Medieval Rustic Church Interior Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello, my friends and welcome My name is Jay and today we will be handling the interior of the medieval rustic church we built two days ago We will also add a little more detail on the outside like leaves and some mossy stone and a wall surrounding the church and change a few things in the village to make it all match better together But that’s for the second half of this tutorial so lets start with building the interior The first thing you want to do when you get inside is place a dark oak wood floor in the entire area. Don’t look at the marks on the floor, that’s just to make it easier on myself but we’ll start with this front wall And we’ll place three pillars against that stone brick and connect them at the top And then we’ll just fill that entire wall with white concrete blocks So that was very easy Now for the side walls we’ll just remove that cobblestone and cobblestone wall And in the middle we want to have a spruce wood pillar. So fill up that gap and then place a pillar And then fill up those 3 block wide gaps with white concrete Now here at the top, you want to place a glowstone. And then fill up the gap with white concrete and three rows in front of it And then we will repeat this on the opposite side of this part So remove that cobblestone and do the same thing again. Don’t forget that glowstone there And then after that we will place the ceiling in. We’ll start against this front wall and place a crossbeam And then we’ll place seven more crossbeams each time with a one block gap in between them Now the seventh and the eighth one. They come out a little bit but you don’t have to worry about that because we will be placing cross pillars and all that to hide this and they will have the same length in the end Now in between we want to place dark oak stairs on the edges on both the sides. Make sure they are aligned here Like that. And then we’ll do the same on the opposite side Then we’ll place one row of slabs against those stairs And then you basically want to leave one gap Then place three dark oak slabs Then one block gap again and again a slab So slab, gap, three and gap And we’ll just do that in every one of these openings And in those remaining gaps we’ll place cross blocks like this Now with that ceiling done, four blocks away from that door opening you want to have a three block wide carpet and two blocks deep like that And that’s just red wool in the floor And then we’ll place three rows of white concrete. Three blocks wide And next to those we’ll add three block high pillars And this will be the confession stand for when people leave the church Fill up those two gaps with white concrete And then place one more row on each one of these And now at the top we want to place spruce wood fence On this middle one, we also want to remove these two blocks and place spruce fence inside That last one, you can just place spruce fence at the top again And for the doors here we’ll just place two more concrete blocks at the top And then we’ll do the rest later on Now…Lets see..first thing we want to do is fill up this roof here. I am just going to fill that up entirely with white concrete so no monsters and other mobs can spawn in here In case you build it on survival If you want to use this as an attic or a storage room, by all means, go for it But for this tutorial, I’m just filling it up And then we’ll do this wall and we’ll start by removing those blocks in front of the cross and we’ll build around it with our white concrete and then fill up that entire wall with white concrete blocks Then we’ll do these corners. So place two pillars One against those white blocks and one like this and we’ll do the same here And in these little corners we’ll have stairs leading up to that little balcony Place one more pillar in the middle here but yeah, place three rows of white concrete like that and then i’ll have to look at the top where those ladders will be. So we have two more gaps. Okay, so, fill that one up and then cover up the wall until you reach the roof And do that on both sides as well And then we have that one block gap for the ladders so lets place those in first and just come out one ladder at the top. That way its easy to get up on that balcony. The VIP area In case the queen wants to go to church. Then we’ll add a row of oak fence on the edge here And we’ll decorate that in a bit. Now lets do these side area’s The first thing we’ll do here is place a crossbeam from that corner all the way across and here as well And then again we’ll put in the ceiling in the same fashion So each time leaving a one block gap, placing a crossbeam like this Now on that last row you’ll have to remove those slabs and then place the crossbeam Then in the middle you want to place cross blocks again like this That one row where the window is, we’ll fill that up with white concrete in a bit But then on the edges again. Dark oak stairs and then fill up the rest with slabs Now here, where that window is, we’ll just fill that entire gap with white concrete. so the window is one block deep, but it just looks better that way And then we just have to repeat this whole thing on this side wing So again we’ll place that pillar and start with our crossbeams and repeat the whole thing Now here at the top we want to fill up that gap with white concrete as well And then we’ll fill up that entire wall. Again with white concrete blocks And repeat that on the opposite side as well Alright. And now we’ll do this wall. So we’ll start with removing that cross again and building around it with our concrete blocks and then filling up that entire wall following that curve pattern at the bottom Now underneath you see those cobblestone and wood blocks so we’ll just cover that up with white concrete as well to hide all