MINECON Earth 2017 Livestream

and welcome to MINECON Earth. I’m so excited to be here. I’m your host, Julia,
and I’m with Logdotzip, a.k.a. Tyler. He’s gonna be my co-host
for this monumentous pre-show. It’s monumentous,
but not as big as the main show. You guys have no idea.
It is phenomenal. It’s been an incredible year
for Minecraft itself. And so much has happened.
We’ve managed to cram a lot into this very, very short video
to get you up to speed. -Rockets that can be used–
-What is booster rockets, you say? Rocket-propelled elytra wings– Ability to use fireworks
with elytra flight mode– Rocket-propelled elytra flight– Mateys, time to put a parrot
on your shoulder. -The parrot. Look at that–
-And 350 bricks a piece. -My parrot teleported on my shoulder!
-How to tame parrots. It’s hard to do a video if you can’t find the mob you want
to do the first impressions on. I see one. A blue parrot.
I’m coming, parrot! There you go. I’ve got double parrots! Oh, no, they came off.
Hey, guys, come here. How do I get them on my shoulders? Oh, yes! Oh, my gosh, I have buddies.
I’m the parrot lady. Go in the parrot bath.
Oh, my gosh. -And we have some llamas–
-Llamas! Llamas are brand-new– -You can see there are llamas.
-That is the llama– I like how they hesitate. They hesitate, and they’re like: My bad. You wanna get spit on? He’s like, “That’s why I’m here.”
Okay, watch. Yeah, you got spat on. I know. It’s a spit ball battle.
We are in high school. This is gonna be
the new Minecraft role play. Welcome to llama high school. Minecraft Story Mode season two. I’m on season two
of Minecraft Story Mode. Season two
of Minecraft Story Mode. No way. Oh, no. -Jessie.
-No way! Are you serious? Not Beacon Town. You thought you could just run
away from the admin? Are you serious? You’ve really got my attention now. -Add-on feature.
-It’s a very awesome add on. -The mutant mob add-on.
-Best add on in Pocket Edition. -“Slender Man” add on.
-The add-on survival challenge. Seriously, look at these. Crazy. Gona has replaced 11 of the mobs
with these amazing creatures. Look at this thing. It’s huge. Much better trying to get him– Hey. And they will fire off fireballs. He’s helping
because this one is mine. And he’s killing– That was quick. -The World of Color Update–
-1.12 World of Color Update– The World of Color Update. -Minecraft’s 1.12 update.
-The giant World of Color. 1.12 has a new color palette
That saturates your game Brighter colors
On everything from banners Glass, shulkers, sheep
Wool and clay I find a key inside of me As we try to level up A change is due
A different view We must go on I find a key inside of me As we try to level up So rush over me one more time I will miss you
Torn up right after tonight And we can’t fix it Rush over me one more time The end is coming We are the dragon-hearted
We are the dragon-hearted Courage to stop again and roll Together we stand 30 feet tall We got a fire that burns within We are the dragon-hearted
We are the dragon-hearted We’re only playing Just wanted to make
A few new friends You plan on staying When you are with us
The party never ends You might look at me
And think you’re going crazy I lost it long ago
You’re not alone, baby Can’t wait to meet you So join the animatronic family
We open real soon You don’t want to mess
With the endermen No, no, no You don’t want to mess
With the endermen No, no, no Wow, that’s an awful lot of stuff
that has been happening. So the pre-show
is going to be full of guests, some who are joining me now.
We’ve got Chad, and also Matt. So we’re gonna be talking
about that video. Were there any particular
standout moments for you guys? Oh, gosh,
that did happen over the last year. There’s so much.
It’s hard to remember everything. We were like, “Llamas?”
It was this year? Wow. It seems like MineCon
was far ages ago. Having llamas for over a year now
it’s unbelievable. I think everyone thought
that we’ve got to peak Minecraft. Like, it can’t get bigger than this. And all of a sudden, it just keeps
pushing and getting bigger. The llamas were everyone’s favorite,
but what were your kind stand-out–? I would say two standouts.
The video reminded me of the colors. We got really vibrant colors
in Minecraft which really has– It’s made the game look so good. And the other thing would be
the marketplace in Bedrock Edition. That’s a really cool way
to easily find content. I think those two things are standouts. And not the Bedrock
or the Pocket Edition had the marketplace,
but also Xbox too. We’ve never seen such mods
on Xbox. The fact that the marketplace
enabled us to get mods was great. And the add-ons allow you to modify
the game in so many ways. It’s so smooth,
and the animations are crisp. It’s easy. It’s just like,
“Oh, add a behavior pack.” I loved seeing
how big the creative community is. All those user names,
recognizing those people– It’s fresh talent coming through. -Obviously, you have the top-tier–
-You saw my video there. -I saw it. It was very good.
-I died in it. I saw that also as well.
You’re like, “This is going well–” Is there anything that Mojang
could add to the game? Or when these things come out, are you surprised
by how they innovate? -Sometimes.
-Very surprised. Sometimes you’d go, “Oh, okay.
I didn’t realize I needed that.” Especially with the
Better Together Update. It’s so much fun to be able to play
with your Windows computer and play with your friend
who has an Xbox. We didn’t expect that. -And you mostly play from Bedrock.
-Yeah, it’s fantastic. Especially if you’re building. I’m not going to restart.
I’m not gonna do that. It was always such a bummer.
My cousin plays on his phone, and I play on my Xbox,
and I play on Windows 10. “You want to play together?”
“We can’t.” But now that’s fixed, so it’s great. I got the keyboard and mouse
while others use touch screens. So when it’s time for PVP,
you know who’s got it. -Death ahead of the game.
-Any time you need, you chill out. I’ll just go into a PVP server
when I’m on mouse and keyboard. Not today. You guys are actually involved
in the main show. That’s starting in about 15 minutes,
so I think you guys should head out. We’re going to talk to you about what’s coming up
in the main show. What can you actually tell us,
Tyler, about the main show? Julia, I’m onto you.
I won’t say a thing. You guys gotta wait and find out. That’s frustrating, but thanks. Obviously we got Jens coming in,
and he normally has good reveals. -He gets the job of going, “Llamas!”
-Always the meat of it. Jens will be out there.
And the other huge thing is the interactivity
where you guys can vote on what new mob
is going to be in the game. We’re gonna discuss that later,
but that is quite exciting. And correct me if I’m wrong.
There’s a musical thing up– They didn’t tell me anything
other than that. -Is it you in some tap-dancing shoes?
-You shouldn’t say anything. -Sorry about that.
-Call it off. It’s done. Let’s bring in Aureylian.
Come and join us. -How are you?
-I’m good. -You’re leading the musical number?
-Don’t worry about it. I have heard whisperings, -but I haven’t seen it for sure.
-Are you excited to be here? I’m really excited to be here.
I saw a few things, and I’m excited for everyone to see it.
I was watching with my 8-year-old and she went, “I can’t wait for that!
I can’t wait for that!” -So she’s like already jazzing.
-Me too. I know. “Oh, my gosh!
That’s the best thing ever!” I’m annoyed that I can’t make reveals
on social media every time. I understand because it’s a surprise,
but it’s so frustrating because they’re such cool things,
and I’m not allowed to say anything. There is a section in one of the videos
that will be at the actual show, that’s been on lockdown for weeks
and you can’t mention it. And I’m like, “But I’m just so excited.”
We’ll talk about it in the post-show. Because you’re coming back
to help me co-host the post-show. -We can discuss it all then.
-Yes, the secrets. -Will you be joining us too?
-I think so. I think everyone will be back here.
One big, massive– There’s like 50 people back here. That’s obviously the great thing
about the show. When you’re at home making content
and you have cameras– Even just my little studio here is like a wall of light.
It’s quite a palava. It’s nerve-wracking because we’re
not used to being told what to do or worrying about saying something because we’re just at home.
But there are many people here. If you were asked to do something,
you go, “How do I? How do I do it?” -Is it left to right?
-What hand do I wave with–? You don’t know how your face looks
until you’re told to smile. -You’re like, “Is this right?”
-How does the smile look? We’re all super-excited
for the show that’s coming up. Obviously, we will be talking
more about it in the post-show. If you guys want to watch again, go to minecraft.net
or go to the YouTube channel. Aureylian, you will be going off now.
We’ll see you in the post-show. -Best of luck.
-See you later. One of the other great things
about Minecraft is the partners involved in it. And we are very, very happy to have
some exclusive videos for you. First, we’ve got one from Mattel.
Let’s take a look. Welcome to your new favorite
reality game show. It’s time for our next challenge. Your mission,
explore the abandoned mine shaft. Spider punch.
Punch whenever a spider jumps. Challenge time. Isn’t this the best show ever? Wow. Hello. So we got another guest.
We’ll get to you in a short while. We’ve got one more exclusive video. This one is from Lego. We all have noob experiences,
so we asked three stars. Captain Sparklez, AntVenom Lydia, and superfan Eljay Johnsen
to relive their embarrassing moments to be animated
using “Lego Minecraft.” So I was mining, and I broke
into an enormous cave system. And we’d spent all of this time
putting together a base. My adorable new pet wolf. This was before I knew too much
about the game. We had chairs that were just stairs
that were oriented in one direction. And I just kept digging and digging.
