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Hello everyone and welcome to yet another tutorial. Today we will be building this Rustic Fantasy styled gazebo to decorate your gardens, village or town. So if your building a Rustic or Medieval styled village, then this will fit it just perfectly. Even fantasy would work. But lets just get to building shall we. ♬♬♬ The first thing we want to do is make the area that I work in. I went for 29 by 29 blocks and then you have to find the center. Do that by placing 13 blocks from two sides to find the center block. when you found the center, place three spruce wood blocks with 6 coming out. then two on the side, and four behind it. Like that. so six out, two on the side and four behind it. and thats the first quarter of the circle. so we need to repeat this three more times six, two and four. when you completed the remaining sides, you’ll have a circle with five on the long sides and two two in the corners. Like that. all that remains to be done for the platform is filling it up with spruce wood planks. and that will create the platform for your gazebo. next we want to change to spruce wood and on the corners of those five block long areas of the circle we’ll place three blocks, two blocks and one block like that and that will create the outline of your staircases. On the corners them self, we will place pillars six blocks high. Like so. and then we’ll cover those bottom blocks with cobblestone slabs like that. I’ll repeat that one more time. three, two and one. One more time on this side. with two pillars, six blocks high, on the corners. and then covering up those bottom ones with cobblestone slabs. and then we just need to do this two more times on the remaining sides. to create our four staircases. like that. for the stairs themselves I placed random blocks, in this case cobblestone but it doesn’t matter what blocks you use because we’ll cover those up with spruce wood stairs like this anyway. Thats just to make it easier to place the stairs. again we’ll repeat this on the four sides so we have four staircases to get in to the gazebo. Like that. and then the stairs For the corner areas, we’ll switch to cobblestone full blocks and we’ll place three blocks in the corner with two blocks on the next row repeating that on this side and then three in the middle. In those gaps, we’ll place two stairs and then on the wood two stairs there and there with slabs on top. and that will create the railing on the gazebo when your inside. #youdontwanttofallout we’ll do it one more time slow here, three, two and three stairs in the gaps and then two stairs like that with slabs on top. and then repeat that two more times on the remaining quarters. that is the bottom part of the gazebo finished. now we’ll do the outlining of the roof. The first ting we want to do is surround the pillars with three cobblestone stairs like that and we’ll do that on every pillar going around the entire gazebo. ♬♬♬ Like that. and then in between, at the top of the stairs, we’ll place slabs like so. so just place four slabs and then break the two outer ones. like that. ♬♬♬ and one more time ♬♬♬ then we’ll make little arches above the doorways with slabs like this so just go up a half slab each time making full blocks and then place a full block behind that. one more time slow three slabs, three on this side two in the middle and a block behind. and then repeat that two more times ♬♬♬ then on the corners again, we’ll place a stair like that and like that. and here we’ll turn them a quarter ’90°’ like so. with two slabs against the bottom stairs. now these little detail parts we are placing down is basically because the roof… is in two colors. In this case i went for black and red because thats one of my favorite combinations but you can change that in any color you want to match it to your build of course. but these little areas will hold the red areas of the roof and then the rest of the roof will be in black. so thats basically an outline for the red areas we are making here. ♬♬♬ now switch to red wool and we’ll place our first red wool in the corners like so. three and three like that. and then two more times in the remaining two corners. Like so. On top of those wool blocks we’ll place two stairs to form a corner like that. again doing that in each corner. and then switching to red wool again, at the bottom of the first red wool we placed we’ll place a new block with one underneath and a slab underneath that that creates a bit of an overhang and it gives a special shape to your dome, you’ll see that later on when you finished the black part. or whatever color you go for but its not a straight dome then, it gives a nice fantasy shape to it. then place two full blocks like so and break the bottom one Now this is where you want to put the lighting inside the dome. underneath those blocks you want to place a glowstone with two stairs surrounding that. and that will light up the inside. then place a slab on top of the blocks and two on the sides like that. then we’ll swap to black wool and fill up that gap four blocks in those corners like that fill up the gap in the middle and place three on top. so now we are building the dome it self in black wool. three blocks on top one four one four and three on top and then one more time on this side then for the second layer on those single blocks, we’ll place four blocks again then connect them and place three more on top like that. so four four connect and three on top and then we’ll repeat this two more times on the remaining sides ♬♬♬ and one last time here ♬♬♬ the next layer we’ll place to blocks like this and two like that. I am making this a lot harder then it should be But yes, you could basically just place them against those slabs in the corner like that. one two and one two It makes it a whole of a lot easier.. I don’t know why I make it so hard on myself. But then the next layer we’ll place four blocks in those corners like that ♬♬♬ This is where the dome curves inwards and then we’ll connect the outside of those four blocks and fill up the gaps like that. ♬♬♬ three and three and one more time on this side and then the last layer we’ll use this empty space and fill it up one layer above it with black wool following that empty space pattern. break that middle block on every side and place a stair in between with a slab in front of the stair and also in the corner so this top layer should be surrounded by eight slabs like that then we’ll place full blocks behind the stairs With stairs on top of the blocks, all pointing inwards and then two red wool blocks like that with a slab on top and surrounding the top of the wool block with four more slabs and that finishes the detail on top of the dome for the pathway I just went for spruce wood like we did the gazebo itself but adjust that to the build your actually building I just kept this part simple for the tutorial but you can make this as detailed as you want. I’ll also build that last staircase i forgot. then all that remains to be done after this, is decorate the garden But for the tutorial i’ll just spam bonemeal all around this to decorate it. And that finishes the gazebo. so guys, i hope you liked the tutorial, and if you did SMASH that like button down there Subscribe to the channel for more awesome video’s just like this one and follow us on our social media. and comment bellow, let us know what you thought and what you want to see next and we might just do that, we might just build what you guys ask, so comment bellow. and with that, i’ll call it for this video thank you for watching and all your support and I will see you in the next tutorial. ♬♬♬

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