Medieval Rustic Enchanter Store Shop Study Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello my friends and welcome My name is Jay and this time we are going to build this lovely medieval rustic styled enchanter store or study In this tutorial we’ll make it an enchanter store on the bottom floor and a study on the first floor Though you could make that a living quarter, depending on what you’d like the most But lets get right in to building If you are building the entire village, then your enchanter store should be on the left hand side across from the blacksmith And we’ll place the first pillar 5 blocks away from the outer wall These are the materials you’ll need And the dimensions of the build are 21 by 19 blocks with the build being 18 blocks high Now, we’ll start with our first pillar on the left side of this plot of land and that’s the pillar that is 5 blocks away from the outer wall And we’ll make that 6 blocks high Then against the top we’ll place 5 logs and a 6 block high pillar next to that And that way you’ll have a 5 block gap to start of with Now behind that right pillar, we want to place a 5 block high pillar and then a 6 block high pillar Each time with 1 block gap Here a 5 block high, then a 5 block gap 5 block high and then a 6 block high pillar And again we’ll connect these Now in that middle gap, we’ll have the main doorway to the house So we’ll just place 2 pillars up until that crossbeam at the top with 2 blocks like this For the right side of the build we’ll place a 5 block high pillar, leave a 5 block gap A 5 block high pillar and then a 6 block high pillar And again we’ll connect them at the top The back of the build, the start is the same as the side so we’ll do that first 5 blocks, 5 gap, 5 blocks and then 6 blocks and then connect them at the top And then next to that we’ll place 2 more 5 block high pillars and then 1 more 6 block high pillar Now for this remaining side, we’ll do a 5 block high pillar, 3 block gap, then 5 blocks A 1 block gap, then 6 blocks and then 2 times 5 blocks in between those 2 Then connect that at the top as well and then we have our main setup done for the house Now we’ll do the starting points of our roof and we’ll start right here on this corner And bring that all the way to that crossbeam above the front door And then we’ll place a full block of cobblestone on top Here we want to do the same thing. So stair, upside down stair and full block And this is the pattern we basically want to do on all those 6 block high pillars Because that is where the starting points of our roof will be So right here we have 1. But this, we want to connect this like so Then place your full blocks. And I am placing those full blocks so its easy to see where your roofs will start We’ll have 1 more here on this 6 block high pillar, again connecting them like this Full block on top and then one more on this corner as well Then the side, that left side of the build, you can completely fill that with cobblestone stairs And in the front we’ll have that shape 1 more time And for the last one you just want to place a cobblestone block here Now the shapes of the roofs we’ll use on this one are slightly different then the other builds we did so far So we’ll place a normal stair and upside down stair. And then full block of cobblestone on top of those upside down stairs And this is the pattern we’ll use all the way to the top until they meet up in the middle And from now on we will be using this kind of shape in housing later on in the village So we have a little bit of a mix up of different roofs so it doesn’t all look exactly the same But yeah, this is the shape of roof we’ll do everywhere where you have those cobblestone blocks So i’ll do it one more time here on that little one And then after that you just have to repeat it 2 more times on that side one and the back one To have this as an end result, so you should have 4 in total Then we can fill up the roof and we’ll start with those 2 big ones here We’ll just connect them at the top and we’ll do the easiest side first, which is this side here, the right side of the build You just want to place your full blocks first. So just follow that pattern of cobblestone that we placed Place your full blocks first and then you’ll have an easy time placing your stairs on top Saves a lot of time. It goes a lot faster that way Then place some cobblestone slabs on top And then we’ll do that little part in the back here. On the right side in the back And we’ll do that by making corners with our full blocks of spruce wood. So right here And then there. And the next one is one more block to the inside But that way you’ll have an easy time placing your stairs on top of these as well Then against that long roof, the highest one, we want to place 1 more row of stairs And one more row of spruce wood plank blocks as well We’ll connect that side roof with spruce logs all the way to that top roof And then we’ll add a row of slabs on top in cobblestone and then one more row of spruce wood plank stairs and blocks underneath that, but this time you want to make it a corner These two rows. So they connect to that roof there And then we’ll move to the bottom and do this part first and that’s the same as that little part in the back Its the exact same size so just make your corners again with your full blocks and place stairs on top Connect that roof with spruce logs And then place slabs on top. And that last bit, I’ll do that a little bit slower Because that can be a little bit confusing sometimes So we’ll start right