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  1. Dane Williams

    You Know You Are In Trouble when they resort to interviewing this pathetic blob as if his opinions mean anything.  No wonder your ratings are in the crapper.

  2. Christiane Carson

    Well said guys… I love MM and SC together… a human wall around the WH… BRILLIANT!!!!!! LOCK HIM UP is old news and Mueller's working on it, we need a new slogan…all together now…BLOCK HIM IN! BLOCK HIM IN! BLOCK HIM IN!!!

  3. Machang D

    Trump wants money for a wall to have a shot at 2020 not for border security, because
    according to Ann Coulter he is dead, dead, dead in 2020 if he does not build
    the wall. Democrats should never agree a cent for a wall. Mexico will pay for the big fat beautiful wall. That is how he won in 2016. He can say
    the same in 2020 too.

  4. Kevin Clifford

    They are all great soundbites Michael……but how do you stop someone spending their money as they wish to however much it is, and how do you make people give more of their money for better infrastructure, as sad as that story is about a young girl losing her life on the subway stairs and it is! many thousands used it without injury, to blame the guy with the money seems to be unfair, the people using the subway should have helped her with the stroller. The last time I looked communism didn't work.

  5. midnighfairy

    Yeah a wall around your mouth Moore so when you open your mouth to say something the words bounce back like an echo back to you and turn into fat

  6. Osiran rebel

    Why not just save what would literally be truck loads of money and just tell tRump they are using invisibility technology for the wall.

    Than you hire a couple dozen mimes in working clothes and have tRump come watch the the crew in action.
    He would not know the difference 😄😅

  7. Beth Clemensen

    The Democratic Party should become the "Right to Vote" party. Make it their primary national theme. Yes, downsizing the military is important, right to choice is important, civil rights and freedom from discrimination are important, our roads and bridge / the entire transportation infrastructure are important, but nothing will be solved responsibly without a clear right to vote!

  8. Luis Cortez

    IT is a distraction for American People .
    we got as Nov 28 2018 a total National debt of $ 66 billions dollars,
    USA close to economic Collapse…..GOD HAVE MERCY,,

  9. CaneFu

    When this whole Russia thing is finished, and Trump is out of office, Michael Moore will be remembered as an American patriot who fought the good fight.

  10. Roger Carmichael

    IF U file an Extension along w/a Tax Pay't, U LEGALLY have 3 Years w/in which U can file for a Tax Refund for overpay't> I've been doing this SINCE the 1970s as a LEGAL Protest to IRS TAXES

  11. Dan C.

    See how much of a moron Michelle Moore is? Nobody is working for free. They will get their back pay and only stupid bankers and tax collectors would harass and force payment when they know once the government opens, they will get their pay and antagonize customers. America wants the wall, Michelle. That's why Trump got into office. He promised the wall. He won the election. Hillary was for open borders and she LOST. Of course leave it to Coldfart to agree with every point the libtards repeat ad nauseum. Never watch this show. Only stopped to comment on the retarded views of Moore. Couldn't even stomach the full 8 minutes.

  12. rmrfboy

    Honestly, this is the first time I've seen an American urging other americans to do something drastic. Felt like you guys seem to just accept what your president is currently doing which is a bit sad. I really don't give a rats ass on your politics but somehow, I am because your idiot president is affecting other nation's economy.

  13. saultube44

    @2:34 I feel sad for the young lady on the back, always serious and kind of sad, the way she crossed her arms after Stephen told John is a Grammy nominee, like in a sign of humble admission she is "nobody" and defeat, I hope she knows that she is valuable and talented, she is still very young and her Grammy will eventually come, the proof that she is talented is that she is on that band

  14. 12 34

    These two “CLOWNS“ should run the country. ………..above all Stephen Colbert is paid.. $15 million dollars a year to act like a clown. what happen to the real talk shows….

  15. Frank Herrera

    Since, I live in Texas I have to make this statement directly to those that are conducting a build the wall campaign.This migrant stream was created and sustained by American business special interest. To this day, it is Hispanic labor that you see most visible in the trades, hospitality and general workforce. I asked this to those that hold what I would consider a hateful point of view. I asked this question specifically to the Texas state politicians, “where have you been during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, to present-day 2019, Hispanic labor has worked hard to build up the state of Texas and they been doing it out in the open, so why the hypocrisy now?” Just in case there are readers from other states, immigration has been occurring for such a long time and has been developed by American business interest I will add just a few states and their estimated migrant community: California (2,350,000), Texas (1,650,000), Florida (850,000), New York (775,000), New Jersey (500,000), Illinois (450,000), Georgia (375,000), North Carolina (350,000), Arizona (325,000), Virginia (300,000), Maryland (250,000).
    In doing a brief survey of wages of Central America which includes Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. While we have the build the wall movement becoming vocal I have not seen anyone from this political point of view addressing the why they are coming. When offered a suggestion that we speed up the registration process at the border the reaction is to discourage the process suggested. But more importantly no one addresses the Central American wage scheme.
    I will try to keep the wage descriptions consistent over this discussion and convert the wages to dollars:
    • In Costa Rica I found that for a general employee the wage is about $11.15 a day,
    • In the Dominican Republic wages are reported on a monthly basis which range from general employees $134 up to $221,
    • In El Salvador the agricultural workers get paid $2 a day,
    • In Guatemala you see wages from $2.81 to $3.73 a day.
    I will restate that the wall is immoral because in my view this nation is parasitic in nature extracting raw material and knowingly allowing the wages of the general workforce to be depressed. And I have stated in the past that the more intrepid Central Americans are heroes and they will walk thousands of miles to better themselves economically. All the while, the United States punishes people with spirit, by conducting a “build a wall” campaign. Thank you for reading.

  16. Larry Tyler

    Is it true that Michael Moore as well as his mother and father once had an sexual orgy with dead animals? That s gross ! No Wonder Michigan is a state for Losers

  17. veronica Alleyne

    you don't file & pay your taxes, you go to jail, Trump don't do his & he gets elected president, trust me, it will not go well for you

  18. van wray

    It's amazing how Moore rejects capitalism, but that is what made him.
    I guess that was his formula all along. Pretend you're against American conservative values while promoting the lefty cause, get people behind you in your phony vision, and then rake in the bucks. It's a pretty good way to make some cash because life is full of contradictions. Announcing that you're a conservative or capitalist to the world is not a very popular idea because these values have been shunned for so long, so why not pretend to be compassionate, a champion for the oppressed and for the downtrodden. That is much more appealing to the general public and the media, so you can use them to make bank. Michael Moore, a wolf in sheep's clothing? You be the judge.

  19. angel medina

    We are democracy we are free country
    And yet we have a tyrant in office
    So how we do explain that to the world when we as a country are the defenders of democracy and freedom???

  20. Justin Hopper

    Michael Moore is predictable. He will constantly bitch for 8 years about any president that isn’t a democrat.. get used to trump mikey.

  21. You're Nemesis

    The millionaire that preaches about socialism.. betcha you dont put up your bank details and money hidden you demand Trump to do. You fat lard arrse. Maggot Jew

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