Lynnwood City Council Business Meeting: May 13, 2019

well good evening everyone let’s call to
order our Linwood City Council business meeting for this evening Monday May 13
2019 and Kelce member Hurst if you would lead us in the flag salute mayor Smith
here concert president Goodwin present vice president for Zell here
councilmember sessions here consonant for Ross here councilmember cotton happy
to be here councilmember Hurst here councilmember Sutton hello counsel is
present mayor thank you moving on to item 30 the approval of the
minutes councilmember cotton Thank You honor I move the council approve the
following minutes work session April 17 2019 business meeting April 22nd 2019
special work session April 29th 2019 and work session May 627
thank you are there any changes or amendments Kelce member Sutton and green
the excuse me reading the minutes from April 17 line 32 I would like to add
that I also gave a report regarding these two hamish coming tomorrow and
that would be on line 33 and what page 30 38 – – I’m sorry what line is it I
found it it’s 33 okay so you’re adding an Snohomish County
tomorrow thank you thank you thank you anything else
all right all those in favor of approving the minutes please say aye aye
aye position thank you it’s been a long time
since we’ve been at a business meeting I feel like so I have several messages
from the mayor tonight we’ve had quite a bit of excitement over the past couple
of weeks Lynwood turned 60 and we had a series of ribbon cuttings and events to
commemorate that we hosted our annual volunteer recognition celebration we
hosted a joint board and Commission meeting and had some great engagement
with our advisory board members and I’d like to just take the opportunity to
thank our city staff members for all the work that they did behind the scenes to
make sure that all these events and recognitions went off without a hitch
we’ve been moving forward our race and social equity work our diversity equity
and inclusion Commission hosted a great workshop at the annual step up
conference and we had several city staff attend and just last week our city’s
leadership team had an unconscious bias training and we’re looking at bringing
back this training for hiring managers and frontline staff last week we
celebrated two regional service providers I attended the child’s Drive
annual luncheon and they do tremendous work supporting families with young
children to succeed and then we also celebrated the grand opening of the new
North Point Washington it’s actually in Edmunds but they are a drug rehab
facility and we really need their services in our community and finally
this week we’re celebrating deputy chief Brian Stann affer who after 31 years of
service to the Linwood Police Department is retiring this Friday
deputy chief staffers have been an incredible leader not only in at the
Linwood depute Police Department but for our entire region he’s a true
professional and he is leaving this place better off and I’ll dearly miss
him but wish him the best of luck on the next chapter of his life so with that
we’ll move into our citizen comments I will take those who have signed up on
the citizen comments sheet first he’ll come to the podium state
name and address and you’ll be afforded three minutes to speak to counsel and
myself so the first one up is Rosa Antoine evening Rosa Antoine from the I
want to say shag but destinations up on the hill anyway I just wanted to let you
know that we met with two gentlemen from the public works and we had a really
really good meeting with them they came and looked over we our request for a
crosswalk and I think it’s going to happen it’s which is very exciting and
we’re all just really happy about that and there’s it’ll take a little while
but thank you for sending them over that’s about all I have to say thank you
thank you Steve Greenbaum I think my address is on file by now
Steven green a bomb I’ll try to do this in three minutes if not I’ll tag team
and come back up later I want to talk to you today about something that I
witnessed when I was walking around the city of Linwood which is a couple of
weeks ago watching some weeds being taken care of by the city of Linwood and
spraying on either roundup or like like us aids or whatever it is that you are permutations of that that’s going on
I spoke about this several years ago at that point if the City of London was
going to look into how much they were using where they could use less and the
bottom line is it’s still using roundup and I’ve sent a couple of articles to a
few council members I’m sure they’ll be happy to share them if you wish about
cities that are banning it counties around the country that are banning it
and I would ask the city of Linwood I know you have a lot on your plates this
is one more thing take care of it to look into it to get rid of it and to
stop using it on in public parks in public walkways anywhere in the city of
Linwood I would ask you to do this first and foremost for the health and welfare
of the citizens of the city of Linwood if that’s not enough incentive today
there was yet another court decision and the decision was in favor of the
plaintiffs for two billion dollars now immediately everyone said all that will
be cut down it’ll be probably and it will be it’ll cut down from 2 billion to
1 billion probably only 500 million so that may be all that it’ll cost the city
of Linwood if the city of Linwood continues to use this and someone
finally holds the city liable for putting its citizens in jeopardy but
before you even consider that I would hope you would simply consider the
health and welfare of the city Linwood and ban the use of this
weedkiller now if you can’t figure out what else to do with killing weeds think
of how much it will cost if you don’t and you’re sued up people can you can
have citizens you know they are take a neighborhood take care of weeds if you
don’t want to do that it was suggested to me to suggest you this this evening
how I take care of weeds I take care of weeds by using salt and vinegar neither
of which will kill people or animals or pollute the sound so I would ask you to
look into this and more than look into it because that always can go down a
very long unfortunate Road act please for the welfare of the city of Linwood
Act thank you anybody else like to speak tonight in citizen comments we have two
public hearings so if you have comments for public hearings please save it for
that time Ted Pikul det heichal 38:21 91st play Southwest in
Lynwood for 47 years and four more years an apartment up on 176 though huh
up to 51 years I wasn’t thinking of speaking at this time later in the in
the meeting tonight but first of all I would like to say Brian Stann affair has
been an outstanding member of the Lynwood staff and I certainly over the
years have known his contributions to the city and I wish him well in
retirement it’s a wonderful thing you can do a lot more in retirement however
than you ever thought she could I what’s of the opinion that the city of
Winwood had banned roundup for use in our parks and I’m not sure what the
gentlemen sauce being sprayed but I do know for instance on 40th Avenue West we
have ditches and we have tons of dandelions coming into bloom which my
younger son when he was very young used to call Figgy fezzes so Figgy fezzes are
starting to blow up the hill into all of our yards causing a problem the other
thing I was looking at some of the old budgets of the city of Lynwood and I
noticed that in the 2015-2016 budget there was 19 million dollars set aside
for fire service for the biennium in the 1718 budget it was raised over 25
percent up to 24 million I’m not sure what that five million dollar extra was
for the next two years I don’t think it was particularly staff but now with
seven billion dollars worth of property value in the city of Lynwood the fire
service is going to receive 14 million dollars for one year so in other words a
biennium of 28 million dollars and my question is is the city of Lynwood going
to receive 28 million dollars worth of service from the fire department now
I’ll leave you with that question others who’d like to speak this evening all
right thank you we’ll move on to our presentations and proclamations and as
councilmember cotton moves down to the podium he will be reading the
proclamation for bike everywhere month thank your honor proclamation of the
city Lynwood recognition of bike everywhere month whereas the bicycle is
an economical healthy convenient and environmentally sound form of
transportation both for commuting and errands and an excellent tool for
recreation and enjoyment of Washington State’s scenic beauty and whereas
throughout the month of May the residents of Lynwood and its visitors
will experience the joys of bicycling through educational programs community
events community rides or by simply getting out and going for a ride and
whereas the city of Lynwood staff will be participating in the bike everywhere
Day on Friday May 17th and biked to health South County rides organized by
the Cascade Bicycle Club and starting in Lynwood Malik Terrace and Edmunds and
throughout the summer and whereas cascade bicycle Club Washington bikes
schools parks and recreation departments police departments public health
districts hospitals companies and civic groups will be promoting bicycling
through the month of May 2019 and whereas Linwood’s healthy communities
action plan identifies an active living goal to make it easy and safe for
residents to physically be physically active daily and whereas the Lynwood
Lynwood is actively working to develop a Complete Streets policy that ensures
public streets provide space for all users
motor vehicles pedestrians and bicyclists and whereas Lynwood is
working collaboratively with neighboring cities to complete missing links of the
bicycle network throughout South Snohomish County through the bike to
health program and whereas cascade bicycle club and many other groups
mentioned above are also promoting greater public awareness of bicycling
and bicycle safety and education to reduce collisions injuries in fatalities
and improve health and safety for everyone on the road now therefore be it
resolved that we the mayor and city council of the city of Lynwood do hereby
proclaim May 2019 as bike everywhere month in Lynnwood and call on this call
on all community members to join us in this special observance signed today
Mary Nicholas Smith and Benjamin Goodwin city council president thank you is
there anyone here to receive that Proclamation Thank You councilmember
thank you Mary I would just note – I think Virtanen health is also one of our
good partners on some of the bike – health stuff – so thank you for
diverting health if you’re out there thank you our next proclamation is
historic preservation Month and councilmember Hurst will move to the
podium okay so I’m gonna read a proclamation on
historic preservation month is there anybody from the history and heritage
board that’s here or we’re gonna get her okay
okay well I’ll just let me tell you a little bit I do I have a master’s in
history from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill BA in history from
u-dub any night we were just talking about historic preservation so if nobody
shows up you’re gonna come up here because we were talking about it oh not
that because of the yeah I don’t know I’m digging myself deeper would you like
to join councilmember Hurst at the podium Chris okay all right
so okay so I will read the proclamation and then if you want to say something
afterwards that’d be great all right so Proclamation City of
Lynwood recognition of Historic Preservation month whereas historic
preservation is relevant for communities across the nation both urban and rural
and for Americans of all ages all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds and
whereas historic preservation is a valuable tool that helps to maintain our
community character foster local pride revitalize neighborhoods and enhance
overall livability and whereas each year in the summer months
Lynn woods history and heritage board and our partners at Heritage Park host
history and heritage days to highlight local history and whereas we recognize
the importance to celebrate the role of history in our lives and the
contributions made by the individuals dedicated to preserving the tangible
characteristics of the heritage that has helped shape us all as people now
therefore be it resolved that we the mayor and city council the city limit do
hereby proclaim May 2019 as historic preservation month in Lynwood and
calling all committee members to join us in this special observance signed the
gloves Smith mayor and Benjamin Goodwin council president and chris if you want
to speak a little bit hi Krista Donovan I’m history and heritage board
I just like to thank the council and the community for all of the support we’ve
gotten especially Shannon and let you know there are spaces available on the
history board if anyone’s interested and even if you’re not but you’d like to
learn a little bit more about Linwood’s history come on down to Heritage Park
and you might be surprised at how interesting it is thank you and our third Proclamation for this
evening is arts education month and councilmember Ross is coming to the
podium good evening okay this is a proclamation of the City of Lynwood
recognition of arts education month whereas the arts including dance music
theater and visual arts as well as literary arts is a court as a core
subject in Washington is defined as a core subject in Washington State’s
definition of basic education and considered an essential component of the
complete and balanced education for all students whereas learning in and through
the arts enables students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving
skills imagination and creativity discipline
alternate ways to communicate and express feelings and ideas and
cross-cultural understanding which supports academic success across the
curriculum as well as personal growth outside of the classroom and whereas
imagination and creativity are increasingly understood as critical
capabilities needed for success in the 21st century workforce and whereas the
arts can transform our schools into havens of creativity and exploration
places where students want to learn teachers want to teach and all members
of the learning community are more engaged and motivated and whereas high
quality school based arts education involves a wide range of partners
including school board’s district administrators educators parents artists
and art organizations community members and local businesses and organizations
whose collective endeavors towards equitable equitable provision of arts
learning for all students we celebrate and promote and whereas we applaud the
efforts and dedication of arts education and advocates around the state and we
call for school and community leaders to continue to broaden and strengthen their
commitment to provide arts education for every student in every school now
therefore be it resolved that we the mayor and city council of the city of
Linwood do hereby proclaim May 20 19 as arts education month in Linwood and call
on all community members to join us in this special observation I’m Robert kucik part of the Arts
Commission and the Arts Commission thanks Mayor Smith and the City Council
for recognizing the value of arts education both in the schools as well as
in the entire community and we invite you as part of this community at
Allenwood to celebrate the Explorer event that we have in June 13th with a
rich artist reception thank you all right thank you moving on to item 70
are there any written communications or petitions it’s time for council comments
and announcements and I’d like to start with councilmember sessions this evening thank you my screen went dark for some
reason hold on just a sec here okay thank you I love it when I get it
go first welcome everybody welcome everybody in
the audience we’d love to see it see you and you’re here I just wanted to add on
a little bit to what the mayor said there’s so many good things going on and
just particularly last Wednesday we had the joint boards and commissions meeting
and we did that last year as well actually might have been another year
before yeah three years third year and it’s it’s
just so beneficial it’s like one of my favorite meetings of all to get all
these stakeholders together and people who obviously really cares I spin their
volunteer time being part of the city and really actively working for us
voluntarily and we get so much out of it so thanks for continued that and just
especially thank you to the staff who take a lot of good care to put that
together and then I want to remind everybody that Memorial Day is this
month it’s on Monday May 27th and Linwood has an annual event at 11 a.m.
