Derp SSundee: I have been playing this game for the past two weeks Trying to beat this devil boss… And I just can’t do it. I’ve tried everything! I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten, and I just can’t beat this boss YOU FREAKIN’ SUCK DEVIL! [INTRO: Tobu – Such Fun]>>SSundee: Hey, what’s goin’ on guys – SSundee here. And today we have something special And we’re gonna torment ourselves.. [laughter] Crainer: What the crap are they doing? SSundee: First of all, what the heck are you guys doing back there? Second of all – Today, we are playing the hardest game ever made in Minecraft SSundee: cuphea-
[Crainer interrupts] Cuphead. Crainer: No way! Cuphead dude! SSundee: It’s a game where Madelyn has yet to beat the first level in cuphead Madelyn: I have not beaten the first level.. Crainer: I have beaten 2 bosses and that makes me superior. SSundee: The only way I have beat the game is by finding a glitch and an exploit so… Crainer: Like always.. [SSundee laughs] Madelyn: Yep. What’s new? SSundee: Let’s do this, guys – if you’re excited about this episode of Lucky Blocks, of course.. Hit the like button down below, let’s get to 8 likes? Also, hit the subscribe button – Uh, 9 likes apperently.. And, uhh – yes. Freakin’ Marhjo, ts , Kehaan…Neo, Brossiest.. There evil for doing this to us, but let’s do it. Are you guys ready, so we’re gonna open up– We each have 3 lucky blocks. But first, we’re gonna do in our very lucky block on the toilet. You guys ready? Crainer: Has anybody ever asked a question “Why there is a giant toilet in a casino?” Madelyn: Probably not. Nobody has yet to ask that, okay.. Let’s do this… THREE TWO ONE SSundee: THAT IS SO SICK! Crainer: I love that song, dude. Madelyn: That’s pretty cool! SSundee: And I think that’s the Cuphead pixel art, dude. That is so sick! So we each have 3 lucky blocks left. Are you guys ready to do this, WHO WANTS TO GO FIRST? Crainer & Thea: ME Okay, Madelyn. You go first. – Madelyn: Okay!
– Crainer: What the crap she didn’t even say me! Crainer: What the crap she didn’t even say me! Madelyn: Ready… AAH, I’m in it! The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multista– SSundee: What the crap was that? Crainer: Are you okay, Maddie? SSundee: Maddie, are you okay? All right, who wants to go next? Crainer or Thea? Alright, Thea – go ahead. [SSundee laughs] Crainer: D- DANG IT!! You’re gonna do it right there? At the dancefloor, okay. I’ll dance while you open it. Crainer: Me too! Thea: Okay, are you ready? Crainer: Yeah! [MUSIC] Crainer: Ohh, what was a good song that you put on for us, DJ Thea. SSundee: [READS SIGN]
I ain’t got no money, but here is some diamonds Crainer: That’s better than money, Kehaan. Thank you! SSundee: That’s that, Kehaan. Okay Crainer, you’re up next – go ahead, let’s see what you get. Crainer: Oh, can I do it now? SSundee: You finally.. go ahead actually I’ll go, I’ll go. I’ll go, don’t worry about it. I’ll go Alright here we go.. Madelyn: I don’t wanna be in the middle. SSundee: Ready? THREE TWO ONE GO! [RIP HEADPHONES USERS]
♫ BARNEY IS A DINOSOUR IN OUR IMAGINATIO- ♫ SSundee: Kheeb– No… Kehaan, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer at the end of the day. Anyways, Crainer – it’s on you, go ahead let’s see what you get. Okay, okay.. ♫ PUT DAT ON THA BEAT.. ♫ The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multista– SSundee: What is a “FitnessGram™ Pacer Test” ? – Madelyn: I really liked that one!
– Crainer: The “FitnessGram™ Pacer Test” Crainer: The “FitnessGram™ Pacer Test” SSundee: What the– Kehaan, where you do find these things? Crainer: Is that even a meme? (Yes, Crainer.) What is that? SSundee: You know Kehaan is the meme master. Alright, Madelyn it’s on you- C’m– Madelyn, come over here. Let’s have a lunch date. You guys stand back. – GET BACK!
