This is so difficult Nooo don’t you kill me you little Nonono get back get back get back Ian You just reset all of my progress Before I turn around and look at what this episode is all about Crainer “yeah”, how excited are you? To be all honest it’s gotta suck for you guys that have never played this game or seen this game It is the most infuriating game ever let’s go ahead and turn around Yep Look at those guys dude This game is called getting over it Oh god ! They actually made for minecraft Dude is like my worst nightmare For you guys. I don’t know what this game is you are a half naked man in a cauldron Trying to climb over a mountain That’s what it is. Yep. Yes Most random idea ever if you guys are excited for this ridiculousness hit the like button down below for our suffering Let’s freakin do this all right you guys ready first lucky very lucky block and our very lucky spot the toilet look and look at us Can fart now and not later Okay three two one These biscuits and eeeeeggs What! Something about biscuits and eggs These biscuits and eeeeeeeggs What This guy really likes eggs. Dude. I think that’s the whole point of this. Oh, we got some Beacon’s and we got some emeralds I’ll take it and a bunch of cookies all right who wants to go first opening the very Me ! me me right there Gosh dang it You can just put a block down Maddie ! Yes i can be nice to me Go ahead don’t kill us. Please back up, okay? I am not a rapper , I am not an actress , I’m a KFC manager Okay well congratulations Erica costell she’s apparently Fried Chicken KFC manager Okay, who wants to go next who wants to go? Me! me ! me Who did it Gosh dang it , Good job Thea Go ahead Thea Okay, who’s going next who’s going next all right. Go ahead Crainer on you There’s a lot of chicken going on this episode What the crap is going on kyun all right assay in my turn can I finally go? Old very lucky spot the bar Oh We can okay, okay, everybody when you get hungry savor turtle and save it for the turtle we’re all ADA We’ll go on a turtle eating date. I’m pretty sure this is like you get some pita loss By just don’t think about it. Just eat is that why is there a cat Maddie here? So it is everybody hungry, what’s what’s know? Let’s eat a nice meal with the cat Maddie. We’re gonna eat our turtle you guys ready She’s never gonna want to be around us again bring out your turtle To18 the turtle How does that make you guys feel not very good Okay, okay, let’s go ahead. Let’s go on a double date Madeline boot it Let’s go on a double date with us a third wheel what let’s do this This is weird Slater get over here Randall get over here. We’re going on a double date. We’re gonna cut what they do over here Okay, okay here. We go ready go ahead Madeline I got a bunch of diamonds and madelyn you are stuck in blocks. I’m sorry no comeback. I liked her Recipes Kent Maddy alright say. It’s on you go ahead. Let’s see what you get okay. All right? She’s gotta be the first one to kill us I call it doll Oh, okay crater crack over here ko over here. Let’s go on a crazy Okay, okay, let’s go Maddie. Let’s go on a date now. Let’s go on a lunch date What do you want? Do you want these biscuits all right who’s next who’s going next Okay, okay, okay, we got to open these at the exact same time ready Okay, we got some emeralds, I think I’m sorry My turn okay, okay, who’s going next just go in there don’t put down two, please. Yeah, go ahead Don’t choose me go ahead Oh Stop it get some help All right, it’s on you go ahead. Please don’t break our eardrums, please All right, let’s cute. Go you guys ready. I’m ready right here. Okay? Here. We go here. We go three four seven Two beacons and a block of emeralds Maddy do you want to go on a tanning date with me? let’s go on a tanning date double peg a Double cherry cake okay Good Whatever you sit here, can I said oh, I can’t set your dang it that sounded so good guys We’re gonna play the drums look ma I can do things No, you can’t actually do things with my life alright. Say. It’s on you. Don’t don’t kill us Don’t kill us don’t break her eardrums, sweetie lucky so far okay That is that’s good good job T. I’m proud Lucky if you’re sick Can you call for me? Alright, it’s my turn then after this it’s a duel pretty off you guys ready, okay? Okay, here we go. Please don’t break my eardrums now say I don’t know why it’s a computer desk, and he’s hacking something. I don’t know but I don’t know. I don’t know all right you guys ready for the pretty off to you. I challenge you bring it Whoever’s lucky you’re out of me until it’s the prettiest okay, ready ready ready throw it down three two Okay, I got a bunch of redstone and lapis would it Take in their fight it fight it like a man Yeah, you got a block of iron all of that for just a block of fire So I think I win this one I am the prettiest on a man tear directive No, that’s a lie Okay, okay, now. It’s between Madeleine and crater. Who is the prettiest out of you two? Okay in three – come on Maddy, okay? So you got a block of diamonds at a block of gold Madeleine Madeleine got a bunch of experience and a block of emerald hold on jewel no Russell we gotta do a lots of math skills Oh After all of my years of math training I have finished the math Okay, Maddie has won with 45 nether starts – Craner 30 Maddie beat crater. We