Minecraft At Night 12: The Quarter Donut

[Intro music] Hello everyone, it’s Bjorn Stronginthearm
here. And we are back here in my underground home,
because, well, I don’t go outside a whole lot. ‘Cause, it’s *dark* out there. The sun never rises. But uh, yeah. And we’re trying to get ourselves a bunch
of achievements, and we are actually doing pretty good on these. Um, before we start going for the big guns,
and going for the, for the ender dragon and all that, I’d like to get this On A Rail
out of the way, travel a kilometer by minecart. And, well, we’ve got ourselves down here
an iron farm, it’s producing pretty well. We’ve got a fair bit of iron. Uh, oops, wrong chest. Kind of up here, that we can use to make ourselves
some, some minecart rails. But we’re not going to get very far unless
we have some powered rails too. So we need some gold for that. And, well, between last time and this time
I’ve been downstairs, and I’ve been digging away, mining away, and I’ve found a lot
of good stuff. I’ve found diamonds, I’ve found iron,
I found a bunch of redstone. Good stuff to have. What I didn’t find is any gold. That’s right, no gold *at all*. And gold is something that I think we are
definitely going to need. So what I want to do now — and I probably
shouldn’t have put these back on if I’m going to do it — is, I think, I’ve been
trying to avoid it, I didn’t really want to do this, but I think we’re at the point
where we have got to make ourselves [drinking sound] a gold farm. So I am going to come out here in the, in
the ‘nudd’, in the invisible, and try to avoid anybody who is going to do me harm. And, he’s going to do me harm. Let’s stay away from him. And find that, uh, little puddle that’s
down here somewhere. That’s not too far. And get ourselves some — staying away from
the creeper — and getting ourselves some sand. Cause sand is really going to be something
we need. We’re going to want to make some TNT because
that will help us — oh, hello zombles — the TNT will help us get on to the top of the
nether in a kind of — ooh, hello creeper, you’re very close — all right, you didn’t
see me — anyway, as I was trying to say, that’s going to help us get to the top of
the nether. Well actually we can get to the top of the
nether, that’s going to help us get kind of back and forth easily. And we’ll see how here in a little bit. So yeah, got ourselves some sand. Got to get some supplies, get up to the nether,
get ourselves a way for getting up and down, and then we’ll make ourselves a pigman farm. And there are a number of designs out there,
I haven’t really decided what way exactly I most want to do that. Oh, hello, spider, I wonder what enchantment you’ve
got. And I’ve got to find my way out of here. How, how do I get home? I’m lost! Where’s my home? Anyway, there’s a number of different, like
I was saying, a number of different things I could try to make — designs I could go
for. I haven’t really decided exactly which design
I want to do yet. So I’ll be thinking about that as well. But I know what it’s going to take roughly. We’re going to need some TNT and some redstone
stuff, to punch a hole through the bedrock ceiling. And we’re going to also need, in order to
do that, a whole bunch of ladders, and enderpearl, a whole bunch of stuff like that. So I’m going to have a think about exactly
what kind of design I want to use. And I’m going to make up this TNT and I
will go ahead and grab a whole bunch of supplies and get over there to the nether and meet
back up with you there. Okay, I’ve found myself back up here in
the bedrock-nether-top-ceiling thingy, and, if we go down that way, pretty much all the
way down, we’ll get back to our nether portal, back to home. But what we want to do now is, I’ve got
this block here, it’s y=127, and I want to get through it into on top of the nether
ceiling. So let’s see if we can make this work. [Smacking sound] And whoops, here we are! And I just — no, I didn’t throw a second
one, excellent. So, great. And oh, I should have checked exactly which
block we came through. I *believe* oh, that could be tricky, I believe
it is this one right here? But, huh, you know what? I want to check the footage and see exactly
which block I came through. ‘Cause that’s the block we’re going
to want to make sure that we break out in order to come back down. Yeah, double checked, that was the one. Silly, me I should have written it down before
I had done anything else. But I was so excited to get this done that
I, kinda, you know, jumped a little bit. Went a little bit beyond it. Now, before I do anything else, I want to
