Minecraft 1.8 Update Overview! NEW BOSS! NEW MOBS, BLOCKS AND KILLER RABBIT!

What is up guys Smooth here back with another
Minecraft video and today I have a very special video for you guys and its something a little
but different. And we’re going to be going over one of the largest updates in Minecraft
History and that is the 1.8 update! This update took about 300 days to make according to Mojang
and they’re calling it the Bountiful Update because so much stuff was actually added into
the game. And thats where you can see what this fancy little setup I made over here is.
I’m not going to go over every single little detail because so much was added. Although
I will put everything in the description. I’m basically going to go over all the important
stuff like all the mobs all the new blocks and some of the new features and we’re going
to get started with it right over here. So the first thing we’re going to look at is
the new Endermite mob. Now this mob over here it looks basically almost exactly like a silverfish.
It has a very similar design, it has this purplish color and it has these Ender particles
as you can see over here. and the way this thing actually spawns is every single time
you teleport with an Ender Pearl or every single time an Enderman teleports, you’ll
see one of these things appear. So I’m going to show you guys how it actually happens so
I’m going to take a couple of these out and I’m going to grab a Golden Apple that wayi
don’t take damage. So let’s go into survival mode for a second and show you guys exactly
how this is done. So lets eat the Golden Apple quickly and let’s throw a couple ender pearls
here. And I’ll show you what that was. Ok there. So we just got two of them to spawn.
They’re usually a little bit more uncommon, but that was actually some pretty good luck
for this review so I’m just going to get this out of the way and that thing that you saw
go across my screen is actually this mob over here which I’ll show you over here in a second.
He’s actually one of the new bosses, but let me quickly hop back into survival. And it’s
a- rather creative. So I don’t have to deal with that thing again. And the next one up
is the Guardian. Now these actually appear in a new structure called an Ocean Monument
which I’ll show you guys in just a second, but I’m going to spawn one of these just to
show you how they look. Now this thing here is basically a one-eyed fish-looking thing
and they can actually survive on land. Now these things will randomly spawn in different
environments as far as in the actual ocean and they do have some decent drops so if we
go over here we’ll see that their common drops are raw fish, prismarine crystals, primsarine
shards and as far as their rare drops its clownfish, pufferfish, raw fish, and raw salmon.
Now I’m going to go back into survival one more time to show you the attack that these
guys have and its actually this kind of laser beam looking thing so hopefully it doesn’t
do too much damage to me but lets see if I get near it. Let’s see. It;s going to focus
on me in a second. So you’ll see it’s basically just shooting this water jet kind of thing
at me and it does do a pretty good amount of damage. So I have the Golden Apple effect
so it’s not hurting me too much. Now I’m going to show you what this guy does over here.
You’ll see that he came across this screen as this sort of ghost looking thing and it
actually gives you mining fatigue when he does that. Let me see if I have that at the
moment. Yeah you see mining fatigue III. So I’m in survival and I’m going to try and break
the fence here and you’re going to see how slow it actually takes. You’ll see my hand
is actually going really slowly and you’re almost seeing no breaking particles. Let’s
go to dirt. Dirt should normally be really fast and you’ll see even dirt takes a really
long time to break. So mining fatigue 3 is basically given to you when you go into an
Ocean Monument they don’t want you mining around because it’s essentially a maze in
there. So I’m going to show you his drops and then we’re going to quickly check out
what an Ocean Monument looks like. So this guy basically has very similar drops, but
the only different addition is that when you kill him he’ll drop wet sponge which is a
new block that was added into the game to go along with sponge. And this actually has
a use now in the game. Now before I continue the review further, I’m going to show you
what an Ocean Monument looks like so we’re going to head to one right now. So we’re in
the middle of the ocean and you can see a handful of lights down over here which looks
like an underground structure which is exactly what it is. So let’s go down over here. And
it’s a little bit hard to see so I;m going to use a night vision potion here quickly
and you can see a little bit better but this is what an ocean monument looks like. So I’m
going to go around over here and you’re going to see some of these mobs are going to randomly
appear. So there you go you have the Guardians. Now we’re going to go inside and again there’s
some new blocks over here which we’re going to go over in a second. You’ll see when you
get inside of here it’s kind of a maze. It’s actually a little bit difficult to get around
and also getting mining fatigue will make it essentially impossible for you to dig around.
So I’m going to break a few blocks and see if I can find anything interesting and possibly
find one of the Elder Guardian mobs randomly spawning in here. They’re actually really
hard to run into. There’s only 3 that appear per ocean momunent so let’s see if we can
break a few walls which I normally wouldn’t be able to do if I didn’t have to deal with
the mining fatigue now lets see. Alright there we go we actually found one, I’m surprised.
So this one is actually appearing in almost the corner so let’s get over here and you’ll
see this is what he appears like. behind some of these things over here you’ll actually
have some kind of rewards. You’ll randomly get gold blocks to appear or some wet sponge
but this time we didn’t find any of that. But yeah this is what the boss looks like
and this is what his chambers look like. And again 3 of these will appear in each ocean
monument. So I’m going to get back to
the review and show you some of the new blocks.

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