Medieval Rustic Church Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello My Friends and welcome My name is Jay and Today’s Build Is a Medieval Rustic Styled Church Which Was a Request By Several People We made It a Moderate Sized Church and Added It to the Medieval Village We are Building with you here on the channel? Today we’ll Handle The Build itself and This Friday we’ll Add The entire interior to it But Let’s get into Building this medieval Church Now first Things first if you’re Building Games hire a Village You want to start 14 blocks Away from That Wooden Pathway in the back Of The Marketplace That’s where we’ll start with the Dark oak Slabs What is there to the church and The Plot of Land Will Be Using so the grass area Is 30 35 40 blocks the build itself However is 29 By 36 We’ll start in the front center and this is the slab that Is 14 blocks Away from that wooden pathway from Your Market Place Now once You place That you can Place Two Slabs Like This and five full blocks behind it in this pattern then You want to add 3/4 block high Pillars in Stone Brick and then we’ll Start With our cobblestone So Just follow What I do on screen and leave a gap where I leave a gap, go diagonal Where i go diagonal and you should be fine i won’t be speeding up one side of the build that way you can easily follow it So it’s Every time a One Block gap except for here. You’ll have three block gaps because we’ll have three windows on this part. So three broke gap here and then here again a three block gap and after that it’s one block gaps and diagonal once again And then you just want to repeat that pattern on the opposite side of the church. it’s the exact same pattern but Flipped Mirrored. So you shouldn’t, have much trouble If you’re in doubt then just pause the video and have a look on the other side and just mirror the entire thing so you have this result then You want to add two more blocks here and on this side as well because these will be the towers. These towers Then you want to add two cobblestone walls on each of the blocks around the entire outline we just placed Also on these circular patterns for the towers. And on top of the cobblestone walls you want to place a full block of cobblestone and again repeat that around the entire build With that done we can change to spruce wood and now we want. to place a pillar behind every block with walls So I’ll go slow on one side once again. That Way you can follow It easily. And then again you just want to repeat it on the other side in mirror. Now here in that circle it’s just two pillars in each corner So I’ll speed that part up a little bit and then here you want to add three more pillars But yeah, just follow those blocks with the walls and you should be fine. Leave the gaps where there are three block gaps like here for the windows Three block gap here, then here we have 2 times a one block gap and then one more gap in the back as well and then there you’ll have another window And now repeat it on this side again to have this result. Then… With white concrete We’ll fill up the remaining gaps basically. So here in the front where the stone brick Part is You want to place two pillars in the corners Then that gap here, you just want to fill that up with a square in white concrete blocks as well And then every time where you see a one-book gap you want to place a pillar except for where the windows are So here we’ll Just place a square like this With a pillar behind it to fill up that gap. In that gap it’s just a square Then Here again a square with the pillar And then there’s a few more gaps in the back that you have to fill up with one pillar And that big gap in the middle in the back, that’s two windows next to each other so this shape And then again repeat that on the other side In mirror Now with that done. In these gaps here we want to place a glowstone in the ground A slab at the bottom and then a slab at the top and fill up those gaps with spruce fence And again we’ll repeat that in every gap where there’s only one row of concrete So that’s basically what you have to look at and just repeat that in every gap like that If it’s a three book gap, that’s for a window so you don’t don’t. have the bother with that for now Again i’ll do one side and then skip the other side is the exact same thing And then this is your end result for this part Now next We’ll do the roof shape so replace those slabs on the sides Place stairs in there and then you just want to go up with stairs and upside down stairs until both sides meet up in the middle And at the top we’ll place that same little shape we used on the windmill That way It all matches together when we place the windmill in as well At the top of these doors we want to place a slab in the corners with an upside down stair Underneath and then we’ll go up half slab each time with full blocks Then we’ll place doors in but break that middle pillar otherwise they’ll point in the wrong direction Okay. Let’s do the spruce wood first. So we want to place three blocks here and three blocks on this side and Then we’ll remove those two corner blocks because you see half of those blocks in the front and we’ll place crossbeams like this Then add two more pillars in the center with a one block gap as well Now at the top we’ll want a cross but let’s fill Up those side gaps first with spruce fence So just place two fences. Actually no, place three fences. So one more at the top there. You’ll have to point a little bit but yeah And now here at the top we want to place a cross patters so we’ll remove.this stair and this stair and place a normal stair there Underneath that we’ll place two upside down stairs pointing inwards and then at the bottom of that we’ll add two slabs And that will give you a cross pattern Now you will want to replace that top stair with a slab as well Then in the back we’ll fill up that up with red stained glass Well I’m using red stained glass If You want to use another color by all means go for it