Hey, what’s going on guys logdotzip here.Yes! That’s right. I’m a wolf but what just happened. I wouldn’t even mess around We’re moving around I’m with my pack and we are hanging out taking out some of these cows because I’m feeling rather hungry And you’re about to as well as we show you realistic Minecraft wolf life, that’s right! You can now be a wolf in Minecraft and not only that but you’re a wolf that’s got some serious powers as well This is a function pack created for Minecraft 1.12 courtesy of Mr.makers stein If you want to find out more information about this thing it’s going to be in the description of this video including a link to Mr. Mr.Macker Stein YouTube channel, and we’re eventually going to be releasing this way to the public so if you want to see this thing released as a download for your function pack Minecraft java Edition world you let me know by drop a like rate of the video not only that this is only the first Mob life We’re planning on doing different versions of all the mobs to show you guys in these videos in fact we already have spider Mob done It’s okay. I’ve got a new gaming channel You should check it out links in the description, so of course we subscribe to see that right as it comes out with that We’re going to go ahead and begin this video strap in folks. It’s gonna be a howl of a time Get it alrighty. Let’s begin it starts with a wolf morph We’ve got some first steps here by Mackers Stein to morph into different animals you have to create an altar as shown in this chest Right here you see you need four quartz slabs and one lone sea Lantern from there You drop a nether start on a skull on to the center block to make it functional. We’re going to grab all four of these everybody That’s good, and we have a nice little area to place it down right here So sea lantern right in the middle drop a skull drop a nether star behold it’s glowing and make a different particle funness that’s all around this is your altar you use this to turn into The different morph so with the wolf one we need a few different things first. What was the abilities those? Get ahead myself. Don’t worry about that. Huh now the purpose of these chests here is to help us get all supplies We need in order to turn into this wolf Preparation grab me a sword wolves have a 30% chance of dropping fangs Collect ten of them select them and stand on the altar for a couple of seconds and something special must happen obviously Or they would be talking about that, right? So we’re gonna go and grab on a that’s good as if that looks like the same exact book so we get on that we’re Gonna go right in here and Witness as man’s best friend becomes man’s biggest foe Die Imma kill all y’all Oh look if you kill me one hit they don’t attack you, but if you don’t oh, it’s a bad idea. Hey We’re gonna live. It’s okay. We got ourselves a fang. That’s good. Come on. I Don’t look at me. I’ll turn it into holes right after I die that something don’t mind me look like my stuff Yeah, you gonna try me can’t blame you like that man. I got these. We don’t get you from far. Yeah Can’t do nothing stupid Could you how I lose them already fine and take the sword to you? I get no joy in doing this it just has to be done now if y’all can stop hitting me from through the fences Die I hate you that was more than enough wolf so hopefully got at least ten fangs out of that Oh, it’s gonna be close. Oh look one he’s. Are you are you my friend? He got attacking me? Hey? Hey, buddy Yeah Mine, so we just got ourselves 12 fangs we only need ten fangs although I would like to note if you stay on this altar without enough health it that will happen But it’s okay because it’s begun we morph look at me. I’m lookin around it’s the best Wow we have become a wolf and we can Sprint and we can walk and we can do it all as a Wolf and we didn’t notice look at our hot bar down here. We got some special powers Wolf fang leap wolf vision and howl these four things are the key to being a true wolf in real life Realistic Minecraft wolf life what I call this video. I don’t know I haven’t called it I’m filming it right now, but probably I’m doing one of those things, but yes We’re wolf now, and it’s time to show you some wolf abilities We will explain each ability one by one this first one here is the wolf pack ability oh look I hold the book in my mouth. Well, let me look like I did the book it’s a book Yeah, he’s a guy in the book whatever your passive ability allows you to get wolf buddies to help you will hunting do consistent damage And your wolf pack will grow Max of four they will disappear over time again So make sure to always find delicious pray to kill. Now What if it’s not delicious pray? Are they not going to show up? let’s find out your old pack will damage all the mobs to get close to and the larger Pack is the Stronger your own attacks will become this is Amazing are y’all ready for this we go spawn in some cows. It’s my favorite It’s also wolf’s favorite, but more importantly it’s my favorite look at all these great cows I just getting spread all over the place now We’re going to go ahead and attack with our wolf bang and the more damage We do to these wolves the more our pack will continue to grow we’ve already got one wolf Helping us out of it look at that, and they will move with you That’s right wherever you walk around the wolves will actually follow around you keeping you in like a little protective circle Oh, it’s the best look and we get the four of these things I’m a just going on in girl right now. Y’all to prime me, ooh good eating I’m telling you so we got what we’ve got a grand total right now for wolves following us around and did you see the one? Where’s all I ii look at climbs a cactus? Oh yeah, all that is one. Hey is him. Yeah Oh man, it is so content. He’s like yep. This is my home now I was good