– Madelyn: Oh, I was trying to go on a date with that guy. – Madelyn: Oh, I was trying to go on a date with that guy. Who is that? Madelyn: I don’t know, I was going a date with him! SSundee: Yea– NO, YOU CHEATER! YOU CHEATER! Madelyn: You just made my lucky block disappear.. Crainer: Thea, I’m lucky that I have you. SSundee: Wait, you don’t have a Lucky Block? Madelyn: No, I just laid it right at the exact same time you jumped and you made it disappear. SSundee: That’s what you get for being a cheater. Jerk. Alright Madelyn, there you go – let’s go on a date. Ehh– Just don’t kill me. Madelyn: Okay.
SSundee: Go ahead. Crainer: Thea, stand back! SSundee: JUST RUN AWAY! IS IT BLOWING UP? Madelyn & Crainer: No. [Thea laughs] Madelyn: I mean, do you want me to– hit this thing? Crainer: NO!! SSundee: Madelyn. Crainer: Oh my gosh, oh my goodness. – Madelyn: I didn’t do anything.
– Crainer: Oh my gosh, oh my goodness. Too late, I tried. Crainer: I saved it, I saved the city, Ian. From your insane wife. SSundee: What is wrong with her, Crainer? SSundee: I don’t know.. Sleep on a couch, dude. Madelyn: I just wanted to add a little spark to our date. SSundee:Alright, Thea – it’s on– Thea, it’s your turn. Go on a date with Crainer. THEA, GO ON A DATE WITH CRAINER Crainer: You can’t for– do you want to go on a date with me? Thea: Yeah, sure. [laughs] SSundee: Alright, go on a lunch date. Madelyn: You sure, there’s a new guy… SSundee: Oh my gosh… Okay, go ahead. Thea: Are you ready? ♫ WELL, THE DEVIL WILL TAKE THEIR HEADS ♫ [SSundee laughs] Crainer: I love the music in that game, dude. SSundee: I do too, it says.. Madelyn: That’s so cool! SSundee: Yeah, that’s Mugman! That is so sick. All right. What would you say that was a successful date, Crainer? Crainer: I would say, I’d rate it 10/10. Yes? Thea: YAY SSundee: Alright, Crainer – Do you want to go on a lunch date with me? Crainer: I was about to ask you dude, that’s’ so romantic. GIRLS, GET AWAY! GET AWAY GIRLS Thea: Ow. Madelyn: That’s so mean.. SSundee: Just don’t kill me Crainer, Please? – Just don’t kill me.
Crainer: Yeah, I’m gonna try not to. You ready? SSundee: Yeah, go ahead, go ahead. Did that say “Wow” ? Crainer: That said “WOW!” SSundee: And then all it gaves us was… soul sand. – Thea: Wasn’t it great?
Crainer: I’m pretty sure that this is the worst date that I’ve been on, Ian. SSundee: Crainer, WORST DATE 2017. I mean at least there’s a gold block up there. Crainer: Yeah? SSundee: I ge– You know what?
– Crainer: Do you have lunch for it? Crainer, I guess, you know what? That was a decent date. You know? I take it back. Crainer: I think it was a pretty good one too dude. I got it first. SSundee: Okay, you got it? Okay, I have two lucky blocks left you guys ready? I’m going on a solo date because I’m a sad human being. Crainer: [laughs] Okay. OKAY, THREE TWO ONE. ♫ WELL, THE DEVIL WILL TAKE THEIR HEADS ♫ That is so morbid, but so good. Crainer: That is so good, I doesn’t give any good blocks though. SSundee: I know. Okay, Madelyn – you’re next, right? You’re next? Madelyn: Yes, I have one left. SSundee: Okay, go ahead, go ahead it’s on you. We’re not gonna do a pretty-off this time just because we all know I’m the prettiest. Madelyn: Okay, I’m gonna do it right here. SSundee: Okay, go ahead, go ahead. Crainer: Don’t kill us. [FITNESSGRAM PACER TEST EARRAPE] SSundee: Madelyn, Madelyn, JUMP IN THE WATER OVER HERE! OVER HERE! JUMP! JUMP IN THE WATER!!! Madelyn: I’M NOT GONNA DIE SSundee: MADELYN! JUMP IN THE WATER! SSundee: You need to jump in the water faster, Madelyn. – Madelyn: Sorry.