go ahead and make a nether portal so I can get back down if I need to. Because, well, if something goes wrong I don’t
want to be stuck up here. And I did write down the coordinates where
that was going to be, well, 2/7, x-value 2, z-value 7, is going to tell us, be right directly
above it. We do’t have to be *exactly* above it, we
can… five, six, seven… but yeah, be pretty close, right around here will be just fine. So we’ll go ahead and build ourselves a
nether portal right here. And we don’t need to make it anything fancy. Can just do the standard… One, two, three… One, two, three… and then, let’s see…
there we go! Okay, let’s get this iron back, and light
‘em up! And we should be kind of good to go that way… And there we are. But now we are going to break a hole in the
bedrock here. And the way I’m doing it, it’s not my
own, I’ll leave a link in the description to the video where this is first explained
how this works, and how to do it, but it’s a little bit fancy. I’ve got my notes here. I’ve never — well, I shouldn’t say I’ve
*never* done it before, I’ve practiced once or twice. But I’m hardly an expert at this. But let’s just see if we can make it work
out. So the first thing we want to do is, we want
to create a kind of setup like this, where we’ve got these two sticky pistons facing
into right here where’s there’s this block we want to break out. And then we put a couple of fenceposts there
and there. And then we put some obsidian, we’ll put
in one two three and a fourth one, and then another one, two three, four, like that. And I’ve got myself a whole bunch of repeaters
here, because we come along like this — and this is going to have a lever on it actually,
so we do that now as well. A lever there, and then we do one, two, three,
four five, and a block, and one, two, three, four, five more and a block, and a block right
here as well. And we’ll put all of these on four ticks. Oops, and I don’t want a block there. That was a mistake. Okay. We also want to come and we want to stick
down an activator rail right there, and I’m not sure this part is necessary but it was
done in the tutorial and I’m not gonna go against it. Put those three there. And we do need a bit of redstone dust just
right there, so this piston will power. So what should happen if I’ve done this
right is I’ll put the minecart with TNT right there. I’ll just double check that these are all
on full ticks. Yeah, they are. And turn it on and I run away. [Boom] [eating sounds] All right, and if that
worked right, then I should have… excellent, I have right here a piston that’s missing
its head and is extended. So I put a block right here so it will stay
extended when I turn this off. And once it goes all the way off, I’ll get
another piece of obsidian and I’ll put it right here so it will extend the signal. And oh, I’ll also put down a couple more
of these guys, and another one of these guys, and I’ll do it a second time and run away. [Boom] All right. That worked as well. So I’ll put another redstone block right
here, and just get him back. And I will then come down and turn this off,
and knock him off, and wait for all that to go down. Now I need to get some regular pistons, and
I have a coupe of them right here, and the regular pistons I want one of them — this
is going to be a little bit dicey — but I want one of them to be facing straight down right there. So first I’ll push him down like that. There we go. And we’ll do it a second time. All right. He’s all down. Right next to him I’ve got one facing straight
up. Now these guys are going to be in my way,
all of these obsidian blocks right here, so I’ll knock them out, and I’ll also knock
out that one that’s kind of between the two pistons. And I’ve got to be careful that I don’t
knock out those pistons when I do it, because that would just ruin everything. So I’ll stand like this, no risk of accidentally
knocking out that piston. And now some more repeaters. I’m going to need two repeaters on one tick,
and one repeater on two ticks. Let me just double check. [Sound of paper rustling] You can hear it,
my notes to myself so I don’t screw this up. One into there, and one into there, each of
those on one tick. And I don’t know if I have *quite* enough
redstone dust, so let’s just… there, there and there. There and there. Um, lets flip it. Knock those out of the way, and flip it again. And let’s see? Ahh! Magic! Magic has happened. We have got ourselves, we have got ourselves
a hole in the bedrock, so we can just climb on up whenever we want, and get on up to the
farm I’m about to put in. And now that I’m picking this up I should
say, I think I do know what kind of farm I want to make. Now, most of the farms out there, that you’ll
