Minecraft Daycare – FIRST DATE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

[Captions by Y Translator]
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– When will Ryan get here? – ‘Cause Tina told me to come here. What? – [Tina] Cutie! – Where’s everyone else? – I’ve been waiting for you. – Where’s everyone else? – They’re right here. – You said everyone was going to be here! – Uh, “Everyone you need
was going to be here,” is what I said. I’m all you need! – Tina, I need more than you. I need friends too. – And you can have them, tomorrow. – What is all this? – I was thinking, okay
Ryan, Ryan, sit down. We need to have a serious conversation. – Okay, I’ll sit right here. – Okay, I’ll sit right here. Um, okay so I think we’ve just been going through a bit of a phase
lately and, and I think that we should just start anew. – So you think we should
be new best friends? – Uh, no. I think we should redo our first date. You remember our first date right? – You mean the one you forced me on? – Um no! Uh, no. – I mean you kinda did. – No I did not! Do you even remember
what our first date was? – Yeah, uh it was, um… – Mm-hmm. – Uh. – Mm-hmm. – Uh, uh. – Mm-hmm. – What was it again? – Ughhh, it was a game. The first game we played. Just me and you. – Yeah but what was it? – It’s not important! At least I remember what we were doing. – You don’t even remember
what game it was! (shocked mumbling) – Hold on. – We’ve had a lot of
dates since then, okay. – Let me, let me use my… – I don’t remember which was which! – Well Tina using my memory that I suddenly have
gotten, it was Build Battle. – Yeah, it was a Build Battle! And then we built like this
beautiful garden together. It was, it was very good. – Yeah, anyway you wanna do that again? – Well maybe not that exact game but I just want to have, I
want a redo first date where we’re genuine, we’re honest and we can just be open
about out feelings. – And you’re not going to
force me into anything. – Uh, no. – Fine, I’ll do it. – Yay! So I was thinking we should sit over… We can play a video game, that’s fine. – Well I thought that’s
what we were doing… I mean… We can come back to that later, maybe. – Okay. I’ll do what you want to do! – Okay, here we go! In three, two, one go! – Go! – Okay Tina, you ready? – Yep. – Okay there’s Halloween Hyper
Mode and there’s Team’s Mode. We’re gonna Team’s Mode ’cause that’s what we originally did. – Yeah, Team’s! – Plus Halloween’s over I think isn’t it? – I’m pretty sure it is. – So why is Halloween… Hyper I don’t know. I’m not going to question it. – Maybe there isn’t enough time. – Okay we got sushi,
scissors, leaf, crayons, or magician. – Ooo sushi! – I was thinking magician,
I don’t know what sushi is so I’m going with magician. – Dude, you don’t know what sushi is? – I mean I do but I don’t
know how to build sushi. – It’s I think it’ll be good. I think we got this. – Okay, then what are we gonna do? I don’t know what I’m gonna do here so… – Okay let’s set down
um a black square plate, so let’s do clay right here. – There is no clay, okay black terracotta? – Or black concrete. – You can’t do concrete. – Nevermind. – Okay so what do you wanna do? – Um, make a square plate. A big square plate. Not huge, but decently big. – Make it black? – Yeah. – Okay. (bright cheerful music) Okay, let’s make sure that’s square. That’s not square, that’s rectangle. – I mean that’s okay. – It doesn’t actually matter? – Yeah, it’s alright. – It’s gotta be centered. – Oh, okay. – It’s one off. – Oh, okay. – There we go, now it’s a square. Okay continue. How do we build a plate? – Uh, well fill it in. – Okay, I’ll fill it in. You start working on
whatever else you got to do, I’ll stick with– – Well, I mean I can’t really
do that until we have a plate. – Oh. – [Tina] I guess there’s
one other thing I can do, so I’ll do that while we wait. – Plate’s done! What is that? – [Tina] They’re chopsticks! – Chopsticks? – [Tina] Yeah, for sushi! – Okay, they kind of look like chopsticks, I guess, in some weird world. – [Tina] Hey, I’m trying hard here! – I was going to say instead
of fences what if we did them like standing up, like they’re,
so that it’s easier to tell, I don’t know. Those don’t look like chopsticks to me. They look like two fences. – [Tina] Okay, well I’ll work on them. Okay we’ll put a little
rim around the plate and then we’ll work on the sushi. – You build the sushi and
