Making Repairs | Minecraft Survival #9

Hello guys! I am Twippet and welcome back to
another episode of Minecraft. So, in the last one, some pretty bad stuff happened.
A creeper came and- oh, oh! OHhhh! There’s a zombie in there! How did you…how did you
even get in there? Ah! Oh, he killed me, ok. Well luckily we have our bed here now,
but did I accidentally kill that chicken? No, he’s ok, alright. Ahh… Ok, come on. Die already. Yikes! You’re really tough, I’m almost
dead again! And I keep hitting the chickens accidentally, there you go. Alright, so- OH!
Okay, and there’s a spider there. So it looks like in the corner there, there’s uh…just a little bit dark over there so…oh there you are I was wondering where you
went. Come on then. Alright. So maybe I can
steal a torch from over there. Uhh…yeah let’s do that. You guys are not gonna get
through there. OHH!!!! *sigh* Well…this, this…this can’t go much better than the last
episode. It’s already…it’s already pretty bad so far. Get in there would you. I lost
a whole bunch of you already, I don’t want to lose any more. So it even knocked a torch loose so give me that and I better hurry back over here cuz… *strange creepy noise* Wow. That was absolutely terrifying. No more noises like that okay? So here we
go. Good, none of them tried to get out. And there
you go. So, we’ll have to see if maybe we can figure out some way to get them out
of this hole. I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to though.
But umm, yeah, so, last time, creeper came over here, I decided it
would be a good idea to hide with the chickens, creeper blew up, took out one of
my chickens with him, blew all these fences out, knocked a hole through the
ground into the little cave down there, and I fell down into that hole with
seeds in my hands not realizing I had the seeds in my hands and all of the
chickens came down with me so they’re stuck down there now. But what we’re
going to be doing is trying to fix this up and maybe, maybe the chickens will be
able to get out of there. So I think this is normal oak, so we’re gonna have to
find…oh, okay I still have my oak fences so I just need to get another gate, okay.
Alright that’s not too bad then. So let’s see. Do I have sticks? I don’t think…here,
here, we’ll just…there we go we’ve got sticks but I’m still gonna need more
oak wood so let’s go find us an oak tree. Thought that cow was a monster for a second.
Okay so here’s a tree. Whoa…okay that was weird. Okay we’ll cut a few
logs off of you…whoops, don’t cut the leaves. And……just a few more.
Try and get as much off of this as we can…and then a little bit over here. Okay
so we should be good now for quite a while on wood. Oh look an egg. So yeah
we’ll go back here, make us another fence gate and fix the pen and then I have a
ton of chicken eggs here that we can throw in there and we’re sure to get
another huge amount of chickens from that. Why’d I leave that open?
Okay, so I’ve already forgotten what the recipe was for this. I think it was like…that?Wait, I have to make…I got to make more planks first. So…there you go, full
stack of planks and then a little left over. So I believe that fence gate is
that, yeah there we go, okay. So we’ve got our gate. Uhhhh…yeah, put it right there and
then the fences. There we go. So now we’ll throw all these eggs- oop…I hit him with an
egg, my bad, sorry dude. Oh I did it again, okay, so that’s three…none from
that, and then what about this? Nothing from that either, okay. So three
baby chickens in there. Now…let’s go back down here and see if we can figure out a
way to get these guys up. I think I do have something in mind.
So…okay I’ve got plenty of dirt. Alright, we’re gonna build a little
staircase for you guys, okay? And then I’m gonna break out the seeds and you guys are
gonna follow me up and this is going to be easy and not in any way go wrong. Stop
pushing me! Get down, it’s not ready yet! Get off! I
will hit you. Get down there. These chickens aren’t worth saving. Okay, so…. Stop it, you’re getting in my way. Aah!! Aah!!!
No! Now the rest of the the ones I just got came down here as well. Great.
Whatever, here’s your staircase, get up here.
Everybody up. That’s right, come on. Every last one of you.
That’s right. I don’t think that’s quite all of them, but…okay so now how are we gonna get
all of you guys to stay up here while I go check for the rest? Okay, okay…so just-
just stay there please. Okay that’s all of them what’d I say? Get back up here. Okay.
Cover that back up and there we go. That was actually a lot easier than I
expected it to be. So that’s that, I hear a skeleton. Where’s that at?
Is he in the cave down here again? Hang on, there was a…yeah there’s an opening
right here. Oh boy! WHOA! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa! What are you? What is that? What are you wearing? They’re fighting each
other now. WHOA! Ow! Oh no no no no no no no no no! Don’t do it! I’m dead. They
were fighting each other and then he just decided, “You know what? I’ll kill you
later I’m gonna kill this guy real quick.” Okay!
