Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w17a New Noteblock Sounds & Advancements

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Minecraft update video. Today’s Snapshot is 17w17a 1.12 draws closer and more changes, more changes. Something that I actually missed I believe in the last snapshot video that I did, and I covered it on my second channel instead So plugging the second channel obviously Shulker boxes’ colors have changed to be much more like these new bright and saturated colors that we got with the wools Unfortunately doing that made shulkers not very camouflaged in end cities So they’ve reverted just the one texture the rest of them though are staying the same and if you’ve been keeping up with the second channel you’ll know about this but custom crafting ain’t going to be in 1.12 by looks of it, much more likely it’s going to be in 1.13. Anyway another change of this snapshot is to do with teracotta blocks. On this map right here they have now been given their own custom color, and if you haven’t been keeping up with things These blocks here are now called terracotta blocks, but it says for me “hardened clay” And that’s because they haven’t updated the language files for English just American I’m going to guess So that’s changed on the map as you can clearly see right there, though the blocks that I’m now sort of pointing at this Snapshot We’re also getting a bunch of new sound effects, one of those, or five of those, are four note blocks these sound great, okay So xylophone is the bone block Very satisfying. The gold block is a bell Also, really great. At the clay is a flute And packed ice is a chime. Last of all we got guitar with wool! Okay enough of that Excuse me for my distractions, while we’re on the topic of commandblocks which I’m going to use to show you the new sound effects for parrots, let’s also talk about this, that’s been added, okay It’s called update last execution it is an nbt tag and it is for command blocks, and for all you commandblockers out there you need to look up and read up on this stuff, because X don’t really know what he’s talking about But supposedly this tag can be added to one of these blocks, and it allows you to execute multiple commands in a single tick I believe, something like that. Anyway let’s use this right here to summon in a parrot. How are you doing buddy? You can hear he’s now making lots of sounds because they’ve given them a whole bunch of fancy new sounds, but we’re going to get rid of you because we want to listen to them one by one okay, so Over here, we’ve got the ambient sound There next to it [Rarrghh!] the death sound This one is when the parrot eats Then its flying sound Got the sound when it gets hurt, and last of all the step sound I’ll be frank with you, okay I don’t have much time to make this video today, and what I would’ve like to have done my friend, is fought you several times so I can tell all the peeps about how your difficulties have been tweaked But we’re just going to do this the once and we’ll see if we notice anything different about you I have noticed though that you’re making some sounds, so let’s listen to those [ehh?] Take two. Note to self, when recording sometimes you type the wrong command. gamemodes zero. That’s what I’m looking for come on now. [uuhhh] He’s making sound effects. Oh the shulker is getting involved This is going to go bad quick. Isn’t it, okay. Let’s get in there wreck you Now there’s many of you, and you didn’t do the blindness thing that might be part of the difficulty tweaking you know I’m not sure if it means he’s stronger. He’s got more health and last snapshot by the way, the guy had 16 hearts I don’t know if that’s changed and like I said ain’t got much time – toby’s going to change it up Where is he? There he is, got him. Okay, sound effects as well There we go. I’d say that probably isn’t too much different. We’ve got some sound effects I think the thing that’s been tweaked is the blindness in the beginning has been removed There’s a few more sound effects as well. I was going to use command blocks, but I realized that is kind of boring so the sound of retrieving the bob That’s a new thing that’s been added very subtle little addition. Boats now have got a sound for when we’re moving across land, and in the water as well there’s a different sound We also have new sound effects for the eye of ender. We need to get close to it Did you hear that sound? There’s one there’s very slightly different if it destroys itself Nope, not that time. Let’s do it one more time, and hope it destroys so you can hear it Nope. It’s kept coming back to me. It’s not very different trust me. It’s not a big deal Let’s go down here, because they’re supposed to be sounds for putting it into the end portal as well. [oh] I like that! There’s like a strange rumble under it as well That’s not the rumble of the Lava. Okay, and then we put in the last one. We should hear something different Wauw!, that was scary man. That was very scary I’d quickly like to mention a bug that’s been fixed. Nether brick fences don’t connect to regular fences That’s the way it’s always been and for those of you that like to do technical stuff and mess about in the game You know that this can actually be pretty useful in various situations and then in the development cycle of this one they connected together again kind of like that, and that one has been undone. Which is good to know. All right, we’ve got some big changes to Advancements, the Advancement command, also new things that they can do Some of it is relevant to the majority of you, and some of the only to map makers, which again if you play custom maps, which are a lot of fun, these can be big features So, this command right here has “grant” and “revoke”, we’re going to grant ourselves everything, but we can also do “from”, “only”, “through” and “until”, and I don’t fully understand this but the idea I believe is, that you can say from one advancement, and then you can name another advancement after it Let’s actually see if it will let us do that. No, maybe I don’t really understand that I’ll tell you what, if you go check out a guy called “slicedlime”, his cover of this snapshot will probably explain that in great detail, but if we grant ourselves everything you’ll see the five toast notifications go up on the side. That’s the maximum amount and the Advancements have been rearranged a little bit and expanded and all of that cool stuff So if we go into the tab, you’ll see that is the whole of the adventure tab and there’s now three other tabs so, “The End” “Minecra..”, sorry “Minecraft” over there, “The End” and “The Nether” and it kind of breaks down some of the different tasks to do in those dimensions. Really cool stuff right? and here’s another cool thing, again it’s a map maker thing though when you unlock or complete an Advancement now, it can trigger a command like an in-game command or a command block command, that again can be Incredibly powerful for map makers. Just to make something clear, we mentioned at the beginning of the video, the Shulker itself is now reverted and the Shulker box as well which i’ve read that some people are disappointed with, and that’s.. I don’t know what, my opinion is that they should all go back to the way they were, before. One last thing I want to mention Is there’s a new selector, a hidden feature, it’s actually in last week’s Snapshot which is: @s, and I’m not going to even try and attempt to explain it, because I didn’t really understand it myself and again to shout out another Youtuber “slicedlime” I’ll put a link to his video on the s selector in the description box down below. He has a great explanation on that. I’ve been pressed for time people, but I hope I’ve done you a good job and brought you up to speed with what’s been going on. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, please do leave a like as always Thank you for your tremendous support I will be tree.., streaming on twitch very soon and so Yeah, look in the description box down below if you want to know my twitch channel going to be playing some FoolCraft over there This evening, and I hope you will decide to join me, but anyway that’s it for me this video I’ll see you later ciao for now. Bye. Bye

