Man gets impaled while hopping fence in Dania Beach, authorities say

now to the very delicate rescue of a man who impaled himself on a fence that rescue was caught on camera and our Ian Margaux got a look at that he’s lied down was doing tonight yeah Calvin you can see where they had to cut away that fence all of this is because this man was trying to take a shortcut home and we have to warn you the video of this rescue it’s a little bit graphic Bart’s flying as rescuers trying to cut off parts of a fence where a man impaled his leg on a spike overnight it started early in the morning on Friday the Broward Sheriff’s Office says 47 year-old Justin GWACs was making his way back home after a night of drinking so dodge lives in a neighborhood that’s actually right over this wall but he decided to take a shortcut by jumping over the fence and that’s when he got into trouble drunk and off-balance dois slipped impaling his knee on the sharp points of the gate right next to the ebenezer deliverance temple rescue crews were called to the scene when someone passing by saw him hanging there and immediately got to work carefully cutting him down telling us in scenarios like this speed is extremely important the goal is to within the hour of that incident happening to have them in the trauma center being seen by the trauma surgeons obviously the quicker the better so the rescuers took Toit’s to Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale we’re told his injury was serious but fortunately was not life-threatening live in Dania Beach he and Margo local 10 News

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  1. Max Well

    This man really did get what he deserved.

    Ps: I am not trying to be hateful on the guy. All I am saying is is that you should not be like that guy. Take your normal way home, thank you.

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