Minecraft Bedrock: Hostile MOB FARM! 7,000 Drops/Hour, With EXP! Village And Pillage Update

Hello everyone silent here and welcome back to another bedrock edition tutorial today I’ll be showing you how to build a fully afk and fully automatic mob farm for your bedrock edition worlds This mob farm is actually really really awesome in several different ways Mainly because we are using the looting three to help get us over 7,000 different drops per hour and because we’re using looting three This is also an experience farm as well and a really really good one, too You’ll get to level 30 in approximately six and a half minutes Which is actually pretty awesome for the bedrock edition platform And also if you build this farm in the right area of the world you will be able to automatically farm about 21 different items with this single mob farm, no modifications required It’s honestly seriously amazing Before we get too far into the tutorial, I do want to say a massive, massive, Thank you for 100,000 subscribers here on this channel that is a totally ridiculous and I’ve had so so many requests for a Hostile mob farm and a creeper only farm. I kind of thought this would be a good special tutorial for 100k so healthy you guys that do all enjoy there will be another video for 100k coming out sometime Eventually, but again, just thank you all so much and with that out of the way enjoy the tutorial So right now the farm is actually in operation You might not be able to tell, but as you can see our inventory is slowly But surely filling up with drops and we’re getting a bunch of experience as well So if you were to stand here for a solid ten minutes You would get you know Around 40 ish levels and you would also get all of this loot as well And that equals out to be about 7,000 drops per hour, which is really really awesome as you can see We are farming a bunch of different things in here Of course all the gunpowder that you could ever need Way way more efficient than just a creeper only farm, and then you also get the bones, string, arrows, squid ink, you know tridents little bit of gold and different bits of iron from the zombies because we are using the looting three and all of the different drops, basically 21 plus different items that you’re actually farming and as you can see it is basically a Non-stop flow of items and drops and honestly, it’s just really really cool. I’m super happy about this so the first thing that we’re gonna do is take a little bit of an overview of the mob farm and just kind of see How the bits and bobs of this work and see how we’re squeezing out 7,000 drops per hour and before you click off the video because you think this is an utterly massive build Keep in mind this is technically 2 mob farms Just in close proximity to each other. if you wanted to you could literally just build like that one or you could build two of these things whatever you want to do and also these are Extremely cheap mob farms like these use eight iron apiece. They’re very very cheap This is not an expensive build in the slightest So a basic rundown of how this mob farm works as you can see we have about nine different spawning Platforms here with a little bit of a light shield above it so they can spawn at all times of the day And basically no matter what mob spawns up here they are all going to immediately fall off this platform and Directly into your water stream, pretty similar to that The only mobs that don’t immediately fall off are actually the spiders and that’s why we have some buttons on these Platforms these spiders kind of see these as like full blocks So they try and walk onto them and then they just fall down into your collection area Now this collection area pushes all the mobs into one of four different advanced trident killers So this is the same advanced trident killer that I just recently did a tutorial On and basically a trident killer is just a fully automatic way of killing a mob and the game basically thinks that it’s a player kill so these guys will drop experience and as long as the player who throws the Trident is Actually holding a looting sword the mobs of that are killed will have the looting effect applied to them. So pretty straightforward pretty simple some of you who saw my recent trident killer tutorial did guess that I want to use these for a Hostile mob farm and you were absolutely correct You definitely want to use these advanced Trident killers for a hostile mob farm So not only do these trident killers, they give you the looting effect and just so so much experience as well they also significantly cut costs as well. instead of having a massive platform of magma blocks and tens and Thousands of rails and hopper minecarts. We just have some very cheap water platforms and like eight sticky pistons and that’s all there is to it. So not only do the trident killers cut costs Significantly, they also provide a better rates as well and as you can see all of the drops and all of the experience from the trident killers just go into some water streams we Have some magma blocks to kill these stray You know dolphins and fish that randomly spawn and then we just send all of that stuff into the Central area, all of that stuff goes up a bubble column, which looks really really awesome And then all of that goes Directly to the player and as you can see you get quite a lot of stuff very quickly You do not want to leave this unattended because then you just get massive clouds of lag So that’s kind of the general rundown of the farm I could go into a bunch of different mechanics and details and kind of bore you to death about all that stuff, but Really? All you need to know is that it works and that it works well And that if you have any issues I can help you in the comment section down below but one last thing that I do want to cover is location location is absolutely key when you go to actually build your mob farm so of course we have ours above an ocean that gives us drowneds Dolphins, turtles, pufferfish, fish, salmon