But yes I just love red and black so i always use one of those colors or a combination of the two Let me Just place a row of Stairs on top so that connects And then we’ll fill Up that one gap with cobblestone in the front and cover up the back with white concrete and then here one more block of cobblestone in that one gap there Now for the Roof itself In the front here what we’ll do Is do three rows of spruce wood then a row of cobblestone Then again three rows of spruce wood, a row of cobblestone And one more time three rows of spruce wood and a row of cobblestone That’s for the front and now we just have to fill that up all the way to the top of the roof And then just repeat It on this side as well of course Now in that Middle gap at the top we’ll add a crossbeam in spruce wood And then at the end we want to have that shape again with the upside down stair normal stair and then the slab on top Now where those rows cobblestone are place a full block and then add Slabs in between And then we can do the back. That’s slightly different here We’ll place three upside down stairs and then full blocks in between After that you just want to do the same thing with the roof. Its the same size so you’ll end up at the same height So again replace those slabs on the side with stairs and go up with stairs and upside down stairs until they meet up in the middle And at the top you want to do that little shape again with the slab on top Now to fill up this part its actually the same as in the front So again we’ll add a cross at the top by removing those two stairs Its these ones, yes, these two. And then again replace that with a slab Two upside down stairs pointing inwards underneath that And then two slabs at the bottom Then again with spruce wood. Three blocks in the corners And two more rows in the center Fill up that top bit with stained glass, the bottom with cobblestone and then the sides with fence Let me just place that row of spruce Well, on this side its basically three rows of spruce and one row of cobblestone and then just fill it up to the middle bit at the top So we won’t go further in the back here And then we can place those fences in and again covering all that up with white concrete blocks And again, we’ll do the inside on Friday so don’t worry about how it looks right now Now at the top we want to again add some spruce wood, a full block where the cobblestone is and slabs in between And that’s the backside done Then next, back in the front, we’ll add two slabs on these two pillars And then we’ll extend these pillars five more blocks. So this one And then this one on the corner Now against those blocks we want to place two stairs and one upside down We’ll do the same on the other pillar on the outside And then again we want to connect these two by using normal and upside down stairs until they meet up in the middle And that will give us the shape for the main roof And then we just have to repeat the whole thing on the backside as well So again we’ll add two slabs on those two pillars Extend this pillar five blocks And then the one on the other corner Add three stairs. So two and one upside down Do the same on the other pillar and then connect them so they form that triangle for the main roof When you did that, you want to connect them at the top with a crossbeam in spruce wood going all the way across from one to the other side And then we’ll add five rows of spruce, gap, five rows of spruce, gap and five rows of spruce In those gaps you can place cobblestone and that’s the pattern we’ll use for the entire roof And we’ll bring that all the way down to that bottom line of cobblestone stairs here So just fill up that entire roof And then of course also do it on the other side here Then at the top, where the cobblestone is, a full block and then fill up the gaps with slabs once again And now we can fill up those empty gabs between the lower and higher roof We’ll do that by placing a spruce pillar one block away from that outer pillar and bring it down to where the roof is Just to the bottom of the stairs. And then one more next to that with one block gap And we’ll do the same on the back and the front side on both sides of that gap In between we want to have a cross and we’ll use stone brick for this and just follow the pattern of the roof here Fill up to the top of that roof and then we’ll build that cross pattern In the center we’ll leave two blocks open Then we’ll come out one block like this and come in one block again and then just fill it up at the top And then you can fill that up with the glass pane color you used for the crosses at the bottom of the build And now we’ll just repeat that whole thing in the back as well And we that done. We want to fill up the gaps in between the pillars here with spruce fence And place a crossbeam on the height of where the cobblestone edge is of the roof And repeat this on all sides. Now here in this corner you want to place a corner stair to close off that gap So just place two stairs like this and then one against it and you’ll have a nice little corner to close that off For the rest, its just that crossbeam and filling it up with fence After that you want to cover up all that fence on the inside and also that cross at the top with white concrete blocks And then that’s your result for now Now the sides of the build. And remember, both sides are the same so you can build them together Or you can do this side with me and then do the other side again by scrolling back in the video But yeah, we’ll start off with a pillar, so just extend this pillar and fill it up with stone brick on both sides And then against that pillar, you want to place two stone bricks and leave a one block gap each time And you should end up against the pillar. Then fill up those gaps with spruce wood again And underneath that we’ll place a crossbeam going from one side to the other Now against each of those spruce block at the top we’ll place a cobblestone wall And then under the first two and