Making Inspirational Living Wall Frames

hey guys thank you for watching this build was part of a series of projects made for the Rhode Island home show so you’ll see a few more of those projects coming up soon. These of all verbiage pieces or whatever you want to call them were framed from uh pallet wood with a quarter-inch plywood backer board and the letters were cut from a quarter-inch plywood as well and painted with chalk paint. I really liked all the textures in this one. If you’re new here be sure to subscribe, new videos every Monday. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram, you can see all the other Rhode Island home show pieces that I’ve built and see the photos as they have progressed. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Jackman Works

    Music: Joe Mungovan – Again
    Build article:

  2. Keith van der Walde

    Great work Paul, and really nice video. Hey, I also checked the build article (nicely done!) and was wondering if the dried and preserved moss can be attached directly to a backing (like wood or metal) using hot glue. I see how you have chicken wire elevating it, but am guessing that is to make the moss look more volumous as opposed to the moss requiring this …thank you for any tips!

  3. death bruce-lund

    q slow motion titling and M U S I C making things to have responses themselves while viewing. or jts me screaming snapping lighting stomping thunder while ur fucked watchign it.

  4. Stephanie Wright

    Wow this man is amazing! You guys should do a 101 basics to wood work! I want to learn how to make things like this but definitely need to learn the basics first! Also I love ❤️ the song in this video!

  5. Bob Rhoades

    Please tell me you have one of these by now………. makes your life SO much better!!!!

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