Crainer: Maddie, but you’re on fire, water helps. Crainer: Maddie, but you’re on fire, water helps. Madelyn: Does it? Crainer: YES SSundee: At least, we got an emerald block on that. Alright, Thea. It’s your last Lucky Block. Let’s see how lucky you get. Get something good. Crainer: MAKE ME PROUD, THEA! Thea: Okay, okay, okay.. [Crainer laughs] SSundee: Get something good, okay, let’s see what you get. – [Thea panics]
– I need to get what I really want. – I always get a lot of stupid toys, or a bicycle or clothes or something like that. What’d you want? REAL ESTATE. – Crainer: IT’S A…
– I always get a lot of stupid toys, or a bicycle or clothes or something like that. What’d you want? REAL ESTATE. – I always get a lot of stupid toys, or a bicycle or clothes or something like that. What’d you want? REAL ESTATE. Crainer: It’s a dirt house, dude. Thea: I GOT A HOUSE SSundee: Crainer, you’re in this house! Crainer: Wait, I am? SSundee: You’re in this house! Crainer: Let me see! – Crainer: Let me see!
– [SSundee laughs] [SSundee laughs] Madelyn: I wanna see! Crainer: Wait, I’m a Sausage person? SSundee: Crainer, you’re a little thumb, dude. Crainer: But I got dirt all over me, that’s pretty accurate. SSundee: I mean, there’s endless amounts of dirt in this house, , and you right there– you know what I’m gonna do? YOU KNOW WHAT IM GONNA DO? Crainer: NO. SSundee: I hold you in my hand, Crainer. Crainer: NO. SSundee: I hold you, in my hand. Crainer: Give me back little Sausage Crainer. SSundee: Crainer, can you swim? – SSundee: Crainer, can you swim?
– Crainer: No, don’t drown him! SSundee: Crainer, can you swim? Crainer: I don– I don’t know if he can swim but I can! NO! SSundee: Let’s see if he can swim nope. Uh, no we cannot. Actually, Crainer you know what? We both have one Lucky Block left. I CHALLENGE YOU, TO A PRETTY- OFF! You ready? Crainer: Are you sure you want to do this, homie? SSundee: ..three, and the girls can be the judges who wins, ONE. Crundee: GO!! [DANCE ‘TILL YOUR DEAD MEME, GABE THE DOG REMIX] – Thea: PUPPY
[DANCE ‘TILL YOUR DEAD MEME, GABE THE DOG REMIX] Thea: You’re the prettiest! [SSundee laughs] SSundee: Wait, hold on! We gotta do the math! I got 2 diamond blocks, you have a bunch of redstone and a beacon. Hold on, hold on, let’s do the math. I AM NOT GIVING UP THIS EASY, I WILL BE THE PRETTIEST Crainer: Don’t be like the last time, tell me “I’m the prettiest” and take it away from me, Ian. – Madelyn: I don’t think you are, babe.
– Crainer: Don’t be like the last time, tell me “I’m the prettiest” and take it away from me, Ian. – Crainer: Don’t be like the last time, tell me “I’m the prettiest” and take it away from me, Ian. Don’t do that again, please. SSundee: Okay, okay. We’ll do the math, hold on.. [A FEW MOMENTS LATER] So we just turned in our Nether Stars from the last Lucky Block. Crainer, how many did you get? Crainer: I got 35 Nether Stars. SSundee: I got 45. Crainer: What, really? SSundee: Two diamond blocks are better than all that you got from that one. I’M THE PRETTIEST Crainer: Gosh dangit! – I’M SO PRETTEHESEHBU–
– Madelyn: I’m so proud of you! SSundee: IM THE PRETTIEST DO U LIKE ME MOAR? Madelyn: I knew I was with you for a reason. Thea: Honey, I still think you’re the prettiest. SSundee: Thea, THEA TAKE DAT BACK! TAKE THAT BACK I WON IM THE PRETTIEST – Thea: OKAY, I TAKE IT BACK!
– SSundee: IM THE PRETTIEST OF THE TURTLENECK SWEATER BUNCH™ Crainer: ..did you take it back? – [SSundee laughs]
– Thea: No? Crainer: Good. SSundee: All right, so let’s turn in the rest of our Nether Stars, let’s see how many we get. I mean we got seven stacks of Nether Stars from that. It’s not too bad. Not too bad. Okay Okay, so what we’re gonna do since this is a we’re playing Cuphead 1V1V1V1 Everybody’s against everybody, Crainer: Yes? SSundee: We’re gonna duplicate this four times, and then we’re gonna give all of these to me Madelyn: You sure about that? – SSundee: Sound good?
