, yeah, just some people I think maybe feel like
they’re undeserving, but we don’t necessarily think
they’re undeserving or old. It doesn’t matter who you are
or what you’ve done or where you come from, it’s just
something for you and we want to show you how loved you are. Yeah. Do something like he said? Done. Excellent. Love Thy Neighbor is a project
born from Centrepoint Church and namely
brainchild Emily Hamilton. 328 people have committed
to thousands of hours of community service work to help
those in need, and she joins me in the studios. This has just progressed. Oh. So we started focusing on
Cockburn, and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. OK. How did it all come about? Uh, I guess as a church we
just wanted to make sure we’re making a real difference in
our community, so about a year ago we decided to meet with
the local government, local police, different community
groups, and just find out how we could better assist them. And it sort of, uh, rippled
out from there and just happened. So we’re going to focus on
one suburb in our local area called South Lake, and it just
became South Lake to Cockburn, Cockburn to Perth, and we’ve
got, yeah, just a huge radius. Programs
happening all over Perth. Yeah. I’m actually thoroughly
excited about LTN, because I think it captures the
heart of our church. When we planted this church
eight years ago, we really felt that God was calling us
to transform a city, not just build a church for Christians,
but actually see people from our community come in and
count to God, be helped. And when Emily came and saw
us a year ago with the idea of maybe doing something with
local business and the council and our church working
together to actually make a practical difference in the
City of Cockburn, I was really excited because it actually
captured the heart of why we’re here. We actually feel we’re called
to rescue the lost, restore the broken and release the
willing, and Emily really captured that heart
brilliantly with this idea. Tell me about the
people firstly. So who is your team? Just a brief introduction. Hey, I’m Joel, and I’m a
22-year-old student at UWA. Hi, I’m Aldo. I’m a father and husband. I’ve got two young children
and I’m also a full time general practitioner. I’m Mel. I work part time for my
husband’s business and run the Mom and Tots Group at
Centre point Church. My name is Marcy,
and I’m a student. Hi, my name is Natalia,
I’m 14 and I’m a student. Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m married to Gary and we
have our own café that we work together. My name is Christian. I’m 18 years old and I
attend the Maddock University. My name is Amy. I’m 20 years old and
I’m a dance teacher. Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m 25. I’m, I work at a
hospital, do security. I’m also an army reservist. So I am Aaron and
I am just a guy. I’m just starting a new job
doing project managing and site supervising
for a new company. I have four children, a lovely
wife, work full time and obviously volunteer
at church as well. I’m Dave. I’m looking for a job, eh. I don’t know what to
say, it’s so weird. My name is Taryn, I’m 24 years
old and I work full time as a secretary. Hi, my name’s Paul. I’m 33 years old and I own
a cabinet making business. I’m Wade, I’m 21, I’m a
sign writer by trade. Hi, my name’s GaVy. I’m 20 years old. I’m an apprentice carpenter. Hey, I’m Claire. I’m 23 years old and I’m a UNI
student studying commerce and art. I’m working two part time
jobs to get me by as well. Um, yeah. So basically my role
throughout the whole week was making sure it ran
smoothly. So if there was a crisis, it
would come to me or Emily. If there was a problem, it
would come to me or Emily. We basically have to try to
change it to make it work. On Tuesday we
got some bad news. We had to help make
the day run smoothly. Basically, yeah, the
administrative side, the dealing with all the
volunteers, all those leaders, making sure everyone knew what
they were doing at each point in the day. Making sure everyone
knew what had to happen. My highlight for the whole
week was just seeing every volunteer do their part. I went on a street cleanup,
and there was a little boy from our church with us, and
we were driving back, and I’m like oh, so how
did you enjoy it? And he goes, this is
the best day ever. And this little boy who was
only cleaning up rubbish, but he had so much fun and he
enjoyed it, he embraced what he was doing because he
was doing it for a cause. He wasn’t just putting the
rubbish out, he was helping his community,
which was great to see. And every single project we
did, everyone was so, I can’t get over about how on board
they were, how devoted they were, how
encouraging they were. It was great to see,
especially considering Em and I were so like, is
this going to work? Is this not going to work? And then just to see everyone
get together was amazing. Why does a volunteer do it? To volunteer to
do street cleanup? Yes. I’m a little bit of a neat
freak, I guess, so it really appealed to me. And I’m a perfectionist at the
same time, and I also used to live in the suburb, so I knew
what it was like and I thought it would be a really cool idea
if I could help clean up the community that I
actually live in. Sweet. If you’ve never been here
before in your life, what is this psycho talking about? That’s fine. Just know that we love you,
you are so welcomed here, and we’re glad you came. Sit back and relax, take a
deep breath in and come along for the ride. We have a community department
called Beyond the Gold, and we are crazy about
bettering our community. And we are willing to do
whatever it takes, whatever that looks like, we’ll do it. I just want to encourage you
that we set out to do this project with a faith goal of
originally I wanted to release fifty people to give 300
community service hours. And I thought this is the
biggest thing the world has ever seen, this is crazy like,
brace yourselves, people, get pumped, do your stretches. And then I met with a group
of incredible team leaders who were like, you serious? Dream bigger. So I went oh, yeah, OK. And so then there were
like 300 people to give 1,500 community service hours. So I thank you for being
the hands and feet of God. Thank you for being willing
to do something radical, something crazy, to see those
who never set foot into church but are true lost hope,
broken, lonely, isolated, depressed, sick, whatever it
may be, to see them in count of the love of God. Without you it
would be impossible. Thank you for starting a
program and pioneering something with us that I
believe is going to bring revival. And I don’t believe
that revival is coming. I believe that we
are in revival. This is it. You and I are
starting revival right now. It just, it was such a good
thing, we’re seeing crazy good things happen today. Families’ lives are literally
being transformed because of your tireless efforts. I just saw so many times where
you’ve gone over and above just to make things happen. The crazy cool things that
people were on the phone and getting sponsorship. People were doing just,
just the little extra things. Lisa and Rossi phoned up and
got some Astroturf supply, literally. While we’re at Masters trying
to get potting mix she found an Astroturf supply down
here and got exactly the right size, three meters by
three meters Astroturf. Without even asking they gave
it to us and said pick it up now. So we went from Masters down
to Discovery Drive to pick up the Astroturf and
handed some petrol. My team for the morning, which
was day one over in ours and we drove with the refreshments
and everything and ice creams and stuff, and we went to the
house and we dropped off the refreshments. And while we were there we
realized that there was not a lot of stuff that we could do
now because there was another team going in for
afternoon refreshments. And I kind of really
wanted to get my hands dirty. We pulled out this carpet
which was their back garden patio, and we
