Minecraft Fishing Trawler Tutorial

Sooo.. we do a tutorial for this ship …ok… first if you build this under water all the red blocks will be under water this will be the water level so start to build 3 blocks under water so we starting by adding 1 block here then 3 blocks and another 3 and then go 18 after you finish put 18 blocks put 3 like this then 4 iron blocks 1 gold block leave a gap of 2 blocks and add a red block moving on to the next layer 1 here,1 here and 1 here leave a gap of 2 and 1 here this will go 20 then do 5* not 4 like this 1 fence there 2 red block there now you canf fill this wholes now we adding 1 here,1 here,1 here and 1 hanging then leave a gap of 2 and go 20 now we adding 3 here and then go around like this and also fill al the gaps moving on to the blue layer hang on every one by 1 block then we go on top same on the other side for the next layer we will put a block on top of everyone like this here we go over hanging 3 blocks then do like i do next we will go 1 block out on eachone here will be 18 and continue by adding 1 on eachone and then 4 new we add the floor just do what i do so fill all Like this… and for extetics we add a little thing now we adding thet thing so 3 here and then 6 here here will put a door and 3 here and raise int by 1 block add the glass 3 here and 3 here then continue with the quarts block on top and the top with the blue wool and the antena thing 6 nether fences now we making the smoke stack and done now lets make the cranes 1 there and 6 steps with 2 blocks join with the other one same on the other side adding more nether fences go down by 3 and at last we add the fishing nets s 1 there and 4 like this and folow me and same on the other side and this is all,you are Done! thank you for watching please leave a like and a comment also subscribe for more ships see ya later!

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