that And then here we want to place one pillar in that corner And then… Let me think, how was it here… Euhm… lets see… Yeah sorry, I have to think a bit here… So we’ll place three rows of concrete. Don’t forget to place another glowstone at the top there Then two pillars and we’ll fill up that entire gap. Not only those two blocks in the floor You can fill up those remaining gaps as well because we won’t have a ladder here And again repeat that on this side of course then, oh, we forgot to place one more pillar here so lets place that one to And we have one more row of concrete there as well we have to place but lets do this first, so fill up that entire wall but leave that window as it is now. Well be decorating that later So lets add that one more row of concrete And I still think something is wrong there so we’ll get back to that Now well cover up the inside of the roof with dark oak stairs all the way to the top to that middle beam and then the other side as well That way the roof looks nice as well And this is the little mistake. We actually want to place two pillars here and connect them at the top Like that. Because then we can hide the light near the altar. You’ll see that in a bit Alright. Now in these walls, three blocks away from the right side we’ll dig out a line And then three blocks away from the left side as well. And then we’ll fill that up with spruce wood And we’ll do the same on the opposite side of the church And then we can do the stairs on the balcony So we’ll start right in the center with one stair. Leave a one block gap and a one block gap and just fill them up so you have a five block wide stair there. Well… Seat… And then we’ll add trapdoors at the top Now here against that pillar in the back we’ll place two stairs and then with one row in between we’ll place rows of five stairs like this until you reach that front pillar. So you should have five rows in total And then we’ll place trapdoors on all of them and open them up so it looks like church chairs And then we’ll also add some trapdoors on the sides to decorate those further Now… Two blocks away from that front bench you want to have a carpet again with red wool As you can see, its one block away from the sides and two blocks away from the widows so three blocks wide and five blocks long Then we’ll place the holy water at the entrance. Because that’s what I have on my action bar before I change everything what else can we put in Two chairs with trapdoors above it for the confession stand We’ll put in the doors in a bit And then we’ll place some glass panes in those crosses. So red in the center and black surrounding it You can choose different colors if you want to. But as i said in the previous tutorial Red and black are my favorite colors. That’s why I always use them And then in these corners we’ll place two cauldrons with leaves on top just to decorate that further Oh, I forgot to fill up this gap so lets do that first And then we can do the altar So we’ll start with a oak stair one block away from the edge and we’ll do the same on this side And then in between we’ll place an upside down and in front as well And then you’ll have to place two stairs in front of that to place the next stair. The upside down one here. And then remove those two stairs Then we’ll add two trapdoors in the front Oh, that one’s wrong, let me do that again Then in the back we’ll place three at the bottom Then add three stairs on top. That’s temporary Place one in the middle no, we won’t do the one on the side. Just the one in the middle and then two in the front Yeah, like that. That will look good. And then remove those three stairs That’s a great looking altar in my opinion Then where the holy water is, we’ll place two fences with two torches on top to light that up And then with dark oak stairs, upside down, we’ll place two right there With flowerpots on top and some flowers inside and we’ll repeat that on the opposite wall as well And that is that area completely done Now here in these side area’s I didn’t know what to do So what I did is basically place two cauldrons with leaves on top If you guys have any idea’s on what to do with these side area’s, then by all means, do it Because I ran out of idea’s on this. I’m not really a church person. I don’t go to church a lot so, yeah I put in what i remembered ‘laughs’ Then here in the back we’ll place two more of those cauldrons with leaves with fences next to it and some torches on top of it as well And then, lets see… We’ll add some lighting here. So two fences again, right above those benches, above those trapdoors With two torches on top. And then where those ladders are, we’ll place two fences on both sides With slabs on top and a stair in the middle to decorate that a bit And lets see, what else can we do Here we’ll place two upside down stairs with flowerpots and flowers And then lets do the lighting first. So we’ll start here. That’s why I wanted those pillars to come out so these two are a bit hidden from the people sitting in the church So we’ll do the same on this side and I’m using dark oak slabs inside the frames Then on these three pillars you want to do the same thing And on the opposite side as well That way this entire area is nicely lit up And then we’ll add two more in the hallways next to the confession stand as well on that middle pillar So right here And then on the other side as well What else do we need to do. ah. Lets place the doors in here But we’ll place them.. no, lets place them in from the inside No, that’s wrong again. Like that There we go And we’ll close them Give them some privacy Lets remove that glowstone. And now we’ll decorate this wall We’ll just place two fences on the sides with torches on top. Second block from the bottom And then in the middle we’ll add a painting so just place two temporary blocks or stairs or