find on youtube, are really good but they’re *crazy* effective. And they’re also huge. So they take a lot of building, a ton of stuff
to do, but they produce just ridiculous amounts of gold an hour. And they tend to be really really good XP
farms too. Because when you kill a lot of zombie pigmen,
if you’ve aggro-ed them, you’re going to get a lot of XP out of that as well. And, I thought I could just make a full one,
but that’s actually going to be a lot more than we really need. (A little bit of lag there, just popping out.) A lot more than we’re actually going to
need. So it makes sense to me, I think what I’m
going to do is kind of make a smaller version of that. So we’ll get some building materials. And I’ve got some of this right here, but
to be honest we’re probably going to end up using an awful lot of cobblestone, because
we have got an awful lot of cobblestone to be using. But, you know, so be it. Um, start right about here. And we’ll just head on up to close to the
build limit and build this. We’ve got to grab those materials, but I
think you know what this means. I think I’m going to make a truncated version,
a smaller version of one of the standard, large, massive builds for zombie pigman farms,
that’s what I’m going to put up there. And I think you know what that means as well
as I do. That means it’s going to be timelapse time. [Timelapse music]
[“Ultraspeed,” To Eris] All right, there’s a pretty good supply of pigs, just waiting to
sacrifice themselves to the cause. Now let me just say a bit about what I’ve
done here. I’ve taken a design by Snocrash, and I’ve
modified it and chopped it down to make it a lot more resource-friendly, but a little
bit more manual, not quite as AFK-able as his design either. Now, Snocrash uses donut-based technology. If I stand right in the middle it makes the
most sense. So you stand right here in the middle and
you have a big donut of these spawn platforms, and he actually uses three. I’ve just used two, again because this is
meant to be a lightweight version. And they go all the way around, and they pretty
much occupy exactly the spawnable spaces around me, if I’m standing right here. And then what you would do, in this farm or
that one, is you would aggro the pigmen, like that, that will do. And yeah, they get angry
(a little closer helps), they get angry (you get a little bit of a lag spike and they stop
and start back up) and they come running after you and as they spawn in they spawn in aggro-ed,
and they just keep running until they fall down. Now let’s see, if they spawn in — okay
no one else is gong to spawn in . Now, if I had done the full donut — see they’ve
spawned in, and so have they, but they’re not getting aggro because everyone who was
angry, they’ve already fallen down and died. And those guys down there, I think they spawned
in down there. You can spawn in on hoppers, I didn’t cover
the hoppers, that’s all that’s going on there. I could do it again, I could make them angry
again, but they spawned in happy. Now if I had done the full donut I wouldn’t
have that problem because even if people weren’t spawning in over here you’d have people
spawning in over here, and also if I had put in one more platform you wouldn’t have that. But since I have decided to go with the kind
of smaller version, then I have to do this, I have to keep shooting at them. And actually it would be better if instead
of shooting at them, I was throwing snowballs at them. Because sometimes, with this really great
bow — let’s see if I can do it. I hit him — oh no, he just got angry — sometimes
you hit them and they die, you get a crit or something like that and they die completely. And when they die with one hit like that and
no one else gets angry, they don’t come running. So yeah, some snowballs would be better, but
I don’t have any right now. Maybe before all is said and done we will
go and take care of that issue as well.. But yeah, so the other half of the farm besides
killing them is that you get this XP as well. Now Snocrash’s design has a really clever
system that uses some ice and, and pushers, slimeblock pushers, to actually push the XP
over and up. But I just didn’t do that, I did it the
poor man’s way. Once everyone despawns up there, I climb up
to this little gap I left and the XP just zaps right over to me. And as you an see I’ve gone, in the bit
of testing I’ve done, I’m at 43 levels right now. I’ll want to spend those pretty soon I think. And we can see, all right, so this is probably,
I don’t know, fifteen or maybe twenty minutes of testing, and I’ve gotten all those nuggets.