and all the other good mobs in our mob farm giving us a bunch more Additional drops as well and also by building over an ocean You don’t have to light up any of the caves because nothing actually spawns in the waterlogged caves down below So just a couple of last minute notes is you can actually put some hopper minecarts right underneath this little ice stream here and then that’ll pick up all the Drops from your farm that way it doesn’t send it up to the top there in case you want to have your storage down below and also you are completely protected from phantoms because the afk spot is Underneath the solid blocks, phantoms do not spawn if you have any form of solid block above your head So don’t worry about it And finally, I know you’re gonna ask, this command block is here because I’m too lazy to collect items myself So I flick that lever and then they all just kind of teleport into a hopper and like it’s convenient Okay, don’t judge me And before we hop into the tutorial there’s gonna be a full materials list for this farm and down in the Description of the video for any of you who are interested and that materials list is gonna be for two full modules So basically this entire farm if you only want to build a single one of these things Then you will need half of the items on that list so keep that in mind and also there is gonna be a world download for this exact testing world in the Description below as well for all of you who want to test this out So first steps first you want to find a nice place to build your mob farm I would suggest just going out to a nice big ocean Make sure that you’re about 70+ blocks away from any form of land at that way you don’t have to light up any surface or caves and Also avoid cold biomes and cold oceans because freezing water is the biggest pain in the world like for reals Now the next step is you want to mark out the center chunk of where you want your farm to be So if you are playing on PC or mobile, I will have a link to a you know Resource pack that shows these chunk borders down in the description and if you’re on console just look it up on YouTube There is a bajillion and a half ways to find a chunk borders, but mark out a center chunk This should be a 16 by 16 Area and then once you find the 2×2 of that chunk, the very center 2×2 you need to pull out a locator map and then you want to mark out the Southwest corner with some form of identifier block and this block right here is more or less going to be the actual proper center of your entire farm from here you want to go up by about 46 blocks and this is gonna be the actual bottom platform Where all of your items and experience are gonna be collected. So this should be at about y110 again we have another Identifier block and we’re just gonna go ahead and replace that one with a piece of soul sand Because that’s where our actual bubble column is gonna be but we’ll install that later on. from here You want to go up by another 25 of blocks and this is gonna be the actual afk platform of your entire farm you’re gonna be afk in between the four Center blocks of your chunk again with a bubble column right there for delivering you the Experience and now you should be sitting up about y134 before we really get building I do want to mention that the mob farm modules are exactly the same once you have built One side you can perfectly build the other side as well Just by rewatching the tutorial so we can pretty much ignore This platform for the time being and we can also remove that very bottom platform as well this center platform is the only one that we should really care about and again you want to pull out the locator map and then you know facing north of that little icon is your icon top of the map is of course always North and we want to be facing towards the right side of the map of which is east so now we want to go out by 31 blocks with packed ice lined up with that soul sand and this is gonna be the Foundations of for your actual little ice highway for all of your items to go out so again You want to go up by 31 blocks to the east and then once you reach out here you want to go north by 18 blocks and then you want to go south by 17 as well And of course these need to be going up by a block too So once you have this in place, we’re gonna start on the bottoms of our trident killers So we’re gonna go to the north side by seven blocks one two three four five six and seven and then we’re gonna go out by a couple of blocks with magma blocks and just make a little 2×3 platform kind of going north as well just like so and then we’re gonna come over here to the very end of this ice highway and then go out kind of the Same exact thing except this little platform is gonna be facing the other one. It’s just like so so that one’s done We’re now gonna go to the south side by six blocks, of course So one two, three, four, five six, and this one’s gonna go out by another two magma blocks The little pad of ice is gonna be facing south as well And then we need to put some magma blocks on this end and another 2×3 of ice so you should be ended up with something like that So we’re gonna finish building up the Southside trident killers first although it is the exact same build process for the north side So once we’re done over here Just go ahead and mirror that up to the top part of the trident killers as well the first thing that we’re gonna do is grab ourselves some light-emitting blocks like Jack-o’-lanterns, glow stone or sea lanterns and toss one in that corner You also want to go ahead and surround this entire thing with a layer of glass And this actually needs to be two layers tall Just like so you now wanna go ahead and throw six walls into that area That’s where the actual mobs will be standing on when they aren’t getting killed by the trident killers Go ahead and place one fence right here, a solid block and another solid block right there And now we’re gonna go ahead and continue down this little glass wall