– Crainer: Uh… Objection? Everybody agree– Everybody in agreeance? Crainer: No, no, I don’t no body.. – Madelyn: I’m taking mine now.
– Crainer: …dude. SSundee: But, but I’m the prettiest! IM THE PRETTIEST OF THE TURTLE NECK SWEATER BUNCH™! Crainer: That doesn’t count for anything, okay? Congratulations for being the pretty, but that doesn’t mean you get more Nether Stars, Ian. SSundee: Fine, jerks.. I’m going to trade you guys aren’t gonna listen to my strategy, cuz I’m prettiest! So from what I understand of this round we’re gonna be playing Cuphead in Minecraft. From what I understand. It’s pretty sick, so what they said to buy is definitely a set of armor. Right, so if we buy this one we get a speed buff. If we buy this one we get a jump boost Oh, this is Mugman, and I’m guess– Yeah, and this is Cuphead, yeah I wanna become Cuphead. Cuphead is the man. We must become cuphead. Yeah, look at us.. [laughs] We’re actually cuphead! That is sick, okay. We’re also he they said to definitely buy a bow because at the end We’re gonna be racing to kill The Devil You guys know The Devil from Cuphead I’m gonna buy a bunch of arrows, and then let’s see what we need to buy next… Yeah, we can also buy a knock-back weapon Ugh, we can get a Knockback III iron rod. That’s expensive though… I might just get the knockback stick?! No, I’m gonna get the Knockback II stick. Let’s get this.. There we go and there’s also over here… Magic buff pets, right – like we can get the Chicken Pet, uh, the Quiver Pet.. OOH INFINITE ARROWS! That is four stacks of nether star stone..DANG IT! What is the Chicken Pet do? Speed boost and gives you eggs? Yeah, I think we’re gonna get the Chicken Pet this gives us a speed an additional speed boost and Gives us eggs to throw Look at this.. Look how fast I am because of this chicken That is sick, okay. So I think what I’m gonna do I’m gonna use these five levels of experience to enchant my bow and all of my armor I’ll put a level on each of these. Let’s do this. Let’s get in a call with the rest of them. Let’s see if we’re gonna be the best Cuphead Look at us. We look so sick! Crainer: We do, dude! SSundee: Me and Crainer, we’re Cuphead, those two are Mugman. – Go figure.
– Crainer: Freakin’ Mugmans. Thea: Ow. [SSundee laughs] SSundee: Alright, you guys ready–
Madelyn: Are we bad guy? Look at this, okay.. So, from what I understand of this game. There’s two parts: first part is all about a 2D Scroller ..like Mario, Old-school Mario, and then also.. The second part is a boss fight VS The Devil. – The second part is a boss fight VS The Devil.
– Crainer: No! – Yes, we’re fighting The Devil. Okay. I’m going in..
– Crainer: NO! Crainer: No. I’m not ready! SSundee: “Take one”, it says.. Okay, we need a carrot on a stick. This is how we shoot in the 2D Scroller part. Crainer: Oh, I see. What are all of these, like – different worlds? SSundee: I don’t know, dude. This is gonna be– This is interesting.. This is a whole new thing that we’ve done in Lucky Blocks, I’m not sure.. Alright, so we’re all in our separate calls. Okay, so it’s gonna be on TS.. He’s gonna start it We start with the 2D Platformer, and then we fight the boss– Okay, here we go, here we go.. So check this out, I put my pet up here. Look at this. This is the 2D Platformer. I’m controlling this villager, and I got it– okay.. Okay, wait I gotta run. I gotta run, I gotta run and I gotta make it through this part and you see those– Oh, there’s a skeleton, kill the skeleton! There we go. You see the other sparkles on the grou– GET BACK GET BACK THERE’S ZOMBIES.. [stuttering] Just run, just run, just run. We’re in the carnival now. You see the red little twinklers and the blue and the green? That’s everybody else playing. Okay, here we go.. We’re just gotta jump through