started to roll it up. We brought it out to the
front, and then we started to clean all the area up, only
to be told that I had to come back, and I was just like oh
no, it’s not coming back in the renter that I’ve got my
name to, so there was like no way. And then Emily came along and
Em and Chris said look, we’ve got no money for anything. And I was like, well, we
don’t need money, do we? So I decided to ring around,
and I found the guys at Astro did it, and he said look,
we’ve done this before, we don’t really get anything back
from it, and I just really pulled on his heartstrings and
said to him, I don’t, I don’t think that’s a big excuse. I said there’s someone in our
community that all we need is a four by three off cut,
whatever you have, we want artificial turf. And he said look, let
me see what I can do. You know, I said I need to
know like ASAP because this renter is happening today. And so he got off the phone
and he rang me back within ten minutes after, and we spoke
for about twenty minutes. And he said OK, I’ve managed
to actually take some off the roll for you. All you need to do is
come and pick it up. I didn’t know what we’d get,
because I had no idea how big this piece of Astroturf was. Get back to the sod, it’s
exactly the right size. It fits beautifully. You’ve seen pictures of
it, you couldn’t ask for it. Fantastic. We started the day,
no Astroturf, nothing. At the end of the
day it’s all finished. The community needs the church
as a body, whether it was Centrepoint or a church
down the road, it needs us. There, something for me is one
word and that’s called hope. And after personally going
through many, many years of struggle, whether it’s
financially or you know, healthwise, whatever it’s
been, we’ve always had hope because our trust and
our faith is in God. So for me, again being a
part of something greater than myself, is actually to say
yeah, there’s people in our community that live next door
to us that have no hope, and whatever situation
that they’re in, whatever circumstance, they
don’t have hope. They don’t know what
hope is, you know? And sometimes our community
looks at hope it’s just luck of the draw. But it’s not, and for me,
we need to have a hands on approach to our community to
serve every aspect, every age group, whatever time, whatever
ethnic background it is, we need to be there because the
Bible says that they will know us by our fruit. They’re not going to know us
by what we speak or how we dress, but they’re going
to know us by what we do. And if we can’t get out there
and have a hands on approach and really serve the community
in their area of need, then we’re not doing our job. And we need to be there. We go to church to be
refreshed so that when times of struggle do come,
we’ve got God on our side. But we are standing in the gap
at the moment for God and for Christ, and so yeah, we need
to be in the community and we need to serve, serve
people that don’t know Christ. This morning I want to
challenge you, is this church or are you church? Do you carry this outside of
Sunday, or does it stop here and maybe lunch after? Initiation means to
cause an action to begin. Something that broke off a
great burden from my life where I used to carry the
weight of people’s salvations, I want to see my family saved,
I want to see my family saved, I want to see my family saved. It is debilitating. It’s absolutely crippling
because yes, she came to church. Winning. Yes, she put up her hand. Winning. She didn’t come. She didn’t come. She didn’t come. Are you responsible
for people’s salvations? No. You are not responsible
for people’s salvations. You are responsible
for revealing love. You are responsible for
revealing the love of Christ. You are responsible and your
whole agenda should simply be to love on people. Love on the unlovely. Love on that person that
absolutely grinds your gears. We all have them. I really thought that Acts
chapter 10 verse 38 sums up this whole process and this
whole outreach really well, and that is the Bible talks
about Paul defining Jesus, saying how God anointed Jesus
of Nazareth to go around doing good and helping all those who
are oppressed by the devil. And I just feel like this
is not just meant to be a physical do good for the
community, but with that we’re actually taking the presence
of God, the hope of Jesus Christ, into the community. And I really feel that
it’s going to be both. There’s going to be some
wonderful signs and wonders, as well as helping people out
and giving them the hand that they need to start again. We’ve got to go on that same
day, we’ve got a retirement home on the day, just to honor
and again love the generation that’s gone before us. Some people just never get
used to this, no family, no friends, no nothing. And these are people that are
telling their war stories, you know, and they just
want someone to talk to. I remember one of my very
first jobs as a journalist a long time back, I was coming
out to a retirement home for Christmas presentation. And I was supposed to be,
don’t do my story of the man’s, it’s hard for him to
remember, and I’ll go out and put a present in his hands. His hands weren’t working
right so I ripped it open for him and it was sort of, mate,
oh hey, do you know anything about this? And he was obviously demented
it seemed, and he was coming in and out of
moment of lucidity. Unfortunately for me he had a
moment of lucidity right then, and he said, what’s
happy about this? I’m stuck here, my family
never visits me, our kids just never come here. It’s awful. Don’t ever come here. OK. I helped out with the
retirement village ministry, yeah? And the purpose of that,
it was called Honor Day. Um, to like help older people
that don’t have anything, like so they’re alone in the
community, that you’re there for them. We just dedicated this week to
loving the community, and we put the retirement home as
part of our community and we really want to administer love
to you and respect to you, and above all we just want
to honor you as an older generation and for going
before us and so today is about loving you, respecting
you and honoring you as the people that you are. What does honor mean? So honor means to respect in
word and deed, to assign high value. Whenever we show up they
always smile when they see our faces. I like going in there to like
help make them happy, because my most of them don’t have
people coming in during the week and they’re
all by themselves. Just making them know that
they’re loved and that people are there for them. Some of them have people visit
them, like one of the ladies has her husband come in every
single morning and stays until nighttime. But most of them just are
there by themselves, just waiting day to day for
somebody to come visit them. I’d really like to say this
morning that I respect each one of you, that I really
respect in your generation that you’ve got so much
resilience, so much about sacrifice. We go to the retirement
village each month and we run like a little service to,
it’s mostly those that are Christian that
come to the service. So by doing an honor day we
are not just inviting the residents that usually come to
the monthly meeting, but we’re also opening up, opening
up to other residents. So I think it’s going to be a
platform to thank and value the other residents that are
in that retirement village, and also make them feel
appreciated and get them involved and honoring the big
contribution that they’ve had to society, to their families. The atmosphere was
awesome. You have to be particularly
careful with their hands because their skin’s quite
thin and frail, but you can just tell that they
appreciated that little bit of TLC. They weren’t used to that,
and they’re a bit apprehensive with the colors. We had so many different
colors and they’re, oh, just something, something, a
soft pink or something conservative. But it was cool to be able to
convince them like, you know what? Go for the bright blue,
it matches your shirt. It’s going to look awesome. And then they just loved it
