Minecraft Hängebrücke bauen 🧱 Hängebrücke bauen in Minecraft deutsch 🧱 Brücke bauen in Minecraft

Hey there, I’m glad you’re stopping by! My name is Croco and I welcome you to the “Ideenbox” (Ideabox) We are going to build this mini hangingbridge. As you can see, it connects two flying islands. So I would say: Let’s start! We are on my patreon/member server. Here we, the patreons and my members, design a special survival world. We actually play pure vanilla with minimal exceptions. One exception is today. I just stopped time, so we can do the tutorial slow and in peace. Let’s start. The bridge is goint to start here and end there. So first thing to do is to build a trail to the other side. And at every fifth block we are going to build an andesite wall on both sides. I use polished andesite so it’s easier to count. And again: one, two, three, four, five. And on the fifth block, andesite wall. And again: one, two, three, four, five. Andesite walls. And again: one, two, three, four. So I check if everything is right. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Perfect. Here we wanted to have four blocks inbetween, so we need to adjust the islands a little bit. And then these have to move one block to the back. The next step is very important, If you build in a survival mode. If there could be any important buildings on the ground that you could destroy. Therefore we are going to build something like a net, which is going to catch all the water that could destroy anything. To do so, we need dirt blocks. These we will place underneath our bridge. So first we start to build a dirt way. I will explain what I mean in a moment. Now I also need to adjust the weather, so we have nice weather. This weather is not good for recording. Here I have built the first dirt path. So now we need parallel another one. And here as well. Later we will place some bonfires up there and extinguish them with water buckets. Consequently water will run down here into this catch basin. To make sure, the water won’t destroy anything below, we need to build the catch basin impervious. Of course this is only important in case you have anything build below. Now, we just pretend, that there is anything build below, so I can show you how to build the catch basin. As soon as the catch basin is finished we can start with the bonfires. We need 32 bonfires and one water bucket. Now we can start by first delete these blocks. Then we check out into which direction we need to build the bonfires. This direction looks right If it looks like this, it is right. One layer on top needs to be transversely and the other below lengthwise. If we leave it like this, we will have problems with the water running down on the sides. So we need a barrier here. No, that was wrong… rockets will be necessary for flying. So we place some blocks here to prevent the water running to the sides. If we have done everything right, the water should stay on top. That looks good, the water stays in our catch basin. Now, we are ready to start the next step. We will replace all blocks with bonfires. And be careful. During survivals you can be hurt by bonfires.. The next step is to place fences on the first and the last andesite walls. And on top lanters. You see, we will need to remove some more blocks here on top. So it looks better. And we don’t want the lanterns to hang at the ceiling, but on top of the fences. So we really need to remove more blocks. You see, it already looks better. Sometimes it’s necessary to adjust the surroundings a little bit. Ok. And here we should remove some more. This one too, so it looks naturally. On the other side we do the same and also on these walls inbetween. Then we need spruce wood trapdoors. And we place them here next to each other. These trapdoors will fill all the gaps inbetween the walls. Here it’s important from witch direction you build them. Because of the walls here, the trapdoors are below the other ones. And the ones in the middle are higher because they don’t contact the walls. Altogether these uneven placed trapdoors create this beautiful image. So let’s build the rest. In the following step we need to be down here again. So it’s good that we have our dirt pathway down here. We will place stairs underneath our walls and trapdoors inbetween. That looks like this. Looks like this construction would prop the hanging bridge. This means, the bridge doesn’t need to be tighten up from start to end but is propped up by these brackets. And now we place iron fences here. And at the end one lantern each. In the middle we repeat the same. But place two iron fences and then one lantern at the end. The lanterns will be a bit tricky, we will see how we will place them here. Here same procedure. Like this, and one iron fence. And one lantern. Then we will have a look how the end of the bridge looks. In my case it loooks good. We could place another line of stone blocks here, but it’s not really necessary. And I don’t have any stone left. So we leave it like this. Let’s have a look to the other side. Here it could be nice to place some kind of stabilizer. Maybe like this. But we need to check later how this looks. Here we don’t really need it. So now, how do we place this lantern here? So the trick is to use slabs. I needed some time to come up with the idea. We place slabs down here and then we are able to build the lantern at the end of the fence. And then we do the same for the other side. That’s it. We are finished here. Now we can remove our catch basin and dirt path. And then we will have a look at the result. As soon as the dirt blocks are removed, our hanging bridge looks like that. I am on top of the neighboring island. I think I like it. It’s a good possibility to connect two mountains if you don’t want a massive bridge. The hanging lanters that we’ve placed are of course not necessary for the light but in my opinion, they are a nice detail. I hope you like it. So I would say, back to the studio. So, welcome back. I really hope you like it and the tutorial could help you. That’s it for today. If you enjoyed it, give me a like. If you want to see more, don’t forget to subscribe. Take care and see you soon.

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