here against that top block and we’ll place a row of spruce blocks And then here as well. And we’ll connect them in a rectangular shape coming out 1 block from that top roof here like so And then you can just place a row of stairs on top of that whole line Now the row bellow that is the exact same. The only difference is that we want to come out 1 block in the back as well So right here, make sure that’s one block away from that level above it And then the last part is 3 blocks of spruce, then 3 stairs Then remove this stair and place a stair instead in spruce wood and place 3 full blocks behind it. And that is the roof completely filled up Then we’ll move to white concrete and we’ll do the walls on the inside. Here we’ll have 2 windows. So we’ll just build a square 1 more row at the bottom and 2 blocks in the center and that gives you 2 block windows, 2 blocks away from the ground Here as well we’ll have a window. But just 1 window. Like so. Just make sure that each time you have 2 rows of concrete at the bottom because the floor will be 1 block higher then the grass That way it will look good And then here its the exact same as the one we just did. So 2 rows, 2 walls on the sides. Like so. And then you just want to go around the build on the inside and fill up all the remaining gaps with white concrete up until the height of the windows we just built. And with that done, we can start with those triangular shapes and we’ll start with the one above those 2 windows We’ll place 2 rows of white concrete. And then in the center, we’ll make our window So 2 blocks there and there and then just fill up all the remaining gaps For the big one here, we’ll start with one row at the bottom because we have to fill up that side bit as well so we’ll do that first So 2 blocks here and then fill up those 3 rows as well And then, above the door, above those 2 pillars, we’ll place 4 blocks of white concrete And then one block at the bottom and the top. And then you can fill up all the rest with white concrete blocks The back side is the exact same. So you start of with 2 rows of white concrete And just make sure that your window here is right above the window from the bottom floor For the rest you can just fill the whole thing up. And the side window is again the same. Its just a little bit smaller. Its just the alignment of your window that’ is important so make sure that its above the window of the bottom floor. For the rest its just following the whole pattern. And then fill up those 3 remaining gaps in the walls as well. So here… In the back you have 1 and then on the side you have 1 more. And then we can start with the decoration So we’ll start with that little triangle again and we’ll place 2 pillars next to the window on the left and the right And then 1 cross block right above the window Then fill up those gaps with spruce wood fences on the sides and at the top. And then above the window we’ll place one more row of spruce fence and in the center, right bellow the window, 1 more fence For this big one, we’ll place 2 logs in both of the corners And then 1 block away from those, we’ll place 2 more pillars going all the way to the top One block above the window a crossbeam and in the middle another pillar Then at the top 2 more cross blocks and then you can start filling up those gaps with fences And then also at the top of the window and the bottom of the window, we want to have some fences But here we do want to place 2 more cross blocks There And then there And then 2 more fences here at the bottom Now we’ll do the doorway. This is basically the edge of the pathway we’ll build with the fences so just place fences in this pattern And then place 2 cobblestone blocks in between those gaps with 3 fences on top of both these blocks That’s for the roof we’ll build above the doorway in a bit. Now in these gaps we want to place some more fences and then we’ll do the left side of the build first Before we move on to other materials. So here we’ll just place a row going all the way to the back And 2 fences bellow the window. And then at the top, 1 block away from the sides, we’ll do a pillar And then again, 1 block above the window, a crossbeam with a pillar in the center on top of that And then its the same thing like all the other ones. Fill up those gaps with spruce wood Place spruce wood at the top of the window and then 2 at the bottom Now for the back i’ll just do the lower side here Because the top bit, that triangle at the top is the exact same one as the big one in the front So just repeat that whole thing on this one And then here its just a row at the top and 2 fences bellow the window And then we can switch to cobblestone full blocks And we’ll start with two blocks where the front door is. In those corners And 4 blocks on the left here And then we just want to zigzag around the pillars. Only where there’s windows, you want to leave gaps But for the rest, fill up all the gaps with full blocks. I’ll slow down where there’s windows That way you’ll see it there very easily. And then we’ll switch to cobblestone stairs and where the door is, we’ll place two stairs sideways And then we’ll place them towards the build like this. Now every time where there’s a window, you want to place them sideways on those blocks And then upside down in those gaps bellow it. Leave the middle one as it is because we’ll place some grass blocks on there later on But again I’ll slow it down each time there is a window just to make it a little easier Here we can remove those 2 fences. It needs to be 2 stairs there And then lastly, this one, which is the same as the one in the back. Now this gap here in the corner. You can use that to light up this part of the build You can either place a glowstone in there or a torch Me, I went for a torch because I used torches in the whole build Then here we’ll build a little roof above the door with some slabs on the sides And then we’ll go down one slab. 3 full blocks in the center And then we’ll build that little shape that we used on the roofs as well So just 2 stairs, 1 behind, slab on top and just connect it to that crossbeam above the door And then from underneath, with spruce wood plank slabs, we’ll place some rows of slabs. 