and wanted to show the next person. And oh, come over here, Gary,
to their little friends, and that kind of thing. And it was intimate, messaging
their hands or painting their nails, you also got to really
have an in depth conversation with them because they
were right there with you. So it was just, really opens
your eyes hearing the stories from the generation, two
generations before me. It puts it into perspective. You know, the word neighbor
means anyone, it’s not just the people you like, not the
people that you feel these guys deserve my attention
and things like that. So when I went into it, I got
out of it mostly talking to everyone you realize
they are neighbors. There’s no reason to ignore
them, and they all had rich lives and rich histories that
you can learn a lot from just by talking to them. And they really appreciate
people coming up and speaking with them. You are loved, you are valued. You are special. Thank you for being you. Thank you for setting an
example to our generation. Thank you for loving, caring,
thank you for sacrificing, thank you for teaching. Thank you for working hard. Thank you for believing and
investing into our lives. We are here today
because of you. We are who we
are thanks to you. We honor you today. You will not be forgotten. God bless you. You know, everyone was young
once and then everyone is going to get old. And if you actually go into a
retirement home, you see that there’s a lot of people
and they’re all in the same situation in the fact that
they’re slowly entering into the last phase of their life. They’ve all got a different
story, and they’re very, very lonely. Even the ones that do have
family, their family can’t always get out to visit them. And so when you actually go
into the retirement homes and spend a couple of hours of
your day with them, I don’t think we can really comprehend
until one day we reach that point of how much they value
that time, that one on one time, just sharing life,
reminiscing of their story. It was just a day, the aim
of it was just to honor, we called in the Honor
Day for the residents. It was just to honor them, to
show them love, respect, and also for them just to
have a really great day. So I left just being so happy,
I couldn’t have asked for it to be a more better day. And it was just so lovely,
just seeing young and old mixing. My friend brought her baby,
and seeing that the residents just like dote on the
baby was really beautiful. And there was just so much joy
I think that the day brought. I’ve been lucky enough to grow
up with parents that are very selfless, and I’ve always
been raised to believe to look beyond your life and yourself. And so throughout my life I’ve
always, as much as, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, I’ve
always wanted to have an area where it’s not about me,
where I’m actually benefitting someone else. So volunteer work is great,
and being in church, you’ve got so much opportunities
where you can serve and you can volunteer your time. And so I think I just do it
because I don’t want to be a selfish person. I don’t want my existence
to be purely about me. I want, I want to
benefit someone in this world. I want to leave this world one
day and have someone be like, wow, she actually
impacted my life. I believe that the cross
doesn’t discriminate, so when Jesus died for us, he didn’t
just die for those who were willing to accept him or even
those who were, who deserved his death. I believe that that death
doesn’t discriminate at all. So that means anyone you
encounter is part of God’s plan. I think we’re obviously not
going to shy away from the fact that we’re Christian, but
at the same time our heart’s desire is not to
Bible gush people. And do you know what I mean? Like I think we, we want to
love on people and reveal Christ’s love but I think
that can often be through our actions and like going out
into the community beyond the walls of the church and be
the hands and feet and reveal love, reveal life, reveal
grace, reveal hope, and in effect we’re going to believe
that people will encounter God through that. I think our city needs Jesus. I think the hope of our city
and the healing of our city is people coming to an individual
relationship with Christ. And whenever that
doesn’t happen, there’s always brokenness, there’s always
dysfunction, and so therefore every city actually requires
a helping hand, actually requires the church to be
the salt and the light of the world. And so I don’t think it’s
a city of Cockburn issue. I think it’s a world
that needs Jesus issue. And I’m just so glad that in
our city we get to be salt and light. It’s been crazy. We call people and just like
present that this is what we’d like to do, and people will
call back and we’ll give you $7,000 worth of things. Just, I think even the
community knows that the community needs
something like this. The community’s been calling
out to the community for a decade. Yeah. That’s right, exactly. And so I guess this is just a
really good way for people to get involved and do something. And I think I’ve noticed that
people generally do want to help other people. They just needed an
avenue like a forum to make it happen. So we provided people with a
way that they can change their world. Yes, well I believe it’s
an exciting initiative. All cities anywhere in the
world really are looking at partnerships with their
communities with organizations within their communities that
are out there to make things better for each and every
person that lives in the community, that visits the
community and then works in the community. So it’s about positive streams
of influence going out and engagement and discussion
with people to get things happening. All cities, as they grow,
and particularly in terms of population, need to be able to
insure that they reach out and engage with all of their
community members, and having partnerships with, as an
example Centrepoint Church and other religious organizations
and businesses, and not for profits, just means
that people have greater opportunities, A) to be
acknowledged that they’re a part of the community, B) to
have someone there if they need to have that person there
outside of family, and C) really to understand and
appreciate that there’s people out there willing to help. And in terms of our community
well-being and the mental health of our community as
well, it’s important that people have
those opportunities. They can take that step and
know that there are people out there who care about them
and about the community that they’re living. So I’m heading up a team
for house and yard renos, and essentially that is going
to be a few families in the community who are either
struggling financially or in hardship, and we’re
wanting to assist them. So the idea is to coordinate a
team of volunteers to come and help do gardening and painting
and maintenance and stuff like that. But we know who’s praying
about this, it just felt really encouraged. Sometimes we do stuff and we
think, are we helping people? But let’s not look
at it like that. Let’s look at it like, because
Matthew 25:40 says I tell you the truth, whatever you did
for one of the least of these brothers, you did for me. This is an
opportunity for us, you know? So it’s a great thing to do
for us, and if we keep that in our mind we’ll
always go that next step. Strange responses. So some people are wondering
why, and so they ask why, which is great because
I like to answer why. And it’s just because we want
to love them and they’re in our community and we want to
show them what we feel in our hearts. So it’s really good. So some people are a little
bit unsure as to why we’re doing what we’re doing and
thinking oh, is this real? And then I’ve had a
couple of people who are just overwhelmed with emotion and
cried and overjoyed, which is great. Dear Father, we just thank you
for this amazing family, the life that they’ve led and
all that they’ve gone through. We just pray your
blessing upon them. We just pray that you just
