Minecraft Enderman Melon Block Farm

Silktouch-Axes are so great I don’t have to craft melon slices into melon blocks. *giggle* *sigh* But I still need to mine them manually. If I only could just… *sigh* If only.. if only.. but that won’t work. Goodbye, automatical SilkTouch-Melon farm idea.. *sniffle* Don’t be sad Meri. Endermen can steal melons. Oh Panda, I told you so many times Endermen don’t>stealMELONS I’m sure of it, you know I always got my eyes on those thieves, they>CANHARVESTOVER 9.000

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  1. Sealson Kataru

    Panda, since white concrete block is now a thing, are you going to change your snow base in your survival world to it? I made a base with that white concrete block and its absolute beauty 😀

  2. This thumbnail has an impossible Mushroom Island.

    So Meri is talking to herself quietly, and Panda somehow hears her from the other side of a field. That is hilarious.

  3. Kathryne Conaway

    since the endermen can pick up mycellium and grass both of which spread would it be possible to create a dirt -> grass convertor and same with mycellium using pistons to push the changed blocks into the same positions the melons go?

  4. H4RI3

    Great idea. I don't know if this is asked before, what is the reason for the normal seeds on the outer ring? I'm ps4 player. Soon i try to make this work on console.

  5. pfft why not

    Does anyone else think this a little racist cuz the only black enemy in minecraft is fast, really tall, and steals shit. And now it's taking FUCKING MELONS fuck.

  6. CrazyDodo82

    4:35 WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT MY LIFE IS A LIE I'VE BEEN DYING FOR NO REASON! I'm talking about towering to y=0 using lava and water

  7. Phillip Bradley

    I downloaded the world and tried it but the endermen kept running over the fences but I fixed it to my ability with 4 string and a lot of carpet over the fences if you can send me a link for a updated farm please do

  8. Springxnich21

    As of 1.13 it seems the endermen no longer pathfind to the 4 corners where they need to drop in order to pick up the melons… anyone have a fix?

  9. NieMonD

    A chick with a melon fetish, a redstone robot who likes to be referred to as a panda, and a discount iron man, use tall black people for unpaid manual labour?

  10. commentboye

    Could this work in 1.14 with schematica? Im quite a newbie when it comes to survival farms. Especially big ones like this. Am asking this question because the video is 2 years old.

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