Okay! Okay come on, stop shooting me in the face, let me get up.
This isn’t fair man! Come on! Okay we just gotta run, we just gotta run. OW! Ow! Half a
heart. Okay, okay hide. Hoohhh. Okay, okay
I need more health…uh…rotten flesh, it’s gonna have to do. I thought we had- oh,
here we go, here we got- we got a raw chicken, okay, let’s cook, let’s cook that
up. Oh! Three iron ingots, sweet. Wait, is the sun going down? Oh, it’s
getting close. Okay, ummm… Alright, 1 oak plank and one
raw chicken and then we’ll get some actually decent food rather than just rotten
flesh. Cooked chicken, okay. Alright, so I hear that skeleton, he’s right there, he
wants to kill me again. Dude, leave me alone, what’d I ever do to you man? Sun is
going down. Waahh!! No! Ugh. Oh, you guys are the worst. Okay,
just get in here before I die again! EEHHHH!!! Do I have any arrows? I know I have my
bow but, doesn’t look like it. Okay, we may just have to attack this guy over and over again and die many times in the process I’m sure. Yep, there we go. He’s right in
the chicken pen hopefully he won’t accidentally take one of them out. Alright, alright, alright, I already…OW!
There you go. Okay. So he’s taken care of, what’d we get from him? Some bones I
guess. Feathers and an arrow. Maybe not the feathers but I got the
arrow so that’s, that’s neat. So we have another arrow…Oh look, an egg. Okay just, aghhh. Get back here. Why do you guys want to get out so much
every time I open this door? What is this? You guys! They don’t even
care about the seeds anymore, get in here. Oh look, you have a new friend as well. Alright now stay in there. Okay, it is night, there are monsters out, two creepers
right there, bed, yes! We can sleep, okay. So already this is very useful. So what
else can we do? Umm… OH boy! Uhhh, uhhh…Alright we should just run cuz we
don’t want to have the same thing happening that happened last time. Alright.
Maybe we should do some exploring, like go over here and see what’s around.
There’s another mushroom right there. Although who knows what happened to it
it’s just like floating here. Maybe it’s standing on top of the tree, that’s weird.
That’s very weird, but um…oh, hi. Oh yeah, maybe we should get a new sheep although
I’ll have to see if my wheat that I planted is grown yet. Hi other creeper, go
away. Go away! That’s right, have a nice chat with the
cow instead. Hopefully the one over there is gone now?
Lots of eggs. *hiss* OHH NO he’s not. He did it again,
he did it again. Okay, fences right now. Guys, guys, calm down and get back in your
pen. Follow me, alright? Just go in here and
relax and just…that’s right, just get in here, okay? Now just stay there while I
fix this and don’t cause any more trouble! What did I- aghh…you know what? I hate you guys
so much. Get over here. Get over here. Right now,
everybody back in. Now stay there! What are you all looking at? Get over there. Okay.
DUDE! Stop it! They don’t like the pen. They just, they, they don’t like captivity,
they want to go back to being free. Well too bad. Okay, just one more fence. Stop falling in
the hole! How am I gonna get you back up now? Well, not like that. I think one fell
all the way back down again, okay. Okay, alright, alright, cut that and seeds. Is
there one down there? Yeah, you get up here.
All the way. And then we’ll dig this out. Everybody get up here, okay? Come on, come
on. There you go, just sit there and just stop being irritating. Plug that up. Okay,
now we’ve gotta fill all of this in and then once we’re done with this
we’ll go back down. Oh no, I don’t have enough dirt. That’s a problem, okay. We’ll
just take some of this and put it in there. And after we’re done with this we’ll
head back down to the cave underneath here and we’ll get rid of those stairs.
Alright let’s just do that right now because maybe I’ll get enough dirt back
from that to fill the hole the rest of the way in. *creepy noise* What is with those noises? Why?
I just don’t understand. Okay, sooo……AHHH!!! Noooo!! Come on, get me up there.
Come on, there you go now get this out of the way, put one back there, there you go. Okay. Okay whatever,
we’re not gonna have enough, we’re gonna need to shovel more dirt but that’s okay. So
let’s see. Wheat is not doing very well at all. I’ll tell you what we’ll do, we
will go in here, take our iron and make a bucket, so there we go.
Now we can… Ohhh, let’s put it here. We’ll take the bucket, go down to
the water…there we go, got some water and we’ll come up here, put that in there, and
now those should hopefully grow faster. Okay, now to fill the rest of this hole in. That ought to be enough. Oh hey, I got
gunpowder, where did that come from? Oh look, that was exactly enough, sweet.