open heaven over that family and over this household and
pray there’s a place of peace, there’s a place of joy
and a place of hope. Praise in your name, amen. Amen. Yes. A whole bunch of
people went down. I got to go and help out
people with renovating their house and yard. Real good opportunity to
help out in the community. I got to go to an
elderly couple’s place. I didn’t save someone’s life. He was helping flatten out
the trailer and he nearly fell over, like he was, he sort of
got his foot stuck and he like tried to walk on it and he
fell over and I managed to sort of catch him and wrench
him in and set him back up. And I liked, it was pretty
like in mind but it felt pretty cool. Because I’m a hero
right now, I’m a hero. God’s given me the
ability to do these things. It would be selfish of me
to withhold that to myself. I can see it as a service,
not a way to make money. I’m totally blessed in that
sense to be able to do that kind of a thing, to actively
be able to help people. You do get a reward, and it’s
just like in general I feel happiness, because you know
what you’ve done has made someone else happy, therefore
you’re happy with yourself because you know you’ve
went out of your way to help someone else. I love that. That was like the
greatest feeling ever. I’ve never seen a volunteer
go volunteer for something and walk away miserable. So I originally was only going
to sign up for a couple of days, but it ended up being
a bit more fun, so I took a whole week off, actually,
of work and everything. And so I walked up there,
met a lot of cool people, actually. I didn’t think cleaning up
someone’s backyard or cleaning up the, you know, had been a
whole lot of fun but it turned out really, really fun. I think it’s the
people that I was with. They were really fun. It was the atmosphere. Everyone’s hot behind it, made
it really easy and made me want to be there, made
everybody want to be there. It felt like a community. Everyone had this one motive
to move, I guess, to help people out, and then they just
worked on it and so it made the job really easy and nice. And yeah, I loved it. I helped out at the house
and yard renos for two days. Yeah, yeah, it was cool to be
able to go in and just, you know, show people, you know,
that someone else cares enough to come out and mow the lawn
or fix a fence or hang a door in the house or
something like that. And people really sort of were
blown away, really, by the fact that so many people
would just turn up and do it. So the LTN movement, Love
Thy Neighbor movement, I think it’s, well, the heart behind
it is to love your neighbor as loving yourself. And our neighbors,
who are our neighbors? I guess our neighbors
are, I guess everyone. Not just the
neighbor next door to you. And I love the fact that
out of nowhere the Love Thy Neighbor team, I guess with
a beautiful heart of just helping everyone and
whoever deserves help. We aren’t asking
anything in return. It’s not very common in this
society today when someone helps you and they don’t
ask anything for return. I mean, every time someone
helps you, you always know that obviously they want
something back from you. That’s just how
the world works. Why we do what we do? Why I just did what I did? Well, I had a thought to
myself, turned on the telly, the first thing we see on
the news is you know, just conflicts and people needing
help, and everything’s just bananas. And I think why I was a part
of this whole movement was because I wanted
to help people. I genuinely just wanted to
show people love in order to let them know that, you
know, that they are loved and there’s people out there that
want, that appreciate them for who they are. And I believe that the world
needs the love of God, and the only way for them to encounter
the love of God and see the love of God is through
us, through other people. Every day actually I have,
sorry, an opportunity every day to make an
impact on someone’s life. And I thought, why not? The change starts in me,
and if not me, then who? You know? If not now, then when? So yeah, I think everybody has
the ability to help someone. Everybody has been given the
opportunity, the blessing, you know, no matter how big or
how small that help is, it’s still, you can
still help someone. I was just part of, I mean,
for Love Thy Neighbor I wanted to be able to be a part of
it to show people in the community the love of Jesus,
to be able to go out and actually be the church doing
something rather than what people see as the church as
just a Sunday thing, but the church is actually part of the
community, and Jesus reaching out into the community. It’s, a lot of the time
you’re on your own, you know? Go do everything yourself. But the community needs to
know that it’s a community, and we, if we work together
things can be a lot easier. We are holding a pamper day
for the girls who have been through chemo treatment and
their moms are just going to be pampered for the day, and
we’re just going to love on them and just make
them feel special. And yeah, just
have some girly time. On the pamper day we
started quite early. We got the, the room
was already ready for us. I brought obviously
all my makeup over. There was another three other
makeup artists as well, so that was really good, another
three people I got to meet, which was fantastic. Originally I
wasn’t on the team. It had already filled up, but
I went and spoke to Em and was like, I really, really
want to help out there. Is there any way I can? And she went and spoke to
Sarah, who was in charge, and she was like yeah, that’s fine
we can do with an extra makeup hand. So it’s like, yes. So excited. With different stations they
could have a facial, and then they came over to where I was
and got their makeup done, and their moms also, that was so
cool to get to talk to their moms and to be able to
pamper them as well. Girls started slowly coming
in one by one with their moms, and that was just, I was
trying not to cry most of the time. But as soon as I walked in, I
think they weren’t really sure about what was going to
happen, and as soon as everyone started coming in and
saying sit down, we’re going to give you a hand massage,
we’re going to give you a facial, we’re going to do your
nails, I think the smile on the girls’ faces, that
was enough to show that how grateful they were for us. But I think we were more
grateful to have them. I could not have, nothing I
imagined the day was going to be came even close to how
impacting that it was, just to meet the girls. So surprised by how individual
they all were, and so positive, and you just
couldn’t tell that they’d gone through what they
had gone through. And it made me think, you
know, I get worried about if I’m having a bad hair day, I
can let that ruin my day for me, whereas they’ve got the
biggest smiles on their faces. And it made you feel guilty
for a moment, but at the same time so, so blessed to
learn that from them. So for me, when I saw them,
I was just grabbing all the girls, getting to know
their stories, and it was heartbreaking but I think what
was so good about it is that the girls told me what they
wanted to be when they grow up. These people that are
suffering so much, yet have bigger dreams and bigger goals
than most people that aren’t. And for me, I thought, I’ve
just got to stop complaining about my life, you know? I’ve got to stop complaining
about little tiny things that go wrong, because these girls
don’t have that, you know? And yet they’re the
happiest out of everybody. But it was really good to
see the hearts of every person that spoke, because every
person had said that it had changed them, as
soon as they walked in. You know, and they had said
well, I can’t believe that I’m more grateful just
because you came into my life. Just talking with some of the
moms and the daughters that day, they were just so
grateful that a group of people would go out of their
way I guess just to pamper them and spend
the day with them. And yeah, they were just, some
