Minecraft Hardcore Challenge – Stranded! Day 1 – Crash Landing

Poet: Whew! That was close. Pyrrh: Yay, you made it!
Poet: Barely, did you see that?
Pyrrh: Yeah, you came right down into that
waterfall. ones here water scoutship these toasts and our
state pod oh well yeah that’s all that’s left
and I I’d yeah so I didn’t see any other escape pod to make it out
I think we’re it anything well about the radio what what about it you get it well
I had a little trouble with my parachute and let’s say the radio landed before I
did because I accidentally disconnected it yeah so but hey you know luck would
have it I’m an engineer and I do happen to have our survival book here with
nothing no out was it a hurry to get out no this was in my pocket so and here
I’ve got a moment here you can see it too well here’s a schematic that we have to
build our radio and then here is our list of ingredients that we need so
we’re going to need to collect a diamond nine gold ingots 62 redstone for
glowstone dust 12 iron ingots for an aside 10 wood planks 8 sands to stone 1
dirt one flower 10 obsidian which means we’re going to also need a flint and
steel and either a bucket or another diet a diamond pick which means that
detail or diamond so it’s gainful is plenty before we crash to death all
those heavy minerals he want they’re way up there
right and you take a look that’s right inside out world wars are high and Oh
bonus the animal meat is poisonous to humans
okay to me fish are okay so if we manage to find enough things to build a fishing
pole we could eat some fish the only tools we might have no tools I got
nothing I can beat you I want to do this before the mother ship
standard protocol is that the mother ship will do a sweet bye since the Scout
ship will have disappeared off of their radar they’ll come by in ten days
looking for radio signals but if we don’t have a signal and it’s not gonna
happen okay all right well so we’ve been pretty high yeah let’s get to work I
will get this wood I get to make a cup of cool maybe some fruit we’ll drop that
would be nice oh look first thing off the list
flour all right and I know there’s nothing left off of this ship if the
whole cockpit is like smashed into the side of it I’m not walking till that
target are the fungi me neither if you can get some word Oh welcome to
what may be in that view these trees have to carry them a little bit more careful
yeah I know maybe they’ll hurt if they spit on you I’m not sure okay
you come over here and I’m gonna build well I’ve got a couple trees here so I
want some trees so we need stone – yeah all right sorry about that okay we are
going to make I’m gonna go get us some stone Oh little behind sorry about that
okay hi cow hi cow oh yeah I would help if I made a actual crafting table first
newb yeah you okay yeah I’m having some yeah she said took a little bit of a
rough landing there so yeah heads a little foggy here there we go there’s
some stone coming hey let me see I’m going to build this full set of stone
tool okay I don’t know how soon we’re gonna be able to get up to get some I
have to decide where to go to so we’re gonna to get the highest peak you can
see you yeah I think the highest one does I mean regular world
you got the whole ground level to dig out for diamonds but we’re going to be
limited on whatever is above something like 225 or something so it’s not that
you’re really really high eat okay so there’s people all right well help you
look here in a minute making a couple of shovels a couple of axes going on this
tree home here anything drop over here nope root here let me get you ax first
before you start trying to dig some more hey it gets to take the first bite we
are the only two people on the world you know oh I forgot to say we just went
to begin with all right now that cow is like creeping me out
complete okay I see some more over Justin we can’t because it’s pointless
or they didn’t so yeah we’re not allowed to touch them at all I think you know
chicken eggs are okay as long as you don’t touch the chicken it’s pretty much all right well I think I’m here to get
some pretty so I don’t know what you’re doing
space cadet over there all right well it would be nice if we could get another
Apple that way we each have one and back down yeah down this way here okay there
is that that and it’s slightly used sorry about that okay save me some
knuckles over one one one chemo three okay you could probably start backing
away Oh higher ground okay this looks like
they did a the place we thought nice all right
okay so oh there’s another Apple man we are rocking look at this travel stuff is
easy yeah that please the last four days yes
right okay so for those who don’t know if this is the monthly hardcore
challenge it is something that is published for many teams to do a website
will be linked down into the description along with the full set of rules that we
have to follow our goal for today is to try at least get to the top of a piece
and see what we can see I don’t want to go up there because it
doesn’t like there’s I feel like if we try to climb in there we’re gonna end up
with way too many holes not really a solid place but I saw where we came in looked like there was some really tall
ones right no where you can’t parachuting off it looks like it’s a
nice solid like all the way up at least that one and then there’s one next to it
that’s even higher it was snow on it but walking all the way over there I got
little or they’ll believe all right look here I have an apple each so I guess
that’s don’t see any more down there so I don’t have our flower thanks checking
things off the list it’s me and the list person okay
now let’s see I think this peak here is the best well yeah that one up there
there’s one higher just behind it too so we get up here we should have plenty of
to know a little subjective you can build us a quick bridge between it too
right once we get up there we should have plenty of stone to do it right
I’m not really worried about that okay you dig up out there I will clean up
behind you yeah right I would torch behind you
don’t have a torch it once I get them I’ll do that in case we want to climb
down rather than dig down you know because I’m assuming that mobs are gonna
be spawning here at and since the food seems to be very scarce I don’t see
anything down there that we did drop to eat and then get any seeds let me see
any grass that I could beat up down there yeah that would be turnin even think
about that you need grass to get seeds let me start with a couple of flowers
that would have been bad they’re not allowed to kill squids either no passive
animals well yeah but they drop incense you have to have we have to have
something to make a die with oh dude I guess the bomb in your County goodbye
that’s my reducer all right I got Danny Lions nice leather
pants no t-shirts with chandeliers with a cleaver on it yes that’s just a
t-shirt you don’t actually have a bow and arrows but yet they need endless
rivers in my house a a bag of endless holding you’d be dead yes well you know technically combining
an enderchest with shelter boxes will do a lot with it look boley ok that’s ok
are we showing our age as I’m talking about like way old school it is this is
where all this started you don’t go Gary Gygax started this
whole but our teams what kind of things old anymore
we’re hip whoa all right I’ll oh yeah me too you know what
probably because we’re generating some new chunks in front of you come try and
get this hit me same piece of coal three times yeah I’m just gonna be so far
ahead of me I was gonna light up behind you but isn’t gonna work if I can’t
quite get this stuff dug out I don’t know what I’m facing and that’s
right did you you’re still going in one direction right okay so you’re still
