Minecraft 1.13/1.14+ AFK Fish Farm [Redstoneless] [Semi-Silent] [CC]

Hello, my name is Flashee and this is an afk fish from tutorial for Minecraft 1.11+ This design is the simplest and most compact fish farm ever created. All you need is a mending fishing rod, a way to hold on your right click, and you’re ready to AFK. What’s special about this design is that you won’t hear any annoying open and closed door sounds; It’s nearly silent. This farm produces loot from fish to junk, as well as treasures like nametags, saddles, and enchanted books, rods, and bows. It doesn’t take long before you have a full chest of valuables. This non-resource-intensive build only requires 5 solid blocks, 1 regular piston, 2 tripwire hooks, 1 string, 1 block in which the rod will not cast out, 1 hopper, 2 chests, and a water bucket. Extra resources include 1 torch and any type of stair or slab. I’ll start off with a quick overview of how to build the contraption, then I’ll show a POV of building. You’ll start off with a double chests and place your piston on top with a hopper feeding into the chest. 2 blocks will go here and the remaining there. The non-castable block goes in that position and finish off the design with water on top of the hopper and tripwires like so. Make sure to place your string over the water. In extra you can place your stair or slab before the chest and the torch on the noteblock. Now for the POV build, you’ll place a double chests and a piston on top with a hopper facing into the chest. Place a block on the hopper to place these two blocks, then break this block. Next place a block diagonal to the piston and the opposite block. On those place your tripwire hooks. Now place your non-castable block here so your water won’t spill and top it with your string. Lastly, place this block so the piston won’t push you off and place a stair or slab here, then set your torch there. Here is the farm working once agian. *tripwire tripped* *fish caught* *piston retracts* *chest opens* *chest closes* If you’re curious the torch serves two purposes: 1) It lights up your area. 2) It keeps the noteblock silent. *noteblock sounds* As you can hear without the torch, we get a nice, yet annoying, array of notes. There are many alternative farm designs to choose from the primary design uses the noteblock however you may also use a fence gate, chest, wooden trapdoor, repeater, comparator, lever, daylight sensor, wooden door, enderchest, or button. *tripwire trips and piston extends* *fencegate opens and closes* Using a fence gate is easy to use and cheap to craft; although, it’s really annoying if you’re around to hear it open and closed. If you’re using a chest is cheap to craft and silent also. The *silence* downside is that the build becomes bigger and uses an extra 2 blocks. *trapdoor opens and closes* Using the trapdoor is alright because it’s pretty cheap but it still creates the open/close sounds and it is a little harder to find the right place to cast the rod. A repeater can also be used easily and it is silent. Cons include the price to craft it, as well as the extra blocks involved in the build. A comparator is also a non-castable block and it is easy to use but it makes the tick-tock noise and is not cheap to craft. The same thing goes for the lever as we hear the tick-tock sound. The lever is easy to craft, but is not easy to find the correct place to cast the fishing rod. The daylight sensor is silent, but costly. It is somewhat easy to use, but is impractical due to the cost to craft it. Using a wooden door is almost exactly like the trapdoor; however, its swings towards the water. It is a tad difficult casting the rod correctly, but is fairly cheap. The enderchest works exactly like the wooden chest does and requires the two extra blocks. This is very expensive but silent. It’s easy to cast the rod but not sensible to use due to the materials needed the craft it. Lastly is the wooden or stone button. This is the hardest one to cast the rod, but it still works. It’s super cheap, only requiring one stone block or one wooden block, but adds an extra block to design overall. It does, however, create the button-clicking sounds. My final notes are that you should expose the waterblock to skylight. Make sure that no solid block is directly above the water where your bobber sits or the wait time will be doubled. You can have transparent block such as glass, fences, etc., but for maximum efficiency, it is best to have no blocks at all. Allowing rain to hit the bobber on your fishing rod increases your chances to catch something by about 20%, so do not build in a desert. Also, remember to light up your surrounding area because nearby mobs will stop you from touching anything. As for the best rod to use, if you’re looking for treasure, go for Lure I and Luck of the Sea III. If you want fish over treasure, go for Lure III and Luck of the Sea I. Remember, always have a mending rod for infinite use of the farm and having Unbreaking III is also a plus. Alright everyone, that’s all for this video. I hope this tutorial helped you in any way. I’m so glad i could make it. You can find the original creator in the description. He allowed me to make an English tutorial, so huge thanks to him! If you enjoyed the video please leave a like and if you want to see more tutorials from me in the future, make sure to subscribe to be notified! I always check the comment area, so feel free to ask any questions down there, and as always, thank YOU for watching my video. Until next time, take care, see you.