at our Veterans Park next to the library please join us and also I’m thankful for
Deputy Chief Brian Stanford and looking forward he has a an event on the 15th
Wednesday the 15th a good buy a small goodbye and he’s just he has contributed
a lot to not only the police department but also crossed over to a lot of the
different sections of the police earth of the city
I’m not to mention like was mentioned regionally and and he he’s actually the
person who hired me to vit the police department so it’s I’m happy for him and
in his next chapter and just wanted to publicly thank him for his devoted
committed service to our community thank you never no clockwise or counterclockwise
that’s great yeah I would just echo deputy chief Stanford I had the honor of
serving on the snow comm board with him which if you didn’t know we know mich
County we used to have to 911 call centers and dispatch agencies snow
common snowpack and in 2017 we merged those two agencies into one which
eliminated a 24-second call transfer time that came to light during the very
tragic Mukilteo high school shooting wasn’t at the high school but it was
involved some high schoolers there really brought to light that call
transfer and Bryan was really instrumental and working behind the
scenes to eliminate those call transfers and merging those agencies so the George
Hearst and I were part of that the mayor and several staff members were part of
that but Bryan was definitely one of the champions regionally that got that done
so so thanks Thank You Bryan you’re done good work here the other thing I didn’t
really have anything prepared tonight but just in response to some of the
comments I believe as I was checking back there I know it’s one of the issues
with the pesticides was we had a miscalibrated spray head on one of our
automatic sprayers but I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea sometime before
our August break to have director fronds come back and just report on our gallons
of pesticide consumed for the city cuz I know that we tabulate that and maybe let
us know as a council with the fiscal impact of moving away from glide Allah
eight type pesticide would be I know that he mentioned a couple times with
the cost would be to maybe burn or use other methods so maybe it would be a
good opportunity to hear from him because there’s there’s an impact I
understand from a labor standpoint so that’d be my only ask and those are my
few comments thank you Thank You councilmember Sutton thank you very much
um I don’t know if you any of you have got out to the Little Leaguers and watch
them play ball and or anything on that order
they really are a wonderful group people and so I spent a little time with the
Lindo Park watching family members and four-legged members enjoying a wonderful
wonderful day and it really was a wonderful day and so I just want to
encourage all of you to remember that we do have youth in our parks and just be
there to support them Thank You president Goodwin thank you I
just want to welcome everyone and thank all of the community members that have
come out and continued to come out to inform the City Council to inform policy
and to help keep us accountable I appreciate the thoughts and ideas that
come to us and that help us as a council to really make sure that we’re doing
what our jobs are which really for the most part is policy making and making
sure that the policies and those things that we do that really affect all of us
in the community are the things that are best for the community so I appreciate
as I know all the council members do because whenever we have people that
come in and are willing to speak to share their thoughts and concerns
there’s always gratitude from us to you for doing that so thank you and I the
one ask is that you continue to do so and continue to come come to us and let
us know your concerns and worries and and what it is that we’re doing wrong
and especially those things that you think we’re doing right those are
helpful as well so thank you president Raziel I would
like to echo some words that have already been talked about about getting
out in our parks on Saturday I went out to the Cascade bike club gathering and
we had seven members from the city of Linwood and they gave us all kinds of
advice and instruction on how to ride the right way in the wrong way and and
just lots of general information and some very specific information
our parks and and making sure we observe the laws of the road so I would
encourage us to get on our bicycles and and get out there we have a wonderful
inter urban trail that I wrote a couple weeks ago and it’s just beautiful out
there so get out just get out and go out there
and bike and walk and play and participate the city has a number of
events going on that are organized this this summer and there’s always
unorganized events as well so I just encourage all of us to get out on a much
more serious note president Goodwin and I serve on the South County Fire
Regional Authority Commission board and we heard this morning of the passing of
one of our commissioners Richard Schrock has been ill for quite some time
and it’s with deep sadness that we expressed condolences to his family he
was a master at legislation and he was instrumental in getting the SERS radio
system up and going and and working alongside folks and sometimes it was a
rocky road it wasn’t all smooth but he stuck with it and and our communities
are better for it and I will pass on future news as far as a memorial when we
get that Thank You councilmember Russ yes several things have already been
mentioned this evening I do want to remind everyone those of you who are
here you can see the wonderful display in the lobby of all of the eggs from
this year’s Explorer we will be having a reception in June where you will
actually be able to buy some of the pieces that are out there they’re all
incredible and if you haven’t been to City Hall please make an effort to come
and take a look at them because they are absolutely wonderful and each one is
unique and an actual work of art that you could buy so thank you
Hurst great thank you hmm let me first talk about a week or so ago the the
Veterans Museum had its second anniversary and it was great to see that
some of the displays were put out into the center portion that got to spread
out a little more and and it’s just apparent that you know that museum needs
a bigger space so I hope we can go forward on that someday this week is the
snow and I want one board meeting that I’m part of and as councilmember cotton
mentioned this the Nama one snow so much number one was created through the
consolidation of snow common snowpack and not only did that result in vastly
improved service but now we’re finding but it’s actually resulting in cost
savings and so Lynwood is finding reduced reduced assessments from I want
one service then this year serves the so mushy mergency radio system merged with
the whole machine I want one and again I was just in a finance meeting last week
and initially it looks like again there’ll be savings because of this
consolidation and so not only does this improve service but it’s great to show
that we have a cost savings in fact low it’s not the only agency that’s finding
savings the vast majority of all the agencies serve there’s like 52 of them I
think served by NOAA one and SURS find savings so yeah I was I didn’t know
about dicks trucks passing away and he was an important person and educated me
as far as fired Commissioner board work and also he served on the RFA planning
committee with the mayor and myself and Councilman cotton and so he think he’s
actually also serving or he was on the only emergency radio advisory board
I’m on also which is the board that’s going to advise on how to spend the
money that’s set aside for the new radio system that’s gonna happen so he he will
be sorely missed I would also like to express my thanks to DC Standifer though
for her all his work not only for the consolidation of still calm snowpack but
he worked on the serves consolidation and again like it’s been noted he leaves
the wetter better place and I really appreciate him thank you thank you we’ll
move on to item 90 this is business items and other matters ninety point one
is our unanimous consent agenda and councilmember Ross would you please and
you councilmember want to remove anything from the consent agenda no
seeing then the following items are on the unanimous consent agenda item a
contract Teamsters Local 763 authorized the mayor to sign the labor agreement
between the city of Lynwood and the Teamsters Local 763 item B consultant
contract supplement 196 Street Southwest improvements authorized the mayor to
enter into an exit and execute a contract supplement with contract land
and staff to provide additional property acquisition services in the amount not
to exceed $60,000 sales tax does not apply and item C voucher approval
approved claims and payroll in the amount of three million seven hundred
and twenty two thousand one hundred thirty-seven dollars and 18 cents and
one million one hundred seventy thousand five hundred thirty nine dollars and
fifteen cents respectively thank you our unanimous consent agenda will be
approved as read we’re often running on item at ninety point two we have two
public hearings this evening the first one is on city center updates let me get
to my script so this is our public hearing with
regard to city center updates it’s 90.2 a on our agenda and at this time the
City Council and I will conduct a public hearing on the topic of the city center
updates thank you for attending and participating this evening the purpose
of public hearings is to allow the public to express their views on matters
under consideration by the City Council citizen input is one of many ways that
we advance Linwood’s vision for an engaged citizenry and responsive
government decisions will not be made until after citizens have had the
opportunity to share their views the matter of making amendments to the city
center design guidelines and LMC chapter 21 point 60 City Center is legislative
in nature and common rules for legislative public hearings apply public
hearings must be fair and free of conflicts of interest before we start
the proceedings and this also applies to myself does any councilmember have any
conflict of interest regarding this matter thank you so now the public
hearing is officially open the sequence of tonight’s public hearing will be as
follows city staff will give an oral report that summarizes the matter at
hand the City Council may ask clarifying questions specifically related to staffs
presentation or the written information provided members of the audience will be
invited to come to the lectern to share information you wish the City Council to
consider I’ll first call from speakers call for speakers from the signup sheet
that was located outside the chambers entrance next I will call for speakers
who have not signed up after the public testimony portion of this hearing I will
invite city staff to offer clarifying information responsive to the public
comments then the City Council may ask clarifying questions of the speakers
specifically related to their testimony citizens responses must be made from the
lectern I may allow members of the public to return to the lectern to share
new information that was not offered initially this will only be allowed when
circumstances suggest that additional information is needed to fulfill the
purpose of the hearing after each citizen has had the opportunity to speak
and the City Council is ready to begin de libération I will close the public
hearing occasionally public hearings are reopened or held to a future meeting and
after the hearings closed the City Council can begin its deliberation and
ultimately determine what actions should be taken alternatives available to our
Council include approve the matter is written approve the matter as amended by
City Council discontinue further consideration or decline to take action
and finally continue the public hearing or council deliberation to a future
meeting as mayor my role is to facilitate the hearing and counsels
deliberation it’s important that public hearings are conducted in a manner
that’s equitable to all will use the following ground rules for this public
hearing written minutes and an electronic recording of this meeting are
being made when coming to the lectern speakers should state their name and
address please speak into the microphone so that others can hear you comments may
only be made from the lectern only one person may speak at a time speakers will
be allowed up to three minutes to share their views I may adjust the order of
speakers when doing so supports the purpose of this hearing everyone is
asked to respect opinions that differ from yours and to help ensure members of
the audience are not intimidated or discouraged from expressing their views
the purpose of this hearing is to receive citizen input it’s not the time
for back and forth discussion or for debate this public hearing is open and I
will now ask Senior Planner Ashley Winchell to provide an overview of the
topic at hand good evening so before you today are updates tourists oh and this
is Carl Algren he’s our city center program manager and he’ll be here if
there’s any specific questions about city center he’s he’s available for
questions and an additional input to this presentation so what’s before you
today there’s a work session last week and so this is the public hearing for
that work session to go over the changes to the city center design guidelines and
the city center chapter 2160 of the zoning code so the design guidelines
that regulate what buildings look like and how sites are developed and then the
zoning code that has to do with things like permitted uses building
height setbacks and things like that so moving forward again this is the area
that’s within the city center so essentially 190 4th Street to the
north i v to the east and south and 48th street to the west so the entire area in
yellow is zoned city center and anything zoned cities that are is regulated by
the chapter 21 60 and the city center design guidelines so just to quickly go
over how this is all regulated again I know this looks very familiar from last
week but the city center sub area plan defines the community vision and so
that’s what put to what essentially regular put together the framework for
the section of the zoning code and for the city center design guidelines the
zoning code again it’s what regulates the community vision so it provides the
regulatory framework to meet the goals of the city center sub area plan and
then the city center design guidelines promote the character defined within the
community vision so it gets at what the city center should look like to meet the
goals of the city center just to quickly go over how we’ve got here we’ve had two
developments completed to date in the city center the city center apartments
and the shag are now destination senior living and so one of the things we did
as we came up with what changes we’d like to see to the city center design
guidelines as we reviewed these buildings and tried to find where we we
hit the mark and where we missed the mark and if we could change some of our
regulations to make sure that we don’t miss the mark moving forward and so what
we got into is changes and setbacks materials locations of gateways and
things along those lines so last week you all provided some feedback and I
just wanted to note that feedback and and what we’ve changed or
just identify some of wanted to point out some of the things that were brought
up that are covered in our guidelines so first there was a reference to the dark
skies ordinance while our code doesn’t specifically reference the dark skies
ordinance it does reference LMC 2117 which is site lighting and that was
written using the model dark skies ordinance so it’s the implementation of
that ordinance so that is covered in there and then there was discussion
about the one-story kiosks associated with a park and so we added that the
one-story kiosk must also be approved by a development agreement so that way we
do have some ability to make sure that that one-story kiosk is continuing the
goals of the city center so that was something that was added I’m just going
to quickly go over how these are regulated again again there weren’t that
many changes from last week to this week so the the presentation is essentially
the same but we the site design standards really regulate how the site
itself is designed it doesn’t get into the building but it gets into the
sidewalks the parking areas the landscaping and those things so like we
discussed last week we added some allowances to have a small Drive aisle
in front of certain types of residential uses recognizing with uber and Amazon
and all of the deliveries that are happening that there are vehicles that
could potentially block traffic and so we wanted to provide some allowances to
get those vehicles off the street and and make sure that we’re keeping traffic
moving and that people are able to get the services they need we do understand
