Making the deck: How to make your own fingerboards (Part 2/3)

Hi guys my name is Kasper Fejring, and in
this video I will show how to make a fingerboard deck. So the things you will need to make the deck are veneer, a fb mold, wood glue, sand paper, a vice or clamp and a drilling machine with a 2 mm drill. Glue 4 or 5 pieces of veneer together, depending on how thick your veneer is. My veneer is about 0,5 mm thick, so I’m going to use 5 plies. If you want to make the deck a bit stronger, the direction of the grain should change 90 degrees from one ply to the next. Put the plies into the mold and clamp it very
tight together. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before it’s
ready for demoulding. THE NEXT DAY Now you will need to draw the shape you want your deck to have, if you have an old fingerboard you can use it as a template. Sand the deck into the shape you have drawn, it can take a pretty long time, so if you have a coping saw like me you can use that
as well. When you have got the right shape, you will need to drill some holes for the trucks. You have to be careful and very precise to
make sure that the holes will fit to the trucks. You should use either the trucks or an old
fingerboard to mark the position of the holes. After drilling the holes you can chamfer them to make them fit the screws. Finally use some very fine sandpaper to make everything nice and smooth. If you liked this video please hit the like button down below and I will you guys in the next video.

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Reader Comments

  1. João Tadeu

    my fingerboard is extremely soft and bendy with 1mm veneer ( thats the only size of veneer i can get ) help ? i think its maybe the glue that is kinda shitty or the wood is just way too soft idk …

  2. Will Swan


    when drilling the holes put a bit of electrical tape over it and then draw the holes on that, this will make it so the wood won't splinter around it and it will come out with a nice neat finish

  3. buddinghappiness330

    dude I know you don't want to sell these boards so why don't you sell the molds you're really good at making them I don't think I can make one I don't got all the stuff

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