Just going down to this piece of magma block and of course We want that to be two blocks tall and we’re also gonna bring this across as well just to connect that up We’re gonna have water all on top of that ice So, of course, we don’t want that flowing everywhere and making a giant mess now We’re gonna do the same exact build process for this one as well Go ahead and surround it with a thing of glass and then of course and make this thing at two blocks tall as well So there it is two blocks tall fill it in with six of your walls a fence right there and then you want to get yourself a solid block on the back side and to the left side of it too and this is the Approximate view of what you should have and yes, all of this does need to be built out of glass So once you have this built up grab yourself a couple of stairs and you need to place them in this exact orientation Right there to allow all of your drops and experience to get pushed out of that corner And now we need to do that on this side, too So just that exact orientation is where I’m gonna have water flowing in that direction so now what you want to do is you want to basically completely surrounded this entire thing and a giant wall of blocks so this thing is gonna be a couple blocks thick because Mobs do like to glitch out and clip through things and if they do clip through and fall down into the water It’s gonna basically break your farm. So this is more or less what you should have. Don’t worry about filling in the center area We’re actually gonna utilize that as part of the build and this also needs to be three blocks tall as well So just go ahead and fill this in with any solid block that you like. So that’s a lot of blockages It’s very nice looking and now what we need to do is we need to go down into This kill chamber here right above that stair and pop out these four blocks Place in two sticky pistons with 2 lower slabs on their faces and that’s gonna be your actual Trident killer We’re now going to move over to the other side and do that over here as well Pop out those four blocks, two sticky pistons, two lower half slabs on their faces, and that’s perfectly fine Now what we can do is we can place a solid block right here on that top of glass place a couple of walls Right there a couple saw blocks behind it and then it couple more saw blocks above that repeat that on this side, too So solid blocks wall wall couple solid blocks and two more solid blocks like that and then the center area of your actual trident killer is done and Now we’re gonna finish off the trident killer by putting a whole bunch of water in here So you need one water bucket right there flushing towards that stair You need another water bucket on this sign flushing towards that stair and then place, you know Two water buckets on whichever one of these two blocks you want I’m gonna place some on those two and then place some blocks there Place some blocks there And then that should just kind of flow wherever it wants, kind of just get that to flow to both sides is what I’m saying anyway now you want to go ahead and place a couple of buttons there and there and then place them in these locations as well and In these locations too now the reason why we are using Buttons in here is because I find that having buttons in here Makes the mobs way more willing to die by the Trident killers if it were not for these buttons The guys would basically never die from the Trident killers. And of course that is not gonna help your efficiency So make sure you place buttons on basically every available surface now once you have all those buttons in place You need to crouch and place some signs on top of these buttons over here and then just bring those towards the center and that’s gonna keep the other water streams that we’re gonna add a little Bit later on from canoodling with these water streams So now go ahead and do everything that we’ve done over here over on this side as well They are Exactly the same and the final thing that we need to do is actually just kind of tidy up these water streams and finish them Up. That way we can get all of our water sources in here So we need 2 magma blocks right here kind of just diagonal from that one And then we need 2 magma blocks over here Diagonal from that one you go ahead and connect up these glass of walls as well just go ahead and make that two blocks tall and then you want yourself another light-emitting block right there as well And then just 4 magma blocks right here too and this is gonna help kill any of those pesky drowns our dolphins or anything that might spawn in your water tracks and then just go ahead and bring it across this wall to Make that two blocks tall. All right So now we want to go ahead and place in a pressure plate right here Diagonal of that magma block and a sea lantern or light-emitting block over there to do that on this side as well And now we can kind of extend along This glass wall just going all the way to the actual center and then we’ll finish that off later But we want to do that on the other side as well Because now we’re finally gonna be getting all of our water streams in place Now what we need to do is we need to get our water buckets kind of in that back area The easiest way to do this is to actually go back up here remove that water source Remove that wall place in a new water source. That should flow fine Put that wall back put a new water source back in there And then you kind of need to do that for all four of these little cells Once all four of those water sources are in place. You want to extend along this water stream as well Just going towards the center maybe don’t finish it all the way since we still need to do some more work down here but we’ll do that at the end of the farm and you also want to make this wall 2 blocks 2 tall as well and place light sources at every single one of your pressure plates again to prevent those spawns now we need to install the Redstone for our trident killers so you want to