And I dug into a mountain. And it was right next to the wood. Instead of feeding it to the wolf,
I accidentally hit it. You could believe
they’re made out of soap. And the front of the house
is just on fire. And all of my items
wound up disappearing. We just ate, we threw some carrots,
and it was a good time. And I lived happily ever after,
or until it fell in lava. -Poor wolf.
-I feel so bad. There is nothing worse
than accidentally hitting an animal. I find that a traumatic experience. I like doing it. Sometimes. -Those poor chickens.
-So many chickens. So that looked really great.
I don’t how it ended up on fire. We are joined by Scott from Telltale who makes the game
that’s involved with the Story Mode. Talk to us about how you worked
with the community and the creators. When we heard about Story Mode, everyone was like,
“How will that work?” But it’s been so well-received. Were you surprised
by how everyone embraced it? In a weird way, it’s a natural fit. We make narrative-driven games
which are contrary to Minecraft. But that means we had a niche to fill. It left us open
to tell whatever story we wanted that actually marries perfectly
with the world of Minecraft. We work with the community
and Mojang quite a bit. Big B Statz, who was in the video
earlier, is in one of our episodes. He voices a character
in the third episode of season two. And we also worked
with Stampy Cat and StacyPlays. They designed houses that appear
in the main town in season two– Sorry, you’re bringing in creators
to do your work for you? With us, and to make
something really cool together. And we work with Mojang as well– Our game fits well
in the world of Minecraft. You can experience the whole story
and craft your own narrative because the way our games work
is you make decisions as you play. Working with Mojang has allowed us to create mobs that you wouldn’t find
in Minecraft proper. My favorite is the Super Ghast.
It’s the world’s scariest, biggest, most bizarre Ghast
that you have to fight. It’s so fun to work with Mojang
to make stuff like that. Now that you’ve had YouTube
celebrity creators in your game– Tyler, you are sitting here like,
“Scott, can I be in your game?” We do our best to work
with as many creators as we can. So we will be in touch. Julia likes to help facilitate
these little encounters. -Are you excited for the main show?
-Absolutely. We are very excited about all
of the new stuff from this past year. There is a llama featured
very prominently in season two. Luna the llama
is our favorite new character. So whatever you guys
are talking about today, we will find a way
to include it in the future. The season finale is December. So now is a good time
to catch up to the season. If you want to learn more,
go to craftmystory.com. We just went live for people
who want to learn more about us. Thank you. Speaking of mobs,
what’s so exciting about MineCon is that you guys are able to choose
a new mob for the game. We have a special guest right now. Sebastian will be talking
about the different mobs. We have a little bit of speculation, and we’ll see which ones
we particularly like. -Sprinkle in some opinions.
-Just a few opinions. So out of the four,
what’s your fave, Tyler? My favorite is probably the manta ray -that flies through the skies.
-Oh, yeah. That would be the scariest thing.
Just swooping in and eating you. So, hey, look at this.
Sebastian, how are you doing? Fine, thank you.
I’m very excited for MineCon. So okay, we are talking about mobs.
I cannot stress this enough, the other ones
will never appear in the game. So be sure to vote for your favorite.
Sebastian, what’s your fave? Okay, my favorite is the squid.
Yeah, the bad squid. Because persons see squids
and see them peacefully chilling, but then you see this giant squid
with the mouth, very aggressive. I would like that one
to be in the game. -Do you spend a lot of time in water?
-Yeah. Yeah. -Not for long.
-Not for long, but you add like that. That aggressive touch to the oceans
so you can be more afraid of them. So, yeah, I definitely would love–
No more swimming. I also like the ones for the nice guy.
When you read it’s kind of spec and it’s like if you
have been staying up late. It’s something a parent would create.
If you don’t go to bed on time, the monster from the night sky
is gonna come and get you. -Thanks a lot, Mum.
-That will terrify me from now on. -Which one do you think will win?
-It’s a tough one. -You know the audience.
-I love the nether one. -I think it’s amazing.
-The hovering. Yeah, I think it’s super-cool
to be another mob in the nether, but I think it could probably win, -the flying manta ray one–
-And they hunt in packs. You never seeing flying mobs,
so it could win. You will be digging down
and you are not going to look up, -and then a huge pack will attack you.
-Very dangerous, yes. Maybe you should vote
for one that’s in the nethers. I think the Great Hunger will win.
He has his adorable little mouth. -He is so cute. I hope he gets in.
-Isn’t he adorable? “I want to hug him.”
And then it eats you. Oh, my God. That’s my problem.
“Look at that tiger.” “Julia, it’s a tiger, you can’t hug it.” -Just a cute little cat.
-I need to leave that alone. -Are you excited for the main show?
-Yeah, I will be on stage. -It’s a really big stage.
-I know, I know. It’s so scary. But I’m very excited,
I’m very hyped out for that. Obviously we can’t reveal too much.
There are gameplay elements there. But when you entered the stage,
did you freak out? Hopefully not.
Hopefully I will stay calm and get– -We got it, man.
-Yeah, man. Will you do any breathing exercises? -We did them before the start.
-Really? Really? -We were actually doing that.
-“Welcome!” I never do anything like.
Do I need to be doing things like that? -You are an expert. You’re fine.
-We need it. -We got it, though.
-You are going to be fine. Okay, thank you so much, Sebastian,
and to our guests for the pre-show. After the main MineCon Earth
is finished, everyone will be back here
to chat about what’s happened. We need to go to the main show now
because you will all be blown away. We can’t wait for you to see it. We will see you after the main show.
See you then. -Let’s do it.
-Yes, come on, MineCon Earth! It’s going to be great. -Hey, I’m Will.
-Arnett? This way. -I’m here to–
-Host the show. Let’s find Lydia. -We need a chicken in Minecraft.
-I see what I can do. -Lydia, look who’s here.
-Will, thanks for co-hosting with me. I will be done in three minutes.
We are going to be onstage soon. -Will Arnett.
-What am I supposed to–? Can you sign this for me?
I love everything you have ever done. -Sure. Thanks.
-Could you hurry? Hey, what are you doing here?
Could you hold this? Okay– What on Earth? MineCon Earth. -Yeah, Will is still here.
-Hey, can you–? They’ve got real llamas here?
They look way less blocky. -Is that the same llama–?
-Make a hole, got a llama to feed. My trusty diamond sword. I can Minecraft so good.
There is nothing to it– Oh, God. -Come on, that was our last cow.
-I’m so sorry. -Will, here’s your hat and your cane.
-Cane? I need measurements
for the song and dance number. -Song and dance number?
-Yep, thank you. Will, I will touch up your makeup,
even though you’ve got great skin. Your face skin is kind of like
a fancy outfit for your head. You have sweat on your forehead. -Good to go.
-Twenty seconds! -Are you ready to go?
-Go where? -Will, Lydia, it’s time.
-Let’s do this. -Are you sure that you’re–?
-Yeah. We got this, Will Arnett. I’m dying to find out
what’s happening in general. Hello, Earth. Hello, Earth. Welcome to MineCon. I’m Lydia Winters,
Mojang’s brand director, I’m lucky to have
an incredible co-host. Oh, good, I can’t wait to meet him. Who is it going to be?
I’m excited to meet him. Oh, j/k, guys. It’s me. I am the incredible co-host.
The co-host with the co-most, Will Arnett. Nice to meet you. We have an amazing show
for you all. We wanted to make this one
as inclusive as possible. We made it about celebrating
with the Minecrafters near you while knowing there are others
watching worldwide as well. I mean, that is incredible. That must be a giant monitor. Oh, you mean from different places. -Yeah, like on the internet.
-Right, yes. Yeah, our Minecraft community
is watching from home, theatres, MineCon parties around the globe. -It’s gonna be a great show.
-Oh, yeah. It does–
I got to say it sounds amazing. -One quick question, though.
-Sure. What exactly is the show?
Because– Do I have lines?
I heard there’s a song and dance. I only have my rehearsal tap shoes,
not my show tap shoes. Don’t worry, Will.
We have a lot of stuff planned. Good, just as long as it
doesn’t involve tap dancing. I just wouldn’t be comfortable
without my show taps. You’ll probably be okay.
I don’t wanna give everything away, but I can tell you that Jens
will tell us about future updates, we will meet awesome creators, declare the cosplay contest winner,
and a lot more. It’s like watching a live,
star-studded Minecraft variety show. Oh, man. I tell you what else has starry studs,
are my show tap shoes. And they were not cheap.
They didn’t make it to the airport. I switched planes in Nashville.
It doesn’t matter. -Will, you’re fancier than I expected.
-Thank you, I appreciate it. We are trying something new
where the viewers can influence a big part of the show
and the game. For the first time ever,
our players will choose the next Minecraft mob
going into the game. What? I’m sorry, excuse me. Timeout.
Isn’t that a Minecraft first? That’s blowing my mind right now.