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Reader Comments

  1. QuirkyGeek17

    Wish they'd make the shulker (mob) the original purple and make the shulker (chest) dyeable to the brighter purple. Or even make the shulker shells the brighter colour so you don't have to dye it after you craft it.

    I understand they want the shulker (mob) to blend in with the end cities but I don't see why the shulker (chest) has to.

  2. MrEevee

    X, you should make a vanilla tweaks pack that makes it so that leather armor when dyed is entirely dyed. It's so annoying when the spots on the pants are still regular color!

  3. Bobby_Go

    Is sleeping an advancement? If so, could that be used as an easier way to trigger a 'one person can sleep the night away' system on a multiplayer server? Like… gaining the sleep advancement triggers a /time set and clears all sleep advancements combo thingy?

  4. Nicholas FitzGerald

    X, do you think it's stupid that pistons connect to redstone when they are on the side of the piston, even if there is redstone next to the 1st piece of redstone on pocket edition? That was confusing, but it's a stupid feature on Pocket edition that literally ruins redstone.

  5. Jacob Huempfner

    I feel that if you didn't have the time to make this video in its entirety right away, spend some more time to make sure you have ample time to get everything in there. This video felt rushed and didn't feel as informative as your usual snapshot videos, Xisuma.

  6. Debatra

    You know, it would really help if you used either some kind of noise reduction or a redstone delay on those sound effect command blocks. Some of those sounds you were showing were barely audible over the pressure plate clicks.

  7. CriticalPrime9

    Hey X, if you have a resource pack turned on then the lang file will be overwriting the part that tells it to say terracotta.

    So if you turn of your resource pack it should say terracotta. (If you have one on)

  8. Steven Martin

    1.7 want the update that changed the world. 1.12 is the update that changed the world, I mean, birds, retextured colors and NOTEBLOCK SOUNDS!!!!! Sooooo happy

  9. Daan Scatozza

    an additional color to mc pallette: "natural" which is just whatever their undyed color is so there is the old and new purple! glass already kinda has this.

    that would solve the problem

    i hope this eventually gets to mojang

  10. kumatora abomination

    Renaming hardened clay to be terracotta just makes an issue because nobody says glazed terracotta, they just call it terracotta!

  11. LoMpact

    Your musician was completely visible in the virtuosity on the note blocks. Incidentally, love how your fish farm note block isn't silenced. The reason is obvious, but no less loved.

  12. Dwayne Trawick

    "They haven't changed the language files to English, just American" Proof that American is now it's own language, straight from the mouth of a tried-and-true Brit? Oh my days!

  13. Daniel Sime

    if you want to show sounds with command blocks you could use a repeater and observer to activate it silently rather than using a pressure plate

  14. Someone Human

    i think the advancements thing for giving you them when its on from i think that might be for like mods so you can give everything from minecraft or all from extra utilities but not other things but that

  15. GarouLady

    I really wish they would give us Half slabs and stairs of all the decorative blocks ie diorite, andesite, granite and the ability to dye glowstone into different colors.

  16. BJTMastermind Games

    +xisumavoid can you update you anti enderman grefing command for 17w17a+ endermand dont hold the invisible piston anymore

  17. EatHoneydukes 79

    HOLY COW I JUST THOUGH "wouldn't it be cool if they made new note blocks have new sounds" AND BAM!!!! HERE IT IS! I am psychic so

  18. javierititin

    So they can do this, but not dyable redstone? .-.

    Edit: I also don't get why parrots are going to be a thing. They have no purpose but to sit on your shoulder and make noises from time to time, sometimes from another mob.

  19. Thats MMM

    I hread they're finally going to let people use Open to LAN. So in my realm i could use this so they could use gamemode. Also the /advancements command is going to help us alot! ;D

  20. Mr. Cringe

    You could already execute multiple commands in a single tick with the mechanics that were added in 1.9 with chain command blocks.

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