Minecraft Horse LP Ep. 1 – “Lucky Horses at Spawn!”

hello youtube this is sly-jay
and welcome to my new minecraft adventure and you are invited
so check this out i downloaded the new snapshot i think its 13wb13 the one with the horses
i don’t know all the numbers and look right out of the spawn a horse and
a colt so lets jump on of course and get bucked off of course and
jump on again of course and get bucked off sure i don’t know what i’m doing i think this
is the right thing i should be doing though because i think that if i don’t tame it it
might go away actually her i can call it her because she had a baby
okay one more time come on you can do it girl and i’m going to call her lucky hearts yes
excellent so this is why this is so lucky is
well first of all i believe if i’m not wrong and misinformed sorry lucky i gotta go punch
a tree right now this is gonna seem a little bit weird
but just bear with me i gotta do this okay i don’t want to waste a lot of time you know
how it is your first night in minecraft horses notwithstanding
so here’s why this is so lucky is first of all unless i’m misinformed i believe horses
are quite rare so to get them right near the spawn
is great and but more so is that i wasn’t really planning
on doing a let’s play i kind of had it in my head like my inner
wish list if i did everything on my inner wish list in my head i would spend all day
every day making videos of all kinds of things you know
so i kinda i don’t have time for everything so it was kinda
on my mind but what i really was actually going to do was another super hostile map
the one at this point in my youtube channel at this point i only really have one series
and that is infernal sky super hostile map by vechs and
i’m just finishing the map right now and the series
and so i was thinking of what to do next and it was going to be another super hostile
then this and that and the other thing and whatever and i thought i would
just try out the snapshot and sure enough completely random seed i got
not this but actually another seed that i loved
you spawn right in an extreme hills biome which is gorgeous scenery and waterfalls and
to me whats really important more important than spawning near a village
or easy diamonds or whatever you can always go find those things
later but i like to have my main base have a nice view one of the things i appreciate
about minecraft is the scenery so i loved that seed and i
was gonna maybe play on it but then i switched computers and this and that and the other
thing so anyway i ended up just trying out another seed completely
random and here we are with one horse at least already i think i would have tried to ride
the other one i did take a peek at this seed all i did was
walk around and decide that i want to put my house over there on that little hillock
its not really a hill but its a little bit higher than the other land see i never would
have picked a seed like this to play on i would have held out
for another hills biome but with horses that changes everything
okay bear with me i’m going to get some sandstone and make a house so yeah okay all i had done
so far on this map was look around decide that this should
be the place for my house and see that there were two horses which by the way were both
full-grown and they were white then i logged off then i logged on and the
rest you have seen i don’t know if anyone thinks thats interesting
or useful information but everything else is i think the same except the horses are
i don’t know i guess their colors come out random and their age and i don’t know
if anyone really cares but i think some people do because i think we are all we being minecraft
players we are all just learning about horses right
now and kinda gotta share information i’m gonna go look up what you’re supposed to feed
them and all that not because i haven’t looked but
because i’ve been receiving conflicting information sugar wheat hay apples carrots grass
i don’t know so i’m gonna have to look that up but in the meantime at least i’m just doing
this cause i want to make a bed i want to get established
so we can get on to the fun stuff quickly i’m such a soft heart and animal lover i don’t
even like killing the animals no actually that’s not why
it is that somewhere when i first started minecraft i had been told or read that you
shouldn’t kill too many animals or they will go extinct which i personally
think is a great feature because i think people should learn that about the world cause i’m
a soft heart and an animal lover and so i think thats a good feature to make that
part realistic and i probably take it too seriously but anyway
i like to conserve my animal populations at least until i can get some fenced in and breeding
and then everything changes and i also gotta say i like em running around
i think it makes the map fun okay i’m sure this isn’t too much fun to watch this is what
i was mentioning earlier i’m gonna get some sand and make a
little sandstone house so let me fast forward this
wouldn’t that be cool if you could actually do that that fast in minecraft go into hyperspeed
mode for your digging actually i bet you can there’s probably some
kind of mod for that or something like that okay so
you guys do you want to go into hyperspeed mode for farming probably should huh i mean
how many minecraft LPs have farming alright lets go hyperspeed super farmer
lets go okay i guess i didn’t really have as many
seeds as i had thought at least we’re getting a start i’m not bothering with fences or
infinite water supplies or whatever cause i mean i’ve got all this right here and i
guess i’m really kinda just concerned with keeping this horse
so i would like to well i’ve gotta eat we’ve got the chickens over here we’ve gotta do
that and we need the bed and we need more wood
i think i’m gonna be making some fences and of course a house and i guess maybe a lead
and i can tie lucky to a fence okay as much of a soft-heart
and silly as i am i’ve never named an animal in minecraft
and even i weird as i am feel a little bit weird about doing that well we’ll see there’s