I’ll work on the chopsticks. – Okay! – Okay, I’ll work on the chopsticks because I actually have an idea. – Okay, do it! – Kind of. It may not work, but I’ll test it. (cheerful music) We’ll have to see. (cheerful music) – Oh! – Just ignore that. – Okay. (cheerful music) – Let’s see okay, how
much time to we have left. Okay, we’re making some
pretty good progress. – Chopsticks cross each other, right, like when you’re using them? – Yeah. – Okay, okay, cool. Then we’ll do something like… Here we go, ready? I got this! So it goes, here, boom,
boom boom, boom, boom! (cheerful music) There needs to be more space. There needs to be one more. It needs to end up here! So anyways, I’m building the
chopsticks so they’re like actually being used! – Oh! That’s good! That’s a good idea! Okay, um… – Ta-Da! So it’s like chopsticks. Does that look like chopsticks, kinda? – Uh, kinda, yeah! – I mean a little bit, I think it’s more, it’s better than the fences! – Yeah, no, I agree. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Maybe I should make
them both st-, not fences, what if I just did
fences though, doing it? Like– – Maybe. – It may work, but I’m not… – I’ll put some wasabi,
wasabi and then we’ll make… – Tell me if this looks better. – Um, I’ll make sunflowers! – Does it look better
with these fences, or no? – Um, give me one second. – They look a little skinny, but they may, they look a little thin. – Yeah, no, keep what you originally had. – Okay. Okay. Back to the original. What else can we do? Build maybe like a… – Make soy sauce! – Okay, soy sauce, yeah, that’s the stuff! Yeah, that’s the stuff! – That’s the stuff! – Okay. – Oh, three minutes remaining! – Okay, that’s plenty of time! So you got the sushi, we got the chopsticks eating the sushi… – We should do something
different to the floor, so it’s not so plain! – We’ll just do wood like
it’s on a wooden table! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s do that! – Okay, and I got an idea
too, as well, on top of that! – Okay! – I actually don’t like the wood, because it matches our chopsticks. Let’s do like a birch wood. – Okay! – Because that’s lighter and it clashes, yeah I like that better. Okay and then what we’re going to do, um, you build like maybe a glass of water, I’m going to try and build a quick hand grabbing at the sushi, or
grabbing at the chopsticks. I’m going to try! – Um, okay. – I mean, we’ll see if
it works, maybe not. – You’re going to do the
hand or you want me to do it? – No, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. – Okay, okay, okay, so what am I doing? – Build a glass of water or something that they’re just drinking. – Um, okay. Actually, I am going to make
something a little different! – Yeah? – Yeah. – Okay, you do that. – Do we have time to do it? – We only have a minute and
forty seconds, you tell me, unless you want to help
me finish this arm off and make it look like… – Uh, no it looks like
I’m getting it so far. – Okay. (cheerful upbeat music) Because right now it doesn’t
look like a hand grabbing because then I’d have to
build a full person almost. – Yeah, maybe not then. – No, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. I have an idea to quickly finish it off. – Are we going to make it look like the plate’s steaming or something? – Add some particle effects for steam, I don’t know how to do that! – That’s what I’m trying to do. Oh! Let’s see, how do we do this? Cloud particles should work, right? – Sure! That will work! – No, yeah, that looks really good! – Yeah? – Yeah! (quick mumbling) Tina! Help me finish off this person real quick! It doesn’t have to be a good person, just like basic, basic person – Oh! Oh! Oh! – Start filling this in in
the person, this is his body this is his head, uh, I’ll handle the arms don’t worry about that! – Oh, okay! – Just finish his body off! Really quick! 30 seconds! We can do it if we work as a team! – Um, okay! (bright cheerful music) We got this cutie! We’re going to make the best sushi ever! – You got to be quick! 20 seconds! – Uh, okay, I’m doing my best! – I know! That’s all we need! All we need is your best! Come on! – Oh! Okay! 10, Nine, eight, oh! – He needs legs! He needs legs! – Don’t worry about the legs, Ryan! Just finish building him
in so he has clothes! – Okay, he has clothes! – No, he’s missing one side! – That’s fine. Okay, here we go. Let me build some sushi. I’ll give that an okay