and that’s actually just the right amount to come over here and make a stack of ingots. And a stack of ingots, and maybe some change
after, is going to be exactly what I want in order to make these minecart rails that
we’ll want to use. But I don’t think I wan to do that today,
I think I’ll save that for next time. What I want to do now, I think before we go,
is just to finish up this farm by getting ourselves some snow. So I’m going to head on over to our, to
our ice farm we made a few episodes ago and see if we can get some snow from over there. So I will see you there in a moment. Okay, we’re back here at the base of our
ice tray, and up there of course is where it is. And we’ll go up there and we should be able
to get some snow from around there. And because I am a great big coward I have
gone ahead and got myself another potion of invisibility. So we’ll just head up there, and hopefully
be unseen, and grab ourselves some snowballs. And I grabbed our silk pick as well so we
can go ahead and grab whatever ice has formed since we were here last. Come on up. All right. [Snapping of ice blocks] All right. Very good. Let’s see if we can get up here. Whoops! We got up there and then we fell down. Let’s see. Up a little higher, sure can. Um… huh. That skeleton, I don’t want to get too close
to him. If I shoot him he’s going to see me, I think. So let’s just do this. Let’s just bridge over here. This is the play, right here. Bridge over this way. And we want to get — how many snowballs
did we get? Two. — We want to get at least eight. That’s four. Bridge over here as well. That’s six, and eight. That’s right. And, let’s see, I might just grab a few
extra while I’m here just to be on the safe side. [Zombie groans] Ooh, is that a wolf? No, that’s a sheep. If that was a wolf, it would be great. Actually if, it was a wolf it would be att— Aaah! Geeze! That’s what I didn’t want to have happen. Okay. Hey man. You’re not my friend. Aww geeze. Okay. Umm… All right, that is — that’s enough! That’s is going to be enough. I’m a little panicked now. That, uh, sort of scared the crap out of me. I think — is he tracking to me too? Oh man, so much for this, so much for this
invisibility potion. Wow. That, uh, yeah, that [laughs] That got the
adrenaline going. I’d better eat some stuff, get health back
up, and… whooof! [Shudder] OK. Well, let’s put these back on. Ten snowballs, that ought to be enough. So, I’m going to get my breath back after
that startling performance there, and let’s see if we can get ourselves back into the
main base and getting a more regular supply of snowballs going. Okay, let’s put our friend frosty right
over here. Right next to the — let’s grab ourselves
a pick of some sort — right over here next to our pigs and cows — well, not pigs, but
cows and all that. [Blocks break] All right, let’s put him
— in fact, right here, I think. And we can come in and put a wall behind him
later. But for now we’ll just put this right here. And what we’ll do is we’ll build up a
snowman kind of right like that. Here. And when we do we’ll want to make sure… Actually, we’ll build a wall around him now, we’ll
do this. And we’ll, let’s see, that button is going
to get in the way. Oh, you know what? This is going to be not quite the best way to do
it. Let’s put that button back. Put that button back, and we’ll do it off
to the other side. So we’ll have fences there and there, and
just like that, I think. Yeah, that will be perfect. And now we’ll put snow there and there. Put this fence back. Put a pumpkin on top. And now we need to come around onto the far
side and put a piston just right there. And let’s push that piston in. And there we go. He’s just right on those two spots, there,
and so whenever we want to get ourselves some snowballs we just grab our shovel, come, aim
right for this corner here, and there we have all the snowballs we could want. Perfect, perfect. Ha! He’ll just stay right there. Now if we wanted to be really fancy we could
go ahead and put maybe some hopper minecarts underneath or something like that, but this
does just fine for what we need to do, so we’ll leave it like that. So great! Now we have our unlimited supply of snowballs. We can take these back and put them up at
our farm, You know, I just realized — and this is probably stupid of me to not realize,
but — I can’t see my hands. I’m invisible, and I’m trying to point
at things, and I click and I can’t see my hands. I probably should have expected that, being
invisible. But anyway, never occurred to me. But anyway, we’ll head back up between episodes,
I’ll put these snowballs up in our farm there. I’ll farm up some more, we’ll get a little
bit more gold. I do think that when it comes to gold for
minecart rails, we should have enough, we should be able to go ahead and make that track
and go our good thousand blocks out and get that achievement. But I think we’re going to want to do some
more brewing, this invisibility potion, we’re going to be wanting to be doing that more
invisibility potion stuff when we go try and look for the, um, go and look for the (there’s
my hand again) the end portal. So I’ll want to brew up some potions for
that. Some invisibility potions. So we’ll get some carrots over here but
we’ll need the gold from the farm. But that’s going to be it for today. I think that’s going to be all that I do
for today. It’s been a good episode. At least, I’ve sure enjoyed it. I’ve had a good time making the farm and
getting the stuff ready for it, and getting my heart jumpstarted by that zombie landed
on my face. All that sort of stuff. Appreciate you coming along to watch it. If you enjoyed, it please do leave a ‘like’. And with that, I’ll say goodbye and hope
to see you again next time.

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