this. Jump through the race– Okay, gotta make this parkour… [struggling] YES OKAY GOTTA MAKE THIS.. Yes? GO! Yes, okay, okay, we got this.. OH THOSE ARE ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES, LOOK UP, KILL THE ZOMBIES!! There we go, every time I right-click. I shoot. Uh, I shoot a snowball to kill everything. Okay, here we go.. Alright, so we’re up here now. Where do we go? Do we just jump down? (yea) [falling] [SPLASH] I guess, we just jump down! I thought I was gonna die! Okay, here we go.. Let’s do this! Uh, now we’re in– NO LOOK AT ALL THE ZOMBIES PLEASE DON’T KILL ME KILL ‘EM ALL KILL ALL THE ZOMBEHS Look at this, this is the 2D Platformer. This is sick! Okay, here we go.. Oh, is that the Nether? Hold on, I gotta make it this across the lava.. [IMPACT] DANG IT Oh, I hit a checkpoint! Okay, that was a checkpoint — the blue flag. Okay, so you can’t hit the lava you got it you gotta– If you– If you get if you’ve ever played Cuphead This is sick. Okay, here we go.. Gotta make it.. Oh the blue partic– Whoever is blue particle is getting close. DANG IT I DIED AGAIN Okay, just gotta make this ..gotta make this.. GOTTA MAKE THIS Okay, jump! THERE WE GO Oh, now I’m in the Nether.. Wait, who’s this blue person? THERES A BLUE PERSON IN FRONT OF ME We gotta go fai– KILL THE WITHER SKELETONS! dANG IT! The wither skeleton killed me. This is so stressful.. Jump up here, jump up here.. Okay, okay.. Make this jump.. MAKE THIS JUMP There we– Oh, the blue person is behind me now! Whoever that is.. Okay.. OH KILL THE WITHER SKELETON, KILL THE WITHER SKELETON Okay, let’s keep going, keep going.. DIE– UH! ANOTHER WITHER SKELETON KILL THE WITHER SKELETON There we go.. Jump up here, jump up here.. (gucci gang gucci gang) Jump across the Soul Sand.. Uh, gotta go up he– NO! MORE WITHER SKELETONS KILL THE WITHER SKELETONS Jump, okay jusu– Just keep running.. Just keep running.. Uh, drop down here.. What’s down here? [BOOM FOR REALS] OOH IT’S THE BOSS ITS THE BOSS So, how this works, look at The Devil How this part works.. Hold on, lemme get my chicken back out so I can move fast… How this part works.. You see– [laughs] I’m about to die! I’m about to die! DODGE THE MECHANICS! DODGE THE MECH– Dang it, I withered away. So, how this part works: You see the health up there.. Whoever does the most damage to The Devil by the time he dies, wins.. And it’ll show the damage after everything.. Okay, and it looks like I’m the only one here.. That means I could do the most damage! COME ON! We just got to dodge his mechanics, stay alive. And then when somebody else gets here like Madelyn, Crainer or Thea.. I GOTTA HIT ‘EM WITH MY STICK! Okay, I gotta dodge these mechanic.. NO! Okay, there we go.. I dodged it a little bit. Here comes another fire mechanic.. DODGE IT DODGE IT Dodge the fire mechanics.. DANG– Uh, I withered away.. This is fine, I can do this.. Oh, Maddie’s here now. MADELYN, MADELYN GET BACK MADELYN GET BACK PLEASE DON’T KILL ME PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! Okay, okay.. We got this.. DANG IT I WITHERED AWAY.. Gotta do damage.. Okay, he’s doing another explosion mechanic. Okay, just do damage, just do damage.. DODGE THE WITHER, DODGE THE WITHER, DODGE THE WITHER AYE– He’s doing another mechanic.. Dodge it, and do damage! OH LOOK AT DAT DAMAGE I JUST DID! We just gotta shoot him in the head TEH STUPID DEVIL Okay, here we go..here we go.. COME ON! Okay, where’s his next mechanic coming? WHAT THE HECK ARE THO LITTLE RED PEOPLE?! What the he– Are those oopa-loopas? ARE THOSE FREAKIN’ OPPA-LOOPAS?! hooo–no… Oh, Madelyn just died by to a zombie.. Okay, just gotta kill the oopa-loopas.. Kill the oopa-loopas.. And then, we can take out The Devil! Oh, and look at his health.. He’s almost at half health! COME ON! Where’s