that city center is still very car oriented and it’s going to take a while
for us to get to that sweet spot and so we need to make sure that we’re
accommodating all modes of transportation we also have provisions
in here that have to do with sidewalk cafes parking lot screening different
things along those lines landscaping we want to make sure that when people are
moving through cities that there’s a character throughout that
our Auto uses are well screened and that we are making sure when we start adding
things like sidewalk cafes and things like that that we aren’t creating issues
for handicapped access or for people walking in large groups to the sidewalk
we want to make sure that pedestrian traffic is flowing and so we’ve made
minor changes that we think will improve that and then we’ve also looked at our
gateway standards and we’re trying to focus on our higher quality gateway
features versus some of the I wouldn’t say lower quality but easier to meet so
right now it’s a it’s a toolbox and so what we want to change it to is really
focusing on getting at our gateways art or water features or monuments versus
landscaping and lighting which is already required we wanted to make sure
that there was one piece that really defined our gateway intersections and so
we’re focusing on that versus having kind of a toolbox of some lower end
treatments we want to make sure that those gateways are really focused on so
that’s a quick summary of what the design standards do and all of the
changes that we have made are really focusing on strengthening those design
standards as I mentioned last week we also added allowances for certain types
of fencing and things like that when the City Center design guidelines
were written there weren’t necessarily as many allowances for when you’re a
budding residential what kind of screening you can have or dog parks you
know what kind of fencing can you have for a dog park play areas and things
like that the bulk of our changes are in the building design standards one of our
biggest focuses was on materials and our current design standards essentially
just say high-quality materials but it’s super subjective and we wanted to really
get into what materials we wanted to see on what part of the building and so we
went to Bothell we went to Redmond we looked at national examples we went to
as many neighborhoods as we could to see how materials were being used and how we
think materials should be used in Lynwood
and so we wanted to make sure one that that pure cities are getting the
materials that we want to see and then to what materials do we think would have
the biggest impact on the overall character and so focusing on masonry on
the ground level so things like brick and stone and certain types of concrete
treatments and then also making sure that Hardy panel is a very popular
material and we want to make sure that we’re not getting just a lot of Hardy
panel and so giving some allowances to make sure that we’re getting a mix of
materials so we don’t end up with just hearty panel buildings all over City
Center and in case anyone doesn’t know Hardy panels the flat kind of eight by
four sheets there’s a lot of it on the city center apartments it can be done
really well and it can also be done in a way that’s really flat and so we just
want to make sure that we’re focusing on getting it done right instead of getting
it done easy some of our other changes just strengthening some of our
transparency requirements and then again adding allowances for uses that are
private in nature so things like doctors offices daycares gyms things like that
strengthening some of our entry requirements making sure that there’s at
least one focal entry on every building and then some requirements for smaller
entries one thing we talked about last week was really strengthening the base
middle and top it’s a common theme in architecture that good architecture has
a base metal on top and so we’ve provided a toolbox for designers to use
as they design buildings to make sure that they are following those those
basic principles and with the hope that we do get high quality architecture the
tool boxes are fairly flexible and large so that way architects have that ability
to design in their vision and in developers can use that as well but
really focusing on making sure that we are keeping those standards and then I
again the Convention Center is on here because it’s a really good example of
the kind of architecture and buildings we’d like to see continued in City
Center we also added some provisions for our
parking garages just to make sure that parking garages are well screened and
well designed in city center finally we made some changes to the actual zoning
code those changes focus on making sure that we’re getting as much building at
the street line as our at the right-of-way line as possible and so we
added some allowances or some requirements for frontage based on the
size of the lot and then there are some kind of landlocked parcels and city
center and so we made sure that those landlocked parcels they can’t provide
furniture because they don’t have frontage and so we made sure that we
recognized those sorts of buildings we also had some provisions that were
overly restrictive we had a requirement that the whole ground floor of the
building be occupying space which meant that there couldn’t be any back-of-house
features or parking or anything like that on the ground level and so we just
wanted to provide a percentage that had to be active because it’s hard to
anticipate what a building may need based on the site or based on the the
uses inside and so we went to a 60% active use on the ground floor which
would give 40% for storage parking those sorts of things it would
all solve to be designed and screened in a way that meets the guidelines but it
it gives a little bit more flexibility to make sure that that it’s not so
restrictive that it’s causing them to need a variance or some sort of waiver
to the requirements and then finally the document which is attached to the
ordinance is we made sure to pull in a lot of pictures and make it very easy to
use and very graphic that would conclude my presentation of the changes before
you all today if there’s any questions or anything I’m here to answer those
Thank You Ashley mmm does any member of city council have
a question to clarify information provided by Ashley’s presentation or in
the written materials that you have come over rocks
Ashley you might not be able to answer this off the top of your head but have
you gotten any feedback that this is going to
more expensive development and people are going to be less likely to do it or
is this just part of operating a development business we have shared this
with two different development groups and neither have specifically voiced
that concern we did sit down with one of those and kind of talk about what we’re
doing and make changes based on their feedback because we definitely don’t
want to stop development we do though understand that sometimes higher quality
development might have a higher cost and so we’re trying to balance making sure
we’re not making it too expensive but also making sure that we’re getting
buildings that will last and are attractive and make city center some
where people want to be thank you I asked this last Monday if I just want
to make sure because a lot of these changes are more technical architectural
changes that you know I haven’t studied entirely as we know I’m a history major
what do I know but you know I just want be clear that you know none of these
changes are specific to a developer’s requests I mean these are all I’d call
some of them lessons learned and some of them are things that you know as we
started going through the code and we’re getting more development pressures
realizing that we may need to create some flexibility or anticipate that we
want to make sure that we’re holding all the developers to the higher standard
okay then the other question I have in the slides not up here but it’s in our
our packet and it it goes to those streets that are involved in the city
center yeah and I I just think that I want to be aware that I think 194th is
really problematic as far as being part of the city center because just because
I think the cost of right away punching it all the way through 30 to 36 and also
if we do that we are dividing the public facility district that the convention
center sits on and that’s a it’s also a problem so just
kind of would like folks to be aware that at least I’m concerned about it
thank you all right moving on are there any written materials or correspondence
that has not yet been distributed to Council now I invite members of the
audience to come forward to speak starting with those who signed up and
nobody’s signed up so is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak
this evening Annie Annie Lyman one 9501 40th Avenue and I’m
sorry I missed the workshop it sounds like there was a lot of valuable
information given but I didn’t hear anything tonight about safety personal
safety and I am quite concerned about 40th on fire trucks and the police
access to my particular residence because there is no safe place for the
fire trucks to park and still allow that one lane of uphill traffic to come by
and so I missed the discussion I’m sorry about that but if there’s some
clarification about that I think that’s a really important issue thank you Thank
You Steven Steven green of bone and my these are just questions because as you
said I wasn’t here and all of this off the only reason I’m here now is because
I spoke earlier and just a quick couple of questions and if the questions aren’t
relevant I’m happy but if they are relevant I’d ask you to consider them I
didn’t hear and of course these are all updates so I’m hoping that you have
taken into account ecological viability and if you haven’t
that this needs to be addressed one of the things as you may remember is a few
years ago we all got together and agreed that Linwood would abide by the Paris
climate Accords and I want to make sure and hope that we are doing that in this
development and then always remembering this is something’s on my mind because
this is what I talked about my sermon last Saturday posterity awareness we’re
not just building for now we’re building for our kids and grandkids and if there
are ecological problem that are coming either because there’s
so much you know so much as I look at it in permeable service is have we taken
and again I’m asking I don’t know have we taken into account how we deal with
water how we deal with making sure that there are trees and things are working
so that’ll II so that not only is it working now for the city of Lynwood and
providing good space now but that and III I feel honored I’m older than
Linwood and thank you for making this month all about me I relish old folks
month but if you can please just be sure that you are being environmentally
responsible and taking into ecologic ‘el observe and if you are terrific and if
you aren’t I’d ask you to to consider that before taking any votes that that
nail this down thank you that heichal 38:21 90 first place
Southwest in Lynnwood and I would salute mr. Greenbaum and I would join him since
I turned 81 on Wednesday I really appreciate it in the document that was
online the quote these changes respond to lessons learned from previous
development that’s something government needs to proclaim to the citizens and
hopefully something like a 0.9 parking space for every apartment in a senior
apartment building was inadequate and was so stated by staff earlier this year there were a few lines that bugged me
quote the Community Development Director may approve the Community Development
Director may grant deviations the director may deviate from this standard
the Community Development Director is authorized to determine these are all
things that are not nailed down in your document and in my opinion they should
be otherwise you are giving power to one staff member to make major changes in
what should be the City Council’s decision and and I think you need to do
that one comment I would have about what was online the pictures that were in the
document and the document if I recall was something like 50 pages long most of
the pictures online seemed to be multifamily buildings and I am deeply
concerned that we’re going down that road again that with a light rail
station you’re going to have massive multifamily housing and you’re
forgetting what we did when we put in what we said when we
in the original city centre zoning back what was it 2005 and we said we want
buildings office buildings with higher paying jobs with white-collar jobs so
that we change the mix of our employees in the city from minimum wage jobs in
retail to something that could sustain a person who is going to live in the city
$15 an hour even if we got that high you’re talking about about $30,000 a
year and nobody can buy a house in Lynwood making $30,000 a year that
should be part of what you’re doing when you make these upgrades in what you’re
asking the buildings to look like but what they function for and that is
better paying jobs in our community mayor city council my name is Maria
Abercrombie and my residence is 19 501 40th Avenue West right here at the
destinations building a couple of months in February we had an incident at our
building where four floors had to be evacuated in the southeast corner
apartments had to be evacuated the fire department came out because carbon
monoxide gas was coming into our apartments and this was part of the
design of the building in which for concern for the aesthetics on the
outside blocked somehow impaired the proper venting of the combustion of a
boiler boiler that was down in the garage so I would ask that in
consideration of the design of the building that that’d be you know that’s
a safety for the residents in any building and they had to remove that
nice beautiful plate which I’m sure was very costly and now what sticks out on
the side of the building are these huge white PVC pipes which are you know for
our safety I’m thankful for that but I’m sure that was not part of the
original design so that needs to really be taken into consideration is that the
outside also take into consideration safety and proper venting thank you yes
abercrombie a B ER CR om bie thank you are there others who wish to speak
tonight all right staff would you wish to offer
clarifying information in response to the citizen testimony yeah Karl and I
will share some of those responses so the first one to 40th and in the fire
truck access so we have several different documents that regulate what
happens in city center and so we have our streetscape plans which regulate the
width of the streets and the sidewalks and the plantings and so these documents
really regulate private development I know that there are some we might be
looking at documents moving forward and making sure that we’re operating from
the same set of maps and so there might be some consideration in the future of
what changes with street widths and things like that but tonight this
wouldn’t cover anything on public right-of-way would only cover private
development for ecological viability that’s something that we’ve been talking
about first citywide and and green building standards and things like that
it’s something that will we really want to make sure when we do it we get it
right there’s a lot of complexity to some of those but I’ll let Karl talk a
little bit about what we do have in place so one of things we have in place
is the multifamily tax exemption which allows builders to receive a property
tax reduction over a certain period of time provided that one of the things
that they do is enter into a development agreement with the city as well as they
build it they designed their building to be designed to LEED Silver status it
doesn’t necessarily have to be certified but has to be designed to those levels
so that’s one way that we are incorporating green building designs
into private development through an sanitization and meeting those needs one
of the things about these design standards doesn’t necessarily prohibit
those uses and it does provide some discretion to be able to utilize
different opportunities in the future through the committee development
directors discretion through those proposed projects yeah and and then just
for stormwater anything like that every projects reviewed under whatever
the current stormwater standard standards are to make sure that they’re
retaining on-site and overloading any of our systems of course
there are their requirements for landscaping and street trees and things
along those lines to make sure that we are getting greenery in city center and
a lot of our focus on higher quality materials is because we do want these
buildings to last and we want them to stay for a while and we want people to
love city center and love the buildings in city center and so that was one of
our big focuses on materials is to make sure that we’re building construction
that will last and has a visual lasting quality some of the I know there’s been