2 on both sides and then 1 in the center And that finishes off that little roof Now for the next part we’ll build a little pathway here. So just place 8 blocks and on the inside you want to place 6 blocks like this Don’t do the rest yet because the rest will be 1 block higher Then… To finish off the decorations on the outside, we’ll just place a grass block with a trapdoor and some flowers on top Glass panes in the windows. I used black stained glass for the windwos but you can go for any color you want And then just use some trapdoors on the sides. Don’t forget to place that door in from the inside where that front door is And I’ll just go over all the windows slowly Well, not real slow, I’ll speed it up a little bit But you will see all the windows. That way you won’t make any mistakes But the pattern is basically the same. Its just grass blocks with flowers and trapdoors And then some glass panes in the gaps And then we have 1 more on that last side of the build here And then we can start with the interior decoration Now for this next part here on the inside Well place 2 5 block high pillars 1 block away from that door And then right across from those pillars, we’ll place 2 more So make sure that that’s a nice rectangular shape, square shape, excuse me Then 2 crossbeams on top of these pillars And then we’ll connect the front and the back of the build here as well You can remove these 3 though because we’ll have a staircase here Then we’ll place 2 more crossbeams here against the walls and then one more in the center And we’ll repeat that on the next big gap as well so we have 4 times that 2 block wide gap And then you can fill those gaps up with dark oak wood slabs at the top of these beams Now at the door we’ll start off with 3 stairs in spruce wood and then on the sides we’ll place 3 full blocks And then you can fill up that entire floor with spruce wood planks And on the top level we will place a row here against this wall, the front wall. And then fill up that entire floor as well. Then switch to white concrete and that gap here underneath, we’ll fill that up with white concrete And then we will place 2 pillars on the corners of that roof, so right here And then on that other corner here as well. And then you can fill up those 2 gaps with white concrete again; On the back wall, we’ll start on the corner and we’ll leave 2 block gaps this time, and each time place a pillar. And then fill up those 2 block gaps with white concrete once again And then on this wall here, we’ll place 1 pillar in the middle and fill up the rest with white concrete Then for the ceiling. We’ll place that ceiling on the height of that one block gap we have here underneath that little roof So right there. That’s the level where we want to have the ceiling and we’ll do that in dark oak planks But leave 1 block gap here, next to that window because that will be the ladder that goes to the attic For the rest you can just fill up the whole thing then we’ll build the staircase and we’ll just do that one block away from that front wall And we’ll go all the way to the top with some spruce fence Now, its not really a round staircase, it has a bit of a weird shape but you’ll see that in just a sec But we’ll start off with 2 spruce pillars here and we’ll place 1 cross block at the top Now you’ll see me place a concrete block, don’t place that one because it will be in the way anyway That’s a little mistake I made when I was recording But then in that gap at the bottom here, you want to start with your slabs And then we’ll go to the left side with our slabs and just go up a half slab each time Its kind of a round staircase but not really So right here, we actually want to go towards that floor And that way we can extend those 2 pillars all the way to the roof Well, to the ceiling And then we’ll fill those side walls up with some spruce wood as well We’ll probably remove one row though when we do the interior, but for now lets just do it like this I’ll just place a torch here so we have a bit of light And then 2 fences here on this level And bellow that as well, just so people can’t fall off Then for the attic, we’ll add some ladders in that gap And then in the attic itself we’ll also fill up that bottom line there with full blocks of spruce wood planks Just to clean that up a bit more. And then two rows of stairs at the top there so light doesn’t come through And then to light it up I just place one torch at the end of this little corridor here Place the door inside and then 2 more torches like this I won’t be decorating this attic in this tutorial, however, we will be doing the store and the stude on the first floor But this is the materials you’ll need from now on for the interior. So we’ll start right here by making something that really makes it resemble an enchanting shop And we’ll start with an enchantment table 3 blocks away from