Meet the Professor: Glenn MacDonald, economics

Hi, I’m Glenn MacDonald. I’m an economist here
at the Olin School. I work in economics group and I study game theory. Basically I have two teaching jobs here at Olin. I teach almost
every freshman micro economics in the undergraduate
program. I do basically the same kind of thing with executives students in the EMBA program so I guess freshman execs and freshman undergrads. The other class I teach is called “Economics and Entertainment” so it’s a small class, kind of high-level discussion of the
economics in the entertainment business. I have been at Olin since 2001 so so
more than 12 years now. I think it’s a very interesting place to
work. It’s a small school so one individual can really make a difference. It’s a school with undergraduates, which is kind of different. It’s one of the best programs in the world so that that continues to make it
fascinating. So I think size and quality and I’ve got outstanding
research colleagues as well. They’re basically three things that I
work on. One is what we virtually game theoretic foundations and strategy
so the strategy textbook is being is being rewritten and game theorists are rewriting it. So I’m I’m part of that general process.
I also work on an area called industry dynamics, which is basically the study of how industries evolved from new industries to established industries so take for
example social media. We didn’t even use that word 15
years ago or that pair of words 15 years ago and now it’s a relatively mature
industry so I study things of that nature. So when I’m not an economist I have a
family. So I married and have two children. I engage in a lot of physical activities.
I’m a runner and a fencer and I also do yoga. I’m a musician and composer and producer. Those are the main things outside of economics.

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