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  1. Kiwipop

    Oh oh add dangerous snakes 🐍! I can’t think of more things u should update at Minecraft cuz it’s my bedtimes but plz do snakes!!!

  2. Jessica Verges

    New Mob: Bullet Ants

    BIOME SPAWNS: Caves, Flower Forests, and Deserts

    They are neutral mobs that spawn in groups of up to 4. When hit, their friends will come to aid. They have an impressive 10 hearts, the same as the player's health. They deal 1.5 hearts of health on Easy and Normal, but a whopping 4 hearts on Hard and Hardcore Mode. They run as fast as Spiders, and are about the same size as an Emdermite. Upon death, they drop 0 to 2 bones, and a 1 in 25 chance of dropping a Spider Eye, despite being Ants. Cave Ants are hostile, but have the exact same features as a Bullet Ant. They have a 5% chance of being a Baby Ant, which are hostile across all biomes actually. They will also suffocate on Soul Sand, Netherrack, and End Stone. When killed by a Stray's arrows, it WILL always drop a Fermented Spider Eye and nothing else. Wolves, Tamed Wolves, and Foxes will hunt Bullet Ants, leading to a vicious battle. In the PlayStation 4 and Pocket Edition of Minecraft, ants can only be hunted by Wolves and Tamed Wolves, as Foxes are currently not present in the Bedrock Edition and Console Editions of Minecraft.

    Like so Mojang sees this.

  3. Kaan Yildirim

    A reddit post of a guy I don’t know shortened:Fortnite is adding OP things at the begin of the seasons so people talk about then they nerf, nerf it again and then vault it so the community keeps playing and talks happily about Fortnite that is why i play MineCraft I’m happy I grew up with MC

  4. Maria Evelyn Villarin

    Please add new mobs like bees,bosses,aliens,dogs,jellyfish nautilus mob,ostrich,alligators,pirates,mythic mobs, new structures such as Atlantis,sunken villages and new biomes such as cherry blossom biome
    and more mobs such as princessed sharks,dragons,snaked,japanese people,students,snails,admin boss you spawn from the prismarine blocks,pheonixes,octopus,new blocks and minerals,new liqiuids,vampires,werewolves,new storage blocks,dead people,new leaves,new fruits,rats,termites,make emeralds have armors,tools new crafting recipes,elephants,crates,frogs,tigers,lions,new speices that never existed in real life from your imagination and thats it!

  5. Google Dinosaur

    We need a swamp update. It has no special mobs besides witches. It should have frogs, ducks, Alligators, swamp monsters, catfish, muskrats, freshwater turtles etc. also it could use some mud that slows you down

  6. Rapper Riders

    I wonder which content-creators will make it into this year's montage, since this was a huge, HUGE year for Minecraft. I have my money on:
    – Pewdiepie bullying Water Sheep
    – Mumbo Jumbo's walking house
    – Ph1lza's Hardcore death
    – Technoblade winning Minecraft Mondays
    – Some PG footage of CallMeCarson and SMP Live (probably the SchlattCoin scam)
    – Some crazy invention of the SciCraft people
    – WilburSoot's randomizer challenge
    – GameTheorist's "Enderman=Humans" theory?

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