Guess what else is blowing my mind. Is it another thing
about your tap shoes? No. Good question. But… …what’s blowing my mind
is I’m hosting MineCon! That’s crazy. You said you wanted to get better
at Minecraft. I do, so I can destroy–
Sorry, play better than– Not “than.”
Play better With my kids. But I’m worried that I hardly know
about Minecraft to be the host. But what better way for you
to learn than hosting MineCon? We’re going to be discovering
and learning new things today. The two of us and everyone at home. The game is growing and changing
so much that even I can’t keep up. Also, we like throwing people
into the deep end. It’s part of our Minecraft DNA. Wait, I’m not a real strong swimmer. If I’m gonna end up in a pool,
I need a floatie. Relax, it’s just a metaphor.
Or is it? Recently we gave one of our Mojang
team members a crazy challenge. Challenge?
Well, describe it to me. We filmed it, so let’s take a look. No, I’d actually like
to see you describe it. No, I’m kidding,
that would be even better. Minecraft isn’t just a game
about boundless creativity. In Survival Mode,
players fend for themselves with only their wits
and the resources they find. But how would one
of the Minecraft team fare in one real survival situation? Hello, I’m Marsh
of the creative team. My colleagues voted me the least
likely to survive in the wilderness. -But you will prove them wrong.
-Yeah, I will show them. I played a lot of Minecraft,
so I know what I’m doing. Unlike Minecraft players,
he won’t have to craft from scratch. We left him with all the supplies
and tools a Minecrafter could want. Oh, dear.
This is Minecraft merchandise. We don’t even make Minecraft food. Marsh has to make it through a night
in the vast Swedish forests, a biome rich in resources,
and sometimes, wolves. I should set up a shelter. Come on. Porkchop’s on the menu tonight. Oh, man. Daybreak, it’s time for the crew
to check back in on Marsh. Marsh, are you okay? Perhaps some challenges
are best taken ingame. That was– I hope it’s not too late
to submit for the Oscars. Was that supposed to be a fun,
or a scary survival test? -That was a fun survival test.
-Good. Because it wasn’t scary. But it does make me scared
for my own survival during this show. Anyway, what’s next? Like I said before, this year,
we’re having the mob vote where the community decides
which mob goes to the game. We all get to decide which terror
will enter the world and kill us. Is this how you normally decide
what to add to the game? I’ve got a lot of ideas.
You know how in Adventure Mode– Hold that thought, Will.
Let’s head over to the COO and official mob vote correspondent,
Vu Bui. Yes, this year we’re doing something
that has never been done before. We are letting our players decide
the next mob that goes into the game. I wanted to address something. We’ve heard from some people,
why not all four? I could talk about how much work
goes into each mob before it can be added
and coded into the game, and how much planning needs to go
into how each mob affects everything, and that balance shouldn’t be
too strained by all the mobs. But we don’t have time for all that. Let’s just focus on what’s important. Players choosing what goes
into the game is awesome. Anyway,
let’s review our four potential mobs and what makes them worth putting
into your favorite game. First up, we have Mob A. The large jellyfish-like monsters use
their huge mouths to travel on water. They send out tentacle-like tongues
to drag their victims into the depths. Then we have Mob B. These flying manta ray-like monsters
appear at high altitudes near people who hardly sleep, and they swoop down
to get a bite of flesh. They’re the spawn of your nightmares
or is it just your insomnia? Now for Mob C. Rarely seen, these big mouths roam
the world and burrow into the ground and their camouflaged jaws
consume anything that falls within. Their hunger devours
the enchanting powers of items, which you can use to your advantage. And finally, Mob D. The days of treating the nether
as a safe haven has ended when the blazes team up
with their bigger kin. Floating in the vast lava lakes,
they will engulf you with an area-of-effect attack. Stronger, shielded, and more fiery,
what hot secrets do they hold? Voting is easy.
If you’re watching this stream, you’ve already got what you need,
the Internet. Our voting will happen on Twitter,
to keep it simple and transparent. Go to Minecraft’s Twitter account
to find the poll. The first poll is now open,
so vote right now. We’ll be tallying up all of your votes,
and we’ll be back to check on things, and the least-popular mob
at the next check-in will be gone forever! Whoa, that was cool.
Can I do that at any time? Gone forever! I’m scared of myself now.
And as the show goes on, we’ll be narrowing down the mobs
as the least-popular are removed. You get to vote again in the next poll.
Back to you. Thanks, Vu. We’ll see you later. And everyone at home make sure
you keep voting throughout the show. Will, which mob will you vote for? Oh, I can’t tell you that. Very funny. But which one? Sorry, this is between me,
myself, and iPhone. Okay, just hang on one second. All right. Voted. Super-easy. -Did it.
-I’ll get it out of you. Not unless you start asking me about
myself and how I got into Minecraft. -That sounds like a great idea.
-Why would I tell you that? Okay, first question.
When did you start playing? Oh, I’m an early adopter.
Not one of these newcomer noobs. I’ve been mining and crafting
with my sons for a couple of years. Well, it’s super-awesome that you
and your kids play together, but you do know Minecraft
has been out for over eight years. Are you sure about that? I usually like to get in
on the ground floor of things. I’d look that up if I were you.
Eight years? Today is the sixth anniversary
of Minecraft going from beta to 1.0. And the six year anniversary
of the first MineCon in Las Vegas. I had to host that one by myself.
It’s way nicer with you here, Will. Oh, my gosh, thank you.
That’s so nice of you to say. -MineCon.
-Do you have any more questions? Yes, back to you. Let’s see.
How do you play Minecraft? For example, I’m an adventurer.
It’s about what I find while mining– I think you mean dying. Because I did hear
that you’re not the best player. Ouch. But, yeah, that’s true.
I am known for my misadventures. Okay, so for me, I like to create
awesome things in the game. One time I made this amazing house.
It was just the best house. It was a house of epic proportions.
Until a creeper… You know how that goes. It’s always a creeper. One last question
because it’s always fun to hear. What was your first impression
of Minecraft? I don’t know if I should say this
at MineCon, but I thought it looked a little pixel-y. Like, chunky.
Kind of like a chunky pixel. It’s a similar experience
for most people. That’s part of the charm,
the chunky pixel. We recently thought it would be cool
if we gave people the ability to make it look different
with a new graphics pack. Now? I love that chunky pixel. -It’s a choice, but just think 4k.
-Five K. -Four K.
-What was I thinking? 5k is crazy. It would be 1 more than 4k, but no.
I just can’t picture it. We have a sneak peek.
This is another Minecraft first. It’s the biggest video
we’ve ever made. We worked with an actress
and a composer. I should stop describing
what we’re about to watch. If you combined fantastic composing
with amazing actress-ing, I feel like that we’re in
for something fantastically amazing. Especially if you got the guy
who did the drone shot. That would be pretty rad.
That was great. An epic new look for Minecraft
deserved an epic new musical. You could even call it
a super-duper musical. Have you ever thought
“sorry, you are just not my type You got style
But you’re not for me” But then along comes an image
That deserves some hype And it makes you smile to see What this world can be When you’re given the key To the Super Duper, so
heart-pounding, awesome, stellar And astounding vision
That the world has never seen Where the Specular maps amaze you,
And the danger doesn’t faze you In this land where dreamers rule
You’re the queen A Llama chorus starts to form
And soon they’re dancing up a storm You said it
What else could be in store? You feel the wind as it whips on by
Caused by the chickens who fly high And as they touch the sky
Your spirit starts to soar Because for the first time
You truly see yourself So you dig down deep And you take a leap You’re back where you started
But everything feels new In this super-duper, realistic,
Mystical and magical World that waits for you Yeah, that looks so awesome. Also, that woman in the video.
She’s super-familiar. Melissa, who stars as Supergirl, helped us debut
super-duper graphics. Superhero. Why didn’t you tell me
you needed a superhero? That was a Lego Batman reference,
available now. Yeah. Get it now on Blu-ray and DVD.
Christmas is coming. Yeah, I think we all caught that.
Anyway– Those votes are coming in fast. Wow, Will, it looks like
your mob is in the lead. No way– You mean,
the yet-unnamed mob I voted for? -Nice try, Lydia.
-Okay, since you still won’t tell me, let’s check in with some creators
and see which mobs they like. -Those mobs are really cool.
-Mob B is so unique. It just swoops in and kills you. It attacks you if you haven’t slept.
I never sleep, so I’m in trouble. You are going to be coming up
from caving for days, and you’re dead
if you’re not watching the night sky. You’re gonna be looking at that guy,
you’ll be staring up at the night sky, and then Mob C will wreck you.
It’s cute. It’s so deceitful. You might wanna put a lasso on it
and have it defend your house. -Mob D looks like an powerful blaze.
-I don’t like regular blazes. -We’ll avoid nethers now.
-The nether is the boss realm now. How about Mob A’s scary looks?
Things like big teeth. -It will pull you down underwater.
-With the tentacle tongue. Can’t conquer an ocean monument
because you’re worried about it. Don’t dip your toes in the water. -No matter what, we are just dead.