of them ended up in tears, just coming up to me and
hugging me and being like, thank you so much, I guess,
that people would care enough to do something like
that just for them. Because they are deserving
people and they really did deserve to just have a day and
be themselves and be who they are, just to relax. But even with the team, as
well, after that day, after that night, all of my team
came up to me just about individually and said that was
the best day ever, that was the best day I’ve ever had. Just to see I guess the joy on
the girls’ faces and the moms. In day to day life, you kind
of get bogged down and you struggle to find a
purpose for yourself. By helping someone else
out, it gives you a sense of purpose. Helping people you think
benefits them, but you can’t possibly fathom how much you
gain from supporting someone or helping them or giving them
possibly even more than what they gained. It’s so, puts things into
perspective in your life and it’s so good for the soul, and
it just makes you happy to see other people happy and to know
that you’ve made a difference for them. That’s what we’re there to do,
I guess, as the church, as the body of Christ. We’re meant to go out
and just love on people. I think it’s just important
for like the church just to be practical in that way that
they love on their neighbor I guess. That’s what LTN is just about
loving your neighbor in a practical way and showing
the love of God in that way to people who don’t know that. I just want to encourage
you, let’s be the church. Let’s go into the world, let’s
make disciples of all nations. Investigate what
your neighbor needs. Is she lonely? Can you be a friend? Do they just need
some maintenance? Can you do that? Is it someone who always
sits in the staff room by themselves? Can you be that person? Investigate and then pursue,
pursue, pursue like Christ pursued. This might take a little
while, I do understand that. But don’t let what you
see change your motive. Don’t let what you see or how
they may react at the start change your agenda, because
God is doing a great work in and through you, and
this world will be saved. Amen? If you are immediately nervous
about this, something that I’ve noticed is that our world
is so void of genuine kindness that your little
will go a long way. That whatever you do
will go a long way. People don’t even know their
neighbors in our society, in our culture. The sad reality is that
some people will go as far as taking their own lives to find
a solution out of their lost, hurt, broken state. Let’s look for ways to
initiate the love of God in our world, and
love like he did. For Love Thy Neighbor project
we are gathering hampers to bless those in our community
who are maybe not as well off as we are, people
who are struggling. We just want them to
understand that they are loved and they are not forgotten. So we’re making hampers
to suit their individual households that we’ll be
delivering to, and then we just want to drop them off and
basically say we care about you and God cares about you. I just think it’s a really
good way to give back to the community, that we can help
those who are in need and just really brighten someone’s
day and show them that someone cares about them and is
thinking about them when times are tough. So Scott, what made
you volunteer for this? Oh, well, I think I don’t
have, I want to be a big part of this but I can’t have time
to be out there, you know. I’m not good at doing reno
work, so I think with the fact that I have the van, we can,
in the back we can pack in a lot of stuff. Delivery sounds like the
best thing to go with. And you get to go out there
and meet people and hopefully touch their lives and what’s
the best thing to go and give them a gift? She was very emotional, and
she didn’t know what to say. She just looked like
she was about to cry. She kept saying you have no
idea, you have no idea how much this means to me. So success. We made over 15 hampers and
just one household that we went to, Debby and Helene took
the hamper to them and it was a grandmother and grandfather
and their three children, well their three grandchildren that
they’re caring for, and they were like 7, 9 and 11. And the 7-year-old girl was
so ecstatic that there was shampoo and conditioner in the
hamper, because she doesn’t get that. And the little boy who was
about 9 was so excited that there was a can of whipped
cream inside in their hamper. And his, the grandmother said
no, no, no, you can’t open it, we’re saving it for Christmas,
because clearly they don’t have that and they wanted to
save it for a special day. So we came back to the church,
put another hamper together, took that back to them so
they can have a hamper now. Let’s live lives
so sold out for it. What would the church look
like if we were all on fire for God? What would the world look
like if we were all together, confident of he
who lived in us? What would our community look
like if we were so sold out and we fully understood what
it meant to have a living, risen, victorious
God live within us? What would our
community look like? That challenges me. That drives me. We pray Lord God today that
you would open doors, Lord, not just physical house
doors, Lord, but the doors of people’s hearts or the doors
of their minds, the doors of their spirit and
soul Lord God. As you said, when you do it
for the least of these, you do it to me. Lord, that we, as we go out,
that every time we reach out our hands it’s your hands
reaching out, Lord Jesus. It’s your heart
reaching out, Father God. It’s your love, your
mercy, your grace. We ask that you’d anoint us,
Lord, that you break down all barriers, Lord God. We pray, Lord, that the light
and the life and the love of Jesus Christ be released
into their lives today. I’ve got some more out there. We got some tomatoes, so
you can look after them. Yes! We pray, Lord,
that hope be restored, Lord. Hope be released and lifted
up today, that your name be lifted up today, Lord Jesus. We pray, Lord, the connection,
the relationship, lasting relationship that this is not
just a one off event in their lives. We know that you have every
one of these people on your heart, in your eyes. Father, we pray Lord God
the relationship with you. We ask that you’d anoint
them as you anointed Jesus. We pray for their
anointing today. We ask that you give us your
words for people, Lord, to touch their hearts and
turn their eyes to you. Please go with us, Lord. He’s incapable of doing this
and financially thankful of this so we just want to thank
you and you’ll always be in our hearts when we
have this in front of us. So thank you very much. I just put my hand up. First I went to the youth,
the battle of bands on Friday night, and then while I was
going to that I had Emily come up and ask if I could just do
a mural for a family on the Saturday, because I was
going to do house and yard renovations as well. So to be honest, I’d actually
been thinking about wow, it’d be cool if somebody
said can I do a mural? Because I like
painting and stuff. And yeah, it just happened
on Friday, so I was like, strooth, I’ll do it. And it kind of
just all played out. I painted a, it was like an
outback scheme, so it was, so it had like a little shed kind
of thing and then it had like some gum trees and a little
windmill and just nice blue skies. I was stoked with it. They were really happy and
yeah, just like ecstatic. They started crying. So it was a little
weird, but yeah. They’re happy. I just, I guess for me
that’s just who I am. Like I just like helping
people and just anywhere I can do something good
I’ll try and do it. Yeah. It’d be a pretty dull place
if people weren’t out there trying to help you. I reckon everyone would be all
depressed and almost not worth living life. When someone’s nice to
you, you feel happy. Yeah. No, I just wanted to, because
I work, and I think it’s important that we
serve in the community. And because I couldn’t, I
actually work every day, but this Saturday with the
