God creper exploded beside Who is downloading Alsana at the end of alsana hello friends today minecraft with you keep playing yes arnisacım minecraft oyuncaz part 2 do not say God, take this my first night or dad so I did with gum Arnisacım first night we made a survival video what we do today we continue today Arnisacım In the field, but Arnisa first things I’ll give you some stones. make an oven I put these in the crate for a minute Look at the irons I put in the crate coals in the crate right you Arnisacım you play them Arnisacım first we were going to mine or Let’s make one where to make civil I start digging, but from where Let me go to the darkness across the street I’ve found a place we can do bake take the bars and make buckets with them and bring water I’m doing mine before you come to me when you’re done Let’s continue at the mine, okay, today is the 2nd day well don’t forget to cook the meat arnisa do you know where the mine is Come to me and they will be there. Come and help me till you come Come look I’ll show you myself You see, you see that mine. a arnis I look down and dig back, look now do you have a dig arnisa did you do a little something aa come to you immediately light sl I’m the light maker Make the light a little pot arnisa mine i do so what else do they say to him we don’t have to build stairs make rod first how Arnisacım very beautiful Okay, make a little cheetah over here. come on Arnisacım quickly I’m in the mine Where am I or Arnisa was the night you don’t come out i’m coming Where was the house of God there is no light around the house Friends how it happened at night I came, okay, I’m arranging it. I came home I came to Arnisa or oh I’m at home I’m Arnisac right now What are you doing four not four, do it quite arnissacim I’m two digging sheep, take the digs, okay? there I put something I put seed trees caverns I put something there what are you doing Put the lights on the fence Take the lights and put them in the chest. 40 Okay, come on, let’s do it now. come get things is lying Arnisacım one in your hand Now, Arnisac, follow me. almost where was our mine where was the mine we were doing somewhere Something that exploded beside Allah creper God Arnisa sem where are you Oh, I found it. heh okay I’m coming, I’m Arnisacım didn’t you get it Come Arnisa quickly or off Arnisa varya There are 46 lights all right, here come let’s keep digging down below until I’m at the bottom I’m digging in the dark right now Arnisa Let’s do our mine Today today the first day we survived today let’s mine next day field we will build such an arnisacım so that we don’t waste wood I’m doing mine this way arnisa we’re going to be a little pushy, we will not be forced after that let me see the light plug here what is this or help me in you but look how arnisa digs not there aaa iron got under your foot look him aaaa take them Come down with the ball, I keep going down after me. I put the fence put lots of light into the darkness light light you follow Arnisa, they’re standing there on the floor. You left all the iron to Arnisa collect them okay if there are zombies in the cave zombies or something What do we do to ourselves in the sword you goose i put the lights I’m in the same block I looked like that I’m trying to look down I’ve come down more we need to land Arnisa I am waiting right now Let’s gather there is a lot of exactly Arnisacım There’s a lot of animals up there. we cook their meat arnisacım no longer let’s go ya come What are you doing or arnisacım you It feels like you’re beating on me arnisa is not missed when I get the opportunity it feels like pasting Come on, come after me, let’s do it like this now we’ll go straight ahead come to me come and put the light like this Let’s put it on the wall Come, we’re going, you go dig the duo, I have the duo okay, we don’t race but I bought it where you are i am coming away going out again I found the cave I swear I found the cave fences need me veer me there is a cave here come horse throwing them all on the ground a little okay okay enough here you go We found this cave immediately or I said to you when we have this chance be careful you stand behind oo cave Arnis to Do you see what it is down there is a pit Arnisacım if we do something down here if we can make stairs we get off here Come on, you know what? Let’s fix everything and then come here let’s continue okay why you’re upset come see where are you where are you deprived you come up come up I’m back anchors anchors Arnisa, I’m going to fight a lot. there are two more iron do i take them or you take them exactly do you want to look I’ll take care of them Arnisa now Let’s cook the meat or cook the meat for a minute what do we need for example from wood we need a wooden ladder 3 of this crate does it have a rod do you want to look What do we do now? from the cave adventure I see what you put Dad, I don’t have a sword. ok i give sword wait Wait a minute I will give you a sword you take these things I’m putting the iron in the sword with the thing. take your sword take this I am ready I took my sword in my hand I look outside come vayyyy arnisa at work Look, we have our iron swords. arnisa tatmiimmi how do ya get you Let’s see who is downloading arnisa what are you doing you shoot my cock arnisa how do you do Dad, let the night come and let me come Let’s see who’s going what are you laughing my adventure let’s go come on what do we say to the lions but arnisacım adventure now Let’s finish the video now we’re going towards the adventure Let’s see what happens in the adventure you say arnisacım to lions lions if you love minecarft like vidiomu see you bye

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