Medieval Rustic Church Minecraft Tutorial Video

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  1. Cubi Craft - Minecraft

    We had to re-upload this one as something went wrong in the upload the first time. I have no idea what caused it but some people were unable to view the video. We hope the new upload works now for you. Apologies for the double upload to those that didn't have problems viewing the video. But we do want everyone to be able to enjoy this build l)

  2. Robin [ロビン]

    hey cubi instead of white concreed i am gonna use white wool cause i build all the building with white wool if thats ok 😛 and i have another idea what you could add to the village: maybe a farm with animals like sheep,cows and so on… And awesome church again^^

  3. Kylie Fickert

    Cubi Craft- i have some suggestions of what you could build next
    – medieval boats
    – light house
    – dock
    – and cattle farms
    I hope you like my suggestion i just found your channel and now you are my favorite youtuber.

  4. The Dacian

    God damnit why you showing every step..The building is great but instead of doing step by step you should talk about the thinking process more an less of step by step

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