with the shift work. I just wanted to do my thing. I just wanted to help with
it and serve the community. Like I’m still
under God’s way. They said oh,
thanks for doing this. I said we want to serve you. Well, they’re blown away. That couple was
just blown away. Did you get everything done? No, it’s all finished here. We got to get it tomorrow. I guess because everyone does
go about their day and like no one really find the time to
get to know their neighbor or chat with them at all,
even know their name. And I guess just showing the
love and showing that little things can make a big
difference, like saying hello to your neighbor
may make their day. And I guess just showing
everyone that the little things are what make the
difference and they don’t have to make a big gesture
to change the world. It’s the little
things that count. Why did I help out? One, I thought it would be
good to like do stuff for the community and just to pretty
much bless other people, and also because like it was like
a big program and I decided just to jump in and
lend a hand where I could. And yeah. OK. So we’re going to do
two separate days. So what we’re going to do is
on the Wednesday I’m thinking is we’ll go to Coogee Beach
and do sort of like a beach festival with beach volleyball
and prizes and also just handing out free sunscreen
and free bottles of water and stuff so people aren’t getting
sunburnt and dehydrated. Do a big battle of bands and
like festival and stuff here. It’s like hey I
can change my world. But do you think the
world needs change? Yeah, I definitely think
the world needs changing, personally. I think the world’s a pretty
broken place in terms of war, poverty, all
that sort of gear. But even in our backyards, our
neighbors, people around us, people on the streets, people
we see in shopping centers, like you know, people
just crying out for love. And we just see like so many
things like media influencing people these days, and things
like Facebook and you know, bullying, all these
sorts of gear going around. I mean I really feel like the
world is pretty broken, that people do need love and they
cry out for it every single day. Whoever asked, the vision got
pitched to me and I that that was really cool. I’m really
passionate about youth. And the reason we did it was
just we wanted to see just healthy hobbies and just we
wanted to see like a written off generation, I guess, just
have good hobbies and just, I guess, counteract the drug and
alcohol scene and the violent scene, and just I wanted
to see a difference in our community, I guess. When I look at the generation
that, Generation Y I guess, they’re sort of, yeah,
like there’s so much alcohol, violence, and there’s all
these sort of different ways of living that maybe wouldn’t
have been seen like maybe fifty years ago, whatever. Now it’s actually such a big
part of today’s culture and a real influential
part, as well. And yeah, you just see like
chaos sometimes, and just, yeah, I’ve been there, that’s
a thing I’ve sort of been in there, I sort of know
what it’s like, and the peer pressure and all
that sort of gear. So yeah, I just want to see
something like different, that’s a change. I want to see something good
influencing our community I guess for our youth. I saw so many new people, and
I’ve actually seen a comeback to our youth ministry and
that, which has been an awesome blessing for them and
for us as well, just knowing that we’re a part of that and
a part of their journey, that sort of thing. Why did I do it? I just want to see
people love them, man. Like I just want to see people
who just come together in community like I guess
what’s gone on before. Like that’s just awesome to
see people come together, just to see people loved on. Because ultimately, everyone’s
looking for love, whether it be in a relationship,
in family, in friends. And whatever it is, whether
it’s in a party scene, in social
acceptance, they want love. The reason I did this is
just to see people loved on. When I was younger, I came, I
came into church and stuff as a 16-year-old boy and yeah,
just people just sow time into me, shouting me McDonalds,
dropped me home, take me places. I never understood it all,
and that was loving on me and that’s just something that’s
been instilled in me now that I just want to carry on and
continue instilling love on people as I was loved on too
when I was probably unlovable. Yeah. It’s like the heart of the
church, it was like it’s really captivating, like
that not concentrating on the inside but also
on the outside. That Love Thy
Neighbor, that whole place. It just captures
the whole LTN week. It was just lots
about loving people. And we went to a house to do
all the painting, paint the whole house. Yeah, it was a big job. And they had ten kids that
live in there with them. Absolutely great
guys, really loved them. At first we kind of walked in
and were like wow, this needs a lot of love
and a lot of work. The owner of the home had
already started patching the walls for the three or four or
five days before we came in to help us get it all done. And it was just a really cool,
fun environment to be in, as well. That was probably the
highlight for me, that particular house, because I
got to know the kids really well and the parents
really well, as well. And the really cool thing
about this family is they actually pitched in and
they actually helped a lot. So they were always ready, you
know, to help with whatever we needed. Yeah, what can we do now? OK, yep, do this, do that. And the straight owner, and he
really loved us being there. And then the next day, because
we hadn’t quite finished it yet, a select few of us came
back at, well, Josh came back at 6:30 in the
morning to get started. The reason for me wanted to
serve LTN is because it is like for me I believe like I
can move freely, I can perform any action freely. So with this blessing, I want
to use this to bless other people. My absolute pet hate of a
comment is you got to look after number one, or
something along those lines. And my comment back is always,
well, if you’re always looking after number one and I’m
always looking after number one, then who’s
looking after each other? And where does the love come
into that, and how do we help other people? That just doesn’t
make sense to me. I guess God gives us so much
and like in perspective we don’t give back enough. I don’t think we ever can, but
to give back, it really puts something inside your
heart, really warms the heart. So yeah, anything to do with
making someone happy just it’s the best feeling. I’ve even got it on the
bucket list, just help people. I’m not sure I can possibly
accomplish that, but yeah, just painting people’s
houses and yeah, just to love. I don’t think a lot of people
out there today that feel love as much as they should. But yeah, just to give back
and just bless people, make them feel amazing. Everything in this world that
we’re doing, there’s a why to it. So we didn’t want to do things
just for the sake of doing things. We wanted to do things to
truly impact the community. We’re hoping that will bring
people out of their houses, and they’ll come down,
maybe sit in the park, make a friend, meet your neighbor,
and just create a happy, friendly, pleasant
community environment. I don’t think it was the
carnival that the community needed. I think it was, it
always gets so corny, Andy. It’s always gets so cheesy. If it’s your
answer, that’s fine. But it really is true. I don’t know why
I’m getting mixed up. Just hold on. I just, I think they needed
to be loved, plain and simply they just needed to know that
they are loved and they’re worthy and they’re valued
and there is good left in the world. Well, the city of Cockburn
gave us Southlake as an area that was in high need. And by going by Beyond the
Walls going in and doing different programs in the
school you hear absolutely heartbreaking stories about
the things kids go through. And kids shouldn’t have to,
have to live with that and go through that. So the community just