-It’s going to get hard. -Quick, Will and Lydia are backstage.
-Let’s play some Minecraft. Yeah, it’s been updated,
so I think it’s better together. Who’s down for a race? -I got the green one.
-I’m going red. -I’m going yellow.
-I want the purple one. All right, y’all ready?
Start your engines, three, two, one. Let’s see what’s happening. Yellow is in the lead.
Let’s see for how long. -Oh, my God.
-I will never catch up. -Oh, my tires.
-Third, second place. -He’s coming in.
-I’m getting you. -No, I got afterburners on me.
-I got you, boy. I got the shortcuts. -First– One lap.
-I’m here, purple. -Oh, I crashed.
-Hey! Don’t hit me! -Sorry, man, but I have to win.
-Am I behind all of you guys? -Oh, my God.
-We got a race to win. I’m getting the lead, guys. Sorry. -Oh, I crashed again.
-Look at him. I’m on you. Okay. Second lap. All right. Let’s see. This turns real fast. -Come on, let me catch up.
-Getting it. -Let me see– Around the corner.
-Where are you, Log? No. Please, go easy on me, man.
I’m not good behind the wheel. Sorry. We’ll see how– Yeah! Off track. Lap number three.
Come on. -I’m getting it, my boy.
-Quick! -Know what? Take a short cut.
-Have to push a little bit more. Stop with the exhaust already, man.
It’s getting in my eyes. Okay, okay, almost there.
Oh, I crashed! -Yes, quick!
-Short cut. Oh, break that, come on! -Final lap.
-Final lap, guys. Let’s see. Coming closer. -Coming for you, Rabah.
-Yeah, I don’t think so, man. Come on, cheer for us! Wait, wait, here we go– I think she scored well so far. -What are you doing here?
-Creators, the jig is up. This show is my only job here.
I’m feeling very threatened. -Creators, retreat, retreat!
-Let’s run, guys! That was so weird. They were caught,
but they also left super-slow. I think they were excited
to see you, Will. But to be fair,
we did monthsy back slowly. Yes, and maybe I did get
a little bit territorial. It’s not like I could go into their game
and take over whatever they’re doing. It’s funny that you should say that,
because there’s a way that you can. Our friends at Mixer have worked
on something that lets you do that. Best day ever. I’ll try to open this one first. We will start with this one. Another one. Happy birthday. Come on in. Okay, seriously,
what’s with the pigs? And chicken. Interactive Minecraft streaming
like never before, on Mixer. I got to say that looks pretty great. But pigs aren’t gonna just start
showing up onstage, are they? I think we’re safe for now. Okay.
What do you mean “for now”? We should have a pig alarm. We’ve got other stuff to focus on,
like the mob vote. I’m sure everyone wants to know
which is the next mob to get the axe. Yeah. Nice Minecraft pun, Will. Thank you. Thanks. I don’t know– Oh, axe, yes.
I meant that to be a Minecraft joke. When you’ve been in the business
as long as I have, these things flow right through you. As long as I have been in this biz
and considering how young I am. I’m really just a conduit, a vessel,
if you will, for really good puns. A vessel? You mean like a jug? Yes, Lydia, like a jug.
I’m like a jug of puns. Why don’t we just check in Vu?
Vu, how are you doing? So it’s only been a little while
since we opened the voting, but already you humans
have been voting in the thousands. Time to say goodbye
to one of our potential mobs. Let’s look at the voting
as it stands right now. It was a really, really close race. But in the lead right now
with 27 percent of the votes… …we have Mob B. In second place… with 26 percent of the votes,
just behind, we have Mob C. This means one of the last two mobs
is going to have to go away forever! Okay, the effect isn’t fun anymore. The mob with the least votes
with only 23 percent, destined to be banished
and never be seen again until someone makes a mod,
so I guess, like, tomorrow, is… …Mob A. I know, I know.
One down, three to go. Oh, Zippo. Voting now resets with the final three. So go to the new poll we just posted
on the Minecraft Twitter account. Which do you want in the game?
Back to you, Lydia and Will. Thanks, Vu.
Looks like you’re having fun. The community has spoken,
though, and Mob A is out. Yes, but you don’t need
to be so happy about it. Will, is that the one you voted for? No. No. I don’t know. Maybe. Yes, it’s the one I voted for, Lydia.
Mob A. It’s all right, guys. Thank you. Don’t worry, fresh start.
Everyone can vote in round two. We’ll be checking back with Vu
in half an hour. So wherever you’re watching from,
keep those votes coming. -Will, are you okay?
-Yeah, but I hit rock-bottom there. But I’m okay now
because it’s this community. I mean, I know they’re out there. And they can see us,
but I wish I could see them. Yeah. You know what, Will? These last two minutes
have been devastating for you, so I’m gonna pull some strings. Can we get the–?
Can we get the video? Are you serious?
Lydia, you’re amazing. You are amazing! Thanks, Will.
And you’re so famous. If you mean it, thank you.
That’s very sweet of you to say. Let’s check in with our community
around the world. Hello to Seattle, Stockholm, London, Long Jo. There are more viewing parties
happening all around the world. Denver’s Children’s Hospital,
a library in Scotland, a community center in Tel Aviv.
That’s just to name a few. There are Minecrafters all over
the world watching right now. Wow, I’m so happy.
That is awesome. It’s amazing to see all these people
so excited about Minecraft. Although I will say to those kids
in the library in Scotland: We’re trying to read in here. I know. A library might not be
the perfect show for it. But I guess they are being
super-quietly excited. One of the things I’m most about
are the official community events. Previously,
we only held one event per year, which mean that people
had to try to come to one location. But now we have a new program
with community partners worldwide. We’re already announcing
at least 16 events in four countries, and we’re planning to add even more.
The first one is early in the new year. Wow, that is awesome.
Sixteen events in four countries? That’s like… That’s like five-and-a-half events
per country. That’s amazing. Sure. It’s also exciting to have people
coming together around the world to celebrate their love of the game. Celebrating their love of the game and their love of healthy
no-holds-barred competition. I thought you said you were a builder.
You sound more like a PVP guy. I’m working on it, but I tend
to be a natural at most things. Things just come easily to me. We have another competition
later in the show. And then you can show us
all your skills. Yeah. Thank– I mean, I would, right.
I really would. I really want to. But I hurt my thumb earlier in a thumbing accident. A thumb accident? Yeah, it was actually
an old thumb injury that I just started acting up
just right around now-ish. Maybe this next competition
could be more your speed, then. It’s time for the cosplay competition. Cosplay the perfect combination
of both “coss” and “play.” Do you know what cosplay is, Will? Not even a little. No, I don’t. You know how people sometimes
dress as a character they love? Like maybe… …Batman? -Batman? Why mention Batman?
-Will? Sorry. I make 17 cents every time
I say “Batman” in that voice. Batman. Batman. Batman. Saving up for the holidays. Batman. -I’ll give you a dollar if you stop.
-I’ll stop every second of every day. People also dress up
as awesome things from Minecraft. And today we have the perfect person
to host the cosplay competition. Please welcome to the stage
last year’s amazing winner, the awesome Magma Cube Ruthie! -Hi, everyone, and Will.
-Thanks for the special mention. You gotta get me up to speed on this.
What costume did you win with? I built a Magma Cube costume that I
could move like it was in the game. That sounds impossible. I’d have to see a video proof
in order to actually believe it. Okay. -Wow, there it is. That is awesome.
-Thank you. That is well done, Ruthie.
That’s so good. Ruthie really knows
how to make a fantastic costume. Before we see our three finalists, let’s see all the cosplayers
that entered this year. What a good-looking group. Let’s have a big hand
for every costume that entered. Yeah. Some of the winners’ costumes
were so elaborate that they couldn’t get them here. But we still get to meet
the creators of those costumes. In third place,
all the way from Lancaster, California, please welcome Lily to the stage. So you couldn’t bring your costume
because it would’ve been destroyed. Yes, but it’s what’s inside
that counts. It’s what’s inside that counts.
That’s true. There it is. That is so great. Look at that.
And you are inside that, right? Yeah. Somehow I was, yes. You could have worn it here maybe.
No, that would be hard on a plane. People wouldn’t be fond
of a wolf riding next to them. How long did that take you to build? It took me a few weeks.
The planning was the hardest thing and making sure
I wouldn’t ruin it when I wear it. That’s a good thing to be sure of.
That’s awesome. Congratulations. Thank you so much, Lily. Go to Ruthie and collect your prize.
Our third place winner. In second place,
coming from Port Douglas, Australia, I’m happy to introduce Joel
and his friend, Troy. Joel and Troy. -Hey, guys. How is it going?
-It’s going great. Happy summer to you.
It’s summer in Australia. So who is Joel and who is Troy? -I’m Joel.
-I’m Troy. Once you said you were Joel,
I knew he was Troy. I was like, that’s got to be– So tell us about your costume here.
This is so amazing. Yes, I made a guardian costume. I made it a month ago
and it took many hours to create. I dedicated a lot of my time
into making this. That’s so great.