place a two solid blocks behind those Pistons with redstone dust on top and then You want a solid block right here right above the water streams make sure you don’t block this little output from your actual Trident killer though place a piece of redstone dust a Block, a repeater on one tick, a redstone torch and then a block above that as well That’s going to start clocking and now you need to build that same little thing on All four of these guys and kind of just link them together with a redstone line So I’m just gonna put a temporary redstone torch right there Redstone line and going into that repeater coming out on the other side with another redstone line going into that and that is going to be your off switch if we go ahead and break that torch all four of those guys are gonna turn on But we’re gonna keep those off for the time being So now we need to build the big water catchment that just kind of pushes all your mobs into your kill chamber This is actually fairly straightforward so on the kind of width ways It kind of just goes up by a block and then out by seven so one two, three four Five six seven and then of course You have your two block tall wall as well. Now in this direction it goes out for another five So one two three four five and then it goes up by one and then there’s another Seven as well as you can see and then it’s your proper wall So if that doesn’t quite make sense for you how you should actually fill that out I kind of just filled it in over here for you so you can get a better idea of what Exactly you need to do and of course you kind of need to bring that all the way across Fill it all in with any form of block that you like as long as it is a solid block I would recommend glass because it does look pretty cool but you can use just like Cobblestone or something if you want to and here’s the entire thing filled in with blocks I added some sea lanterns and iron blocks to the left side there in case Some of you did not get to count it properly But do double check all this it does need to be fairly exact because now we’re gonna be flooding the entire thing with water So when it comes to flooding this thing with water you basically just want to run around the entire edge of it using some water buckets, or maybe some ice and without You know silk touch and then when it comes to the corners just place it up by a block and it will flow totally fine Don’t place any other water in the corners though Cuz then it will all turn into water sources and that’ll be a massive massive to actually clean up and this is what it should all look like after it has been flooded as you can see it is now very Very blue now There is one little dead area right here in between it these two guys as you can see From these drops is kind of sitting here. What we need to do is we need to add a single strip of water Just going down to the center and in this location right here They all need to be water sources to flush all the mobs into the actual corners So, of course, this is like an eight block gap in between the two actual trident killers So it doesn’t really matter which actual block you place it on as long as since in one of these Center two So go ahead and place those things down. That will flush all the mobs and all the drops and everything to the sides so by having these water sources here that does mean that there’s kind of a new dead spot where there’s just like this one block wide area where nothing is gonna get pushed to the side by the water This is actually totally fine enough mobs have fall quick enough of that Everything just kind of gets nudged and now you want to go around the entire Inner edge of your wall and place down a whole bunch of these buttons any kind of button will work of course And again these act as full blocks to the mobs, it is similar to trapdoors So if a spider does get up here, something does fall up here from the you know top platforms They’ll see these as full blocks walk over here and then end up in your kill chamber So before we install our spawn platforms We want to actually finish up this water stream over here the final thing that we want to do is basically just go ahead and make a little bit of a glass column going all the way up to our Afk spot and if you remove that block, you should be right above your soul sand, of course So just bring this glass going all the way up to the top So now the glass is going all the way up to our afk spot We want to come back down here to the bottom, remove that block, remove that block Replace that one with a piece of packed ice Have an upper slab right there and then a magma block right in front of it and then we can finally place in our final piece of water and that basically is going to kill any mob that does happen to spawn or make it this far down the water streams while still allowing all the items and all of the experience directly Into your bubble column and now we’re just gonna come up here to the top, place in one water bucket right there and that should pretty much instantly turn into a bubble column now is a prime time to Wire up your afk spot with a pressure plate going down a little bit of a redstone line and then going straight Into another redstone line, which then controls your Trident killers basically, you only ever want the Trident killers to be on if there is a player standing here at the afk spot because of these guys can kind of lag out the game with the sheer amount of Experience that you actually get especially being in a bubble column as well. There’s a lot of particles that can really lag the game So you definitely want this to be pressure plate activated and speaking of the Trident killers It is now time to add the Trident to them as well keep in mind the main person who is actually gonna be using this farm is the person who should throw the tridents The tridents are tied to the player who throws them So they’ll only drop experience for that player and they’ll only apply the looting effect if that player is holding