Crainer and Thea? DON’T KILL ME DONT KILL M– DANG IT! I died again! Where’s Crainer and Thea, we need their help to take out this boss! Okay, oh good lord.. I gotta knock Madelyn though.. MADELYN GO AWAY MADELYN GO AWAY I need to do damage! MADELYN GO AWAY [laughs] I need to do the most damage.. Okay, we just dodge these– Dodge these mechanics.. So I don’t die.. DODGE THIS DODGE THIS DODGE THIS THERE WE GO! Okay, here comes another mechanic.. DODGE THIS Oh, Madelyn withered away! I’m gonna wither away soon, I only have a half of heart. DANG– I died.. Okay, okay.. Come back.. Here we go.. Here we go.. He’s at half health. Oh, and Crainer’s here now! I GOTTA KNOCK CRAINER OFF CRAINER GET BACK! Okay, here we go.. We’re just gonna keep shooting this jerk’s head. Oh no.. the mini zombies are here.. The Mini Zombies are here! Okay, kill the ones chasing me. Kill the ones chasing me! There we go! Okay, I dodged that! Well, he’s got to keep shooting this jerk…in the face! He’s down to 25% health.. I’m a shoot Crainer.. [laughs] Okay, we need to kill this dude! His health is slowly going down! Oh, oh, dodge the mechanics. DODGE THE MECHANICS DODGE THE MECHANICS Okay, so far, so good.. So far, so good.. SO FAR SO GOOD MADEL– I just withered away with Madelyn. Okay, okay, we got this.. I just hit Crainer. Sorry, Crainer! Not really… OH, HIS HEALTH, HIS HEALTH IS GOING– OHH NO IT’S BLOWING UP! Everything’s blowing up. We just gotta dodge all the mechanics.. Shoot him in the hand, shoot The Devil in the head! I don’t like this.. Okay, okay, so far, so good. So far, so good.. He’s got 10% life.. WOAHH He did another zombie mechanic (2X) HE DID ANOTHER ZOMBIE MECHANIC (2X) I’m gonna ignore the zombies. I’m gonna outrun the zombies. He’s close to being dead! I have to do ALL of the damage here! Oh, Nika’s here– Nika? THEA’S HERE! COME ON I have to do the most damage. He’s almost dead! A FEW MORE SHOTS! COME ON! Ignore the zombies! Crainer got killed bu– DANGIT, I died. Okay, okay, we got this… We’re just gonna do the most damage.. “KNOCKOUT” [victory music plays] There we go! We have successfully taken down the devil. That was sick! This was a really well made game by Neo, Brossiest, TS, and Marjhoe. That was sick dudes, okay, so once we kill all these zombies. We’re gonna get in a call.. Let’s see who did the most damage to this devil… Alright, everybody’s here. It’s the moment of truth.. We have taken down the devil Whoever’s done Crainer: I’ve never raged more in Minecraft SSundee: Did you rage a lot? Crainer: Yep. SSundee: Okay, so it’s gonna show up on the right hand side once we click this button Whoever did the most damage to the devil has won. Are you guys ready? – Crainer: I think it was Thea, dude.
– [drumroll] – [SSundee laughs]
– [drumroll] SSundee: Thea got here so late! – Okay.
Crainer: She got here as soon as The Devil got knocked out. Crainer: She got here as soon as The Devil got knocked out. IN THREE, TWO, ONE… GO! OOH I DID 92 DAMAGE!? [snickers] [laughs] – [laughs]
– Madelyn: I only did made 24.. What did you guys even do, did you even shoot your bow? Crainer: Look at Thea’s… – Madelyn: I died a lot..
– SSundee: And then Thea did 2 damage. – SSundee: And then Thea did 2 damage. [laughs] Crainer: Well, congratulations, I guess you’re the biggest Cup head. SSundee: I’m the biggest Cupheaded— I don’t know if that’s a good thing.. Crainer: I don’t know either dude. SSundee: But uh, anyways dudes, for now we’re gonna end this episode here. If you guys have enjoyed of course, hit the like button down below and also hit the Subscribe button, this– this was a good game, this was really well made. Crainer: This was awesome. SSundee: This is amazing, we’ll see you dudes next time. (This took me 11 hours)
Captions by Skeptical. @SoSkeptical

