Minecraft Far Lands or Bust – #300 – Bedrock

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Kurt, and welcome back to Far Lands or Bust! This! Is! Episode! Three-hundred! Indeed! Three hundred episodes of Far — Oh, sorry, Wolfie! Oh, what a way to start.
What a way to start indeed. Let’s… let’s fix that. Happy 300 episode, Wolfie! You have gotten punched with a shovel. Let’s get outta here really quickly just in case Oh, this might work splendidly. I had forgotten — that way’s east — we’ve been walking west. I’ve forgotten kind of the area I had set up here But I do have a little bit of an idea Have a seat! For episode 300 I’m trying to consider a little build project We’re not going to do much, if any, walking in this episode Something a little bit special to mark the occasion for episode 300 Usually the camera for the overviewer map — I’m trying to think of a place — I thought I was, like, surrounded by trees But not that much.
That’s a cool area over there. ‘Cause I wanna build something! I wanna build something indeed. Have something to look at for the future overviewer map. On farlandsorbust.com as it was episode 200 we did the the trip to the nether, so there’s the pyramid, the Mayan-style pyramid with the nether portal on top So we mark these occasions Episode 300 Amazing Today is Monday, September 30th Three is a big number here Did I get… 300,000 subscribers? No. Not even close. I didn’t anticipate that. I do appreciate people got very excited when I mentioned that. “Oh, we should get Kurt to that!” Getting subscribers is something that has to happen naturally. There really can’t be a “subscriber drive”. But yeah, episode 300 And, I suppose, this is actually a pretty amazing place This is exactly I think what what I need Although it is a little bit not — waaagh! Oh, dangit. A little bit non-symmetrical. Over here? Ah, this might work Or here. This feels a little bit too hidden, maybe, unless I bring it up I should just get with the business! I should just get with the business, but first… the most important business is raising money for Child’s Play charity over at farlandsorbust.com We’re at $46,150! Flat! Over at farlandsorbust.com raised for Child’s Play charity this season and that goes to get toys, books, games to kids in hospitals around the world It’s a great cause for gamers to get behind Keep doin’ that. I appreciate it. You know what, I’m scoping the area I will be out with the beans. The beans will be out. This being episode 300, not heading back to the nether not going caving for diamonds or anything but similarly I teased that we are going to do something and we are going to hopefully see something that we have not seen for a long, long time We are going to go try to set our eyes on some bedrock! Which means we are going to dig dig a deep a deep shaft, if you will and kind of a very loosly connected with 300. For those of you who are familiar with the movie “300” is the Spartan movie. Action movie. And one famous scene that has been replicated in memes and jokes througout the interwebs and elsewhere is, in the beginning what’s his name I forgot his name. The main king guy. ends up kicking a guy For whatever reason, there’s a giant pit at the opening of Sparta In the town hall of Sparta? Maybe it’s a well? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a place that exists for kicking down enemies? He’s, “This. Is. Sparta!” and then kicks a guy down, down the endless pit So I figure we will DIG an endless pit either right here– the reason I chose this as a hidey-hole is I felt there was already kind of a pit started here but I feel like this is a little bit hard to see also maybe not the most opportune place to do it right next to your hidey-hole Also I wanted to make sure it would be visible from say that 45-degree angle at which we get our our overviewer map Whenever we press F3 and then we try to, at least, render another overviewer map so we can see all the monuments and places we have seen So I think this — whoops, home row — this pit is a good place to start I’m thinking of doing a four-by-four Let me… hmmmm… I do not have any, like stone. Let me first… I need to protect Wolfie, is the first thing I do so that is why I made fences I’m going to need to make a lot more, actually, so let’s… whooo, I’m not used to building. I’m not used to being protective in Far Lands or Bust So let’s do this. The click-drag doesn’t exist in Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 bup bup bup bup bup All right, let’s make just a little bit of a dog house, if you will, and I will. Yeah, I suppose right around here would be good.