a lot of discussion about parking and it’s another thing we’ve talked about in
our office and so we acknowledge that there is a need to look at it changes to
parking but we want to again make sure that we get parking right in Lynwood and
make sure that we get parking right in city center and parking is a super
complex you know getting the ratios right and not throwing developments off
because of that and so that’s something we’ll probably be looking at in the
future but not necessarily with these changes it’s also something that we’re
aware of what that parking requirement did with in that area and so working
with developers to make sure that they’re providing enough parking let’s
see the the City Development Director deviations is very standard in all of
our design guidelines and so we don’t necessarily grant those you know often
but there have been opportunities where maybe there’s some sort of utility
underneath the planting area and so the number of street trees they can provide
they need to provide six and they can only provide four because the trees may
interfere with the utilities that are underground those are some of the sorts
of things that we’ve deviated in the past or you know these design guidelines
may not encompass everything that could happen and someone might bring us
something that’s really good that we we can deviate from these standards so the
City Development Director it I would say how it’s it’s worked in the past as its
well the director grants the deviation it’s more of a collaborative approach
where we talk about it as a staff to make sure that we’re all in agreement
that we’re still getting something good so
there are some standards in the project design review chapter to determine if
that deviation is warranted some of the comments discussed the use of the
multifamily images and the extent of them
that’s our responsiveness to some of the lessons learned as well as the
responsiveness to the region where we’re seeing a specific type of construction
pattern occurring around light rail stations so the concerns with using
those images is to provide better guidance to development coming in the
city center does look for office opportunities as well as mixed-use in
the planned action ordinance that the City Council adopted identifies certain
levels of where we expect to see commercial uses as well as a total
number of units so we are looking for that balance as we’re moving forward but
again those images are really to help highlight what Linwood is looking for in
the city center related to these design standards and then of having to do with the
interior and exterior of the building you know that’s I don’t know if that’s
an oversight and a building review or something got built differently than
what was in the but that’s something we’re very aware of and that’s something
to wear deviations can come into play where there may be needs to be a pipe
coming out in a certain area and we can work with them on screening and those
sorts of things so you know it’s something that we’re very aware of
making sure that we’re reviewing buildings and keeping our residents safe
and so it’s unfortunate but something happened but I’m glad that you know
we’re aware of it and hopefully moving forward we can make sure that we’re
catching anything like that or or whatnot okay Council do you have any questions
to clarify information provided by the public or the staff so at this time since all citizens
wishing to speak have had an opportunity to do so and since the City Council has
had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the testimony provided it’s
appropriate to close the public comment portion of this hearing unless the
council wishes to take action to keep the hearing open or to continue the
hearing to a future meeting the hearing should be considered closed and audience
thank you so much for being here so at this time I will invite council to make
a motion to begin discussion and deliberation how’s the president
have an ordinance number please 3 3 3 6 I move that we the City Council the City
of Lynnwood Washington adopt ordinance number 3 3 3 6 an ordinance of the City
of London Washington relating to regulations for the city center zoning
districts amending LMC 21 point zero six zero point one zero zero twenty one
point six zero point three zero zero and twenty one point six zero point four
zero zero adding a new LMC twenty-one point six zero point three five zero
repealing existing city center design guidelines as adopted by ordinance
number two nine three seven adopting updated city center design guidelines
and providing for severability and effective date and summary publication
second Thank You president would you like to speak to the ordinance I would
yes the process that we have gone through that the staff has gone through
to make the changes that they have not only to the documents themselves but the
research that they’ve done the lessons learned all of this is to make and help
the designs to be better for the city and and I think a lot of that
consideration that has taken place has to do with future growth with you know
as was mentioned when when in the documents it’s mentioned lesson learned
that shows this you know this is where we’re at this is where we’re trying to
go specifically that I think it’s important to
know that we can’t possibly put zoning regulations for every single thing that
can occur and as Ashley mentioned doing so I think would actually hurt more than
it would help these documents and the building designs so I think it is also
appropriate to give some leeway to the director or to whomever in in that
position can make those decisions because as was mentioned when we have
you know when you have a building that’s or a plan that says they’re supposed to
be as six trees and there’s something that’s in the way that has to do with
electrical or the water and putting a tree over that would at some point
prohibit the water or the electricity from actually flowing into the building
the City Council I think is not in a good as good a position to determine
that as a professional like the director of that department so I think it’s very
appropriate to have the director be have some leeway and be able to make those
decisions because all of those decisions don’t need to come to the council for
approval and I think it’s very appropriate to do that so I appreciate
the work that you’ve done and really especially holding yourselves
accountable for things that you’ve seen in the past or that may have done that
could probably be done better and so stating here’s a lesson learned and
here’s how we’re going to improve that so I appreciate that as well thank you
thank you Andrew Oh echo some of what council president said just a commending
staff for their hard work on this I know that this is you know just reading
through the document it’s a very lengthy and robust and detailed document so I
appreciate that and I appreciate you also helping guide us and the
understanding that this lays on top of all the other current existing codes
that we have for building and built environments within the zoning so I
appreciate all of that I’m also of the like mind that I think that having some
flexibility allows us to also react to new technologies you know I don’t know
whether we’ll see any development with structure timber in Lynwood but it’s
certainly exciting to hear about those kinds of developments because
Timber if you haven’t heard about it as actually a carbon negative because it
entraps carbon because it’s its timbre as opposed to concrete or steel which
are our copper our carbon positive so I think allowing some kind of leeway and
some kind of leaving that and trusting the department director to make the
right call for the community is appropriate I also appreciate the
comments about that we’re promoting lead and those kinds of things which are
adopted in an accredited agencies that are actually providing metrics and
abilities for us to say this building is more environmentally friendly than that
building because without any kind of standard or measuring stick we really
kind of don’t know so I’m in support of this I think staff has done a very good
job of briefing us and doing their homework I will also note that on some
of the in some of the standards here we do talk about pedestrian crossings and
promenades and some of the very specific street development stuff so there is
some language in there too that addresses making sure that there’s a
appropriate pedestrian crossings marked and and what’s the word upgraded so to
speak so all it’s humans a part of that and great work from staff thank you comments
I also wanted to just express my appreciation for the hard work and
that’s gone into the updates here and the considerations and also for the
wonderful input that we had from our citizens that have just brought things
to light and taking them into account as we move forward and I just appreciate
the involvement by the citizens thank you Sniper cotton High Council vice
president Brazil yes cause the president Goodwin constant / Hearst yes
councilmember Ross yes councilmember sessions yes councilmember
Sutton yes seven yes in there Thank You ordinance number three three three six
passes unanimously thank you we’ll move on to our second public hearing this
evening this is a public hearing it’s an ordinance approving a
development agreement for the Lynwood place phase 2 project so at this time the City Council and I
will conduct a public hearing to adopt an ordinance approving the Lynwood place
phase 2 development agreement between the city of Lynwood Edmonds School
District number 15 Wakefield alder wood LLC and alder wood
commercial LLC and the Home Depot corporation the purpose of public
hearings is to allow the public to express their views on matters under
consideration by the City Council decisions will not be made until after
citizens have had the opportunity to comment on this application the matter
of a development agreement is a quasi-judicial in nature and common
rules for such hearings apply for quasi judicial matters the City Council will
base its decision upon the evidence and testimony made part of the record during
the hearing on the matter public hearings must be fair and free of
conflicts of interest so before we start the proceedings and this also applies to
myself it’s important that we disclose potential conflicts of interest and
communications outside of this hearing accordingly I ask each of us at the
Dyess to follow the dye is the following questions does anyone have a financial
or personal interest in this property or issue does anyone stand to gain or lose
financially from the council’s decision does anyone have any reason to believe
that they cannot hear and consider this matter in a fair and an objective manner right has anyone received information or
engaged in communication outside of this hearing with proponents or opponents of
the issue at hand and no one answered these in the affirmative attorney Larsen
I think we’re good to go all right
does the audience object to my participation or any councilmembers
participation in these proceedings and if so that person should come forward to
the lectern now and state the objection well now the public hearing is
officially open an official recording is being made of what is said during this
hearing so it’s essential that anyone addressing the City Council do so from
the lectern the written materials provided in the agenda packet will be
considered part of the official record for this matter the sequence of
tonight’s public hearing will be as follows everyone wishing to speak during
this hearing will be asked to swear under oath that their testimony will be
truthful our city staff will provide an oral report that summarizes the matter
at hand the City Council may ask clarifying questions specifically
related to staffs report members of the audience will be invited to come to the
lectern to share information you wish the City Council to consider first I
will call for speakers from the signup sheet that was located outside the
chambers entrance after that I will call for speakers who did not sign up after
the public testimony portion of this hearing I will invite city staff to
offer clarifying information responsive to the public comments the City Council
may ask clarifying questions of the speakers specifically related to their
testimony citizen responses must be made from the lectern once everyone has had
an opportunity to speak I will ask each speaker if they wish to speak a second
time for the sole purpose of reviewing or correcting the testimony or evidence
provided by another speaker after receiving testimony from interested
party and the City Council is ready to begin its deliberation I will close the
public hearing occasionally public hearings are
reopened or held to a future meeting after the hearings closed the City
Council can begin its deliberation and ultimately determine what actions should
be taken alternatives available to City Council include approve the matter is
written approve the matter as amended or conditioned by the City Council deny the
matter continue the public hearing or council deliberation to a future meeting
as mayor my role is to facilitate the hearing and councils
deliberation and we will use the following ground rules for this public
hearing when coming to the lectern speakers should state their name and
address please speak into the microphone so that others can hear you and so that
your testimony can be recorded comments may only be made from the lectern only
one person may speak at a time and please be concise in your testimony I
may adjust the orders of speakers when doing so supports the purpose of this
hearing everyone is asked to respect opinions that differ from yours and to
help ensure members of the audience are not intimidated or discouraged from
expressing their views the purpose of this hearing is to receive citizen input
it is not the time for back and forth discussion or for debate I will now ask
David Clyde economic development director and our interim Community
Development Director to brought an overview of the topic at hand Thank You
mayor members of council I’m sorry for the sudden onset of a cough at the work
session on May 6th 2019 City Council received a briefing regarding this
matter at that briefing the draft ordinance draft development agreement
some background materials were presented for the council counsel was offered the
opportunity to ask questions on those matters tonight the staff well for the
record provide an overview for council of the materials and also a brief
presentation of the proposed project the mayor mentioned this is a quasi-judicial
matter ultimately City Council is being asked to adopt an ordinance approving a
development agreement for the southern portion of the former Lynwood high
school property the property is located on 180 4th Street directly north of all
to a mall the development is proposed as a mixed-use project with housing
commercial buildings a home depot landscaping and parking the proposal is
in compliance with the zoning for this area
and the Home Depot has received a conditional use permit previously which
is needed for them to move forward the project components have also completed
the project design review process so what you see tonight will be what’s in
the document that was reviewed administrative Lee and will move forward
upon approval of the development agreement infrastructure improvements
are the provision of a trail connection between all two wood mall Parkway and
the inner urban trail this connection will provide direct access from the
older wood across all to a Parkway from Lynwood place to the interval trail
street improvements that may be provided if necessary our improvements at Maple
Road which is east of alder wood mall Parkway a small turn lane through Lane
roughly in the vicinity of the am/pm mini mart as well as a construction
thank you David of a traffic signal and full
intersection improvements at 180 fourth Street what is asked of Council and the
development agreement is that if acquisition of right-of-way is needed
for those two components that that be the responsibility of the city the city
has looked at that situation sees that as a matter that can easily be
accommodated but further analysis is reviewed pending design of those two
improvement projects the two components of the project the mixed-use and the
Home Depot are also responsible for the payment of city impact fees and service
charges pursuant to the LMC I’d also like to draw your attention to Council
packet regarding the questions of the work session so the work session
questions have been outlined summarized in outline for the council and I want to
mention specifically question four question 4 has been clarified that the
work session it was stated that the reduction for parking was 63 spaces
which was 7:15 / 7 percent of the total so I’ll repeat that reduction in 63
spaces which was 7 percent of the total for the mixed-use project we were coming
off a earlier version of that calculus it is a reduction of 146 spaces or 15%
of the total primarily in anticipation or providing flexibility to the