needed something that was fun. The aim is, I guess when
we look at the kids in our community, the one thing that
we notice that has kind of been stolen from our kids
is I guess their childhood. So in praying into this I
really felt like what we need after is the joy of childhood
and what that brings. So we thought, let’s do,
let’s do a kids’ carnival. Let’s launch this, let it
be, let’s see what we can do. What are the needs
in the community? Who are we targeting and
what’s going to happen? So it was funny, because a
year seems like a really, really long time. So you kind of have ideas on
paper, and you have things down, and yeah, it kind of
came as a shock when it’s like alright, it’s six weeks to,
it’s six weeks to Love Thy Neighbor, let’s get,
let’s get everything done. And most of it, it came down
to the last couple of weeks and we’re like OK,
where are we targeting? We’ve got to do flyer drops. How are we going
to let people know? Word of mouth’s great, social
media is good, but how are we going to target the city,
like the suburb of Southlake? So we got to work getting
flyers made up and had an awesome team of even, even
young kids got involved, got on their bikes and delivered
flyers and that, so every house in Southlake was
canvassed and everybody got a flyer. I think I was part of the
planning process of the family carnival and I’d done that
sort of thing before and it can kind of go either way. It can go like really, really
big or it can go really small. The weather could be bad,
the weather could be great. So yeah, it was
a bit of a risk. Star West we approached
because they have a big thing called the Wacky Wagon. We thought it would be so cool
to have the Wacky Wagon, which is a big bus that’s got flags
and a ball pier and mirrors and everything,
it’s all contained. And we were like, we want
the Wacky Wagon for our event. So we contacted them and it
was Star West Party Hire. So Emily went and asked them,
and they ended up donating over $7,000 worth of product. So we’ve got the stage, the
speaker system, we got three bouncy castles, we got tables,
little tables and chairs for seating, we got marquees,
we got fairy floss machines, flashy machines. You can put, you can put as
much word out there, but until the day you don’t know, you
don’t know what’s going to happen, who’s going to come. Yeah, the weather
definitely looked a bit iffy. So we were praying as we were
setting up even, because it’s like really, really cloudy. Yeah, I think, I don’t
know, we just kind of realized there’s no reason to be
scared, we just got to get everything sorted
and just go for it. Yeah, Family Carnival was
awesome, and just between you and me, totally exceeded
any of my expectations. I just remember getting there
in the morning and it was an overcast day and there was
drizzling, and I’m thinking oh my gosh, no one is
going to turn up. I’m allowed to say this. Nobody is going to
turn up to this event. Like what are we doing? And eventually I remember
getting, I think it was four of like the youngest
volunteers we had, so they were like 10-year-olds, and I
was like alright, girls, come on, we’re praying. And so each of them just
huddled and they’re like OK, God, we just pray that as soon
as the event starts there’ll be clear skies and then
afterwards you can do whatever you want to do, but we just
don’t want rain for the event. Come 11 o’clock,
everything was set up. There were people coming in
left, right and center, seeing kids run towards
all the things. And I remember one little boy
in particular, and he came up to me and he said excuse me
Miss, what’s happening here? And I said oh,
it’s a carnival like. You know, you can go in the
bouncy castles, you can get food, you can get a
slushy, get your face painted. And he’s like oh, OK,
I’ll have to check with mom. How much is it? And I said oh,
everything’s free. And he turned around to me
and he said, are you sure? Are you sure it’s free? And he went back to his mom
and honestly like he just could not believe that he
was getting a day that was completely free, and he just
like shot off to do what he needed to do. And to be honest, that was
one of the main things that blessed me that day, just
seeing that kid be like yep, it’s all free and
it’s all for me. So it was so good to just open
up to the whole community to come and have the free
food, have the free balloons. Not having to pay for face
painting or pay to have a balloon twisted or
make a donation. It was something that
everybody could come in and be involved in. It was amazing. It was amazing how people
wanted to get on board. And we had one lady, and she
came and cut, did haircuts. It was three people in the
beginning, but I think by the end of the day there was this
one woman, and she just stayed and soldiered on cutting hair. And there was another young
girl dressed up as a bit of a clown and did balloon
animals for the kids. And she’s doing the one
spot the whole entire day. She had blisters on her
fingers, but she kept twisting those balloon animals or
anything the kids asked for. Like she ate her lunch
standing on this spot because she was so committed to
just seeing the kids happy. And it finished and we’re all
packing up and this one girl was still there doing balloon
animals for kids, because she couldn’t say no to them. She felt, you know, I need
to help this one more person. And yeah, so the day went on
and more and more people came. And yeah, it was just awesome. We had games, we had prizes,
we had competitions, we had dance offs, we had singalongs,
just seeing people who we hadn’t met before
come and serve. Yeah, I think it
was an awesome day. I had fun. I guess we didn’t realize
the extent of what we had done until afterwards. Everything that we budgeted
for was for 300 people, so we said OK, like balloons,
sausages, rides, etc., we said OK, we’ll probably
see about 300 people. And at the end of the event,
we went up to a few of the suppliers who were packing up
for the day, and we said oh, you know, how do
you think it went? And he said this was one of
the best events we’ve ever been to because, he was saying
from his experience, you’ve definitely had up to 2,000
people come through today. And I just
thought, what the heck? Two thousand people. We ran out of, yeah,
800 sausages gone. We did over a
thousand slushies. And we just never, ever
imagined that it would be so big, that we would
reach that many people. And even on the day we saw
people from our house and yard renos come down
from their families. We saw people who we had given
gift hampers that day come down, and every single person
that I had sort of spoken to had been personally invited. I just thought that was really
awesome, like our reach was just so much bigger than
we thought it could be. So it was
definitely a success. But you can see like the need
and the spark in kids, and you want to flame that spark. You want them to be excited
about life, and to know, just to know that people care, and
just that people are out there and they are important. They’re just not, like they’re
not just a somebody, they’re somebody that matters. I think never doubt how
much the idea that you have is needed to someone else. So say if you found a
particular need that you’re like, I want to do this,
never doubt how much that is actually needed. Because sometimes we think
it’s just something small or someone else will do it, but
there’s a reason why, there’s a reason why we want to
do a family carnival. There’s a reason why we wanted
to reach the kids in our community. I think me personally, I just
love people, that’s just my thing. And I’m so amazed by our
community and the people that are in our community, and I
just couldn’t think of any better way to do life than to
go and just meet them and be a part of their lives. Yeah. The thought of standing up
here in front of you guys excites me, because as I
look out, I see potential. As I look out, I see schools. As I look out, I see, I see
tradies and I see work places and I see hospitals and I see
