Yeah, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get dumped after this video. Intro Music Hey, what’s going on guys SSundee here… Crainer, there’s girls – There’s girls everywhere Crainer They’re girls! I Dont like it! So dudes today..Hello Madelyn, hello Thea Hello! they have no clue what they’re in for as
you guys can see up there on the little walkway thingy there’s an evil deadly
Keehan – look at that yeah look at him dude he looks oh stop saying that kehaan
and come on bro so this is what we’re doing today we’re doing a five nights at
Freddy’s murder-a-thon. We’re going to murder each other and laugh about it so
if you guys are new to our channels consider hitting the subscribe button
for more videos from us also ugh Craner Crainer turn on what the notification
thingy Click that little beeeell! let’s freakin do this alright so how we’re going to do this we’re going
to have Keehan’s going to be the killer first it’s the same thing as our lucky
block series aha so we have all of these trades that we
can buy and in between every round will switch up who the killer is and whoever
kills everybody else the fastest wins so I Madelyn did you kill me, I’m
sleeping on the couch! Okay So I should kill you then okay good so we each get five
stacks and in between rounds we’re going to buy different buffs so uh hey you
guys you don’t buy anything I’ll buy everything you give me all your nether
stars please That’s not fair dude all right guys
oh you look so creepy dude okay so there’s no oh my gosh there is so he whatever
you hear that music that’s what he’s within seven blocks of you yep the
little piano music thing so kids to kill in the first round I have two blind
ought traps and I’ve punji sticks you guys have all your traps right we have
almost all – you can’t turn around you cheater turn
around you cheater don’t be okay three through what height okay fine okay
remember we are all not a team here guys okay
neo give it up I was tiny neo kind of take away get away
hey guys where do it now Jinyu Tina Jim Thea Thea Thea Thea
my heart is racing hide Thea!. Don’t you know oh here here okay hey you need to hi Betty
come here let me protect you I’ll protect you not really just stay away
from me crater died oh my gosh okay okay
Natalie Alan where are you it’s only on you I will protect you I’m moving I’m
not going anywhere where are you I’m sorry I’m sorry look for you guys where we are you know oh I see you guys
I see many I’m not going anywhere I’m hiding in a corner please don’t find me
I think you’re hiding from the punches thank you oh gosh
Oh screams alive so battle it is the last one alive where is she I don’t but
I see her where is just scared and alone oh give it away
making heroes dude I don’t see him I’m following kid right now you tell me
where you give me ideas when I don’t see Keon but I see kid oh I fear oh my god
hi or slower the fireworks you stepped in my trap
oh no he does no doctor how is he how does he see her she’s way inside I can
see him you’re giving it away yeah don’t say that I’m sorry I got excited no no I see you send a life for a long
time though they so medal is right there we were alive for a long time polish yes
that time now right I mean it depends on how we do soak in his time is going to
be recorded and now huh I guess whoever whoever gets killed west will be the
killer for next round so Madeleine so that’s Maddy Natalie did your till pants on
kill all right let’s go back to the trading let’s get new trades less
through this okay you guys have all your traps and everything can ok Madeleine
turn around to look at the fence you cheater oh my gosh yeah we gotta hide
this time okay okay okay let’s go ahead let’s go ahead let’s go echoing everybody find your own hiding spot this
just tell me when I can attack dragon do is gonna do a countdown okay so I kneel
okay three two why me I’ll do the countdown do to
counter Oh way to go inside of the thing you never mind inside of something I
didn’t say anything man I got a girl fighting beer I just thought there’s a
girl fight who the girls will kill greater greater we gotta be strong kind
of hidden and ready to display their manliness finding me credit we have to
be strong men we have to be strong the independent men we have to shore
manliness my wife just killed me I can stay alive dude we’re having a TV to
credit I forgot that there are two more people
oh I wanted to create ago oh yeah there’s Qian and Craner oh I forgot Kim
was here had a greater you guys have to be manly men do manly men things I like
you do fences here okay let me see Kia I’m gonna gain I’m good let me go to
code now you guys have traps all around you know all look again is he hiding
well is nametag I don’t like that can’t go away okay I’m gonna go I’m
gonna go look it for me I don’t see anything okay I’m looking at Maddie now
okay if she completely lost it and I had a learning battlin you know there’s an
insight also right yes I was just what no what do you mean it inside yeah do
you think it’s just the entire playground you can actually go into
building I didn’t know that I thought it’s the playground
we’re building at it’s right over here this white door I’m going to hide and
hope my bad thing I thought it wouldn’t notice no playground well I guess it’s
family you don’t know but I’m scared okay so kids dead now it’s just cratered
oh my god building all right well you Madeline Madeline you have your time neo
is recording all the times and going to give us the winner at the end
okay so crater you were the last one Taylor so you know what that may tell me
you get Titus crater crater just remember tomorrow is sky factory if you
want to have a good sky factory be nice to me he’s driving me I have to be like
to subdue I’ll kill you first Ian crate are you okay I’m gonna do this you’re
crazy you go you go away go away your freak I’m gonna do some great yeah I’m
gonna do some strange shake on it okay I’m going to go I’m going to buy
some pineapple food I’m gonna go buy some pineapple okay okay so let’s grab
that scrub back Madeline are you doing your trades yes are you doing your face
here yeah that’s me and he fires me all the time
