Minecraft Beta 1.3 Complete Guide (HD)

The first thing you’ll realize when you open
up Minecraft is that all of your saves will need to be converted to the new format
which is optimized; it should make the game load a little faster because the
chunks are larger. We’ll just fast forward through this. It takes
a while, takes a few minutes even for a couple megabytes
of file. This is what it looks like with the new lighting
off; you can go into options and turn it on, and you can see the shadows
look a little bit nicer. This is a bed – it only works at night. You
can see you get a little message if you try to use it during the day. But if
you wait ’till night, and you go into the bed, what you’re going to realize
is that the screen is going to fade gracefully dark and you’re going to
go to sleep and wake up the next morning, so it’s great for skipping
the night because it’s not very useful. And the way that you make a bed is with three
pieces of wood and three pieces of wool on top of those pieces of wood. There are three new blocks in this update:
wooden slabs, stone slabs, and sandstone slabs, and you can make that just
by taking three of each respective block and putting them in a line. And all three of them will work just like
half steps, you know you can walk up on top of them like that without having
to jump. And you can make stairs out of pretty much whatever material you want
now and just walk up them like that. To make a redstone repeater you need to smelt
stone out of cobblestone. I don’t have any coal right now but that’s
really the best thing to use. So when you have the three stone that you
need, you’re going to go over to your bench and follow this recipe: you need
to put three stone down on the bottom, two torches torches on either side
and then a bit of redstone in the middle, and then grab that redstone repeater
and I’ll show you how to use it. You can see that depending on what setting
the repeater is on, it will introduce a little delay into your circuit,
and to change the setting you just right-click it. You can see that
it will introduce more or less delay depending on how it’s adjusted. As you can see here, there are just a couple
more other minor updates including whitelisting to servers, to keep
everyone out except your friends, and you can have more than five save slots,
and you can rename your saves now, and a bunch of tiny little fixes and tweaks

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Reader Comments

  1. meshunderlay

    2 questions:
    1) How do I see the front of my character now? The function key for that doesn't seem to work, or has it changed?
    2) What is the new block for? Not the craftable ones, the other ones. Bluish/black.

  2. iJoey95

    Can some1 plz let me know if there is a way to install HD texture packs in 1.3 🙂
    My doesnt work know and the mcpatcher dont find the jar file :p
    Thx 🙂

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