are the prettiest Let’s go start our training look how lucky we got holy Crap there’s got to be one of the most lucky rounds do and in a half stacks of us, okay? So what we’re doing this game? it’s a 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 Do you want be with someone hit me? I broke it watch me watch me watch me watch. How many of us are there? Okay, I’m good. I’m good. I’m good So whatever tell me to duplicate our Nether stars down here. Whenever. It’s fully duplicated somebody grab the bottom row so buddy grab the bottom row First okay hold on hold on 32. We’re gonna get him 25 24 25. Okay. Somebody grab that grab it okay? Okay, next doing it again We all get the same amount so from what I understand of this game like I said, it’s a 1v1 all of us And it’s the game getting over and what we have to do we have to climb up a mountain and then capture a point while killing each other with guns It’s gonna be interesting so I think what I’m gonna do We’re gonna get a shotgun shot guns are just way too strong. Let me see what shotgun is really good Yeah, let’s grab this shotgun here. We’re also gonna need armor Let me buy a bunch of ammo for this gun those buy a full set of armor. Ah the boy I think this armor if I’m not mistaken if we put on a full set of armor It makes us pretty much naked oh My god Of course you would kyun and TS Alright well, let’s keep going. Oh, we can also get knocked back swords to knock the other people off the mountain oh That’s gonna. Be tilting let’s get the strong knock back sword. I’m gonna get two of these Because it looks like there’s low durability on this okay I’m trying to think I guess we can get so we have a short-range gun We have the shotgun maybe we can get like a medium-range gun and then a sniper sniper sir Oh P You know we got to get a sniper hold on yeah, let’s get a 50 cal Okay, so this is gonna be our sniper and let’s get some ammo for this and then I guess for our medium range let’s get a ump45 So we have our long range which is a sniper we have a UMP which is our mid-range Then we have a shotgun for short range I guess let’s for yellows fill up on ammo, and then let’s use the rest of these nether stars for enchanting our armor Let’s get in the car with that. Let’s see if we can win the let’s see if we can get over it No no so crater just answer me a question. Yeah, why am I the only guy here? Oh? I don’t know it. I like me a girl okay Alright so this game 1v1 king of the hill this was made by TS bros Yes, and marzo oh my god, and then there’s look then there’s kids Aren’t you happy you guys ready, okay? Let’s go in Okay, so that’s the mountain we gotta get up. Oh my god. We gotta get over it And then what you do once you get up there once you get up there your points start to accumulate Whoever gets to 60 points first wins also of course. There’s two guns that we can shoot each other with Okay everybody go to your boat. I believe okay, what color am I I’m blue, okay? Go to your boat everybody swim to your boat if you’re making me to my red boat, let’s do it I said I was just kidding. We don’t we don’t have to go to the bow tie you guys got pranked decompression Hoist water for nothing okay? You guys ready once the game starts We’re gonna get our hammer And we’re gonna be able to get up to the top of the mountain first one to sixty points wins all right It’s I’m cannon – yes – Okay, we’re gonna get a hammer. Okay, okay, start look we’re in a cauldron So the hammer is like a you got a like, it’s like a slime sling Oh, we gotta get up the mountain okay, jump jump. We gotta use the hammer to get up. Okay here. We go every time oh My gosh look at this Oh dear dear get away. Don’t don’t you win So if you fall in the water you die Gotta get up you gotta use the handle to get up I’m gonna use that five bone that might be easier. Oh no oh no. Oh my gosh Read the top already how This way roof here we go I can make this I can make this Oh Crater you already have 18 points winning. I’m never gonna make it their Job their job there okay, I literally can see no fault opal No, crater. Don’t you shoot me don’t you? Know I mean yes Jump jump, oh it’s so hard to jump. You can’t jump like normal This is so difficult That’s what I like to see You’re at 27 points, what do you mean? Greater I give greater. Okay, just keep holding the top. I’m a 80 points. Oh No why did you do that? Why would you knock me off the top? I Just shot myself off the edge. Oh you respawn at the top. Okay wait you shut yourself off not at 19 I did not it oh My goodness you just me so far Oh I tied you okay, we gotta get to 40 get up If I like what 7 points I Can’t believe she actually made it up there. That is so cool. Though. That was cool. That was fun I was I interesting game. I liked that good job ts Marjoe and bros a skirt job I love being naked in a culture with you Ian what I? Don’t know Tia. I just don’t know but anyways dudes We’re gonna end this here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below for app Us being naked in culture ins yes exactly We should all hit the like button for that one awesome hit the subscribe button for new to any of our channels Madeline I’m sorry you and Tia got zero points. I’m sorry. I’m okay with that See you dews next time

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