the last two we want to place a cobblestone slab as well. But only those four. Now next to that second slab we’ll start with the roof.with a full block and we’ll come down a half slab each time and then you should end up on that one block on the corner here So just add a stair against that to finish that row off And then repeat that on this side as well Now for the windows we’ll place two stairs at the top with a full block in between two slabs underneath those stairs, two upside down stairs at the bottom And then a grass block with a trapdoor and some flowers on top And then just repeat that on those remaining two windows on this side And again, you can build the other side of the build at the same time. That’s really your choice Then to fill up the roof. In the center, so above that flowerpot, we’ll cobblestone and then the rest, we’ll fill that up with spruce wood planks. And just follow that pattern from the sides with full blocks each time and fill up that entire roof Then the only thing we need to do now is fill up those side gaps Let me get to the inside. That will be a little bit easier to work with So we’ll start with placing two slabs on this one And this one here And then we’ll fill up those sides with spruce wood sideways So we’ll have to break that slab, bring it out, then break that top slab and bring it out again to the same length And here we will do the exact same thing Oh, I need to place two more there Then fill up those two gaps with stone brick And next to that we’ll add a pillar going from the ground to that crossbeam at the top Here, and then here again And after that you just have to repeat the whole thing on the right hand side of the build to get this result And now for the towers. We’ll start off with full blocks of cobblestone on each of those wooden pillars Then place two walls on top of each of the blocks And then on each of those walls we want to place a full block of cobblestone Then in between those gaps we’ll add two slabs. Except for the side of the roof. There it’s only going to be one slab And behind those slabs we want to place a full block of stone brick In the corners we’ll add four pillars to the top of those cobblestone blocks And then at the top we’ll add four more stone brick blocks Then you can fill up those gaps with windows I am using black here but you can use any color you want of course Then at the top of those full blocks above the windows we’ll add slabs And on top of those slabs we’ll add four spruce fences Then we’ll add a square like this And now, on top of the fences, we’ll add a full block of cobblestone and then we’ll go down a half block on both sides of that full block So one more time here Just like that And then two more times Now here we want to place four pillars, four blocks high, in a cross pattern like this And in the corners we’ll add four cobblestone wall And then at the top of the cobblestone wall we’ll add a slab, full block in the middle and slab a wall underneath and one more slab. So one more time. slab, slab, full block, wall and slab And then two more times Then add four more stairs in the center of those parts And then four more full blocks on top of those walls And then we can build the roof in spruce wood We’ll start with full blocks on each of those corners Then we’ll add stairs on top of those pointing inwards And in between those gaps we’ll add two full blocks On top of those full blocks, add another stair And then in the corners on top of that cobblestone, we want to add two full blocks as well Then in between, three full blocks starting behind that stair On top of these we’ll add four more stairs and then we’ll come out a full block at the top Now for the cross. We’ll do that with cobblestone wall So five walls like that. And then you can replace that middle block with either cobblestone of stone brick On that one I used cobblestone. Here I used stone brick Then we’ll add two more walls here and here with fences on top And then at the bottom of the roof here, we’ll add two more walls and bring fences down And then repeat that on the backside of the tower as well And then all you need to do is copy this tower to the other side of the church to finish off the outside of the church. This Friday we will be adding the interior and further detailing on this medieval rustic church So mark that in your agenda I hope you like the church so far, and if you do, give it a like and share it with your friends That really helps me out a great deal and it lets me know what you want to see on the channel Don’t forget to subscribe for more minecraft candy, and remember You can place requests in the comments bellow so don’t hesitate to do so Thank you for watching and all your support. This was Jay and i’ll see you in the next video. Bye ‘waves’

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  1. Cubi Craft - Minecraft

    We had to re-upload this one as something went wrong in the upload the first time. I have no idea what caused it but some people were unable to view the video. We hope the new upload works now for you. Apologies for the double upload to those that didn't have problems viewing the video. But we do want everyone to be able to enjoy this build l)

  2. Robin [ロビン]

    hey cubi instead of white concreed i am gonna use white wool cause i build all the building with white wool if thats ok 😛 and i have another idea what you could add to the village: maybe a farm with animals like sheep,cows and so on… And awesome church again^^

  3. Kylie Fickert

    Cubi Craft- i have some suggestions of what you could build next
    – medieval boats
    – light house
    – dock
    – and cattle farms
    I hope you like my suggestion i just found your channel and now you are my favorite youtuber.

  4. The Dacian

    God damnit why you showing every step..The building is great but instead of doing step by step you should talk about the thinking process more an less of step by step

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