Do fence gates…. Do fence gates… do fence gates exist? In this version of minecraft? No they do not Or was it the other way around? I don’t know how to make fence gates Nope! Fence gates: not existent in this version of the game I don’t think dogs can walk through doors anyway All right, so let’s just make a little pen, I suppose for Wolfie’s safekeeping So that he does not venture; venture far. So we do not lose him Just in case – I don’t know what I’m going to come across But it would be nice if he remained in good hands So, Wolfie I say after I wang him upside the head with a shovel to start the episode Yeah, come over here, guy Yep, yep-yep-yep-yep-yep Oh, oh, no-no-no All right, yep, I’m just gonna sit you down and I’m going to push slowly push push you into the this area. Very nice! And then we are going to One, two three… Perfect! Sorry! Sorry. Here, let me let me feed you another one of these Can I reach you? Yes! Well done. All right. You’re in good hands right there Technically, you could teleport, I know, but we’ll just make sure you don’t wander off So yeah, I need to start digging. Yeah, I feel like Let me make an easy pathway that I can actually get up and down from the hidey-hole to my building area, but I’m not… to be honest, I’m not particularly a fan of the film “300” It was entertaining And “aaaarrrrgggghhhh” blood and guts and medieval, not even medieval but Roman warfware and and “arrrgh” manliness and shirtless abs But beyond that it was like, enh, it was a movie So it’s a loose connection between this and the movie “300” I just felt it would be appropriate and I felt like I wanted to see some bedrock.
We saw bedrock before — actually I want to get rid of this — before we set off for the Far Lands We did a bit caving expedition and we we discovered the diamonds that went to creating the Diamond Sword of Spawnpointyness I feel like Yeah, OK, I’m going to do a two-by-two hole And then — these cows are going to freak me out, is the probelm — two-by-two hole and then maybe surround it with cobblestone? So it’s actually visibl… Oh my God, the Sun’s already going down Kurt! You are incredibly inefficient! You know what, maybe I should… what I should do something else I don’t do that often, is build a door Since we’re going to be going in AND out of the hidey-hole very often Is this right? Yes. Door onna hidey-hole That’s something you don’t see all the time Did that… I guess I don’t need these two beds today But, oh well I’m going to need more pickaxes, so let’s make a couple pickaxes to have those on me Indeed! So, yeah, I suppose this is going to be difficult because I normally do not talk and build and comentate at the same time so excuse me if the 300th episode of Far Lands or Bust is the worst due to my poor commentary skills, but but I’ll try I suppose I want to do — somebody who gave a donation to farlandsorbust.com or to Child’s Play charity, excuse me through farlandsorbust.com left a very lengthy comment, saying, “Episode 300 is coming up and it seems a great time” “to do” “a recap episode” “A list of topics: what is Child’s Play Charity?” Learn more at childsplaycharity.org They give toys, books, and games to kids in hospitals around the world.
I also have more information at farlandsorbust.com As to why I chose Child’s Play charity, why I think you should support Child’s Play charity But it’s a great cause for gamers to give back “What are the Far Lands?” A very far place away! Where the generation, the terrain generation goes to heck “Why Minecraft Beta 1.7.3?” Because I have to go to sleep, that’s why! *snore* *snore* Aaaand, awakeness Aaand, do-I-remember-how-to-use-doors-ness Why Minecraft Beta 1.7.3? Well, because… hold on, I’m just making sure, like, no creeper’s gonna drop down on me They updated the terrain generation All right, here we go Whoop, already we’re at the stone Very nice They updated the terrain generation In Beta 1.8 with the “Adventure” update, if you will Oh no, I hear zombies already That’s another problem – I could run into some caves at which point I believe I’m going to close off whatever entrances — oh, this is also problematic… I don’t need cave-ins hmmm all right Maybe a recap episode isn’t a good time to do this Oh, I hear skeletons too All right, guys, you just go about your day Hopefully I’m just going next to a cave and I’m not going to actually intersect with it So that’s why I continue to play — sorry! — in Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 buh-buh-buh-buh-buh “What texture pack?” I use a texture pack — Oh HI! OK, I have a… oh, I hear, like, fire as well All right, Wolfie does not respond to arrows Hmmm, this is problems. All right, I have some gravel, so I can continue kind of protecting myself like that a-ha ha Thiiiiis… isn’t good OK, yeah yeah yeah. OK, now I can do this And then… I can reach… yes! All right – I think we are safe At least from that direction the iron “Kurt”ain takes no damage at which point I suppose I should walk… fall into the water. Very good. All right. Whooo! ah – hmmm Probably should have closed off the top,
