Minecraft Breaking News 2

Breaking News, Last night there was a fire burning over the small forest and the footage was captured by a Villager and outside there were No Mobs but the cause the forest on fire is unknown but the villager notices closely on camera that there’s lava flowing over the trees and so, so let’s watch. Alright so as you can see there’s the fire burning over the small forest and as you may notice that there’s nothing there like who set lava and fire over the trees but if you want to see the full video of this fire burning we will have the full video playing and it’s NOT a long video. Alright so and other news, there was a player who placed too much minecarts and the player who placed too much minecarts was part of the minecraft guinness world record and so, so let’s see the video. Ok so as you can see here that there’s many minecarts stacked in a rail and when he breaks the block the minecarts were going out but it wasn’t spreading out and when he tried to spread out by walking through and finally the minecarts spread out and the minecarts look like it was flooded while walking through and the player allowed everyone to earn a Guinness by doing that world record. Alright so and other news There was a scientist named Steve who was working a creeper as a Test Subject and suddenly while doing Experiment the scientist accidentally added a potion effect on the creeper on a creeper that caused to explode and generate creepers for a minute and the alarm was sounding off by the explosion but luckily the paths were blocked very properly before doing an Experiment when the scientist knew the incident would happen and the inside small lab was all captured on Security Camera and so, so let’s see the footage. Alright so as you can see here is Steve the scientist is doing an Experiment with a creeper and his first potion to a creeper was water and just a minute he was working a potion ingredient and when he was going to add more potions to the dispencer and throwing potions by the dispencer he noticed something was happening to the creeper and he was gonna go find the potion ingredient to get rid of something that was happening to the creeper and he couldn’t find it and what happened is that he started to panic and when he stopped panicking he grabbed another potion and added to the dispencer but that didn’t work and then Steve was panicking again and that he run outside. But in just a minute the creeper exploded and that it destroyed the Security Camera. And it’s even captured on Security Camera outside from our TV station when the alarm sounded by the explosion. As you can see this image it’s how much they Blocked the path and as you can see theres the tape that is yellow and black and there’s the fences placed on top of bushes and over the river and even on crops because they can get out by climbing a watermelon. But it has a way to get through the exit is to cross through the small farm and right here. And you can see the security camera from our TV Station. Alright so as you can see we’re viewing on the drone camera and here are the creepers and as you can see the creepers managed to get outside the small lab by hitting the button to open the door but luckily no one was accidentally killed or injured by creepers and the high skilled teams mannaged to kill all these creepers. And like yup so let’s get back to our studio. Alright so this is it for the Minecraft Breaking News so oh wait Breaking News, another breaking news? Earpiece: No there’s no other Breaking News and I was only going to tell you that you forgot to say that we have a Second YouTube Channel. Oh yeah right and we made a second YouTube channel where we post Minecraft Breaking News Videos and we will still post Minecraft Breaking News videos on this channel and so don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and subscribe to the Second YouTube channel and like yup so don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and follow me on Twitter, Twitch, and Google+ and yup so so goodbye. Hi guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed this video of the Minecraft Breaking News and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share this video and please subscribe to our second YouTube channel. And like yup so, so I hope you enjoyed this video so so goodbye

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