because we built some sushi. – Yeah, that’s okay. – But there’s not much special, you know. – Yeah, I like this one
though, this one’s pretty cool. – That’s what I wanted to do! But that’s not sushi, that’s a fish! – That’s a fish, because
sushi’s made of fish? – Yeah, I’ll give it a good
because I like the person. – The person’s pretty good. – I give it a good. – Oh! (cheerful upbeat music) They kind of missed the whole
point of the build though. (meowing) The point was to build
the sushi, not the table. – No, it’s theme. It doesn’t mean you have to build it. Oh, that’s good. – Yeah, this is pretty good. I’m definitely giving this good. – But it’s a theme so you don’t
have to focus on the sushi. – I guess, yeah. Please, please, good, good, good! – Why is there red on top of the cup? – No, that’s the soy sauce. – Oh, soy sauce. – The drink is over
here, it’s the pink one. – Okay, we’ll, see if people like it. These are just a bunch of
sushi rolls, I’ll give okay to. – Yeah, they’re okay. – They get an okay, it’s
why they only got okay! – Yeah! – It’ was okay! And this one is, oh! – They didn’t really finish? – I mean I get what they’re
going for so I give it an okay. It was like a chef serving up sushi. – Yeah, I guess that’s true. – This is a single sushi
roll, that gets a bad. (meowing) Compared to the other ones it gets a bad, you got to be like comparing them. – That’s true. I guess that’s true. – That did not, see that’s a bad. That’s a super bad. – Yeah. – That’s a super bad,
that’s a really super bad. – Well, I mean, I like the idea, but it needed to be standing
up or at least a little 3D. – Aw! What place did we come in? – Aw – We came in second! – Oh, yay! – We came in second, and this
was definitely the best one! So we actually did it! – I thought they’re
sushi was kind of “meh.” – People actually liked ours though, they knew what it was apparently! – Yeah! – Wow! We actually did it! – I thought that was pretty obvious! – Well, Tina, I’d say that
was fun, you ready to go home? – Right now? – Yeah! – Um, okay. – Yeah, let’s jump over the wall in three, two, one, go! Aah! – Aah! – That was actually kind of fun! – Really, you mean it? – That was the first date,
not-date thing we’ve ever done that was actually fun and
I didn’t feel forced into! – But it was a date, you agreed
to it that it was a date! (squealing) – Quote where I said,
“I’m going on a date.” – You didn’t say you were going on a date. – Exactly! – I said I wanted a re-do
first date, and you said okay! You agreed to it! – Fine, I’ll give you this one! But we’re not dating! We’re not dating! (giggling) – We’re not dating! – Even if we’re not now, we will be! – We won’t be! We’re not dating! – Oh, come one! (electronic feedback) – Tina, did you just die on me? (electronic scrambled speaking) – You’re a robot! – You’re a robot! Beep boop beep beep. – Tina, hold on! Let me look at the floor conveniently! Okay, Tina, you’re not a robot! – Okay good. – I forgot we were going
to do something here. Did you pack any sandwiches? – I, uh, I did they were here. – It’s empty. – I smell a Goldie! – Well, I’m sure it fine, Tina, I’m just going to go home anyway and oh, you’re going to her house, aren’t you? – Yep! – Okay, well, that’s uh, And that was another day at daycare! – I’ll get revenge for my sandwiches! (upbeat techno music)

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  1. Madison Mulligan

    I love Minecraft daycare it has been 2 years 6 months and 2 days since Ryan has put out the first ever daycare video keep up the great work Ryan

  2. winter wolf princess

    RYAN we got a problem in tina's video she destroyed the daycare and went total berserk and a psycho ask her why she did that and you will get your answer

  3. Josie Holpuch

    Ryan the Fighting For Love thing was so…..good that I was crying at the end soooo bad. (: ): omg super sad. Before I was watching it I thought your love was Tina and you guys are a great couple,just saying *wink*.

  4. Delores Neuhausel

    Spot the difference


    Hard πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ

  5. SuperPig Gaming

    If they are all 5 or 6, why do the girls have breasts in the thumbnails? They have a couple years before they hit puberty

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