* Intro * Hi, this is Leo from the Techmaker channel and today we’ll talk about Elgato stream deck. This small object is a macropad 15 keys. What is a macropad? It’ll be a keyboard that you will plug next to your main keyboard, a kind of secondary keyboard on which you will put macros, or specific actions. Allowing the coup to accelerate your workflow, streaming or even creating any kind. The first advantage is to simplify the use of the computer by adding eg a shortcut. To give an example stupid: the ctrl + C instead of writing CTRL + C it is possible to press a button that will do the ctrl + C instead. Then a macropad in itself it is a small keyboard, you could buy any keyboard has 10 € even there are precisely 12 to 15 € and it could make the TAF, there is even a DIY video that could happen on the Macro Key if its interests you, do not hesitate to say to me in the comments. But then what is the specificity of that and why I want to present? Well, because on the one, instead of having normal keys, these are LCDs that are below the keys. This allows the coup, to display something, below each key. And you will see, it may seem quite Benin but it’s still pretty convenient. To do all this, there is a small software called Stream side deck. And the above, it will be possible to do simple actions or even actions with different applications.
For example you can: launch a website, put a shortcut or link it to external sites. Unfortunately for the moment there are not many, but since it’s a software, I hope they add more in the future. Currently there are 3 large bonds include:
Twitch, Twitter and Tipeeestream. The advantage, for example: with Twitch this would be to display a specific message, activate the “Sub Only” twitter or even the fact that we live. By pressing a button, it will launch the Twitt directly. It is not amazing in itself but, as a key macro, it’s just there to make life easier. And that’s also why this object is really aimed at streameurs because it is possible to change the scene very quickly. Imagine you have a scene in full face and cam a scene with just your next game, and although the push of a button you can switch from one to another very quickly without an ALT + TAB to be on your OBS, your streaming software. It also works with Game Capture but little flat if you are on Xsplit or even on another streaming software, bah Unfortunately it will not work and it is a little unfortunate that it is not more related to other programs. By cons, as the database applications are not very provided, However, since it is possible to add macros or even shortcuts well it is possible to open many more things. To give a small example:
it would be possible to make a Premiere file on which there have fairly simple first action but that would improve the speed of production. For example, “delete” and “connect”, a button and presto it will. or even increase the sound, reduce the speed of the sequence, that kind of stuff. And indeed, I have something: Why have a screen on 15 keys. Because the case, on 15 keys, it’s true that it’s pretty easy to memorize what is happening. The big advantage is to create folders for each of these software or even if you Stream on several places. Me in my case, since I stream on my personal channel and Team TRASH, I created two folders that match my two profiles OBS. And at least it makes my life easier, I can change very quickly from scene of the scenes that are really necessary. Premiere, like, it helps me a little bit. But again, I will go back to a big problem that I have on that is that this is something really for Streaming, So in the end it could be open to everyone. But, suddenly, there are no links. Whether with Premiere, Photoshop, GIMP, or any software, even a Unity Unreal. While that would be cool we can bind and suddenly have predefined actions. Rather than having a little rub in order to make it work. Because suddenly we must put in place a shortcut and that shortcut, put in place on the deck stream. It works but it really feel to not to use the object for its basic function. and it’s embarrassing, because in the end, it could be much more than that. Especially at the price it is sold at 150 €, they could afford put a little more in software, because it’s a little empty. But nevertheless, since it is part of the software and that it is not the hardware part, it is always possible that updates the adding. So that’s what I find unfortunate with this product is that, it is certainly a luxury product, it really does not address at all. If you start streaming or even if you use it for your production this may not be the first object to be taken. And even a macropad which can cost 10 to 15 €, that also I can put in the description if its interests you, will be more interesting. But this item to a huge potential ahead, which unfortunately is not currently used. And as I said to really use its full power, you need a little tweaking. What is a little shame for something that is “User-friendly” as they say. Finally here I thought it was a very interesting macropad but aboslument not finished. It’s a shame, because suddenly it’s over a prototype than anything.
The thing is, is that the software level So, elgato, if you hear me, upgrade the software of this beast, because it can create huge things. Besides I thank them for sending me the product. it is a product that I wanted to test it some time ago and suddenly it was arranging me a little to test it. It is a product that I see passing on many professional enough stream and I thought why not try it?
because its can be very interesting for any streameur youtube or twitch. As usual if you enjoyed the video please blue thumb of love, to share video wherever possible and to subscribe to the channel by clicking, right there, if it’s not already done, it was Leo from the Techmaker and don’t forget Never stop learning Hello !

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