Minecraft- Fully Automatic Sugarcane Farm Tutorial

Hey guys I’m back for another video, and welcome
to another Minecraft tutorial – And in this one I am going to be teaching you guys how
to make this 100 percent automatic sugarcane farm. So the way this thing works is that it involves
a heck of a lot of sticky pistons and even more slimeblocks to push some slime on top
of a bunch of sugarcane stalks, and then break them- and then they will fall into these water
currents and then go down below. It uses a strange little mechanic of pistons
that i am about to demonstrate. So this machine works off of a concept invented
quite awhile ago in the Minecraft community, and it involves something like this. This is a 1 tick pulser. So if I were to take a redstone torch and
put it right here, you can see that the redstone dust on the end is pulsing very rapidly. So the reason why this is useful is that if
you take that current, and put it up to a sticky piston, it will do something special!
it will let go of a block, and not only that, when I pulse it again, it will grab the block
and bring it back. Using this simple concept, I rigged a whole
bunch of these in rapid succession like this. As you can see, it is very strangely cycling
through all of these layers. So on the large scale, what this allows you
to do is create an amazing cascading effect between all of these pistons here. If I were to press this button down here,
the whole thing will activate. And as you can see, the spaces are all opening
up in here, breaking a bunch of sugarcane, and then it will automatically reset before
shutting off. So you see how this thing works, you see the
main concept that gets it to work; now it is time to build it. One thing to note before building this thing
though, is that you want to build it facing either north or south, because if you build
it facing east or west, the pistons will not fire when the repeater goes off. So what you are going to want to do is find
some flat area, and then go up by three blocks like this, and then go out by two blocks on
either side. Then you can get rid of your scaffolding here. So it is hard to see it now, since there are
only 2 blocks placed, but this is where the water currents are going to go for the farms,
so what I am going to do now is go out by a total of 10 blocks. And then on the other side we do the same
thing. So now that we have gone out by 10 blocks
on wither side, we will want to repeat this process for however many lines of sugarcane
we are going to want. Lets say I want 4 lines of sugarcane. So now that we have placed our blocks down,
it is time to put the dirt, so you would want to place these dirt blocks between the lines
of whatever block you placed down in a matter such as this. So make sure that you do not put
any dirt over here, but you do want to put
it in the front like this.

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Reader Comments

  1. ThirtyVirus

    This video is a test of Subtitles (CC). Apparently you get a 12% increase in activity in the video if you include it. Legit I didn't realize until now that I talk too much, writing it all out is around 4 pages long xD

  2. MrMcfly125

    So when I did the redstone torch test as you did in the video the last set of pistons pulled and pushed the last set of slime blocks. But it didn't hold onto them. It immediately put them right back where they started. My pistons are there, and my redstone repeaters are set to the second tic. Help.

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