And you worked on this together? Yes, so my dad guided me
to make the costume. I did a lot of the making, and my dad
and Troy helped out halfway through. Nice. Good going, Troy.
That’s awesome. We’re sad you couldn’t bring it here,
but congratulations, it looks amazing. Our second place winners.
Ruthie will give you your prize. All right. And finally, the winner of our
costume contest for MineCon Earth, from San Antonio, Texas,
let’s meet Chad and Noah. -What inspired your costume?
-Story Mode. Story Mode. He started asking
about being the Wither Storm for his costume
a few months before Halloween, But it took a couple of weeks
of detailed work and some practice bits,
and I think we ended up getting it. What would you do
if you are the big winner? -Make more costumes?
-No. -No? What would you do?
-Turn into a Wither Storm. You’d become a Wither Storm?
You have to do that first. No, I did do it. Let’s please welcome
our grand prize winners to the stage. Look at this. This is so… I don’t even know
where everybody is. I think we have one–
Let me see. Do we have someone–? -Hi.
-There he is. Hey, buddy. -Congratulations.
-How do you feel right now? -Good.
-You feel good? But you said you were going to turn into the Wither Storm if you won. -Are you going to do it?
-Yes. Oh, okay.
We’re gonna put you back in there. You guys worked on it
for a long time, huh? I’d say a month or two, on and off.
We had a very demanding visionary. It’s very inspirational.
All of you people at home and here, this could be you next year. You guys have inspired other people
to do awesome stuff. Congratulations on the amazing,
amazing costumes. Our first place winners. Ruthie, I think you’re gonna have
to help them carry their prizes. Let’s give all of our winners
one last round of applause! That’s so… Isn’t it impressive, all the effort
everyone put on their cosplay? Yeah, looks they spent almost as
much time on their outfits as I do. -Yeah, you look super-nice.
-Oh, thank you. Now that you know what cosplay is,
what would you dress up as? Oh, that’s a great question.
Maybe like… …a pile of invisible glass?
Or a pig that can never get eaten? Or a pixel-y guy who’s new in town but everyone thinks he’s cool
just from the way he walks. And they invite him to make swords.
Something like that. Wow, impressively specific.
We have… We have something cool coming out
that could inspire you to do cosplay. Great. Please inspire me, Lydia. Today is the first look
of an all-new, full-length Adventure Time x Minecraft episode
with our friends at Cartoon Network. It’s been hard keeping that secret. You didn’t keep the secret.
You literally just told us the secret. -Yeah, then we can take a look.
-Okay. MineCon,
get ready for a sneak peek of the
Adventure Time-Minecraft special. A beautiful day in the land of Vu. -Check out this block.
-Yes, there’s a lot of blocks here. Hey, you are a vampire.
Shouldn’t you be burning right now? That’s a very valid point.
Spf100 million. -And it’s a video game, so.
-True, true. I’m Jeremy Shada,
voice of Finn from Adventure Time. I’m Olivia Olson, the Vampire Queen. We were playing
the Minecraft-Adventure Time pack. -Smooth, Jeremy.
-Well, you know how I do. We are at the Cartoon Network office checking in on the upcoming episode.
We recently recorded our parts for it. The show’s designers and animators
are currently combining Minecraft and Adventure Time
in their own style. Check it out. -Look at you all blocky.
-Look at my blocky buns. -What up, Jake?
-Marcy. -Nice.
-Block-tastic. -Hey, girl.
-Y’all got griefed. -Unacceptable!
-Oh, my blob. Endermen. Cubular. We don’t usually let the mob see this,
but we have a treat for MineCon. An exclusive sneak peek
of the preliminary animation -featuring your favorite vampire.
-Dracula? Yeah. MineCon, enjoy the sneak peek
from all of us at Adventure Time. Who here loves windmills? All right. Now get to work. Marcy, that’s a real nice windmill. When it’s done,
I’ll have a whole mess of bone meal. -What’s that, boss?
-Keep working, buddy. -So, what you got there?
-A lump destined for something big. -Just like your butt.
-Good one. The Adventure Time-Minecraft
special coming in 2018. Such an exciting collaboration. Thanks to Cartoon Network
for creating that video for today. Yes, yeah. Thank you. Next time, call a certain voice actor
so he can be part of it, or not. Whatever you think is best.
What’s next, Lydia? Minecraft is a game
that’s always expanding and merging with new creations
and existing things that people love. I looked around online and it feels
like people have built everything. I heard someone even built Denmark.
That’s an entire country. Minecraft players are passionate,
but they love other things too. And it’s amazing to see them
bring those things together and then share them on servers
and other kinds of content. So you can play
with things that others create? Yes, and you probably know
the drill by now, but we have a video to show you
what you can experience. The video budget alone
on this thing is insane. The number of videos. People said Minecraft is all about
breaking and placing blocks. Because, well, it is.
But they saw something more. We were just a group of kids
who loved to make maps. We were doing unique things
with redstone. People said it was dangerous, but seeing your creations
come to life is special. The unquenchable thirst
to keep creating is the common thread
among these dedicated block heads. We started experimenting
with maps long ago. It’s taken a long time to get here. It was hard, but it’s been worth it.
Look, we are killing it now. People call me
the resident fashionista. But I just love to create fun skins
for people all over the world. It makes me feel really proud. But making maps and skins
was just the beginning. What started as a few small blocks
and some big ideas became a way to give players
a new way to play the game. Theirs is an inspiring story
of creativity, innovation, and new ways to play Minecraft. Featuring Noxcrew,
RazzleberryFox, Imagiverse, Blockception,
PixelHeads, and introducing for the first time
to the marketplace, Mindcrack. There is no limit to the imagination
of empowered creators. Experience their imaginations
in the Minecraft marketplace. And available for a limited time,
free MineCon content now in the marketplace. Hi, I’m Emily Orrson. I work with our creators
on the Minecraft marketplace. Lydia and Will
are off checking the vote count. But while they’re gone, let’s talk
more about our incredible creators. We just heard from Joe,
Alex, and Razz. Aren’t they awesome? Soon, we’ll have Mindcrack making maps and selling them too. Mindcrack isn’t the only new partner
we have to announce. We have new server partners.
Remember servers? For when you want to play
free mini-games with your cousin and your neighbor,
and 10 or 50,000 others? Let’s take a look. In a world where everything
is better together, millions of players had a dream to compete on some
of the greatest Minecraft servers. And in a quest nearly as epic
as this cat falling off a shelf, they found a community more vast
than they could have ever imagined. From survival games on MPVP
to turf wars on Mineplex. From bid wars on Lifeboat
to island games on CubeCraft and introducing DeathRun
on the Hive. One team, the players of Minecraft
set out to do the impossible. Theirs is the story
of everyday champions who set out to prove that with
hard work, practice, team work, and just a little bit of luck,
anyone can be a mini-game master. Multiplayer servers
now available in Minecraft because anyone
can be a champion. Well, apart from Neil. Sorry, Neil. This way. They’re just right in here. What’s going on in here? We’re trying to keep up,
but there are too many people voting. Hey, come on, people. We can do this. -We got another batch coming.
-Oh, no! We need to go. We need to go. What? I can’t come over right now.
I need to go on in 15 seconds. Oh, hey. So things are going
so extremely well right now. We love votes.
We just love them so very much. Which is why I thought
I’d take this chance to remind you that we are now down to three mobs. And the only way to help your
favorite mob make it into the game is to go to Minecraft’s Twitter account
and make your very important vote. You could maybe get a few friends
to help you out as well. I’ll visit our the mob vote counters
who love their job more than anything and we’ll be back to find out
who is next on the chopping block. Get it? Chopping “block”? Back to you, Will and Lydia. I… I didn’t get it.
Oh, chopping block. I did get it. There’s a lot of voting happening.
Keep it up, as we’ll be finding out which mob will be eliminated.
However, it’s time for a challenge. -How well do you know our creators?
-Pretty well. Do you feel that you’re ready
to go head to head against me? No, no, I don’t. -You have to. That’s what’s up next.
-All right. We’re going to play Pick Me. Team Lydia and Team Will
to see who can coach a team of content creators to victory
in a match of build blitz. Great. And may the best me win. Instead of us selecting our teams,
they get to choose their coaches. -So they’re picking between us?
-Yeah. -I can smell your fear.
-You smell my fear? I don’t think so. Let’s welcome OMGchad,
DaphneElaine, TrueTriz, and PixelPrincess80. All right. Yeah. Welcome. After you pretend to join Team Lydia,
come on over to Team Will any time. Lydia knows a little more
about Minecraft. So I guess, Will,
you’re going to have to convince a couple of these creators
to go over to Team Will. Fine.
I will leave an outgoing message on your voice mail as Batman. -There we go.
-I’ll play with Will. Come on, True. -I guess I’ll go too.
-Yes, there we go. -That hardly seemed fair.
-I play to win. I play to win. Okay, so let’s play the game. Everybody pick up your controllers
and choose a color. I got blue. It matches the shirt. We’re going to see a build here
and we have to replicate it. Once you put down a block
you can’t pick it back up. -Pay attention to the arrows.