developer for the provision of a restaurants f1 director Clyde could you
please tell us what page you’re on these questions I’m on page B 6 7 B 6 I’m on
line 21 26 and it is the last exhibit in your packet all the way at the end so
it’s after exhibit F of the development of 90.2 B – 6 7 it’s the last attachment
in your packet we’re getting caught up with you all right okay thank you
my apologies so there I would like to point out line 26 that paragraph
clarifies the reduction I would also like to point out that the Home Depot
did not request a parking reduction and finally I would also like to draw
council’s attention to page B sixty-eight question seven that would be
on line six of page B 68 that just outlines the parking that will be
provided by the project both for the home depot and also for the mixed-use
component of the project so with that I summarized and went through the pages of
the document at the work session received questions from Council on that
document so I’ll let that document stand in the record as the development
agreement and will answer any specific questions council may have pursuant to
the quasi-judicial nature of the proceeding and i will turn it over to
Todd Hall who will go over the design elements of the project all right thank
you David good evening council mayor this is just a brief orientation again
for the overall project which includes both Home Depot and the mixed-use
component so I’ll keep this brief we do have the applicants here tonight that
will be presenting their own presentations but I will just go over
this and brief for the benefit of the public
so again Lynwood places two around everybody this is the former Lynwood
high school campus site so just into the north of Alderwood mall and to the west
of the target area and to the east of the H Mart this area’s approximately 40
acres total and in 2013 2012-2013 there were several actions that took place
for the initiation of the overall Lynwood place process this is an
interlocal agreement with Edmonds School District a comprehensive plan map and
text changes zoning map and text changes and an ordinance 3030 which is the
development agreement for the phase one which was the Costco development and
then ordinance 30 51 which is the first development agreement for phase 2 and as
David pointed out earlier this will be superseded by tonight’s development
agreement so here’s just a overview of the entire phase 2 site so on the east
side of the site is the Home Depot that will include some surface parking out on
the front and also some rooftop parking and then the Lynwood face two mixed-use
buildings that’s built on top of a podium and that will have some
structured parking underneath the building there so these are just a
couple of snapshots of the Home Depot the applicant will have some additional
photos during their presentation it’s about 137 347 thousand square feet
with rooftop parking and a total of 441 spaces that as David mentioned the
design review has been completed upon execution of the development agreement
those will be the project design review will be signed by the the Community
Development Director and that would be David Clyde and then a conditional use
permit specifically was approved for this particular part of the project was
to allow for the Home Improvement Center in the commercial residential zone the
CR zone is the only zone with an entire city and as part of the approval process
for the Home Depot or Home Improvement Center at COP was required that went
through our Hearing Examiner this is just an aerial view of kind of showing
how this site layout will work so you’ll see the 184th on the far right side and
then these this new bisecting road we’ll go from north to south through the
site separating both Home Depot and Lynwood face to there’s a opportunity
for a future retail or restaurant out in front of Home Depot there which is that
represented by the white box on the left side and then you have the surface
parking and the rooftop parking above on Home Depot so moving on to the London
would place face two mixed-use building this is gonna be a four story or sort
sorry four five story multi-family residential buildings over a single
podium of parking and ground-floor retail and surface parking there’ll be a
total of five hundred units approximately ten thousand square feet
of office space twelve thousand square feet of retail and a total of 876
parking spaces and like the Home Depot project this PDR has been completed by
staff and will be executed upon the approval of the of the DA and then
administrative parking reduction was actually completed for this one as David
mentioned earlier in terms of the question that we just answered question
four in the exhibit there was a reduction of 15 percent for that
particular project so this is the site plan for that mixed-use building so
again on the right side actually is just showing part of that Home Depot parking
area and then on the left side as this project so you’ll have some retail
office space on the far east side of the building fronting the bisecting road and
then you have the structured parking underneath the building and the under
the podium and then one of the questions was was their landscaping provided and
reviewed this is just one sheet of many I didn’t want to include every sheet but
this is gives you a representation of what was submitted to the staff for
their review so it shows extensive landscaping on all sides of the building
there’s men anymore that shows greater detail on the
courtyards or the inner courtyards of the building on the exterior of the
building but just wanted to show the representation of the landscaping plans
that were submitted for staff review these are the elevations that are
submitted so on the top there is the north side this is the side facing
costco on the inner road would be I believe 180 second excuse me
and then the east side is on the bottom there that’s the side facing towards
Home Depot so you’ll see on the bottom there some of that retail and office
space that would face that inner bisecting Road on the next page here the
top elevation is showing the south this is the one that’s facing 184th and then
the west side this is the site facing the new Ring Road that was developed as
part of the Lynwood place phase 1 Costco project and then that just bottom corner
there is just showing some of the example of that West elevation which is
the one right above Everest or tucked in the middle there of where that Lynwood
place signage would be on that wall so this is one of the perspectives this is
the one 82nd and 33rd Avenue this would be the northwest side so this is your
your 33rd or a loop road is the one on the right and that Costco Road this is
this one is signalized currently going into and out of Costco so as you’re
looking at this site this is where the pond ponds or the open space currently
looks as if you’re looking towards the mall and then this is the 184th and 33rd
Avenue side this one is facing to the Northeast
so 184th is the street that’s on the bottom there and then the signalized
33rd loop which would be kind of rounding around that corner to the left so just to go over the approval process
again at is a quasi-judicial hearing tonight and
the adoption of the development agreement ordinance will repeal that
original ordinance that was approved as part of the original phase two
development from a few years back so that concludes staffs presentation at
this time thank you very much so does any member of City Council have a
question to clarify information provided during the staff presentation or in the
written materials in your packet thank you and thank you for the format of the
questions and the answers of the questions that’s helpful although I
don’t really like the answers so one of the my questions was about the rooftop
of the parking so it’s just simply that it’s not designed to function as a local
area for community events does that mean that we can’t ever use that that that’s
not a spot can you clarify that or is that just like some official response
well I would corporation I will say from a building code Public Safety access and
it’s very restrictive and limited and then I would also say that if you put
people up there you’re grading a concentrated load but a concentrated
load on the roof so that’s where you get into the engineering of cars versus
people versus massing versus other activities so between the limited access
and the building code issues which I’m sure Home Depot can talk to you later
it’s not really seen as feasible for those types of events and that’s why you
have the answer yet are we gonna be able to hear from the developers tonight is
that part of that’s part of the process oh good okay
well you know just trying to think I mean I don’t really love the roof idea
but it’s something creative because I don’t see anything else creative about
this property and I’m sad about that because I was hoping that we could do
something more creative with it a reason to cross the street from the mall and I
was hoping that there would be some other ideas and maybe there will be
maybe you’re still going to talk to me here but but it says we’re in the
project or the amusement recreation uses and retail shops located there’s not
it’s not included in the scope other than the separate retail and restaurants that’s just disappointing it’s such a
that property can be so robust and vibrant and it’s across from a fun area
that’s only gonna be more exciting and I’m sad that it’s not going to be cooler then the last question 15 what are the
future plans to reduce congestion on 33rd so it it says here and I don’t
remember this at all but I probably dismissed it
that 33rd will be widened to five lanes and then the connection at 33rd and
179th is that that’s gonna be the new signal in the future are they gonna take
away that other one that’s that the complicated the complicated one or yeah
David Bach Public Works Department thank you so when the city worked with the
school district originally for phase one we did work to have dedication to at
some point in the future that if the city needs to widen the Ring Road what
we call the Ring Road which the 33rd row that runs around the perimeter of the
site it’s currently three lanes wide that it can be widened to five lanes
it’s the future essentially why he’s toward
the west and toward the north so there is a actually the big retaining wall
it’s along the side of the road there is actually designed in a way that the road
could be widened if that’s needed at some point and then regarding your
question and I’m just trying to get caught up to you on the north and is
that specifically where you’re talking about where the two traffic signals are
north of Costco on the Ring Road yes okay so I believe that’s 30th place that
comes down the hill in close proximity to alter a mall Parkway they’re only
about a hundred two hundred feet from each other that we do at some point hope
to work with there’s a large undeveloped or there’s a single-family property
yeah adjacent to there that when that or if that property redevelops
the city would like to eliminate that 30th place connection and that signal
and then basically construct a new signal further to the west that would
line up with the driveway that enters costco so if you’re coming in from the
north along the 33rd ring road it’s the first left you take into the costco I
understand thank you thank you customer Ross just curious I don’t know
if it’s covered in here or if it’s covered in the Cu P that they had to get
but are there restrictions on taking up parking spaces for things like building
materials and lawn mulch around the Home Depot I believe that activity occurs in
the in the garden area and there is an area in the back that is loading and
unloading so there are other areas besides from the front where that would
happen but I would defer to Home Depot and there too
Russian on where that would specifically be located guess whoever Hearst oh thank
you back to the section on council questions or one of my questions was not
listed and that was when I asked whether this property was going to have any
affordable housing on it or if its market rate and I believe mr. Hall could
give us that answer as our understanding from the developer that there’s no
affordable housing gonna be provided on the site okay then I had a question on
Exhibit D the the lead worksheet where we get the score and Home Depot looks
like it they get their certified so is there any tax incentive for a certified
LEED building in their city the city no there are not the only place that that
happens as was mentioned by mr. Algrim was weird people located in housing in
the city center so there wasn’t a break in this location okay thank you
any other questions council are there any new written materials or
correspondence that has not yet been distributed merit thank you so now I’ll
invite members of the audience to come forward and speak and I want to start
with the project applicant the proponent so if you would like to come forward you
can either speak from the lectern or join the table panel sure yeah so my name is Steve Mulsim I’m with
the Wakefield Properties LLC which is actually the developer of this property
we’re also dividing into two entities it’ll be all do it commercial LLC and
Wakefield all the word LLC it’s the same ownership as my partner and I Len Evans
so but for breaking a property into different Lots we have two different
entities our address is 1457 130th Avenue North East in Bellevue nine eight
zero zero five I guess I’m just gonna try to summarize 14 months of hard work
into five minutes so I’m probably gonna leave a couple details out we were
approached almost fourteen months ago by the Edmond School District My partner
and I have been fortunate we developed the Mill Creek Town Center project we’ve
developed snohomish station we’ve developed we’re just finishing up up in
there Marysville the marketplace at Smokey Point and the lodge which is
200,000 square foot commercial center and 542 apartments which has been a good
lead-in to what we’re doing here as far as the number units and all that we also
have recently finished Covington Crossing down on highway 18 in Covington
so just to kind of bring a lot of hard work research and stuff to kind of
answer some of the questions I I was very aware of of this development when
Cyprus was involved we number of developers heard about it
we knew Costco was involved but we also knew that they were you know they were
doing some something some when we were doing at Mill Creek Town Center at the
time and what Mill Creek Town Center was for us was an opportunity to with
Central Market and University Bookstore we developed on both sides of the street
it was in a time in place when we had a lot of activity with small shops you
know remember blockbusters of the world and all that and so when we started with
this development when we first got involved in it my idea was what we had
you know it was made pretty clear that the
apartments were important to the city so we’re we’ve developed a number of
partner we did the Hawthorne in Mill Creek we did the Kennedy building at the
U district so we were very familiar with we were a good developer for this
property to do mixed-use as we laid out the apartments it became clear that you
know we were going to be left with about half the property for commercial and as
we went to icse as we scoured the market and tried to figure out you know what
our tenant mix would be you know we were looking for small shops coffee shops
small restaurants and all that well you know this company called Amazon came
along and it kind of obliterated a lot of the tenants that we were that we were
talking to and we had tenants in our own centers that were especially small shop
tenants we were having a really hard time with this so it really became down
to really the survival of the fittest in the retail market and when you do this
structure that the that the school district wants which I think is a very
fortuitous and wise move which is to do it on a 99-year ground lease versus
selling the property well you got to think about a developer like us we got
to sleep at night and and you got a who are you gonna put there that you know
it’s gonna be around is it gonna be Toys R Us well probably not is that mean it
goes the list goes on so what we were approached with was the opportunity to
get with Home Depot there and I kind of reacted like you did councilmen
recessions is this wasn’t our original idea but as you look at the marketplace
and you look at the opportunity I think Home Depot maybe is doing five stores
this year across the country they used to do many more stores we did one up a
snow machine with them and they’re very very fine corporation so it just it came
to the point where it really was what from a financial standpoint with the
city us as developers the school district what was going to be the
long-term ability for the tenants to be there 20 years from now or 30 years from
now and so as we started designing and they they’ve done something they’ve done
