Meet Wattson – Apex Legends Character Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Raised in Kings Canyon by her father, Natalie Paquette’s first love
has always been electricity. Hence her nickname, Wattson. The best offense
is a strong defense. Her role is one of perimeter security. Planting fences! A master of directing
the flow of battle, She uses her electric fences
to create shock points. That’s the last time
you charge anybody. And guide
the engagements on her terms. Don’t blow a fuse. Get it? Even when the firefight is intense… Taking fire. …there is a calmness to Wattson. Size and strength aren’t everything. Her Interception Pylon
brings a respite to combat. You underestimated me. Sometimes careful planning
wins out over might. Earning her the reputation
as the Eye of the Storm. This never gets any easier. But it’s how the game works. C’est la vie! [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. captain free video games on pc

    best #Apex battle royle character i ever played before combline with frat night female charaters aka fortnite😁

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