a looting sword so once you have that kind of figured out you want to throw these tridents on the Actual very very very front of the slab like the first quarter of the slab Basically right about there that is the most reliable and fastest way to kill these guys And I would also just suggest throwing about three to four Tridents on each one, if you need Tridents I have a trident farm, so don’t worry about it these things drop like they’re going out of style So now it’s time to actually install your spawning platforms. And these are actually super simple They are basically just bars of blocks that are about 48 blocks long so we’re gonna start from the front right corner, and then we’re gonna build up our first, you know, Spawning platform and then lay out the rest from there so you want to go in from your front edge by four blocks, as you can see four blocks there, you want to Go in from your right edge by three blocks three blocks, and then you want to go up from your actual You know ground platform by another three blocks as well and just to make sure that everything is nice and proper this platform It should be at Y122 let’s go ahead and remove all of these blocks And now what we need to do is we just need to extend this to the side by Forty eight blocks and as you can clearly tell I have the chunk border resource pack on and as you can see that ends on A chunk border and this face is on a chunk border and everything is just kind of chunk aligned as well This is also the closest it can be to the actual afk spot for it to actually spawn mobs as well So as you can see the spacing of this farm is extremely important So that is the first spawning bar in place as these spawning bars are going to be two blocks apart to allow these spiders to fall down into the water and you only need buttons on one face of them for the Spiders to actually, you know pathfind off. But yeah, you’re gonna have eight of these platforms going back in total So that’s gonna be one two three Four five six seven and then eight and of course do not forget the glass blocks That are gonna be at the head height of the mobs And that’s the thing that actually forces them out of that block and makes them fall directly down into the actual water shoe it’s really quite convenient and What you do after that? once you have all these kind of filled in all the way across, is your next spawning platform literally just goes right above that and You just kind of repeat this stacking all the way up nine times. That’s one two, three four five six seven eight and nine So this is more or less what it should look like after you get done placing all the solid blocks for the spawn Platforms all the buttons and all of the glass as well pretty straightforward But it’s definitely gonna take a little while But hopefully it is definitely worth it for all the rates and loot that you’re gonna get from this farm now what you should do for the Ceiling is once you have completed the ninth layer, this being the ninth layer, this being the glass of the ninth layer Then you want to go ahead and cover the entire Farm and the layer of solid blocks and then lower half slabs above that as well You do need to use lower half slabs That way you get these surface spawns and that significantly helps boost your rates as well So once you’ve done all of that You should have just won a giant rectangle more or less from the corners You want to go out by 15 blocks in every direction So 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and 15 Go out 15 on this side as well 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and 15 And then you just want to go ahead and connect the corners and basically make one giant roof over this entire thing and that way You can have all the spawn platforms be dark enough for mobs to spawn at all times of the day So do this on all four corners, of course connect everything up and then fill it all in and yeah It’s gonna be a lot more block placing So as you can see that is quite the large roof, many many a blocks have been placed today but if we get rid of our night vision you can see that it is a perfectly dark in there ready for all of the mobs in the world to spawn and I think it’s quite menacing. I love it. Also, don’t forget to add a little mini roof over your afk spot It can be any height, any size that you like I just put it at the same height as the main roof and it’s just literally just big enough to cover the afk spot So you don’t get phantoms so at this point you should know everything that you need to know about how Exactly to build this mob farm in your world All you now need to do is just build another one of them on the opposite side and of course make sure that the two things are lined up make sure all the trident killers all the spawning floors and everything is All perfectly lined up again It does have to be you know properly aligned for the best possible rates But if you do have any questions comments or concerns about this mob farm Then of course do let me know with a comment down below I hope you guys have enjoyed this extra long extra special tutorial. And again, thank you all ever so much for 100,000 subscribers that is utterly ridiculous, a crazy number to say, never thought we would ever reach that but that is just insane again thank you all ever so much and Let me know if you want to see a version two of this farm because I have some ideas for how to improve it even More so maybe I’ll release an updated improved farm. Maybe someday over yonder But until then hopefully you guys that do enjoy this one If you did then please do leave a like on the video as it does. How about the video and the channel? Significantly if you’re new here and you want to see more tutorials like this in the future then of course a be sure to subscribe We are now 100,000 strong and I’ll see you all down the comments section and in the next one. Thank you so much for watching and Then there was silence

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