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Reader Comments

  1. Flashee

    Thanks for 30,000+ views and 300+ comments everyone! I also gained about 200 subscribers since posting this video! I appreciate all of you. Thank you all very much! : )

  2. Kill Tracker

    Great video, but it’s about 3 minutes too long. I’d suggest keeping it simple and leaving out all of the unnecessary explanations at the end

  3. jonathan jacobs

    its an good farm but it aint silent and redstoneless cause for a piston you need an redstone dust and the piston makes and sound when extending/retracting

  4. Hélio Viegas

    Ok, i did everything in this tutorial but the blocks, which i used coblestone. The rest is exacly the same, but cant seem to cast to the water and the piston doesn't extend/retract…

  5. LabyrinthX

    I built this on a PaperSpigot 1.11.2 server. Whenever I cast the lure, the piston pushes me, but the lure doesn't stay cast in the water. It just keeps spamming the lure and the piston keeps going back and forth. I cast in the same spot you did, as well as other positions.

  6. Cartoon

    If Juke Box doesn't work, you can replace it with a fence gate

    PD: Most compact fish farm that I found, amazing video, Keep working :D.

  7. I Can't Believe It's Not ButterSquids!

    I'm in love with this design, it's so simple to make in survival and got me and unbreaking 3 mending fishing rod in the first few minutes 😀 Would recommend this tutorial to a friend!

  8. Catarina Geraldes

    Did this on Creative mode, worked like a charm. Did it in survival, worked when you throw the rod first, after you catch a fish, the piston starts opening and retracting and you can't leave it like that cuz it wont fish anything. Any solution?

  9. Rainbow Hyphen

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much for the layer-by-layer breakdown. I've been trying to build one of these that actually works reliably for ages. Also thank you for all the alternative designs. It really helps to see the theory behind how it works.

  10. Xurai

    Thanks, just heads up make sure you're in peaceful while ask fishing because you don't want to go to work and come back with a crater behind you

  11. BloodAndBon3

    Thank u so much for this design sir, you really opened some "doors" in my minecraft world. Best and easiest design ever, also a profesional video. Keep it up!

  12. Chandler Deardorff

    No redstone!!! Except for that piston…. No more annoying door sound!!!!!! Except for that annoying piston sound…

  13. Chase Houske

    Thanks so much it works great. Only thing is it clicks so fast for me that it removes the rod, but I just fixed it with a 0.5 second auto clicker.

  14. LunarAlmanac

    !!! This is the only design that has ever worked for me, and I'm pretty sure it's because your tutorial was so clear. Thanks so much!!

  15. 4P5

    Hey, Flashee, I'm making a religion worshipping a chicken in my let's play world, am I allowed to make you into a god (as I've used your farm a lot)? I was thinking you could be god of flushable toilets and fishing!

  16. MeltingIceCube

    Wonderful I was struggling to find a working ark fish farm for the newest update on Xbox 360 and I finally found one that actually works thank u so much!!😁😁

  17. hero_con

    I have a slight problem the first time it casts its fine but after the machine well keep going back and forth and wont let me fish

  18. Arsy Marsya

    ok ok my love you canhel youtube very very love 😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏✌

  19. That Bass Jimmy

    Love this design, but after afk-ing for a while the piston will randomly glitch and push me on top of the piston which makes me cast out of the water and ultimately destroy my pick if I am afk. Has anyone else run into this issue? I am playing in vanilla 1.12

  20. Jake Bonnici

    hello, erm I tried to use your design but my rod just ends up being reeled in quicker than the piston can react . This leads to recasting of the rod over and over
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  21. Flamestripe03

    Absolutely awesome! I wanted to use an AFK fisher in modded minecraft, but there was a mod making noteblocks fuck up and be unusable. This video really helped me out with giving different substitutions for noteblocks. This is old, but fucking awesome! Thank you!!!!!!

  22. Rum_Goggles

    not sure what i'm doing wrong. my fishing line doesn't always recast into the water each time. So it prevents me from just leaving it going.

  23. NightOwl

    the fastest one for 1.13 is you put a waterlogged fence on a hopper with a golden pressure plate on the fence then put a noteblock on the backside of the fence with a iron trapdoor on top it is 2×1 blocks and is the smallest and fastest known fish farm (the fishing rod starts fishing right away no weird timing and stuff) you aim for the side of the trap door here is a picture of it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/418190800074047498/473583627150688256/unknown.png

  24. Attila Török

    This is the only relieable server friendly design that my casual friends can use we can just afk as 4 and get tons of items I still keep my server at 1.12.2 because its easy to run and this design is literally still the best in 1.12.2 if you read this awesome design even 2 years later

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