very they’ve it’s been very rare across the country to put rooftop parking on it
so they understood where they were at they understood the setting that we had
they designed this building because my tenants have to my apartment tenants
to look out over it so I’m as I’m concerned about that also I couldn’t say
enough about working with Home Depot and their their willingness to do whatever
it took to be able to be in the Linwood community and I think that having them
is we should be very thankful I know that I am to be able to have them there
as a financial stability plus what I think they’re going to bring to the
Linwood community so that’s a little bit on how the the evolution of this project
got to where it was and as far as the apartments we’ve developed in and a lot
of areas we’ve developed in Redmond we’ve developed in the U district and I
scoured you know West Seattle and green lake and Redmond and you know up by
Microsoft where a lot of activities going on this project will compare to
anything in any of those markets because this 405 corridor now is is kind of
connected you know it gets there’s no real difference now between going down
to Bothell or one to Woodinville going into Kirkland and all that so I will you
know I know that we’ll have the best project in the north end the materials
here we’ve worked very closely with Todd and Ashley those development standards I
mean there are no big deal to us because we’re already doing it I mean we’re
bringing that kind of attention to detail and so it’s hard to always see
that in an elevation one of the things about these elevations you look at them
you say well what’s the big gray thing in the bottom well that’s a two-story
parking garage you’ll never see we’re able to take the residential right from
the street up which will be a much better look in the locations that are at
then having to look at empty commercial space where it isn’t practical what we
really focused is on that access Drive we have we’ve left spaces there for to
activate that Street for the restaurants if you look at the landscape plan in
that handout we’ve done an ampere theater down there we’ve done a raised
you know kind of a performance area down there our idea is to like council member
sessions that said is we want to activate we want people to have a place
to go but we’re really surrounded by parking lots out there so what we’re
going to be bringing with the landscaping and the type of tenants I
mean there’s there’s tennis like flatstick you know which for the young
people they love going there it’s got the indoor you know putting green
miniature golf in there and and shuffle boards and all that stuff they’re
interested going in this space so we’re really kind
of trying to be a little bit of the entertainment center but the fact of the
matter is the one big Entertainment Group that says a D and a B in it
wanted one building and 400 parking stalls surface no underground parking no
nothing I mean that was what the alternatives were to what we were able
to provide here so it’s a little bit you have to look at what the market is doing
right now and I think this as a developer this property we are this is
you’ll be proud of it when it’s all done it’s the same thing when I was it’s no
mistaken you know people are worried about it now people love it up there
Mill Creek Town Center we got a lot of flack on that and now people love that
so I think if you give us the opportunity to build this I think would
be very proud and you’ll be extremely proud of the quality so I’ve just handed
this out just more for clarification most of the stuffs already in your
packet but I think the elevation especially with the amount of windows
and glass and and getting rid of the parking would would be more helpful so
that’s all right yeah we’ll do questions turn it over to Scott mama for a mom you haven’t got used to sitting down on
their presentation yet I was sneaky was nice and I do thank you Beth for getting
this PowerPoint up there my name is Scott MoMA I’m a site development
coordinator for Home Depot been doing it for about 25 years now with a consulting
firm who does it for home depot tonight with me up Kim Cohen from Home Depot
she’s a senior real estate manager out of Atlanta who’s overseeing this project
I think Steve indicated over the last 14 months a lot of hard work and hard
effort got into this project to get it where it is tonight to be for you and I
think staff for all their work and support to get
here tonight and with that I have a small presentation to give regarding the
project and I click it was a pretty interesting night to
hear all the offense and everything going on and really enjoyed hearing
hearing all that and 60 years wow that’s pretty good let me take my whole presentation away so I just running through what was
previously mentioned about the project the Home Depot obviously don’t need to
get into the map of where it’s at because I guess when you say Costco at
the mall everybody knows where it’s at the previous school site with this
project has indicated the parking for it there was no variance the parking that
you see proposed for it is actually also required upon us to meet a parking
demand by Costco they have a what we call a Rea over the whole entire
property that dictates certain things that we can and cannot do on the
property and one is parking so the parking is an aggregate of 415
stalls with approximately 207 on the bottom and two hundred and two hundred
and eight on the the roof for the total of 415 stalls with the design of this
project the road going through it was design with the guidelines of the city
to be pedestrian friendly we have unique lighting for the street lights going
through there so they don’t match the shopping center light they are special
for the street along with the bollard pedestrian lighting to make a pedestrian
friendly as you go through the street and then as it curves down that lines up
with the Costco driveway to create that continuity between the two projects the signage for the project actually let
me do this I have very smart thank you maybe we need to
try a different flash drive so on the handout was the similar
rendering they saw earlier it’s just been fresh tup to be the the current
site layout with the parking lot as indicated by staff the building out
front that’s within per se the Home Depot parking lot but it’s Wakefield’s
development so it’s not Home Depot’s out lot so Wakefield will be controlling how
that will ultimately be developed I think we’ve been through the site plan
the renderings are just fresh on this one as opposed to the one you saw
previously to indicate the new site layout we as Home Depot attempted to do
a view of the access road so we acquired Steve’s elevation and then showed the
road going through there and you can see the unique old fashioned street lights
like just pass that little white car here so those will be throughout that
area there so this kind of gives you a snapshot and you can see Costco in the
background there so it was attempted art rendering of the street showing the
apartments then we have the various elevations of the Home Depot along with
sign each one thing with sign each that’s part of the DA is rather than
have a monument sign for Wakefield one for Home Depot we have a joint one so we
have the Home Depot and then these panels over here are for Wakefield to
put in as a see fit for their retail restaurants and so forth so that’s
combining rather than have separate signs
each side of the street so we think that’s a big plus for the project the the Home Depot I think there was
questions asked about the you know what Home Depot does or what Home Depot
provides Home Depot you know gives back it gives back to the community it gives
back overall to veterans and various other agencies this store probably
employ about 150 to 200 employees one thing about Home Depot a lot of
people start at Home Depot picking up the carts in the parking lot going to
school and end up going through the whole program end up being manager real
regional managers it’s it’s phenomenal in the 25 years I’ve been doing this how
all come across a regional manager or a senior VP and they started off wishing
the cars into the store so that’s one thing about Home Depot and how you can
grow with Home Depot as a employee with Home Depot you know this site was
selected based on the demographics but also where we are located on various
other cities surrounding Linwood and we’re like being this is equal to all
the other to get those sales here versus going off to the other to the other
stores Home Depot does have online sales I know some communities are concerned
about that you know where does that tax base go well typically about six point
seven percent of on site on lying sales are actually picked up at the
store versus being delivered to a customer so this society I think as I previously
mentioned it it was designed with the pedestrian-friendly
to go through it as you dive in to the site plan we actually have spots on both
sides of the road for benches for people to sit down as they stroll through this
area so it is set up to be pedestrian friendly between the two projects
obviously when the questions came up stormwater management won’t dive into
that but we definitely have the stormwater management um Depot is committed as they are in
every community and the way it typically works or does work for Home Depot is
that we have our veterans and disaster and training and so forth but also each
store the manager is the person who controls what he does in the community
so he’s giving given a certain amount of his sales for giving back to the
community so he’s the one who ends up participating with the community and you
have to remember because they just had this happen on another project you know
why can’t we get this away another one why can’t we get that so the way it
works is you actually apply for something from Home Depot and then it’s
processed by the store and then they give back and then it’s rotated it
always just can’t be one certain entity or whatever it’s it’s rotated and each
store manager works with the community to to give back
I think relate it to the green and so forth question came up about this
project for for lead so we’re we’re going to demonstrate that we’re going to
be a LEED certified so what we represented in the DEA was a checklist
that utilize for LEED certified so we had our architects and special lead
person go through and evaluate this store so I believe we came up with like
40 points then we need 36 then I remember the exact number offhand but
one thing I’d like to say about Home Depot back in the 2008/2009 not um Depot
along with two other big box participated with the federal government
on experimenting with new stores energy consumption and products so what you see
out there today in offices and and businesses was all
part of this federal investigation of what what can be used what works what
doesn’t work so you know applaud the Home Depot for being part of that it’s
not something that’s advertised or told day-in day-out but that’s how we got
where we are so maybe the elephant in the room the
roof so Home Depot’s a business and to be able to utilize the roof it would it
it’s a whole different liability it’s a whole different in insurance associates
man-hours so forth to be able to utilize the roof
for for something that Home Depot just can’t come out and say yes we’re gonna
do this on the roof I think Steve mentioned he’s going to
have a amphitheater part of his project to be able to have movies and and so
forth there so you know there is that component there but just to put put out
there that Home Depot has its own liability by doing that and then do you
start putting up you know eight-foot fences on the roof you know so you know
somebody doesn’t jump off and it just goes on and on so it’s a really
difficult thing to commit to and I just wanted to get that get that out there
I’ll be happy to answer any questions if you have any so let me we have one more
partner yes we have the property owner probably the most important speaker I
think we should hear from Lydia Sully at this point and then we could move
into some questions get all our presentations so I also signed up for
public comment so I’m imagining this little replace I’m Lydia Sully I’m the executive
director of business and finance at the Edmond School District I’m relatively
new to this position so I have been learning about this project got very
excited so I am speaking on behalf of the Edmond school district and support
of the project I’m asking you to please approve the agreement this evening and
congratulate you on your 60th anniversary Edmonds acquired this
property 59 years ago so we are right behind you it fits in with our vision of
what we see is a good community partnership with all players and
beneficial to the community I have put my thoughts down in writing
which I will provide copies to all of you and if you have any questions of me
I will be available otherwise I will just hand out the copies that I have
crafted okay thank you for have to continue with public comments so I want
to ask at this point is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak
this evening okay let me get let’s see Oh Rosa do you want to start I’m sorry
all right me too Rosa Antoine 19 501 40th Avenue West
I’ve been looking at that big open space there near Costco since I moved up here
wondering what are they gonna put there and I’m excited to hear that there’s
going to be more housing but I wasn’t very happy with the response to George
Hearst question about low-income housing in this day and age it should be
mandated by any City I think that anybody that builds anything should have
a part of them at least to be for low-income housing people are hurting
all over the prices that everything goes up all the time and most people don’t
keep up with their wages the average person you know and when you live on a
limited income of course as a senior it does limit what you can do so I would
ask that there be some consideration going into this that there be some of
these places be dedicated for low income thank you your name is not Maria nice try nice try
any nice try Maria Abercrombie 19 501 40th Avenue
West I in justin listening to all of this maybe I’m misinterpreting but I’ve
heard the term family you know multi family
multi-county unit and when I think of family I think of a mother father some
children I don’t know maybe I’m maybe that’s just a construction term that’s
used to mean a box where somebody lives in I’m 66 years old either by myself is
where I live is that considered a family unit so it concerns me when the word
family is brought into this it makes it sound like oh we’re gonna have families
and yet I don’t see playground for children I don’t see where this within
this construction there’s some culture or provision for cultural development
for our children for the future our children are our future
what are we providing in this space for them and it has so many possibilities um
Home Depot G I mean that’s so limitless you could work with school district put
it right there you have all the lumber all the tools make a workshop work with
the buildings have the children to have the kids from the high school bust over
that be their vocational training for skills and those are real skills that
they could use in real jobs to help build this community I I’m not so sure
how many parts you would have to push to make it up to CEO of Home Depot so you
know as a council I ask you what is your real vision are you going to have
families come in here what are you doing to attract those families the fact that you know the low-income housing will not
be there for them we all know the demographics of that
you know other areas who are you really calling here if you’re not going to have
that low income provided 20% or third person whatever would be required or
whatever the city could require of that development that eliminates a lot of
people and that will determine the demographics of that area we all know
the outcome of that a lot of cities have on that route so as a city council I ask
you what is does this is this consistent with your vision maybe it is I mean we
just don’t really know what your vision is thank you thank you
and Ted Pikul all right mr. heikal Ted heichal 3821
91st place South West Linwood the Community Development Director may
approve the Community Development Director make grant deviations their
director may deviate from this standard I guess that’s the answer to question
number four the project is eligible for an administrative parking reduction we
don’t need that many parking spaces we didn’t at the shag 0.94 every senior
apartment that’s going into that oh but it didn’t work out how is a 15%
reduction in the number of car spaces that you have at a big apartment project
and I’m not sure is it five hundred units or is it five hundred and forty
five I saw the number five forty five on the information that’s up on the website
your website five hundred you’re going to have eight
hundred some seventy six spaces which is down to like one point seven and this
