Making a REALISTIC ELEVATOR in Minecraft!

So, as you guys know recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of work with flying machines and turning them into Various forms of elevators for example this whole thing right here that we’ve built in the hermitcraft server that takes us from the storage System up to the top on the surface. now the only thing is is that if I boarded something like this in real life? I’d probably be a little bit terrified. I mean we’ve got spaces to fall down on either side We don’t have a roof so clearly the rain is actually dropping through onto it I mean, it’s not the most realistic looking elevator So I thought maybe we could try and work on changing that so this right here is what the original flying machine looked like all I have to do is place in an observer facing upwards on this one and There we go. There is the platform we stand on, There is the actual mechanism. It’s really really easy. It’s quite simple but the thing is is that it’s three by two and I kind of want the elevator shaft to be two by two which means that We’re going to have to do a little bit of redesigning on that one And I’m also just going to let this one fly off into the sky, never to be seen again Now I’m going to make a flat assumption right here that it’s not this easy I Feel like there has to be something that I’ve overlooked here, and this isn’t actually going to function So let’s just remove this obsidian and then this obsidian okay, okay, we’re getting there and Then let’s see if it works on the way down *Laughs* Okay, fair enough So we’ve built that Right there is part one there is the floor fully two by two-ed Okay, now we just need to do one going in the opposite Direction And then we can have ourselves a carriage so what I’ve basically done here is Flip the design upside down so you can see that is going on there and on this side. We have this going on here and if I place in an observer facing in this direction, we might have ourselves a working system and this thing could be functional, so There we go that one’s going down and if we hit that That is going up, okay. So that’s going to be the top section of the carriage That there is going to be the bottom section of the carriage that’s probably the trickiest bit done now we just have to work out the timings, so In theory all I have to do is Activate both of these things at exactly the same time and then they should fly at exactly the same time Meaning this distance between the two platforms will stay constant Giving us the illusion that we’re inside an actual carriage that is the plan So I’ve connected up a redstone line and if we hit this button right here They are slightly out of time Not horrendously, but they are slightly out of time So I guess maybe change up the redstone timings I’d say that’s probably about 2 or 3 ticks between them two ticks wasn’t quite right, so let’s give three ticks ago, and That is perfect that is what we want I couldn’t get in there to try it out But that was absolutely perfect so both platforms were moving at exactly same speed And that looked like an actual elevator carriage, okay. This is a really really good start, so we’ve worked out with the timings off Now we need to add in the stopping mechanism, so that we don’t get squashed when we actually arrive How on Earth am I going to do that? Oh? I hadn’t actually thought that far ahead. I don’t really know We can extend out a piston to kind of block it all we could extend out a piston to push a block into the edge of this line block right here or any of the slime blocks to put it past the push limit so they have to stop that could be a thing that works and That could end up looking quite. Good as well because then we can put it flush with the wall And you won’t be able to tell this there Yeah, I’d say that’s a good idea in fact thinking of that maybe we need a better way to update these observers so you can see I’ve started work on the actual chamber itself and now I’m just in the process of creating a kind of piston system Which means that this piston right here will retract very very quickly and then re-extend which should hopefully lock the slime blocks over the top right head which will stop this plan for me continuing down and just squashing out because We don’t want to be squashed. You don’t want elevators or squashes you when you arrive at your destination the only thing is is that because I’m a moron as per you who I really want to make this as compact as possible and I cannot think of how I’m going to be able to do it unless I run the redstone up like this and then maybe have Maybe have like a block here with redstone and then I guess that would update instantly We could be onto a winner there, and if I can make it that small that they’ve completely ridiculous I’ve got myself confused nothing seems to be working. I’m breaking everything Okay, let’s send that up into the sky that will then get stuck up there This one down at the bottom also appears to of course stuck. This is really strange So I’ve made some serious changes to the redstone circuitry this thing and should now be working as well but also I’ve started work on the top section and What this circuit up here should do if it should stop the system in the correct way with the two blocks space up there? So let’s see we hit the bar sooner everything launches correctly Now we wait and see if everything stops correctly as well, so the top one should be fine. Oh Maybe four ticks on it. I Mean what I want to do what has to happen is that piston has to be retracted when? These slime blocks come pass so the slime blocks stick to it try to put that upwards But then they can’t because there’ll be a block above it for example these things right here Which means that that one will then be stopped it will stay where it is but to do that is a lot easier said than it is done apparently ah Those four ticks work. Don’t for ticks what yes it does, okay? We’ve managed to stop them look There we go, and then we just get out the elevator Hahahaha, yeah that is awesome Okay, baltics on that one as well that means that that will funk now We just need to do the sending circuit with the top section, and then it’s all good I say I sound like I’m blasting out some really scientific terms here. I promise you. It’s not really that complicated There’s just so much timing work and just finicky nurse going on here, okay? So we know that the launching mechanism down at the bottom here works we also know that the caching mechanism up at the top is Also fully functional so now this elevator reaches the top there, and it will stop just like that And we’ll have ourselves that area. That’s good now We need to make sure there’s a newly built – launching mechanism also functions and the caching Mechanism down at the bottom functions as well I guess Okay, timings definitely wrong things have gone wrong. Let’s thing things have definitely gone wrong. We’ve taken off the build with us So I can’t even work out which way round that went wrong I fiddle about with the timings once again, and I feel like we might be onto a winner with this one so if I hit the button Why do I even say that what about you say those sorts of things because when everybody do it goes for endlessly wrong? Thing am I found the culprit yeah apparently I forgot to remove the obsidian that’s down at the bottom which is holding this thing in Place so now when we hit this button That one’s a little bit too late But it’s absolutely miniscule. There’s barely anything in it, and then obviously it stops. That’s all functioning fine, so I’m guessing I Mean it would have to be two ticks on that So the top was running a little bit late, okay? So if we hit this button right here that will activate the system once again We’ll send it back up for the top. Hopefully everything should be caught properly and everything should be functioning fine on the top layer Which is good, okay? Now, let’s give a go Now it looks like this one’s a little bit early am I eyes going funny those are definitely moving at the same time, so It’s either too late or too early three ticks I Can’t tell if I’m going crazy here, I think I’ve finally done it. I don’t think I was going crazy I think there was definitely a slight difference in the timing so I got rid of the piston I’ve replaced it with a redstone line Going up into this repeater with three ticks so obviously all of that system is still functioning But when we hit this button right here There is the down There we go. This is how this thing functions, and it seems to be working, okay? There it is. There is a realistic Piston elevator, okay, we still have quite a lot of work to do in terms of decoration obviously, we need to actually create like a Shelf for this thing to travel up through But for the most part all the redstone is done, and oh yeah You kind of have to be wary of that sort of thing don’t really want to be updating the observers First test inside the Antral elevator. We hit this button right here and Up we go This is it We’ve got a working elevator shaft, and then when we get up to the top obviously here we are we’ve arrived on the level if we want to go back down or we have to hit that button right there and We go down now, obviously because the blocks are dropping away from us We do kind of fall and jump up and down inside the elevator but That’s no big Deal I Can’t believe how well this is functioned, okay? Next up. I want to add in the doors. Yeah, we need doors otherwise This is this is a little bit Lethal now although I’ll be the first person to admit that this thing isn’t going to winning any beauty contest it is now all fully completed So we’ve got some fences which when we hit this button right here they will pop up which will stop anyone from Falling down into the elevator Shaft and Once we reach after the top you will also see that we have some fences up here Which we retract as we arrived so that’s all functioning fine We’ve got ourselves a working safety system now If I go down to the bottom and hit this button right here to request the elevator obviously that will send a signal up to the top tell the elevator to come down and it will drop down to the bottom and Then once again fence posts have drops and we Able to get through and also the fence post up at the top should have popped up as well which means anyone who’s coming past Up at the top won’t be able to fall down there once again so as far as I can see I Mean it seems like it’s all done to me I can’t think of anything extra But I can really answer this thing it seems to be perfectly functional if you see working quite nicely it’s not ridiculously complicated in the grand scheme of things and it certainly isn’t as Big as I was expecting to be I personally am really really happy with this design I think I’m really quite well So if you have enjoyed this video please refer to that like lan and who really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is the mumbo and I’m out I’ll see you later This stinks. This is pretty good oh