loading chunks back there we’ll make it look oh yeah digging out the step all
right slowly because II figured I do not know I have to see what daylight looks
like when we get up there yes that would that would have been helpful to set a
timer no he said been playing this long enough that I should know to set my
timer and I don’t my mistake blocked out sort of like that
all right you need something to do I guess you
might as well make your own torture yeah well this is scooters farther up we can
do hopefully I can find out where I left the step let’s see here okay song shouldn’t be enough to build
me some steps back um it slowly giggle catching up did you dig all this pull-up
no all right I’m on it you get the roof a couple cold faucet alright looks like
out there wait up alright I’m not gonna be able to
see what’s on the side of mountains until it’s daylight hey I managed to get
the cold fifty pieces at all whoa watch that next step it’s a little ooh
wow guys these skellies down there luckiest spider down there and three
creepers more creepers okay echoing aside oh well I get a stack and no I
don’t see any let’s figure oh yeah Oh guys you I can follow directions sort of
typical Nets cool place get it space cadet school I wasn’t much perfect the
monster hunting part that was more you know building machines part okay frankly I was full of war well I
wasn’t exactly qualified for awaiting also I was under call about my job so yeah you know you still have basic
training in space cadet school so I am literally dead the box but like out in
front of me think oh my goodness well if we can make it anywhere with this way I
guess I’d be doing really well get a little bit more time before the Sun
starts come up with any color there’s all of those killer cows up there
oh okay I like your snow that’s pretty gay some snowballs got a skillet hey sit
down over here okay so it’s tall slim oh okay nothing Wow I’m gonna turned around where did
you come from this way this oh there’s the Shamu there’s the escape pod so well
always safe on our little spot here okay you’re not answering me it’s the hardest
tale I’m silly of you being extremely resistant for the snowball effect mm-hmm
I don’t know a whole lot about attacking mr. awesome no come on yeah I’m gonna need to figure
out how to cop stuff a couple fences I don’t have enough
stone to make more than one oh yeah I’m gonna need this stone because if we have
to pull her up I’ll let you make the pass okay but if we need to pull her up
but when you tomorrow any more than that if we need to fill it up all right well
I’m not going to put the furnaces down unless you find some iron find any
underneath the snow oh sorry new Catlett Oh
cows hiding cows hiding it what I found oh wow you killed the Scout in the
snowball kill this girl what a snowball did you get stuff well I’ve got a couple
pieces of item should I be making shields no I think Boyd this yeah okay
no you know my sense of direction is awful I don’t know where I left the
faculty what was it like noticing that see the
light oh my goodness Oh she doesn’t think for a second I almost
hit you did I that’s my perspective is way way I do not know what I’m thinking
I was thinking that was a baby and then I was a goner
I have no idea obviously you came and finished in it’s like naked survivor all
over again except well shameless plug we’re used to playing Ultra Hardcore
which means we don’t have any regen so I’m assuming that this is gonna be cake
because we can reach in our health right except without food that’s gonna be
about food this video though yeah because it doesn’t look like food this
both coming all right running up saplings you know I have any
place to plant them no place we’re going to hang out
I am Pitt that’s gonna be first thing say that right you’re gonna need it if
we find diamonds what if when yes yes sir man why don’t we find diamonds and
gold and redstone I guess you need it for Gladstone – that would be a pain you
need a stack of lead stomach a there is your iron pick isn’t it iron pick em oh
yay they’re in Sweden so they pronounce iron iron most people say that they need
to go away cow they named this after Alanis Morissette song isn’t it ironic
oh it is the song about a bunch of stories that aren’t aren’t irony so I
always thought what a a see isn’t it ironic I think if the song isn’t it
romantic okay because this isn’t it ironic isn’t it romantic I always think
that isn’t it iron pick I don’t know isn’t it romantic seems to fit better
okay but now I’m really showing my age Ella Fitzgerald long time ago okay so
they use these two pieces of iron to make shields no not yet I’m gonna say
that oh wait I get hit by there before you look
okay well I’m still healthy have you taken any damage so sweet
okay well I mean I guess we just keep hanging around this you want me to take
the stuff okay I’ll bring the stuff tell me how many time is a-wastin there’s
another sound II know I’m thinking that so Lots coming that right there not be a
good place to find some food sources and I’m sitting here
okay well I always think the team boat I only see the two skeletons out see in
the one zombie think I want to go up on this little point here okay fill them up
yeah all of this tears I have nothing to fill it up so if you don’t want to call
up something you’re gonna need to well and UNAM be sounded really loud I do not
know how much time we have left it’s not in a lot of – all right okay okay the
newness is kind of going you down yeah well the Sun comes up we’ll call
over there that’s the one day location right and I have a feeling that with the
lag of a service I’m watching the moon go jump jump jump I’m wondering if this
means our first episode it’s gonna be much longer than 20 minutes I mean it
stands to reason that at times slower then I’m just staring at this zombie
there’s a but another two people over there to you and a spider oh look at that there’s something up
above me I see this whole little pillar thing up there so you built stairs and I
guess I’ll come up I’ll look glass I wonder if I could get
a seed I don’t look I would need three pieces of weed though I’m up here at
this little top piece I think aren’t I got a seed I have a seed
okay okay so if we go over there when the Sun comes up and the Skelly’s die
depending on how much bone meal we get I might be able to make a piece of bread don’t need coal I’ve got over the staff okay this is it all right well I’m gonna
do you need a crafted you but I wasn’t said anything down oh I guess we can
pull her over there I get some fun dates and pics like baby pic for you I just
threw your iron pick up there and you took off okay this is the iron one I’m
gonna make you uh – Tom – Tom – stone picks picks at you and you take hmm well
I see see that cow over here with a minute setting and I see represent iron
you go baby piece right up there I can see so
over there I see coal let me get a peek into the valleys there’s some iron
directly across almost over here like a lot of pieces there right but then that
would be going over there get to dig into that and then somehow get to the
top of that yeah I think it’d be easier to get to this one over here to the west
toward the cow because I think that’s gonna get us closer to the level that we
need to be I can always go over here while you’re making a path over there I
can always go dig this iron out okay didn’t want to give up or contest and
then we’ll have a big call over there all right I’d better pick up my dolls
and this is here this is almost all laughing all right all right
yeah Sun is coming up I don’t see the creepers anymore
aw no that’s up to you if we want to come back down here they’re zombies
still there we’ll see what what it looks like but so is coming up you