obviously is not for families it’s called multifamily because it’s a term
we use for anything that’s an apartment complex you’re going to have single people
coming in married couples both of them working in different directions needing
two parking spaces per and you’re going to be short of parking spaces again so I
appreciate the lady who said what’s your vision is this it already on 184th
trying to get into Costco the turn lane that is there is already overloaded much
of the time the parking lot is almost full a lot of
the time we go there and we park out in the boonies you’re gonna have another
entrance into this project coming off of the Ring Road that’s going to further
back up the traffic on 184th you do have an alternate but that also is the
alternate to go into Home Depot and it states in here that there was no
previous value to the property so it’s at zero well when I was here a few years
back we had a terrific Athletic Complex there that the whole community could use
we lost that because the school district wanted to make money off of it and these
companies who want to come in and I don’t have any problem with them coming
in but they want to make money off of this property – we lost something big
and I hope I don’t go over three minutes but I noticed other people were given
carte blanche as how long they talked 75% I love Home Depot I shop there I go
down to Aurora Village to do it and it’ll be nice to have one here but 95%
of the people I would bet who work at Home Depot never become regional
managers maybe that’s too low a figure maybe it’s more like 99 but there is
obviously in an organization moving up but the question too is what are the
wages when those kids from high school come around are they going to make $15
an hour are they going to make state minimum wage so there are a lot of
things that happen when you put in a big development like this parking more low
cost waged low wage jobs and if I read this correctly
and I’m not sure I do it looks to me like there is no real open space no
grass no there are a bunch of trees that are built around the edges of all the
buildings in the apartment area and there’s some kind of a big I take it
it’s like a paved area or brick courtyard type thing but that is not
where children are going to play I don’t think you’re gonna have many children in
this and the other the other thing that was on the confusing to me on the
information that was put up on the screen is are these single bedroom
bedroom apartments are they two bedroom apartments are there some three bedroom
apartments you’ve got to judge things like parking based on that and the other
thing you have to judge is with a thousand new people moving into these
apartments how many new police officers are you going to have when you get a
thousand people in the standard that I grew up with that I believe is still in
effect you have to have two new police officers for every thousand people you
add to your community we have not done that in the last how many years since
2008 we need to get better at some of these figures and some of the things
that the people in the audience are bringing up to you as to what is your
vision what is your vision because it’s going to be here for 30 40 maybe 50
years Annie Lyman Thank You Mara Thanks so one 9501 40th
Avenue and I moved here because I knew Linwood was well developed parks
wonderful parks just access to so many things great Arts Council really
creative I think you guys have had a vision this is not a vision I have to
say and I want a little example look at Everett ever it was a cool town and then
there was the casino road they had to bring all those people that wanted to
work at the aerospace and all that and they provided all that fast housing with
little other development around and it it they’ve had nothing but a mess ever
it has nothing but a mess with that casino area because they didn’t think
about planning provisions it’s like all these rats living in a maze no place for
them to go no place to play crime is huge so please don’t do this
thank you there are others who’d like to speak than a bhishan me on the other Shawn in 1903 six thank
you madam mayor members of council there is one council member left that
was on the same council that I was on back at when the original Linwood place
was codified in the city and I’m glad to see this that this one is is has some of
the features that we talked about then but I too am really concerned about the
fact that there seems to be a lot less green space the the Golf Course the
miniature golf course that’s it that’s some sort of an indoor thing because it
says there’s a metal structure above it if that’s enclosed and that’s not really
green space and also that looks to be on the area where the retention pond used
to be so I assume then that the retention retention pond is going to be
covered over filled in used I don’t see it on here maybe I’m missing something
but we got beat up really bad in 2012 over the that that feature on this on
the site because of the stormwater requirements so I’m concerned about that
I also share mr. mr. heckles concern and this will be the second time that I have
asked posed this to this council and that is what are we going to do about
the about the police protection for this these additional 500 housing units a
thousand people hopefully will occupy those but they’re still going to require
police protection and police services so again I’m asking the council where is
your worship plan where is the plan for the additional police where’s the plan
for where the additional police that we in general that we need as mr. Michael
pointed out we are we’re almost we’re going on over ten years not really
growing the police department and we’ve got issues major issues
according to some studies with a crime in this city so again I ask you where is
your plan for that and with that all thank you and I am
glad to see that some of the features were were saved over I’m I have to give
them to give a tip of the hat to the the new folks that have come along but
others we really do need to do something about some great space thanks would
anyone else like to speak this evening all right so I think that probably Steve
Scott and Lydia should come to the table so that you’re prepared to answer
questions instead of jumping up and down unless you have an alternate who you
want to represent you and then just make sure that when you’re
answering a question that your microphone is on that little red light
all right so at this point city staff and Stevens
gotten Lydia would you like to offer any clarifying information in response to
the citizen testimony provided this evening dr. Clyde’s do you want to kick
that off or I will wait to hear questions from Council did I miss it okay so we had members of the audience
to speak those are the audience and then it is city staff to clarify the response
to the citizen testimony and then council gets to ask questions
I have no clarification okay well questions are statements any other
clarifications for public statements I’d like to clarify on the question about
the storm water okay so there is a currently a temporary pond it’s located
on the north end of the site as you drive down that Costco that private
Drive so what that is is that’s handling water form 33rd 184th and not a lot of
drain comes off the current site as I said so vacant but we’re going to be
incorporating that storm water detention in a vault underneath our parking garage
it’ll sit at the base of that slab and so we’re at the same design guideline
the same amount of stormwater requirements that are currently in place
now we’ll just be changed into and to a vault as design for that and then the
access drive and will be handled by a an open pond similar to what’s on there
right now that’s in the corner of the on the kind of the north I guess it would
be the the northeast corner of that access drive is it gone Stone Costco so
that’s how the storm water and then as far as green space that we’re we’re also
building a sustainable project and it’s in the development agreement you’ll see
there’s two different type of sustainability requirements that we have
and a lot of our we’re building out you got a we are bill
on a concrete slab so we’re starting with two levels of parking because we
basically the parking we screened in those garages and from there then we’re
building up with planting gardens and taking the stormwater off the roofs and
incorporating them into into the you know all that open space but there’s a
considerable amount of open space that we have there and what we’re trying to
do is we’re also trying to build recreational activities so that becomes
kind of people’s backyard and there are a lot of units there to create a
backyard so we have you know open we have covered picnic areas we have fire
pit areas we have a dog park that we’re designing we have about a 10,000
square-foot recreational facility that will be for our tenants only and also
it’ll include you know a social area that will spill out into the the open
space area in the middle there so there’s about that’s about as efficient
as we can provide you know 500 units in that space and still meet all the open
space requirements and that’s why I spayed paid special attention to provide
that in the packet on the landscape plan it’s hard to read but the city has a
full blown copy I’d be happy to get anybody a copy of the full plan to read
the details on that but a lot of time and effort and study has gone into that
we just you know it’s very important for us to provide a home for the for the
resident sir thank you yeah their responses to public testimony okay so at
this point council it is your turn to have to ask questions to clarify
information provided by public or the staff customers sessions thank you I
thank you for being here and talking to us finally I’ve been asking about this
for some time and I know going back and forth without you face to face isn’t as
efficient so thank you for being here first I just want to say with my
comments it’s all due respect it Home Depot is you know an honorable business
I love that they help veterans and do things in the community
Steve your development sounds beautiful the apartments do and the way you’re
trying to take advantage of the space you have and the quality it’s just not
my vision I mean thank you for using that thing and that’s the problem I
guess but I think you’re selling yourself short Steve because did you say
and I heard this was a possibility before but it wasn’t mentioned but in
your corner of the property is it then north No yeah that’s a restaurant with
the amphitheater yeah we’re what we’re trying to build
there as and we haven’t designed that building because we we’ve got a stack of
interesting restaurants and we’re trying to pick the right one I think we may end
up having two there but we designed that open space amphitheater to have the kind
of the outdoor seating area but to spill out into that so on a Friday night
people can be sitting outside we can maybe have local artists and stuff
performing down there so it’s a lot of talk and discussion on that area there
but rather than trying to just rush into that and design it we are trying to find
and like I said I don’t have a lack of really good opportunities so that and
that out parcel are the same thing we want to we want to speak pay special
attention to that because that’s all part of the activating that that access
drive and all open to the public yeah and I mean I would say that would
count as question number two what our project amusement recreation you
citizens the retails shops I mean still don’t sell yourself short that’s
something yeah that also I don’t recall another amphitheater in the area like
that the parking for that those restaurant stuff will be basically at
the same level to be the top floor of our parking garage so be a little bit
sign be the signage would be pretty clear that that’s where the parking is
and then they’ll walk into that space and through the corridor in the parking
underneath the structure to the restaurant so really we’re pretty much
screening all the parking from from it’s just not okay and then
lighting that thank you and then the flat stick I’m not familiar with that so
is that something open to the public or just special for your residents no it’s
it’s open there’s two of them in Seattle open to the public
another option here you’re selling yourself shirt
so start bragging about that and then okay can I break because that 2030
vision you guys had out the workshop we won the 20/20 vision
okay good job I really do wish this looked more like the Mill Creek Town
Center where your other apartments are I understand I hear what you’re saying
about the financial side of it I just know that other communities are still
being creative even with the problems of online retail sales they’re still being
creative and doing cool things I just hope that you guys will prove me wrong
and do something very creative as far as the apartments being market rate to me I
mean I know that we need I know that it’s it’s popular to say that we need
affordable housing but I know Lynwood has a lot of affordable housing and I
also know that we need all kinds of housing badly in Lynwood a variety of
housing so all kinds of housing so I’m excited for all kinds of housing so I
appreciate that if I could talk with Scott Scott thank you again all respect
to Home Depot it’s not sexy code you can quote me on that do you have any pull
with Cracker Barrel because I think Cracker Barrel is pretty fun
– in that in that in that restaurant space there that parcel is Steve so
Cracker Barrel when you find out how many parking stalls they want on surface
you won’t want Cracker Barrel there motor homes and things okay I’m serious
about that though but um and then Scott thinking about well I’m not going to go
on about the rooftop I guess um I think summer concerts on the roof sound really
cool but there’s not much I can say about that I I just wish it was
different all due respect to the good Home Depot then let’s see I think that’s
it for now let somebody else speak if I think of something else
Thank You councilmember Hurst great thank you
question on the Wakefield property the five hundred units so how is that going
to be divided you know as far as one bedroom two bedroom yeah it’s uh I don’t
I mean it’s all in our application and stuff like that I don’t have it but it’s
the odds divided between efficiency units one bedroom two bedroom one bath
two bedroom two baths I don’t know if it’s in most particularly one but in our
PDR application that we have at the city no it’s it’s small print here yeah no
that wasn’t design I don’t know how much do you guys get before the meetings okay
no that’s great and then I know it’s it’s popular to say from this diets that
fluid has lots of affordable housing but really according to this know which
housing consortium were short two to three thousand units so I think part of
our vision has to include that but I agree we need to have all kinds of
housing and I think that’s something that this council needs to take up real
soon and then as far as the size traffic where is the amphitheater I was trying
to find that if you look well and that’s particulars it’s like across from that
white building that’s kind of illustrated there on the other side of
the street in front of our what its kind of our leasing area also we’re gonna
have a business center there so it’s about midway on the west side of the
access Drive okay you’ll see kind of this stair steps down and there’s
different views of it no each on the landscape plans yeah it’s
right there in that dark area and it I have to clarify from Scott really wasn’t
designed for movies it’s not you know there may be an opportunity for that but
it was maybe more designed for outdoor concerts and and those kind of
activities yeah right there and then on the Home Depot handout and this is
probably gonna be due to mr. Hall the signage does that all comply with
current sign ordinance or we yeah I can clarify on that so the the signage that
was presented in the PowerPoint presentation specifically with regards
to the pole sign we do not allow Pole signs in this location and we cur crappy
planner and I have spoken with the signage company that was hired by Home
Depot and they’re full fully aware of the types of ground and monument signage
so the one that’s represented in this particular slide is incorrect so yeah
that’s resolved okay didn’t know we had done a change or not and I think that’s
it for my scribbling so yeah we’re good cotton thank your honor look out
gentlemen I’m an engineer so I apologize ahead of time the the total number of
units we’re looking at the cover page here the triple zero it says your your
net units is five hundred and three but when I add up the four buildings count
it’s 805 508 it should be five hundred our architect sometimes shows 503 and
maybe we need to have an engineer do the math but it’s it’s five hundred units
okay five hundred units is your net okay and and then when I look up the
composition of the units I counted only about 46 three-bedroom
units is it from from your market experience what is what constitutes the