and probably should have been placing placing torches. Should I not’ve? *Homer Simpson Voice* I’m not very smart All right, you know what, I don’t need water, but thank you All right, continuing downwards… Texture pack is in the video description, made by AxjZOne who recently asked a question last episode about being… becoming a teacher not that I had too much advice to supply for that but, yes, it is the official Far Lands or Bust texture pack he made it way back in the day when I was… I started I suppose it was prior to taking questions from Farlanders I was running out of things to talk about, so I’m like, “I could turn –” Oh! That’s bad “I could turn this series” “into a texture pack feature series” and that lasted all of like three episodes So AxjZOne took my favorite texture pack features and turned them into my own texture pack, “Far Lands or Bust” which is what I have been using. I’m a little concerned about what might be down here So let’s… I’m all out of gravel; dang. All right I still hear that skeleton, so I’ll guess we’ll be ready Hi? All right – we’re safe I do have to remember that there is lava right there Aw, I’m an idiot. What I should have made dangit! was… was a bunch of ladders so I can make my way back up Duh, Kurt What are you thinkin’, guy? All right, so these need to come out I probably — I did bring a bed so I can sleep down here if I need to You know what? Let’s keep this open Maybe we’ll need to sleep down here All right What time is it? I can consult The Golden Clock of Destiny ha-ha! I never get to consult the Golden Clock of Destiny All right, so the shaft is right there Careful with lava All right, we’re good All right, this worries me a bit Be ready with the block Or maybe I should do this just in case OK, that’s fine OK! Continuing downwards I was… to be honest, I was about to press F3 to see how far down I was. Will not be doing that! Ooh, the sun is perfectly above us This is going to go quicker than I thought What else questions? Why do I have glowstone and netherrack? Because in episode 200 I went to the nether for the first, and last, time. and I gathered those things to take with me to the next F3 Monument Whenever we reach the goal for Child’s Play charity is when I press F3 Not when I need to check the depth of the the… the “Shaft of 300 Episodes”, I guess? uhhhh, I should choose a different name The Shaft of 300 Episodes is a different thing What else? Oh, and he had his own questions “When can we hope to see more Far Lands or Bust flashbacks?” If you were around this morning I had a brand-new Far Lands or Bust flashback It was actually… it was the first Far Lands or Bust flashback since Episode 200 In this one, I went back to staying with the — what was that? I heard a noise — staying with the theme of “threes” I went back to Episode 3 and that was when I first encountered a creeper and went down to one and a half hearts and it was kind of a funny experience – I was when I just — oh, I hear splashing I hear a lot of splashing When I just started building the spawn cabin; house is when I ran into that creeper When I was building the foundation, he’s like, “Can I help?” So that was funny. It’s always funny to go back to those early episodes to see how awkward and nervous — whoop, we’re at the redstone layer, guys. We’re getting close to bedrock Oh, we’ve got some gravel. That’s always frightening. I suppose it was always — it still is — a a potentiality. People keep wanting me to go caving to get more d…. oh! OK No, this is bad. This is very bad actually Let’s do that ha ha ha ha ha OK phew My heart was BEATING much quicker than it normally does, right then and there OK, guys. This is a little bit more dangerous than I had anticipated uh – ha Phew, ok, that… my heart sank I have not died in Far Lands or Bust, by the way Hmmm, how am I going to do this without killing myself. I should probably lift myself up a block and then dig over a bit and then — yeah, that was a good idea to lift myself up a block — and then I can’t block that off for some reason ha! Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, what have you gotten yourself into here? All right, let’s do that and then what time is it? the sun is going to start setting ok, that’s fine ok ha Yeah, this is problems. All right, I suppose what I can —
oh nononononononononono ha – ha – ha – ha foof – ha Hm, maybe we will not be seeing bedrock today, guys Hm, this is a… problem and a half OK, what happens… is that like a source block?
Will that turn… No. If I’m quick with it – maybe if I’m quick with it. All right. Hold on I am going to move that next to that maybe that’ll turn into obsidian and we’ll be good Yeah, all right! Now we’re good – now we’re good – now we’re good phew OK “Oh, this is going so much easier than I thought it would go!” Lava everywhere! So yeah, we had a Far Lands or Bust flashback, sorry And then also they mentioned that they seemed to be disappearing along with snarky yellow text Oh, right, this is the one I gotta be quick with. OK. There we go! All right, all right. Doin’ good – doin’ good This is getting much more dangerous Let’s place a block there And a block there for safety-keeping safe-keeping, excuse me Ha! Oh, that scared me yay? OK, that’s safe-ish What is that? That is laval Oh, I have to be quick.