families and I see friendship groups and I see mothers’
groups and I see accounting firms and I see computer
industries and all these things before me,
whatever that may be. Retirement homes,
friendship, sporting groups. There’s no doubt in my mind
like someone like you is going to transform this world. When you grab ahold of
it, when you get into that sporting world, when you get
into your school with this passion, with this flame,
with this fire that is so contagious, people will
see something different. And what I’ve noticed through
Love Thy Neighbor is they’re attracted. They’re attracted because why? Why would you mow my lawn? Why would you come
and say hi to me? Why would you
share a meal with me? No one’s ever
shared a meal with me. Some of these people that
we’ve visited in their house, we’re there for house and yard
renos but we’re there talking for two hours about their
lives, just because they want friendship. It’s just about revealing
the love of God to people. And I am so excited that I get
the privilege to speak this morning to you guys, because I
am confident in the calling of God on this church. And the church is you and I. But if the church was
destroyed tomorrow, we would still stand, and this
world would still be saved. Is your light still on? Yeah, we’re just seeing that
the willingness of people to help out in the community
has just blown my mind. I didn’t expect an
outcome like this. But every day we’re
finding more people sign up. It doesn’t matter if you don’t
know anybody on the team. We have 328 people
actually make friends. We’d love to have
people involved. I came in here not
really knowing anybody. I wanted to help, I wanted to
volunteer, I wanted to be a part of it. Never did I think that I would
meet such amazing people that are here. So I came in not knowing
anybody, and even the first day that I was here it was
kind of a little bit odd. But everybody has just been
so, so encouraging and so loving and amazing. And I walked in with just
thinking that I would help people, but and I’m going
to cry, you guys have really helped me. And then the whole experience
was, it was like we could see people give time, because time
is one thing you can’t buy. And to see a whole bunch of
people give that as part of, you know, as part of their
time to be with people and to spend time with people who
aren’t giving us anything back, and they’re just purely
being there for us and they’re going in and doing
amazing, amazing things. And it was amazing to see
how good people’s hearts were. Has everybody had a good week? Did everybody enjoy our
first ever Love Thy Neighbor? So ladies and gentlemen, you
need to give yourselves a big round of applause because you
were outstanding this week. There are moments, as a senior
pastor, when you look at what a church has done that really
take your breath, and I have to say that this week was one
of those moments where I was standing in awe, not just of
what God has done but what you have done partnered with God. And so I’m so,
so proud of you. But here’s the encouragement
and challenge to you. Let’s not stop today. Every time we see a
need, let’s be moved with compassion. If we have the ability to
help, let’s not harden our hearts or block our ears or
turn our eyes and get so busy with our own world. But God says listen, love
God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, but
here’s something you can do practically. Love your neighbor
as you love yourself. And as you do that
you bring glory to God. Amen? I’m here to give
you some good news. We tallied up our hours and
our people, and do you want to know the final count that we
gave to our city this week? We did eight house and yard
renos where we prayed for every single family. We saw people just abundantly
and overwhelmed with how blessed they were. People were saying that they
had been waiting for years and years and years for
someone to hear their cries. People were saying that they’d
been waiting and they’d even asked for help, but people
ran away because they were too scared because of
how big the job was. We cleaned up an
entire suburb. We fed 300 plus people through
our family hampers as we gave out fifty plus hampers. We revealed Christ’s love to
2,000 plus people today alone at our family carnival. We created a sense of
community and people started wondering why. Why? Why? Why? And we gave a lot of back to
school haircuts to kids who otherwise probably
wouldn’t get them. We gave prophetic words, we
spoke encouragement, we made friends. We honored, we pampered, we
shared a love that our world is often so deprived of. This week, we
changed the world. This week, you
changed the world. And that was done through a
total of 321 people, 3,434 community service hours. Throughout the week, there was
something that I felt that I never really felt before, and
it was an atmosphere of love that I was giving to
other people but I was also receiving from everyone else,
and something else, and it was just, every part of me felt
different, and like life is never going to be the same
from that point, and it was always going to be better. Before we move on, I just want
to share with you a quick, a place where this came from. Because for me, I don’t know
where you’ve been, I don’t know everybody here, I don’t
know where you’ve come from or what your stories look like,
but I, I have responded to a love that was
first offered for me. When I was in a place where I
was lost and hurt and broken, where there was no way out,
he came and first loved on me. So tonight, I just want to
share with you about the first love, who is Jesus Christ. Tonight I just want to show
you about the most ultimate love that this
world has ever seen. That two thousand years ago,
God would take his own son to give his own life as an
extension of his love for us. Some of you, I believe, have
served this week for us and seen the love of God. I believe that this week, God
has called people and chosen people and set people apart. I believe that this week,
God has started working in and through people maybe who’ve
never known a love like that before. But God loves you. God loves you. This program was possible
because he first loved us. If you are here tonight and
you’ve reached out to people in this community, and you’re
thinking hey, I need that love for myself, that love is
calling you home right now. That love is
setting you apart. That love wants you to know
that there is a plan and there is a purpose for your life. That love wants you to know
that you are called, you are chosen, you are set apart. You are destined
for greatness. And I want to
leave you with this. That you are called, you
are chosen, you have been set aside, and there is a huge
plan and purpose for your life. This is just the beginning. Amen? This is just the
beginning, amen? Yeah, Emily addressing
everyone sort of acknowledge what was already in my mind. She was like, if you felt
something inexplicable but so awesome this week, it’s the
power and the love of God, and that was just
like yes, yes it is. And I just had in that
moment full faith, and it just overcame my entire
body, and I was crying. I was just, and I
couldn’t stop myself. But I also knew there were
other people feeling that same thing around me, so it wasn’t,
I wasn’t scared or I wasn’t ashamed. And in that moment I knew that
I had let God in and I was going to
continue to let God in. I was so, so excited about
that and so grateful that I got that out or the week on
top of everything else that I’d gone through. So yeah, that was, that was
one moment that stands out for me just because it was a
total body, mind, spirit, everything, just it hit hard.

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  1. Kids Future

    Really great film and project.
    Australia used to have 'community development workers' on its council staff, sadly the notion of community development has really got lost in our materialistic life in recent years.

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