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Reader Comments

  1. Agent Lurmey

    This was very impressive the first time I saw it but now I'm thinking of how real elevators work. With the way they allow you to queue up different floors to go to and queue requests from other floors as well. I wonder how complicated it would be to implement all the features of real elevators into this?

  2. Lion

    step by step tutorial by someone else for a similar way to make a realistic elevator, its super easy but for 1.12 not sure if it works later

  3. Magic Wolves

    As someone who knows nothing about Minecraft Redstone this is just some guy rambling about slime and pistons

    No seriously I know how to open a door with a button/lever/pressure plate and activate powered rails, that's it

  4. Infinite Gamer

    at 11:50 when he goes into third person it looks like he had a blue shirt, if you cant see it at first then put it on 0.25 speed

  5. Symon Rush


  6. • Sterben •

    Mumbo you should make an realistic elevator with a sliding door like the real ones. (Door's blocks come from one side). One more thing, don't use that ugly terracotta!

  7. FlamingDucky

    This is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but a more difficult challenge you could attempt would be to make 2×2 piston doors at both levels, as well as making the elevator suitable for buildings with more than 2 stories. It could also be interesting to try to make a key card activation for the carriage, say a basement only certain personnel could access @Mumbo Jumbo

  8. Cait :3

    This is amazing. Now someone needs to create Mumbo's outro music with noteblocks and… 𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒂𝒕𝒐𝒓 𝒎𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄.

  9. Robert Dovel

    I dunno if it was sarcasm or not, but the first sentence in the description is, "Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this episode of Hermitcraft!"

  10. Mister Sleepyhead

    hey , that must have been some hard work. i guess that since it's an elevator, when you were finished i guess it would've……RAISED YOUR SPIRIT 👌🏻

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