-Memorize that. -There’s a stair right there.
-That one little thing. There’s a stair.
You get extra points to go faster. -Come on. We got this.
-Easy points with the platform. Floor, floor, floor. -Slowly make your way up.
-Yes, perfect. Looks great. The floor is good.
I’m a professional floor builder. Was there a space in the middle? -Did it have feet?
-Was I supposed to help? Yes. Go get intel on the other side. Hey, do you guys
still have a connection? Yeah, we do. Great, great. -It’s great to go against you.
-Really good. -No, it’s– No.
-We’re doing all right. We’ve totally got them.
No worries. It kind of looks like it. -We have 12 seconds left, guys.
-Ten seconds. I got an extra log.
I don’t know what to do with it. Yes. Really close. Okay, one second.
And that’s it. The build was the original build
that we’re seeing. -I got the stairs way wrong.
-It was behind it. -Yeah, okay.
-Missing one on the front. Currently, it looks like we
are in the lead right now. Yeah. We got this. We got this. -Let’s do two more rounds.
-Let’s see what’s next. By the way, this is not scripted.
We don’t know what the next build is. -What’s the next build?
-Here we go. In just about a second we’ll see it. -Here we go. Pay attention.
-Hopefully it’s easy. -It’s a bed.
-It’s a blue bed. Look at the slabs, the slabs. -Slabs underneath.
-Okay. Like a headrest or something. Oh, and the stairs on the side.
Oh, man. I don’t think this is right. Oh, I forgot the box. Will, go over there
and see what they’re making. -I think they’re trying to make a bed.
-We might be making a bed. I’m keeping neutral.
I won’t tell them anything. -Lydia, go take their controllers.
-Wait a second. -That’s a way better idea.
-That’s a good strategy. -We got them to place more blocks–
-Slightly unfair. We need it to be up higher. It’s on a platform. It does look like a bed. What’s happening here? Exactly.
I think I’m taking creative liberty. -Oh, it’s underneath.
-I missed the white marker. There you go. -Okay, two, one second left.
-I got the multiplier. -I don’t think any of those looks–
-Okay, that’s the original bed. This is what we built. I like how someone needed stairs
to get into their bed. -What are the scores?
-Currently, we are still in the lead. Still in the lead. One more round. One more round.
Okay. Come on. Do things correctly. I don’t want to make a speech
to inspire you, but we’ve gotta win this thing. -This is the final round.
-Last one. -Oh, my gosh. What will it be?
-Be the change. -Oh, a mouse.
-Remember where the nose is. -Remember where the buttons are.
-It’s really cute. -One pink in the front. Purple slab.
-We have five more seconds to look. -Okay, there we go.
-This we got. -Pink right here.
-You’re starting with the ears. -It was the black?
-The nose, yeah. We gotta win,
or else you’re both grounded. -It looks so cute.
-Wait, you’re not my kids. -Audience, make some noise.
-Team Lydia! -Yeah.
-You could give them– Team Will? -Team Will?
-Team Will, thank you. -You know, I’m kind of a noob.
-Put the buttons on that. Twenty-five seconds.
Okay, they look like mice. Mine– Yours are a little– Oh, the middle is empty. Oh, no. -Fourteen seconds left.
-It doesn’t have a head. That’s artistic representation
of what a mouse looked like. -Where do these last two blocks go?
-Okay, so two, one. -That looks like a mouse.
-Okay, this was the original build. And here are the things back here. One has some bloodshot eyes.
And the final scores are in. I believe we have won! You played well.
You played very well. Nice job. Congratulations.
You played well. -Next time. Congratulations, Lydia.
-Thanks, Will. I’m getting some breaking news. Which is weird
because there’s no speaker in there. It’s time to head back over to Vu
and check on the mob voting. Vu? That was awesome. Yeah, oh, thanks, Will. I know earlier you all had
a surprise visit to the voting room, which might have had
the appearance of chaos. But that is just what is referred to by the mob vote counting industry
as organized chaos. But the team has all caught up now, and I have the results
on the next elimination. In first place… …with 37 percent of the votes, we have Mob B. People really love Mob B.
It is the mob to beat. That just leaves Mobs C and D. Which one do we have
to say goodbye to now? It’s Mob D. A promising future now banished
to history and memedom. Let me just find my lighter. Do we have the lighter? I didn’t really think that through.
Two down, two remain. Fresh round of voting
begins right now. If you want your mob to win,
you have to keep voting. If your original favorite is gone,
go back a new horse, or rather, mob,
and pick your next favorite. You’ll be making a part
of Minecraft history. Back to you, Lydia and Will. Thanks, Vu. It’s so close.
And sadly, goodbye to Mob D. We’re down to two now,
and the community will decide soon. Will, which mob do you think it’ll be? It could go either way.
Both these mobs are incredibly cool. I mean, not as cool
as what I might come up with. How hard can it be to come up
with a really cool new mob? -It’s a pretty complicated process.
-Is it? Yeah, there’s a lot work involved. You can’t just think it up
and put it in the game. The design, the sounds, behavior,
how it interacts with the world, you. There’s a lot to think about. Wow, you’re right,
that does sound complicated. -And I am super-dumb.
-No. No, it’s okay. It’s okay, you guys. Last year we added the llama mob. Do you want to see
how we worked on that? Only if you think
you can roll tape on it. I can. Roll the tape. First, I was thinking,
“Llamas or alpacas?” Agnes. Twitter has decided.
Llamas it is. You know what to do. So I went on a journey
to find some llamas to study. So llamas spit. Let’s get to researching. It’s important to get every detail right.
The dimensions, the color pallet, and to really study every angle. We take research way too seriously
at Mojang, but it’s worth it. How are the llamas coming along? I’m actually coding them right now. And the trip was so fun.
The llamas are so cute and friendly. How was the parrot research trip? Parrots are wonderful. Please welcome Saxs Persson
of the Minecraft studio. It’s nice to have an actual coder. Somebody’s that all about
the ones and zeroes. My man. I’m the creative director.
I’m a creative just like you. Amazing.
We have something in common. Creative and coding
really go well together. There’s so much more
to making a game than just coding. So as a creative director,
I visualize what Minecraft could be. and with the help of developers
and artists, we make it a reality. -Sounds easy, right?
-That definitely sounds easy. Sax, if Will thinks it’s so easy,
tell him how he can make a game. For everyone who has always wanted
to learn how to make their own games we have a tutorial
that is a great place to start. We teamed up with Hour of Code
to release the newest challenge to give people an easy, fun way
to learn coding. And where they take it from there
is up to them. If acting doesn’t work out for you,
Will, you can be a developer. What do you mean?
Have you heard something? I think you’re fine.
So, Sax, what’s new for this year? This year we wanted to get closer
to real development, so now you can use functions. Wow, functions.
That’s got the word “fun” it. Yeah, fun being the operative word.
So functions. We want to get closer to being able
to code the real Minecraft game. You can now also go to the nether
and we added a diamond path to add a challenge
for those who have coded before. That might not be you, Will. Saxs, I’m sorry, you lost me
four monotonous sentences ago. Maybe your kids
can help you understand. You’re right.
I don’t understand the language yet. We are training tens of millions
of people to be future developers. And this year, our friend StacyPlays will guide you through the tutorials.
Let’s take a peek. Stampy, Lizzie, Preston,
Thank you for coming with me. What I want to show you
is just over this mesa plateau. Wait, there’s a hole in the track! -Is everyone okay?
-Look, there was a hole in the track. -Really, Stampy?
-Let’s gather blocks to fix it. The first one back to the top wins. On your mark, get set, go. I will just gather some terracotta. Wait, guys, I can’t mine. -Same.
-I can’t either. -Stampy, can you mine?
-I can’t mine. -Everyone, stay calm.
-Is the game broken? -How do we fix it?
-I don’t know. Does anyone know how to code? -What is that?
-I have never seen this before. -It’s so adorable!
-Is it tameable? Someone needs to go back
to the real world and fix this. Not it. Okay. I will go. Hi, my name is Stacy Hinojosa
or StacyPlays on YouTube. I have teamed up with Minecraft
to make videos for Hour of Code. To complete the challenge,
you’ll need to program the agent. You’ll work together with the agent
to clear any obstacles so you can pick up
the items you need. Only the agent
can place and break blocks and only you can collect items. Good luck.
Happy coding, and happy MineCon. Wow, that’s cool.
I feel like I could totally do that. I could really do that, I think. I believe in you, Will. I’m really happy that you’re feeling
so confident right now. Remember that pool metaphor earlier
you totally didn’t understand? -It’s time to swim.
-Let’s get the last mob votes in. Will, the next part of this
is future updates of Minecraft. It’s the most important part
of the show, but– You’ll be great. You totally got this.
See you later. Great work. All right. Okay.
So I guess I’m on my own out here. Finally, I can do whatever I want. What would I do
if I could do anything I want? I’ve always wanted
to have my own talk show. Can I get like a talk show desk?
is that possible? Can I get that? You should remove some of these.
I should get outta your way. Oh, there’s a desk. Good. I like just asking for stuff,
and it shows up. That’s pretty awesome.