Oh, dangit Kurt Let’s… A-ha! I know how to deal with YOU, laval Um, hm. Hm-hm-hm-hm Oh, yeah, they mentioned the disappearing snarky yellow text I’ve mentioned this before to be honest snarky yellow text was a thing I started doing because I was kind of not very good at commentary or making my own jokes Oh dear! The sun! It goes down. Let’s… should we climb back — oh where was that opening? oh it was way up there. All right, maybe we can climb back up place a bed in there maybe I should light this up so stuff doesn’t spawn down here good idea oh gosh, gettin’ really dark I started doing that because I started thinking of jokes while I was editing after the fact, because I wasn’t very good at commentary right away and and so I started adding those things in as, like, “these are jokes I would make” “if I had thought of them at the time” But as I’ve gotten more used to commentary I suppose, a little bit more experienced I start making these jokes myself so when I mess up, like, saying a word I like actually you know, myself am making fun of myself. Let’s… yeah, it’s properly dark out, let’s go to sleep We’ll have to leave this bed here because this is going to be our new spawn Let’s light it up, actually and then we’ll continue digging In the morning! *snore* *snore* And awake-ness Aaaaaand… Shaft of 300 Episodes-ness Oh man So… So yeah, I’ve noted that I’ve started making these jokes myself so I don’t need snarky yellow text as much It makes an appearance every now and again when I need to, like, correct myself Or update information — there that goes But otherwise I’m finding that I make the jokes myself So it’s… it also perhaps is a little bit of laziness? It’s… it really extends the editing time when you have to watch an entire episode again — Dangit, Kurt when you have to watch an entire episode again Oh, ok, this’ll do it Oh Why is that flowing water? Oh, there’s an open block under me. That’s interesting OK People say I don’t need to be carrying water around with me all this time! So yeah, sorry, that’s snarky yellow text In a nutshell I don’t like this gravel I feel like it’s all going to collapse around me Bedrock! Bedrock, everybody! I’m also wondering if I think it was fixed in this version but there — oh is that… I think that’s where lava is But there was a version of the game where void holes were a problem Like, you could make it down to bedrock and because the bedrock layer was so thin sometimes you could find a spot that your character could fit through and fall into the void The void is the place underneath the world where you just fall until you die They fixed that in an update. It might have been prior to this, so I think that might not be a problem here Oh, OK So what happens if I… do that? OK. And this? a-ha all right Thank you, I’ll take that bck All right, I’m being extraordinarily careful here Uh, that would not be careful of me to do Even though I think I already placed that block. Yeah, yeah, all right All right! Sorry I don’t think void Avoid the Void void holes are a problem in this version although I’m just going to dig stuff out to check oooooh, void? No, OK. Bedrock, everybody! Would have been interesting to find some diamond, maybe But that does not appear to be The case I do not believe I have enough anything to make ladders all the way up, so I’m going to have to pillar up which kind of ruins the the actual complete you know, complete four… or, two by two mineshaft here. Shaft? “Shaft, shut yo mouth” *scats* Well ha! Bedrock! So there we go You can’t, obviously, collect bedrock So this is kind of – just a little bit of a fun little experiment. So let’s get back up This might have to be a four-day episode Maybe? I don’t know I wonder… I almost feel like digging a staircase back up. But that’s just a terrible, terrible, terrible idea So let’s — ha! — go — I don’t know, that was like a two-block drop I don’t know why I’m, like, nervous about the void-fog now that I’ve talked about it Let’s… pillar back up maybe just for the sake of it — ok, that’s the lava layer let’s just do a little bit of cheaty branch mining to see I do hear that skeleton still so I gotta be careful and this whole thing kinda scares me a bit Let’s do a little bit of just to see if there happened to be any diamonds if there would happen to be any diamonds at all Of course, I have to be careful if there’s any lava doesn’t make a noise in this version of the game is the problem with that Ah, that’s iron No diamonds, I’m afraid. No diamonds aaaah – careful Kurt what are you doing? you’re getting greedy oh, yes, you’re getting very greedy! ha! ha ok, no no, ok all right that’s it, we’re going back up going back up Why is that still flowing? Stop flowing! You’re done. You’re done flowing Oh, I’m an idiot Yes, we’ve had our fun, episode 300! Wheew! Let’s, let’s go back up beep bop beep boop Oh, gotta get rid of this. bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump Yeah, we’re good Beep! All right, we’re gonna keep that there Of course, if I do die and spawn back there — OK, so we do have to reset our spawn back in the standard hidey-hole upstairs Because if I were to die down there, then I would not be able to get back up Because I do not have any tools for which to do such things What’s that? Oh What is that? I don’t want to get shot down here, either Hmmm For safety’s sake Let’s do that ..ha.. All right, anybody evil up here? Anybody? Anybody wish me ill will? Ill will! No? Nobody? All right. Ha. That was stressful I don’t want to do that again, either That almost seemed more dangerous than going to the nether to be quite honest with you ..ha.. I suppose we should let it be open to the world and then make it visible for ourselves like this and then, why not? Why not like this? and then we can we can kick our enemies to the bowels of the minecraft earth to the to the bedrock! To the bottom The absolute bottom heh heh… “bottom” of our Far Lands or Bust world, here It’s kind of a crummy what are these things called? these are called what are these things called? They’re called something Wells! A water well. The sun is kinda going down. I do want to kind of maybe I should surround it with this stuff I don’t… is it me? Yeah, it goes quicker or it doesn’t? Wow, these things are impossible to break You know what? I’m just going to make new ones *wolfie barks* Wolfie agrees. He’s like, “No, no, this is mine” This’ll be also a A monument. A little Wolfie’s doghouse Hi. Sorry you couldn’t join me on that little adventure It was frightening! You did not want to join me All right, let’s do this Make more fences… I feel like this was an interesting, although odd and unusual, Episode 300 of Far Lands or Bust I was going to note that Far Lands or Bust started on March 6th, 2011 which is crazy and nuts that we’ve been doing this this long We started walking, technically, during Episode 11.
Dangit! So Not quite 300 episodes of walking to the Far Lands quite yet But close enough bup-bup bup-bup bup bup Two more, all I need? Two more is all I need. All right. Let’s close that off for safety for OSHA standards compliance We went down; we saw some bedrock and not much else. And almost died. Almost died! So let’s make a sign to mark the occasion and then we’ll call this Episode 300 After 300 episodes, our world save is at — I checked before I started recording — excuse me, 9,438 megabytes for our world save. It’s also, a crazy, crazy, crazy thing Let’s do the sign actually right here hey! Oh, ah! Fences take up an entire block How about that? Yeah, I can’t… I can’t walk So let’s… I was going to put this at like an angle angle! This is… The shaft of three hundred episodes exclamation point And this was on Monday September thirtieth twenty thirteen Far Lands or Bust boop! What is that? What is splashing? The shaft of 300 episodes! September 30th! Twenty-thirteen! Far Lands or Bust! I hope you enjoyed; I hope you freaked out as much I did about my safety and well-being That was an ill-advised little trip But we did it. Let’s make some arrows here. Because why not? And then have three left over.
Dangit! Wolfie is going to spend the night in his comfortable little fenced-off area there. It’s LUXURY this night. Or the last couple nights, there, Wolfie That is all there, very magical. Oh you can notice that signs are entities and not part of the actual world terrain so it’s jittery. Anti-jittery, actually with the floating point precision error. That’s kind of funny Oh, that’s way off. Look at that. That’s crazy. So is Wolfie. Wolfie is also like that. The world is jittery, he is not Let’s go down to our hidey-hole with a door Phew, all right Weird episode, but 300 episodes. It’s crazy I do appreciate everybody for sticking around this long And donating to Child’s Play charity. That’s what keeps me going this long, as I have. And I look forward to an additional 300 episodes It’s going to be a long journey until we even consider that we are anywhere within the realm of the Far Lands I am going to have to get rid of a lot of this miscellaneous stuff I picked up on this adventure today Oh, I should actually make one more bed so that we can have a proper episode three hundred and one very nice and let’s make a boat while we’re at it, just in case whew! Three hundred episodes of Far Lands or Bust I do appreciate it.
Keep going to farlandsorbust.com to donate to Child’s Play charity Gettin’ toys, books, and games to kids in hospitals around the world And they will have as much fun, perhaps, maybe in minecraft, but other games as well, and toys and books and whatnot as we had today Whew, my heart actually sank when that lava started to surround me So! Until the next time, thank you so much for watching. My name is Kurt, I will see you nnnnnext time! *snores* *snores*

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