well We gotta get back to attacking these poor little cow as you can see we went from taking a few hits per cow So we’re not one hitting cows because our pack is that maximum size and we can deal the most damage look at all this Sirius wolf life and all this meat. We’re almost like a full stack I’m gonna try to get a full stack of meat And we’re gonna carry on to the next power one more patient there we go We’ve got some extra, and I’m also a very special Magic wolf I levitate beef I look. I’m incentive izing myself. I’m just trying to chase the meat the whole time It’s the funniest thing I ever seen oh a we got kill arrest account. It’s just fun that way You know look at all gone next power at night you will gain speed and night Vision currently we’ve gotten visibility and strength now We have invisibility strength night vision and speed so whenever it’s nighttime you get special Wolf powers just by being a wolf you can move faster like you’re in a wolf pack. It’s so cool. It’s awesome I’m gonna leave at nighttime because I want these special powers. What do we have here? Oh, I’ll tell you it sleep Which is our next power Right click the second item in inventory to use your leap ability upon impact with the ground you will even deal damage to enemies So see this gap right here ain’t no problem. Well hold on what’s going on with mine oh
He’s on fire Who the wolf do you get stuck in the loggia – got stuck in the Lava down there your worst guy? It’s not a big deal here. We’re going to leak to this neck look at that. Did you love it? We leaped by right-clicking that does have a cool-down You’ll see we’ve got a nice little it was a little barrier block right you can’t keep spam cooking this unfortunately does not work It’s not going to do what you want it to but we can use the leap to deal massive amounts of damage to any Nearby mobs. We’re Gonna Summon all these sheep Already cheap. I’m a leap right into it. Oh so much damage I’m gonna keep filling up my belly with all this meat up next we’ve got ourselves wolf vision Which is our third power hold down right click while selecting the third item in your hair to see a radius of all mobs Within 100 y’all ready for this wolffish Initiate we’re holding down right click every Single mob around us becomes illuminated with a red outline so that no matter where they are in game We can locate them perfect for using your wolf ears or I mean I guess it’s I guess it’s called Wolf vision That’s kind of a it’s got a point You know this looks hilarious by the way if I really was a dog dog zip whoa Hey, Hashtag dog zip yo, I’m like T-shirt t-shirt seriously. This is a cool power This would be so nice to find cave systems with like the spider right there. There’s a bat down there Wow, this would be so useful How is the last ability right here? And it is a useful one as well your last abilities will Pal After you cast it all mobs around you will be slowed for 20 seconds Allowing you to chase down anyone who tries to please and flee they will try get a load of this all you look buddy Hey how That’s right They’ve all been inflicted with slowness and now we can just go in on them and just start taking out all the Runners all over the place and the more damage you deal with your wolf fang the more packs of wolves will be around you to help you deal that damage as Well oh, I’m vicious. I’m vicious with it. You’re going in on them. Hey. They’re just little innocent bunnies doesn’t stop me What did you well Pal? Why are you ratha? beautiful my Favorite it. What an interesting view nice let just get back to killing bunny time now the final thing I wanted to know with becoming a wolf in Minecraft is raw meat does a body good. We’re gonna eat this raw meat Look, what happens to the health bar. Oh Yes Extra Saturation Hearts when you eat as a wolf any raw meat that you happen to come across Perfect, if it makes sense the wolves love that raw meat You know so what we have right here is spider more, ooh, that is a world video that We’re going to be doing soon enough not in this video because I’m the worst guy, but I see you subscribed Sorry what we can do free though is show you how ridiculously easy it is to take out endless amounts of mob as a wolf Get ready you’re ready for this check it out Check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check Boom we pressed it three times now. I’ma leap into action right on all these sucks. Oh Serious damage, well, I’m either actually hurting me a lot of me as well but look at this Wherever a wolf is that’s what the damage starts to come in and the moment. We eat ourselves some raw meat We’re gonna get all those hearts back that we didn’t have just a second ago Now watch seriously me and my pack of wolves we’re going to take out all these guys successfully five. Maybe that heart leap oh That’s good keep on hammering these guys down oh I just had wolf them down your would have been hilarious my friend that is going to do it for wolf life wolf morph in Minecraft amazing your very own wolf pack your very own ability you don’t even do I worse good. We’re gonna hell Keep them in place Yeah Now we’re going You want to see spider more sooner rather than later you can let me know by drop a like rating on this video right now Baby, and of course subscribe to be notified of the next video rise it comes out You got to make sure you hit the bell if you wanna be notified rise it comes out You know who would want to be notified tap right? We end up getting this function pack when it’s on my website for free if you want to turn back into a human just go back on the alter and you’ll turn yourself right back into human and He’s got some well. I guess they’re just sad about their friend He just kind of blew up into a bunch of particle babies abigail. Oh, let’s see

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