Got the chair there, also the desk. Oh, look at this. You might have to unclip my mic.
There we go. And– Like a real — I’m going to be
like a late-night talk show host. This is so great. Look at this. Right? Look at this, I got a jacket,
and a mug, and a clipboard. Pretty awesome.
I got a live studio audience. Broadcasting around the globe. I feel like there’s one thing missing. Oh, I know. Perfect. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome my first guest, the one and only Jens Bergensten. -Jens, welcome to the show.
-Thank you, thank you. Great to have you
on the show here, Jens. We’ve always wanted to get you on
as a guest. It’s been a dream of mine. First of all, Jens Bergensten,
I gotta say I am a big fan. What is it that you do? My title is lead creative designer. Lead creative designer.
That’s impressive. I’ve been kind of the lead developer
of Minecraft for six years now
since the first MineCon. So… So do you get to decide
everything that happens? No, no, not really. When it comes to Minecraft’s
game design, my words matter. But I’m a very Swedish person.
I also look for consensus– You always get the consensus
of the group. Yeah, definitely.
And we have a huge community that always have lots of great ideas
that influences us a lot. So it’s a very interactive–
There’s an ongoing dialogue. And it’s important to really listen to the community
and the people you work with. -Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
-You sound like a great leader. We could use some leadership. I mean, in the world– In Minecraft. How did you get involved,
Jens, with Minecraft? What’s your sort of origin story? Well, I got involved with Markus
who created the game. Markus who is known as Notch. He had to quit his day job
to work on Minecraft full-time It was growing fast,
and he formed Mojang to take care of Minecraft. But, like, the idea we had was– Minecraft had peaked, so he needed
people to work on new games. So he didn’t assign you to Minecraft.
He was content with Minecraft. “Please work on new games.”
What happened? -That didn’t happen more or less.
-So you just worked on Minecraft. Yeah. There was so much to do
on Minecraft, so I helped out. When I started working at Mojang,
it had sold 700,000 copies. It rose to 1 million,
and a year later it was 2. So it was just taking off. It’s been a global phenomenon. The fans around the world
and the fans here are super-excited. It is such a great community, and you guys
take care of it very well. From my own experience,
my kids are playing, or they’re watching YouTubers
around Minecraft all the time. I’m one of those dads who is like,
“Turn it down.” But it is fun to see them
get super-excited about– They’ve got so many questions.
I know you guys do too, but it’s my turn. What are the possibilities? Because it does seem
like Minecraft has no limits. It’s almost like you can do anything. I ask my kids, “What can you build?
Could you build like a–?” What would be a crazy update? Could you get a flower
that shoots out of a rocket–? Whatever. What are the limitations? No, you’re right.
Like, almost anything goes. And we always want to update
and add new stuff to Minecraft. We have settled on the core Minecraft
that we call vanilla Minecraft. That’s like an adventure game.
So we try to stay to that theme. But there are mods and add-ons
and everything beyond that. But every day– Not every day.
Every year, we want to improve the vanilla gameplay
as well. So it seems to me, do you guys
spend a lot of your time thinking–? Talk about trying to think
outside the block. Guys, it’s my show, okay? We’re on my time.
This is a great mug. Right? 1099. Not water. Do you spend a lot of time thinking
of new ways to outsmart yourselves? What are those sessions like where you’re spitballing
what the new updates will be? Yeah, like, it’s kind of funny because after every big update
we’ve done, I’m kind of like, “What do I do now?”
We were focused on one update– -And people want more.
-Yeah, yeah, of course. So sometimes, I get inspiration
from things that I see like movies and other video games,
or just walking around the street. But many times I just sit down
for an intense Minecraft session and try to feel out what areas
can we expand upon next. One of the updates we did this year,
the World of Color, was inspired
because I saw this beautiful… …like, terracotta floor,
Moroccan tiling. And I was looking at the tiles. Wait a second, it’s just one tile
that they rotated around, and it created
these really nice patterns. And I thought
“We can do that in Minecraft.” Now we have these colorful blocks,
and we built a theme around it. You’ve created an entire generation
of people going, “Hey, you could do that in Minecraft.” Global army.
But it’s so inspirational. I know that you have new updates
that you want to talk about. Tell us about these updates. So now when we have
the Java edition, and we have the Bedrock Editions
all caught up. Next year we’ll release the updates
on all platforms at the same time. Not the same day,
but around the same time. And the next update
is going to be the Update Aquatic. Update Aquatic, wow. Tell us a little bit
about some of the– What do we got here? Wow, that’s so cool. You want to talk a little bit
about these? -We’ll wait after the clip.
-Sure. That looks so cool. And judging by the fan reaction,
people will be so excited about this. So we were talking backstage
about the bubble columns. Like, a lot of questions
about what do they actually do. These changes we’re doing–
are just– We’re prototyping. Textures, graphics,
even behaviors may change when we start snapshotting
and testing out with the community. But many of these changes will affect
the way water works in Minecraft. And one thing is that items
will now start floating on the surface. And a bubble column
which is created by magma blocks, they’re going to break
the buoyancy of water so everything
will fall down into them. So there will be things
on the water with magma blocks. So your boat might start shaking
and you must move away or you’ll fall down into the ocean. We’re interested to see how this
can be used in various contraptions. -Yeah, that’s so cool.
-And then we are adding a new weapon called the trident. -The trident.
-Yeah. I love that. It’s a weapon you use in melee
and you can throw it. But as you saw on the clip,
if you throw it, you lose it. Lost the weapon.
So you’re weaponless. -Throwing it isn’t a good idea.
-Definitely not. So there’s a special enchantment
called loyalty to make it come back. Nice. Loyalty. I’d like to get that. And there are other
enchantments for it. One is called riptide.
When you throw it while swimming, -you will get a push forward.
-Oh, that’s so cool. It’s fun because if you’re
at the surface and throw it up, -you jump like a dolphin.
-Oh, nice. And one fun thing
that Dinnerbone suggested was that it only works in water,
but it also works when it’s raining. Have you ever like,
“Yes, it’s raining” in Minecraft? No way. But now you’re like
“Yes, it’s raining!” Wear your elytra, throw the trident,
and swoop away. That’s so cool. That sounds fun. Yes, and then we have
the coral and the kelp. And we have the actual fish. And this is like to add more variety
to the ocean and more things to see. In the video clip, you saw coral
and kelp right next to each other. But they’re going to be separated
because of ocean biomes. So warm and cold oceans
with different type of terrain. And all the fish
that you fish as items, they will exist as proper fish. So we’ll have like salmon,
tropical fish, and clownfish, and puffer fish, and et cetera,
I guess. I forgot some. -Good. That was good knowledge.
-Yes. And this will work similar to bats
that will come and go. If you catch one with a bucket,
you’ll get water and fish. And this will be a persistent fish. You can use it
to build aquariums in your houses and you will keep your fish. How cool is that?
Don’t forget to feed them. And then I mentioned changes
to the water physics. What we want to do is to be able
to build with slabs and stairs and fences underwater without getting
these weird air pockets. That what we want to solve.
but it also makes sense that you have more proper
water movement for this box. And we are aware that this will come
with a lot of new behaviors. So we’re going to try things out
and see how it works. But the main goal is to make it
easier to build underwater. So it’s going to be– That’s cool.
And it will kind of evolve over time. Exactly. And then we have
more underwater terrain with the shipwrecks and icebergs. So it’s going to be more variation
in the ocean terrains. Things to find. Iceberg. That’s so cool. And there will be
more different treasures to find, which brings me to dolphins. Dolphins. I mean, how excited is everybody for the dolphins?
That’s so awesome. Every update we try to introduce
one new animal mob. And the dolphins will help you
in the oceans to find treasure. -They will help guide players.
-Oh, friendly. Nice. And this is just a sneak peek
of things coming. We have way more features related
to the Update Aquatic, so you– So more announcements coming out
sometime in the next year. Yes. That’s so cool. I love–
The dolphins are great. It’s nice to have
a sense of porpoise. Jens, this has been
a fascinating interview, but I want the results
of the first-ever Minecraft mob vote. How would I be able to do that,
do you think? You know what? I got it.
This worked before. Check this out. There it is, yeah. I knew it. Vu Bui, everyone.
Here he is with the results. -This is the best talk show, Will.
-Thank you so much. Thank you. I have right here
the hard-earned vote for the next mob
that goes into Minecraft. -Jens, will you do the honors?
-Yes, please. Please don’t be La La Land again.
Please do not be La La Land. And the winner is… ….Mob B. Oh, man. That of course was my favorite mob
from the very beginning. My votes probably pushed it
over the edge. It was a fairly close race, so I think your vote
might have been crucial there. -Good. Every vote counts.
-Yes, it does. Are you excited about the mob
that was chosen, Jens? Yeah, yeah, I’m very excited. -You don’t sound as excited.
-No, no, no. These mobs were like–
They don’t have a name yet. And the feature is still in flux. So now it’s going to be a challenge
to live up to people’s fantasies about the Monster of the Night Skies.