modern family that’s representing from your properties these days to you well I
don’t I yeah I can’t really speak for necessarily for I don’t know the term
modern family but we in a usually in a project like this you you’re like if you
go to Redmond or Bellevue or something like that you’ve Airy rarely find three
bedrooms in fact our average square footage is about 888 square feet if you
go to any project in Redmond an average is about 730 square feet and the reason
ours goes up is we’re trying to provide the three-bedroom units because you
don’t have to go very far north and you’ll see a higher percentage of that
but this is what they call the urban suburban and you just you find more
people that are you’re gonna find a lot of singles that want to live here
couples that take the bus and eventually let we’re building for light rail and so
three bedrooms just become and I think what happens to is the average you get
up the rents to the point where you could buy a house and you know and so
it’s just our marketing people have kind of researched around and to find that
that there’s a there’s a three-bedroom market but it’s limited and so you don’t
want to over build and just have them sit there
you’d rather have them you know fall and meet with the market demand which is
more the smaller units okay thank you thank you mayor members of council 500
is capped environmentally okay so through their environmental impact
statement that was 500 that was identified in there so it’s okay
excellent and just from a the site improvement standpoint it had been
mentioned only a couple times and and we’ve kind of I think skipped over it
there’s the connection between this property and the inner urban is that is
that specifically driven largely by this residential build out and that and the
desire to create that multimodal connection yeah we were that was part of
the EIS and the improvements that were required
it’s more you know it’s more we feel like it’s more the residential units or
the tenants there that are going to be using that trail then probably somebody
shopping at Home Depot but so that’s kind of the development agreement was
written you know more gear in that trail to our permit versus Home Depot okay 2×4
is over their shoulders that’s what Home Depot told me because
the 33rd was made wider so people could come down out of the neighborhoods and
people that lived at this property and housing could then connect right to the
trail okay so that’s why that wider and that’s why this is the last piece to
connect it up to the trail thank you and then lastly just to tie in on the
the rooftop parking alternative uses discussion it’s an it’s an open-air
parking but would would using this even under some kind of temporary use permit
or however that mechanism is would using the rooftop of shoulda Home Depot decide
that they wanted to rent out or make available to for some kind of community
event the rooftop would it trigger some kind of additional space uses were it
wouldn’t just be a parking lot or would be an assembly type occupancy I mean but
it’s outside so I don’t know what that how does that work or do you know I know
it’s kind of a I do not know I know we build the type M so whether or not it
would require some other type of design I would have to check with the architect
unless staff knows made staff know what that like its outdoor parking so is it
even feasible okay maybe it’s so I know it’s a little bit of a hot seat question
so and then you’d mention flat stick or a
tenant like flat stick being is is that the south east tenant the one kind of
write-off if you taught everything pull the site plan back up please yeah if you
look at its there’s one what this shows the commercial space I don’t know if you
have it but anyway it’s a if you look at the middle drive that acts that goes
west that did go west is it the one kind of right in the middle of the prop so if
you go in the middle yeah if you’re driving the ones just to the north
there’s a there’s about a fourteen thousand fifteen thousand square foot
area okay yeah be all the way towards the cost so right up there it’s kind of
l-shaped yes right there so in that we’ve actually been approached by the
broker and combining that with a restaurant user I guess that they tie in
with and we love the idea and it fits with what we’re trying to do all along
therefore with all of those tenants that we have there
you just have to balance out the parking you know because there’s just big
parking users and so it’s just going to be a combination of hopefully we can get
the restaurants in there but along the Costco side up there will probably be
more service oriented that are facing that way just because there’s not really
a lot of activation going on out there there’s your screening and stuff but all
that whole area there too as you go wrap around the corner that’s all glass there
so it there’s a when you drive down there it’s gonna be a real streetscape
so we kind of get the best of both worlds we get the commercial feel as you
drive down the access Drive but if you go to Vancouver whatever I spent opened
up the u.s. office for the largest multifamily builder up there they they
really build the residential from the ground up you very rarely see the offer
the commercial tucked underneath it and a lot of times it’s vacant if it’s not
in the right location here we have an opportunity because of the anchors
around it but I think we’re mixed we’re I think we’re matching the best of both
worlds we get the commercial feel but when you when you’re living there you
feel like you’re in in a residential unit not just above no commercial space
there so okay could you just briefly maybe elaborate or summarize the kind of
a list of amenities that because you’ve kind of mentioned dog park and open
space and fire pit in some kind of indoor amenity could you maybe kind of
elaborate like is it kind of a gym community kitchen all of the things you
just said it’s so if you go down to the starting at 81 84th there’s where our
dog park is and we’re still trying to figure out if we can open that up to the
public as people are walking along there it’s just it’s a management thing we’re
just started we’re doing our first one up and Marysville right now and but then
as you go there you’ve got a lot of raised planter areas a lot of kind of
sitting areas and then we get into more the kind of the areas where you can have
the outdoor picnic area gathering we want to be able to have maybe multiple
events going on at one time so if someone’s using the rec building in the
summer you’re not blocked off from having other events and so things like
cornhole toss and miniature golf and that’s not just you know that’s that
that’s I’m gonna make it trying to make a signature out of those that area there
to make it really but it have a lot of activities and we also we’re going to
have kids there so we’re gonna have play areas that you’re gonna have the taught
lots and stuff that’s that’s kind of a city requirement anyway so it’s just
maybe and you got people living above it so you have to pay special attention to
the noise and that kind of thing but I think our Landscape Architect that Tom
Reinsdorf did a fantastic job of laying this out and so and I think we packed
about as much activity and we can in there and balancing out the green space
in the plantings and all that because you want to soften that that hard scape
that you have there thank you all for taking the hot seat just one last in the
home depot PowerPoint or handout the project schedule is that still doable
where you’re gonna be grand opening on November 5th 2020 I’ll stand there
for you and then also for them I’m confused so it says limit place phase 1
I thought you’re talking phase 2 but are you being here to be done by June 21
yeah we’re looking all that Scott speak to Home Depot but I think a lot of this
depends on how tonight goes also so that’s part scheduling but where our
plan is to build our whole garage at the same time and then the first two
buildings the first phase what we call building 1 & 2 which are the
southernmost buildings that it’s about a 24 month build and then we’ll hope to
build around as we finish up buildings so it’ll just minimize the you know kind
of the impact that the especially to Home Depot and the construction going on
and trying to we’re really trying to look at most efficient way of doing that
because that’s a big garage that we have going up there and it’s
going to take a while to but our plan is just there I think we’re talking to
starting around the middle of July they might even be able to start earlier our
objective is to start earlier the schedule up here tonight is actually
what we presented to the real estate committee so that’s our geo that we have
to make so we’d like to make a geo grand opening sooner than that one would like
the start construction as soon as we can to get through grading before the bad
weather comes in and can I just make one I know developers aren’t don’t have the
best rap but the amount of work that it goes into pulling off a development like
this to get the capital and you know people like Home Depot and get
everything that permits working with staff I mean it’s a lot of work and it’s
all kind of right there right now and I think for the school districts
standpoint if it you know I’ve worked with Home Depot and they are very much
schedule oriented and so I would just make that a special emphasis that
if you if you like what you see I mean now is a good time it takes a long time
to regroup and start again and all that stuff so I just it’s it’s it really
takes a lot of it takes a little village pull these things off for director
Kleiss so we have all these projects going on and I know we’re we’re hiring
people how we doing staff wise to build to
facilitate you know really what is aggressive as far as Home Depot well we
as you know are going through changes in DBS all for the good we have new
building official very efficiency and effectiveness oriented and right now we
are hiring staff up but we’re also contract you know so I think that we’re
good shape to handle it in the interim ultimately the goal is to staff up not
have contracts but in the interim with contracts we’ll be fine council anything
else all right then at this time since all
citizens wishing to speak have had an opportunity to do so and since City
Council’s had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the testimony
provided it’s appropriate to close the public comment portion of this hearing
unless the council wishes to take action to keep the hearing open or to continue
the hearing to a future meeting the hearing should be considered closed and
audience I thank you again for being here tonight so at this point I would
invite the council to make a motion and begin discussion and deliberation customer cotton said three three three
seven all right I move ordinance number three three three seven an ordinance of
the city of Lowell Washington adopting the Lynwood place project phase do
develop in agreement as development regulations
for the Lynwood place site and providing for severability and effective date and
summary publication hey would you like to speak to that I would I understand
that this you know I was in the audience when I first saw this phase two and it
was very much more than the Mill Creek town center yeah and I was very excited
about that I also know that times change and that the landscape of what is
economically viable changes with that I’m excited about the Home Depot coming
in because it is a good mid-range job it’s not office white-collar work but it
is definitely step up the ladder and it’s something you know kind of I think
a step above service level kind of employment I’m excited about the housing
coming in because understanding market pressures I think as we as we there’s
two ways to create affordable housing in my mind one way is to creative and
senate create incentive and subsidies and the other way is to make sure that
the market can produce the housing so that the the laws of supply and demand
can also make the housing more affordable so I think that this while we
talk about doing the first with policy I think that we can also help speed along
bringing more housing online which will help with the demand equation so I’m
excited about this I you know in a perfect world you know I’d love to see
some 30 story buildings down there but I also know that Lynn was not there yet
we’re getting there so I think this is a step in the right direction so I mean
it’s part of this i will move to extend to the end of item 1
new business second all those in favor please say aye aye any opposition Thank
You president thank you I as well I’m quite excited about this I’ve been
passing by an empty property for several years now and I I know it’s not a bad
property actually it’s a very good property I think the problem is that
what we had as a vision before is not something that will work now otherwise
we would have a number of people that would say we want to do just what we had
planned previous and I think what is being proposed now will work very well I
think if they decided to put a water park in someone would say that’s too
much water use if they do put it decided to put sand volleyball courts that’s too
much sand we can’t do that we’re not going to be able to make every single
person happy with what goes in as a development and I think that this is
something that we can have in the area because I think it fits very well you
know using that as a huge recreation area now would seem kind of odd when you
have Costco on one side and the mall on the other but having a mixed-use where
you also have those amenities where you have a amphitheater where you have a dog
park and whether or not that’s open to the public the people that live in that
area and and rent from or or own or however it’s set up to live in those
areas will want those spaces for their pets and I think that is very beneficial
and if you go up the street of 184th yes it’s a big Hill great exercise when you
get to the top of that you have Pioneer Park so there’s there’s green space in
the area as well so I don’t think that there is anything at least in my view
that would be detrimental to the city I think all of the things that were
presented with will benefit not only City they’ll benefit the school district
and benefit people that are coming to live in Lynwood and especially I was
mentioned with light rail coming you know
we’re going to need more area more livable area and I think that’s going to
contribute to that very well so I will definitely be supporting this project
thank you very much rehearse did you thank you yeah it’s not a project to jump up and
down about but let’s face it it’s we have one big gray box store way in the
back and we’re just having a nice orange one
what’s the front and yeah look the curtain really is it for me is is the
housing and you know we as a council dita – yeah we need to figure out what
our vision is and put it into policy and we really need to look at housing and I
know our staff is creating a white paper but I would say that this housing policy
needs to be driven by council we need to somehow do a roundtable we need to get
to it but I think this project fits into the area that it’s there if it was if we
were poking this thing down in the city center I don’t think it would work but
we you know it’s next to a mall that’s next to a Costco and I think it’s got
some good amenities and look forward to to seeing it built because yeah it’s
been an empty space for a long time thank you thank you I think these are
gonna be beautiful apartments and I don’t see a problem with that but how to
be creative with that space with the multi-use it’s
and I understand the Home Depot but I’ve been I just don’t love it I’m more than
don’t love it I really wish we could have done something different here and
just had a principal I mean with all due respect I’m gonna have to vote no
knowing that that’s not going to stop anything from happening which is which
is good but I just want to be proved wrong the retail and mixed-use in the
amphitheater and there hopefully a variety of restaurants sidewalk cafe
type thing maybe that can be done there would be worth it would be really cool
and I just hope that can happen I think I think it will I think there will be
some fun things that we’ll be able to go in there and you’ll prove me wrong and
that’ll be great thank you for all due respect to all of you thank you for
doing this in your hard work vice president Raziel yes got the president
Goodwin with all due respect yes yes yes constant recessions no councilmember
Sutton yes Kazmir cotton affirmative 60s one no
thank you ordinance number 337 passes six to seven thank you thank you very
much no bail so did I thanks for the dialog I’ve never had been able to do
this before that’s really really really I appreciate it all right counsel we do not have an
executive session is there any new business that needs to come forward no
motion to adjourn so moved and all those in favor please say aye
thank you you

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