and our God the dog sufficient did they both did they both get scared
you sure it was like the first time I scared her dude it was great
it’s not funny you got a need to be murdered Madeline please don’t dump me okay okay crater fighter I’ll make a
deal with you um we’ll be best friends if you don’t kill me will 20 be a
million okay okay you guys ready to hide keen
I’m gonna look away I’m not looking okay look away let’s go hide let’s go
hide okay okay okay so as soon as it’s this one I can go
hunt you guys like three do run hunt yeah whatever whatever there is whenever
everybody gets you a hiding spot mm do is everybody good everybody good
yeah okay okay good knee oh yeah dad what are you doing what again okay
Sookie in the Sun be our Gander together gathers you’re here today
oh okay okay okay okay oh there are so many dolls in here I can hello Madeline no valid so Newton
Gregory Valentine his name’s AG oh I just I just heard a
talk okay yeah that’s your kid as me wave Ian Ian
hahahahaha oh what a married by your heartbeat the moon is very beautiful oh ok Ian oh the moon is very oh you got
quiet that’s me that means I’m close I’m watching we’re easy huh are you in a
tree why are you in a tree keep hiding come on you okay oh my god I’m candy oh
I don’t want to okay okay who did I hit balls into stone did I hit you at the
distortion trip I can’t see anything dude are you stuck spinning I’m just
spinning open this isn’t she Ian’s little grater grater grater
rattling rattling um where are we hiding he was all moving
the entire time a little dude I was actually outside the whole time and you
can’t have him I love the one yeah so he wasn’t in a tree no are you
forgetting one more person to kill no that’s it
you killed everybody yeah all right well that’s greater sir now it’s my turn
let’s do that I really don’t want you to be the killer Ian I’m not gonna take it
easy nope that’s what I know everybody ready
to die I think so I don’t want to die crater comes walking through my eyes do
come look into my eye okay so I’m gonna go over here and I’m
going to again look anything away you guys go hi hi hi I want to try something
new I really want to just not die at all do you okay so whenever you guys are
ready tell me how to do the countdown okay okay I’m ready are you guys ready
okay yes is everybody ready what is that Oh Oh go do something so a
strap-on be at the beginning so gonna try baby ooh
it was probably Madeleine dude you can’t drive so fast inside me I didn’t even
see him oh wait yeah why did you go quiet he’s hunting okay we have we have
kid until left oh where are you I want them to run where are you oh no I’m
trapped I got so pierre quebecers it so it’s only
saying there’s now yes and we see after where it’s fear for you running through the freaking name
grounding camp you dude you can use it that that was like a horror movie bro lunch you like you’re just freaking ran
through two walls yeah alright well so last killer is Tia I see at least I know
you’re gonna go for me pleading in early madam please don’t make me sleep on the
couch and sorry I killed you first okay I kill me because I scared her dude okay
get away get away get away okay so I turn around you cheater turn
around you cheater okay listen let’s go hide let’s go hide let’s go hide
okay yeah yeah yeah as soon as you see it’s me to one on the screen you can
stop looking for us say okay stop don’t kill me don’t kill don’t don’t kill me
either okay yes okay okay okay okay creepy okay okay uh we started sorry oh
I’m coming to get you oh yeah no yeah there are you oddly slow right now
am i slow are you moving extremely slow right now
No you can set not go off or something revenge
Oh hands down I thought I’m just gonna to tell you guys I bought 16 slow traps
what that’s a lot of slow traps – oh did you put a distortion trap down yeah I
thought I could make her hit it before she killed me but you got to be sure I’m
so nervous just hiding somewhere where you think
dude they are hiding pretty well things everywhere I can see some nowadays did
you get slowed yeah Cristobal with your pickaxe if you need you let me go away
your traps everywhere not anywhere just be one that we’re buying be one with the
armor stand oh no it’s only Manny left – that voice
is so creepy – yes I’m at the beach enjoying the water I just got I just
triggered the trap Oh No yes you did trigger it but I’m sorry I
really saying come to me hey where are you I don’t know
I’m lost okay yeah yeah outside I don’t know am i because it is thank you dude
this is gonna be a long round I see manliness found a good hiding spot she’s
even got a little trap there Madeline’s be one be one with the stand be wonder
thing okay wait where is Tia at I don’t know oh
crap yes don’t load Tia why are you so slow all the time what’s going on here I can hear the music
all those rats Maddy I don’t hear you where are you
oh my gosh you’re welcome oh my gosh I’m so very trapped that was
such a good strategy for metal inducers yeah holy crap all right bastard it
would have died mio get everybody score we’re going to
do a dramatic winner’s circle ending let’s do this let’s do it man
uh you guys ready everybody ready ready dude ready okay okay okay neo is going
to put on the right-hand side of the screen he’s gonna put up all of our
scores okay are you ready okay okay okay 3:03 – well I’d put the source yeah
tricky and dude you didn’t almost 100 same exact I did it in 81 seconds what
yo I got second place though yeah crater got second eye and then you got Tia and
last well I need mean many had a crazy texting dude pull on survival mode man good but our zoos we’re going to end
this here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below if
you want us to record with girls more often maybe surgeon’s into a thing also
hit the subscribe button for new to our channels turn on notifications and then
do what good look Tia what is wrong with your deal
there ya go stick an extra sit on chair shake st. a take an exorcist dr. Phil
crane or go call dr. Phil my girlfriend dude I’m gonna sleep on the couch
we’re in a different world well I’m gonna sleep in different dimension

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