It’s going to be fun. And when can we expect
the new mob in the game? -It will be in the Update Aquatic.
-Wow, awesome. Coming soon.
So not too long of a wait. Yeah. Will, you’re doing really well out here.
This is an amazing show. So I’m going to find the key
to the handcuffs. Jens, come with me
and let Will just take over. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Guests, again. Now I’ll just do… I didn’t have anything planned.
This was poorly planned out by me. So I guess I can just do
anything I want? Is that…? Anything I want. I guess I would– Hey, Will, I’m back. Have you learned a lot
about Minecraft today? Yeah, I feel like mainly how much
I don’t know about Minecraft. I’ve learned how cool having
so many MineCons can be. MineCon around the world
for everyone. Yes, MineCon
around the world for everyone. -So…
-So… That song and dance routine
we talked about? You’ve got a spring in your step You’ve got a gleam in your eye You’re full of vigor and pep And now I know why Because now we know
About the new bubble columns -They’ll rock your boat
-And so I’m cool So cool, this guy is cool This day began in despair I feared for more of the same But now we’re walking on air
Why is that? -‘Cause I’m getting the game
-Don’t forget who helped you A trident with loyalty enchantment
And it’s really a boomerang -It will always come back
-See, I’m cool So cool, this guy is cool You’ll win the next cosplay contest
‘Cause playing is a thing you do And a celebrity like you could find
yourself in a multiplayer match Where I will absolutely destroy you! Glad you got that out.
Let’s bring the song home now. Five, six, seven, eight So now the ending is here Took us some time, but so what? Y’all just wait ’til next year Where I’ll be back to kick butt. Because we finally see
What this world can be When we all play together
In perfect harmony We’re better together -I’m no longer a fool.
-You got it now. ‘Cause this super-duper guy
Is super cool ♪ Oh, my God, this was so much fun.
You should have more MineCons. Great idea.
Know anyone who wants to host? Thank you so much for watching.
We hope you enjoyed the show. Have a great day wherever you are.
We’ll see you soon. Thank you.
Good night, everybody. Hello.
Welcome back to MineCon. This is the post-show,
so finally we can actually talk about what happened.
I’m here with Aureylian. Hi. I’m really good now. There was a song and dance number
with a bunch of dancers and singers. They came out of nowhere.
They just appeared out of nowhere. And the whole time they joked
about this song and dance number. I didn’t expect it
to be like a Broadway-style with top hats and fireworks
in the background. I feel like MineCon
has escalated some. Is there a bigger number next year?
Will we all be expected to dance? I must learn how to walk with two feet
before I can dance on a stage. -Shoutout to Lydia, honestly.
-She was singing. Every year she blows me away.
Lydia is an amazing host, and this time she came out singing
in a dress and heels. -It’s like the Lydia talent showcase.
-She sets the bar. Come on, Lydia.
I’m roughly good at one thing. You can’t be good at everything.
That’s unfair. What did you think of the show? It feels like the time
has gone by super-fast. And I feel like there was something
every time where I was like, “That’s enough for MineCon,”
and there’s still another set. It’s like, “But wait, there’s more!”
It kept happening again and again. Mojang really loves surprises. You think you know all the surprises,
and they hit you with more surprises. It’s like the craziest Christmas. Even with the voting
on which mobs you wanted. Every time it was like,
“Which one is eliminated now?” -Let’s bring in– You’re fresh.
-I’m fresh from the stage. -Do I still have confetti?
-No. How are your hands? They’re pretty good.
That was so exciting. -You won.
-Yes, I won the build battle. We were worried
that you would peak too early. Hi. How did you find being on the stage?
Was it scary? Scared, but once I got out there,
it was like, “I got this.” Was it fun standing
in Will Arnett’s vicinity? Yes. I got to shake his hand
after the building blitz. -Was it a firm handshake?
-I think he conditions his hand. -It’s very good.
-Behind the scenes gossip. -What was Will like?
-He was great. It was really fun. He so got into it. Oh, yeah, he was just fun
to watch and be around. Whenever he was backstage,
all eyes were on him. It’s really cool. And ending on a huge dance number, I feel like MineCon
is escalating each year. Soon they’ll expect you to tap-dance. -I’ll take lessons.
-We all need to. I think the next MineCon
will be MineCon the Musical. -On ice will be when–
-Don’t make on ice. Why would you suggest that?
You just put that in their head. Next year because they announced
the entire aquatic stuff, everyone will be in scuba suits
swimming underwater. -Like mermaid shows.
-Like mermaid shows. Some hotels in Dubai are underwater. -Yes. I’m down. Totally support this.
-We have to get passports. Let’s discuss the mob vote winner.
I suspected it might be that one. -I was rooting for C.
-Me too. Of course we we’re getting
the vibe of people backstage. A lot of people backstage liked B.
There was a majority backstage. I was thinking about this
with all the different ones. I think it’s because of its back story. You imagine how it was going
to play out more than the others. I’m not really in the ocean a lot,
and I don’t like going to the nether. I agree. My favorite was Mob C
which was the big open mouth, but they said he was rare
and he camouflages. He uses this thing,
and that sounds like a lot of work. But being in a situation
where you haven’t slept in days and suddenly these things attack,
and that’s cool. I feel a little bit
like now that we’ve voted for this, there’s going to be points when you
are making content where you’ll go– Why did you vote for this? I said C! I can’t be held accountable.
Those who voted B, it’s your fault. I was hoping at the end
they would be like, “Well, it was close.
We’ll give you both B and C.” I was holding out
because the whole time, it was like 36 percent and 35 percent.
B and C were pretty neck and neck. I was hoping
that they will just give us both. But you can’t change the rules
because everyone would freak out. They can do what they want. Do it charity.
Say if we give this much to charity– -Oh, hi.
-Yeah. Hello. One of the most exciting things
about the show for me personally
was Adventure Time. I know. I like Adventure Time too much.
That’s going to be so good. There’s always been a mash-up pack,
but it’s not the same. It’s not the same
that there’s a cartoon episode that’s going to have Minecraft
as the theme. Adventure Time
is so good with the story. I can’t wait to see
how they incorporated Minecraft. They did a funny job of incorporating
their genderbend episodes into the Adventure Time universe.
So I’m really excited fort that. It’s fascinating when you see
how voice actors actually look like. I always assumed voice actors
to be older. I assumed Finn was played
by a female in a boy’s voice. And Will Arnett crowed a lot
about being the voice of Batman. BoJack Horseman
and Arrested Development. I’ll put a banana in my bag.
So if I bump into him– “Do you want–?” I won’t do that.
Unless one of you films me. We got it. Will, watch out. -What else was high points for you?
-What’s yours? My favorite moment
was doing better -in the build battle than I thought.
-That’s pressure. It was a lot of pressure.
Will is breathing down your neck. Was he invading
your personal space? He wasn’t literally–
No, that’s cool, that’s Batman. -Yeah, it was Batman.
-I mean, it was awesome. It was cool hearing Batman
trying to inspire you. -He promised to get those voice mail.
-I’m gonna Tweet him. -You’ve got to hold him to that.
-I jumped right over there. You can’t pretend to say something
and not do that. That’s legally-binding. When you say something as a joke,
legally, we can come for you. -I have to say as well, the cosplay–
-The winner was so adorable. He was like a little Dustin
from Stranger Things with the curls. We got to hang out with him. This kid was playing on his tablet,
He has an snow cone maker app. And he was telling me to eat them.
I had to touch the screen. He was playing with all of us.
It was so much fun yesterday. Being on a big stage, you guys
as adults is still intimidating but as a kid going up there,
you’d never hear the end of it. All the kids that came up
as part of the cosplay contest were all super-natural on stage. Because I remember
getting into content creation and you didn’t know what to say
in your videos. And this new generation came in,
and they’re perfectly comfortable. “I’ve been doing this since I was 6.”
“Okay, I’m 31.” If you guys were to cosplay,
what would you cosplay as? -That’s a hard question.
-I would do the pig. -I’d do Reuben in honor of Reuben.
-Wait, we don’t want to spoil it. You’re past the window of exclusivity.
It’s been out long enough. You can’t call it Reuben
and not expect people to react. -It’s a type of sandwich, a Reuben.
-Very popular. -What would you cosplay as?
-A sheep or a bat, my favorites. I think I’d be a polar bear
that you don’t see often. You want to be exclusive cosplay.
“No, I don’t like regular cosplay.” -Have you seen me in the ice spikes?
-You’re so rare, Chad. I would do an enchanted armor.
But instead of just looking like it, but when you turn,
it would like a holographic– If anyone out there takes my idea
next year, I’m coming for you. My 8-year-old was like,
“Can we do this next year?” I was like, “Okay.”
Then she went on her iPad and started planning
what cosplay she would do. I think it’s about time
to kind of wrap everything up. There’s still confetti on my hair.
Do you need a brush? Thank you for sticking with us
from the pre- to the post-show. Thanks to the content creators
and our team here, as well. We’ll see you again next year
with more from MineCon. See you next time.
Take care, everybody. Bye.

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