whatever so you have a two block high painting in between And then on the opposite side we’ll do the same thing and make sure that its the same painting It just matches better together if you do that And then here we’ll place two one block paintings. So just surround that with blocks and then place the paintings you want in the back here And now we’ll make a little chandelier. So in line with that painting, that’s where you want to place that first block Then two stairs on the sides And then we’ll add three oak fences underneath the fourth one, we want to do this And then underneath those fences we’ll add four slabs and in the center a full block in dark oak again And then all you need to do is place some torches on top of that And that is the interior done so lets move to the outside We’ll start at the back of the church because we haven’t decorated that window yet And we’ll do that by placing three stairs at the top slabs underneath and then full blocks in between At the bottom you want to place three upside down stairs grass blocks in between, trap door against it and some flowers on top And then you can fill up all the windows with glass panes Now. For those building the entire village, stick around because we changed a few things and I’ll go over that once I went over everything that needs to be added to the church and the walls surrounding the church. When you placed all the windows, you want to replace some of the cobblestone and cobblestone walls going around the church with mossy cobblestone and mossy cobblestone wall And then you want to add some leaves. Hanging leaves on some random spots as well Now there’s no rule for this. Its very random so just place them where you want to place them And then for the stone brick area’s you want to add some cracked stone brick and some stairs Again this is very random.Its just to make it look a little more withered and older then The way it was looking before. It looked very new and very clean. The dark oak at the door. Change that with spruce. It just looks better with the doors and all that. And then make a pathway going to the main road Now, once you did that. One block away from the road and one block away from that pathway, we’ll place the first block And then we’ll place a wall on top with a block on top of that and a stone brick slab Then we’ll leave a ten block gap. So the eleventh block, that’s where you want to place the next one Like this, so its the exact same thing there Now in between we’ll place four slabs at the bottom on both sides and then we’ll add two upside down stairs like this. And break that first one like that. Then change that in to a cross And after that you want to place iron fence in between these gaps so that’s four iron fence on both sides Then we’ll add three slabs in stone brick And then two stairs in this direction again in stone brick And then on top of that you want to place two stairs like this. Break that first one. And then place that one And you want to do that two times in the front. On both sides. And five times on the side And once you did that, you can cover up the back with two rows of leaves All the way to this corner here Now, we also made the entrance to the graveyard here so we’ll go over this as well You want to place a slab there and there and then a full block here and here On top of that place a wall and then again full blocks then you want to place a stair And two slabs on top of those with a full block in between And then for those building the village. There’s a few things we need to change. The market place used to be in oak wood. We changed that to spruce wood to make it match the colors of all the builds It really looks a lot better like this. And then the main road used to be like this which in my opinion looks very cluttered in this village So we made this a lot cleaner as you can see. And it really looks medieval because of those stone brick patches inside of that road Now how we did that. the road used to be five blocks wide and you had two blocks of grass on both the sides. Now its seven blocks wide which leaves you with one row of grass So those five blocks you used to have You fill that up by placing stairs on the edge and then in the middle you just want to place some random blocks of stone brick And then fill up the rest with cobblestone slabs So this is very random but it really looks medieval. I think it looks beautiful. So I think this is what we will keep And then next to it well make the sidewalks in spruce wood And that way that pattern from the market place really connects everything together Lots to do and change for those building the village But hopefully you agree with me when i say ‘it looks much better now’. Let me know in the comments bellow what your thoughts are Give the video a like if you like it and share it with your friends It really helps me and the channel a great deal so i’d appreciate it Subscribe to the channel for more minecraft candy and remember You can place requests in the comments bellow. Surprise us. This was Jay. Thank you for watching and all your support And I’ll see you in the next video; Bye ‘waves’

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  1. Cubi Craft - Minecraft

    And here we are guys, The interior + a whole bunch of detail to make the church look a lot better. Enjoy and don't hesitate to tell us what you think 🙂 To build the church itself, here is the tutorial for that

  2. xlXRetroGamerXlx

    Word of advice on the interior parts of the build, PUT SOME FUCKIN’ LIGHT IN THERE FIRST PLZ. Fucking straining on the eyes to see some of the things you puttin down in there. 😒

  3. marian spring

    Hoping for the tutorial on the graveyard. Hope it didn't get lost when computer crashed. Love your videos and thanks so much for doing them!!

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