Okay, so…oh hey there’s sugarcane down there. I didn’t even notice this before. Okay,
just grab all of that, there we go now we can make sugar I guess. And…plant a bunch
more of it, don’t put that there. There you go, alright, so that will give us a
whole bunch more sugar ca- bleh, sugar cane, can’t speak. So I have a bunch more oak
fences so maybe we could make another sheep pen or something over on this side
of the house or actually, I just had an even better idea we’ll build a big
fence around here or something for sheep and cows and stuff.
Kinda like the the one that I had over on the other island for the sheep and
then we can get some paths going from here to there and to over here and
get a nice…you know, make it look a little nicer. So let’s see, where would be
a good place to start, let’s say like right here? Baa, hi Mr. Sheep. You’re gonna go
in this eventually. Oh, don’t put it there, why’d
you put it there? Alright, there- WHOA! Okay then. I don’t
know why that happened. Okay these flowers are getting in the way.
I don’t want to put the fence on top of the flower I just want to put it with
all the other fences. Would ya stop that! There we go. Just get all this grass out
of here. There. Got some more seeds too. Oops got
rid of that sapling but that’s okay since we were probably gonna get rid of
it anyway so let’s see um…so how many- how many is that? Actually…let’s see so this
is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, okay so we’ll just build
this out a little further I think we can go a bit further so like…stop doing that!
I don’t want to put it there. Hi Mr. Cow. Whoa, hey, whatchu getting so
close for dude? Why does it keep doing that? Why? I don’t want to put it on
the grass, come on! Okay this should be good and then we can put that there and then
I think that we can go out one more, so…aghh just all this grass in the way. Oh and the sun’s
going down too, okay we’ll finish this up, there we go and we’ll head over to… Um… the house here and we’ll sleep in the
bed real quick and then…then we will make a couple more
fence gates and yeah. Okay so more sticks, gonna need a… yeah 8 of them, okay. So there we go, and there
we go. So two gate fences and…um…so where do we put it? How far does this go? 17, okay
that’s…okay what we’re gonna do instead is we’re gonna, we’re
gonna push this out…or wait no never mind…well yeah…okay since I made two we’re going to push this out
one more block because we can, okay. And there we go. All the way down here, get
rid of the stupid grass and then…so, so the middle would be…right here
I believe so we’ll cut these two out, put the gates there, and put these two here,
and there we go, so that should be right in the middle
I hope. Okay so we need to put it right here instead actually and then that
should be in the middle. Okay, so that looks good. We’ll just go in here real
quickly and… clear the rest of that grass out, very
nice, and then how’s the wheat doing over here? Still not even close to being
harvestable so we may have to wait until the next episode to actually put
something in there but for now we’ll just quickly go in here, grab up the rest
of these eggs…Any new chickens? No. Alright so we’ll come back out and we
will make a path. So like two blocks wide I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do that one
for now because it needs to have grass on it. Okay. All the way over. Very nice.
And then all the way over here, get out of the way grass. I’m gonna need a new shovel.
That one died pretty quickly, okay. So I also need to eat so where’s that chicken
at? Give me that. *munch munch* Alright, so more sticks, there we go, and we’ll make a couple of
shovels. Alright. So then we’ll do the rest of this all the way over… Right, so…Excuse me Mr. Chicken. Excuse me. No no no no no no no no, don’t open that. There we go. And then just get rid of the rest of the grass and stuff along here. There we go, that
should be good and all the way down again. Oh look, a flower. Okay, there we go. So that’s nice
I guess. It’ll do for now. Of course this doesn’t want to hurry up and grow grass
on it but we’ll get…we’ll fix that eventually. Okay, well I think that that
looks good for now other than this of course. So yeah. Okay
so in the next one, hopefully that wheat will hurry up and
grow already so we can actually put some animals in here because they don’t
care about seeds and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have wheat anywhere else.
Let me take a look at the chests real quick… aaaand no. That’s what I thought. So yeah. Alright, well I think we’re gonna wrap this one up here. So we fixed all the damages
that were done to the pen and to the ground and everything and we made this
little path, got a new pen to put something in in the future, so yeah. But
yeah, luckily the damages done weren’t too bad and it was fairly easy to fix.
Oh look, another new baby chicken. There’s so many of these guys, some of them are
gonna have to die. Like, like probably next episode there’s gonna be a major
chicken slaughter. But yeah, thank you for watching, if you
liked it please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below
and if you have another game that you’d like to see me play make sure to tell me
that in the comments as well and I’ll see if I can make it happen. So once
again thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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  1. Stephanie Mckenzie

    Good episode, you got the chickens out safely, repaired the pen…twice and built another big pen, good job!!! Looking forward to the next episode! 🤗👏🐥🐤🐣🐓🐔

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