those fences with 2 cobblestone blocks behind it Then 2 stone brick stairs, upside down on the sides of that enchantment table with 2 walls on top And then finish that off with 2 slabs and 2 stairs in stone brick Add 2 torches on the side of this cobblestone And then you can add a sign with the name of your store. I named mine ‘Harry’s Enchantments’. Let me know in the comments bellow what fun name you came up with for your store But right here on the first floor, we’ll build the chimney and the fireplace So we want to remove those 3 middle lines, all the way like that, 2 rows And then we’ll build a square in the ground like this. Now don’t fire up that netherrack just yet if you build it on survival or if your fire spread is not off Otherwise your roof is going to burn. But in my case its off and I’m on creative so for me its fine But this is the chimney we’ll build. Now make sure to remove these and place cobblestone instead because otherwise it will still burn We’ll make this fireproof when we do the outside so don’t worry Here i forgot a slab at the bottom there, between those 2 cobblestone blocks so make sure to place a lab there And then on the outside, we’ll remove these 2 and place stairs instead and a stair on top in the center Then remove that stair, place two full blocks A stair pointing in this direction, then an upside down stair 2 blocks on top and surround that top block with stairs And then you can basically replace that center block with a slab And then to make it fireproof, we’ll remove this block and this block And then 5 more blocks above it as well And we’ll replace those with cobblestone And 2 stairs here And that’s your fireplace and chimney done as well Then for the interior, we’ll add 2 rows of fences next to the door and 2 fences like this Then right here, don’t forget that gate to go to the stairs. In spruce wood. And then, with dark oak, we’ll place stairs like this, and 2 on this wall And these will be the stands that display what is for sale And well use bookshelves in this store as its an enchanting store and that fits it really wall Then we can add some slabs on top and some item frames with some enchantment books in there The enchantment table itself, we’ll build that on this wall, so just place 5 bookshelves and 5 on top And your enchantment table in that corner And then we’ll just add some slabs and some doors to cover that back up Right here we’ll place another pillar and then slabs on top Full block in the middle there. Like so Now for the counter itself, we’ll do 2 stairs, thats again dark oak wood, a full block Leave a one block gap, then full block and stairs in between And then on that corner block, you want to place 2 spruce wood fences And add some slabs in a corner on top of those fences Make sure to place a torch there, that’s how we’ll light up this side of the shop and it will be nicely hidden So we want to place some fences bellow those slabs and then we’ll add a gate between these blocks A chest and a stair right there for the cash register And then some brown carpet and black carpet to finish that part off Here you want to place some black carpet and in front, 2 black and 2 red The brown carpet is for on the counter Then place a cauldron there and there with some leaves on top And 2 torches on these fences to light up the place We’ll place 2 more fences with torches between these as well And then we’ll add a little more carpet where that enchantment table is so it doesn’t look so plain. Like this And then we can move to the first floor. And I decided to make this a study But you can make this a living quarters as well. But I just placed 3 rows of bookshelves, 2 blocks high With some slabs on top and I’m using the same materials like on the bottom floor Then I added some doors here and yeah, we are going to remove one row where that door is here because it doesn’t really look to good so yeah, just remove one row; We have more then enough room there And then we can place our door right there I’ll fill up that gap in a bit. But then in these corners where the door is, we can place 2 more cauldrons with some leaves on top And that decorates it much better then next to that fireplace on the right, we’ll place one more cauldron And on the left we’ll place another bookshelf in a corner like this Again a door against it to hide that side and then some slabs on top That corner slab, make that a full block so you don’t have that ugly shadow in the corner there Then one more cauldron next to that ladder with some leaves And then we’ll build a little sitting area here in this corner So just 2 stairs, full block, stairs against those stairs upside down, and then brown carpet on top Then we’ll do a checkers pattern carpet in black and red wool And then we can just add a flowerpot with some flowers or a cactus in that corner And then for the lighting on this floor, we’ll just use an item frame with a dark oak slab inside the item frame And then a torch. And we’ll do the same in between these 2 bookshelves here as well And that will light up that floor completely. And that’s the enchanting store. Give the video a little like and share it with your friends so they can enjoy it as well Subscribe and join the team. Make sure to check out some of our other video’s by clicking Here and here if you have any requests for a tutorial,, ask ahead in the comments bellow, we can’t wait to see what you come up with This was Jay, thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next tutorial

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