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  1. Zachary Johnson

    it took me and my brother about like almost a year to do all the cuphead bosses because we like stop playing it after a while and came back to it we destroyed all the bosses and when we got to the devil in my brother just did it in one day edit: tell me how long it took for you

  2. Galaxy Girl36

    I hate the fitness gram test me 5 laps only 🏁🏁🏁🚫🚫🚫🚫☠☠☠☠☠

    Like it you hate the fitness gram test

  3. Zodiac

    Ah good times with the fitness gram pacer test. You may be wondering why I consider it a good time? Its because It meant running and then free time after the first 20 while the try hards did 100.
    Though my true favorite is the time two students competed and ran until only one remained. Then that one person ran till the end of the Pacer test…. Yes there is an actual end for it because even the people doing it were like, "Look we will count till about 150-200 no ones going to last that long."

  4. A.B. Paton

    The fitnessgram pacer test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively get more difficult as it continues. It is also my favorite meme.

  5. djfhj djfhdjf

    The fitness gram paced test is a multi stage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as you continue. The 20 meter pacer test will start in 30 seconds. Line up at the start… etc.

  6. T0mmy_T0m


  7. Bardock 16 the youtubr

    The fitness gram pacer test is a running test for schools to see how long the students can run.
    (Edit) and we have to do it in Shelton like 3 times a school year

  8. mawardi ail

    But sundee my it still working i cant here barny i can't here the loud noiseπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  9. KaiPlayzGames

    the fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage aerobic capacity test that proggresively gets more difficult as it continues the twenty meter pacer test will begin in thirty seconds line up at the start the running speed starts slowly but gets faster every minute after you hear this signal (some beep noise) a single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound ( bell noise) remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible the second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound your test is over the test will begin on the word start on your mark get ready start.

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