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Reader Comments


    Great work guys! Fantastic video! Loved the intro! Loved the Modded quest book! All in all aa amazing effort! Top Marks! I really like the cow rushing to your defense when the zombie attacked!

  2. JavaDad

    Welcome to MHC! I loved the Ella Fitzgerald reference. (I didn't know anybody else here knew who she was.) Glad to see another player who uses music (and music references) in their video. I guess it goes along with your name, though, doesn't it? Great job on your first day!

  3. Vidargavia

    I love your take on it with the two person perspective and the replay mod! I would write the name of whoever's perspective it is though, when it changes. πŸ™‚ And you're doing well in the challenge too, although like you said, food might become an issue.

  4. DragnFeathers

    Great job on day one. I love 'Ella Fitzgerald sings the Gershwin songbook', I had the LP growing up and loved playing it for hours.

  5. Two Piggies

    Love the intro and the crashed ship. Using a book to display the schematic was really cool! Love your approach to the video πŸ˜€

  6. James Stansell

    Good start. Welcome to MHC!
    Your main food choices are zombie flesh, wheat and fish. Mushroom stew is possible, especially when you get to the nether. Pumpkin pie is also possible. Since time is limited in MHC you should check out BatHeartMC's Batty science video about wheat growth. Staying close enough to your farm for it to grow may be a problem though.

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