nametags now so i guess we’ll see maybe that’s what people do the sun is setting
and i haven’t even started my house okay we’re gonna have to go into hyperspeed
house-building mode yeah did you know there are people that do this
is in real life they actually have contests of building houses
you know they have teams they have plans the finished houses are not really much more than
like a real life version of what i’m making right now
which is basically one room to scale it would be maybe ten by twelve i think and probably
eight feet tall and simple roof door windows and thats it
a-frame and yeah they have these little contests and maybe its like five guys and they do the
house in about a day i’m not sure what that means its not a minecraft
day but i think it’s like you know sunrise to sundown i think its like
less than eight hours i think it takes em at least when i watched and this was years
ago so anyway okay but i’m beating them all now cause this is
in video time i dont know less than a minute would be nice if i had torches so hey
here i am theres my house and lets just brighten it up with a furnace and thats my little thing
i like to put the crafting table and furnace in the floor dont use up the room
for them okay so all that house building has made me tired and i just happen to have a
bed so good night ah wow feels like i was only sleeping for
thirty seconds and yet i feel so refreshed quickly
fast forwarding inventory management and then we will go out and explore this fresh new
world on this fresh new fine day nice so really only one direction to go that seems
interesting so lets head out toward the jungle my objectives are the same as any minecraft
player i wanna get coal i wanna get more food get more wood cause i’m gonna be making fences
to be keeping all my horses in and other animals i hopefully will be soon getting
and maybe i will find a ravine or something i’d like to start getting some armor going
finding iron would be very nice so yeah its not like i have some
ingenious unique plan even still you never know exactly whats gonna happen or how its
gonna go down even two players with the exact same goal
wont go about it exactly the same way and of course no two worlds are exactly alike
and thats whats just so cool about minecraft and in fact thats
kind of actually why oh did i see an ocelot yes i did oh
definitely as soon as i can i want to get a kitty-cat so thats one of the reasons i’m
here instead of on inferno mines this very moment is that
with all respect to vechs of course of course and i had a tremendously good time on the
one map that i played it was an older map though and with inferno mines its like enormously
huge and its also he’s done players the favor of taking away a lot of the
grunt work you know and so maybe thats good but in this is just what i’m looking for get
some coal get some iron i hope so okay if i’m going to mine i’m going
to cut that out i guarantee it me digging coal out of a wall looks exactly the same
as somebody else digging coal out of a wall so yes as i was saying putting the things
that are different okay here we go so anyway inferno mines oh
ravine inferno mines is ginormous and some of the survival tasks have been done for you
which i guess is a good thing but perhaps maybe makes everybody
sort of kinda funnels everyone into having to handle the map in a more similar way i
mean i was doing whacky stuff on infernal sky super hostile map
like building extra houses and minecart tracks and even sculptures in the sky and leaving
signs with silly things on them okay all i did down there
was dig so we’re gonna head on back we got some coal and things like that and that is
good and i need to get more food
so yeah i’m gonna start heading back ooh right there so yeah i love about minecraft how its
different for everybody and you know thats why i’m hoping there’s
room on me for youtube also because everybody is different i mean how many let’s plays are
there like a bajillion gazillion zillion but they
are all different did i just say i hope there’s room on me for
youtube i meant i hope there’s room on youtube for me okay
somebody needs more sleep i think in real life and in minecraft so let’s start heading
back okay we’re sneaking through the jungle and
its gotten dark why are we whispering cause we wanna hear if theres any mobs
and why did it get dark because we took a longer route on the way back i think we got
lost thats the other reason we’re whispering hey
the whispering has paid off i hear a pig oh and the ocelots i’m gonna get a cat for sure
i mean not right now but soon
but where’s the pig cause i’m hungry where are they
where are they i’m being the quiet hunter oh stuck under
the leaves sorry dude well i guess my thing about killing the wild animals i don’t feel
quite as bad if they’re like totally trapped in leaves because they wouldn’t
have been having some really cool wild life of freedom anyway they were just trapped in
the leaves that’d be worse than being locked in a pen
look at this guy no multiple oh they look so cute but they
and the skeleton i’ve been hearing no creeper no don’t kill everybody okay i told him not
to kill everybody and he didn’t even kill the skeleton
i guess i’m lucky cause he didn’t kill the pigs and because i have no armor and you know
you can go quick and easy when there’s a creeper around and
you’ve got no armor oh and i’m lucky once again this pig got away
and then came back so i could kill him and get three three pieces of pork
so you know what i’m gonna do real quick in this convenient little place that the creeper
has made i’m just kinda gonna chill for a minute and make up some
of this pork and eat and regenerate hearts i have this thing i like to have all my hearts
call me crazy i like to have all my hearts okay
okay we’ve made our little bivouac and we’re hiding
here cooking up food and keeping an eye out for mobs
why are we whispering again not sure but you know what this is boring lets go
you know actually i hadn’t really gotten lost on the way back
i just kind of probably went around a little bit made the route a little bit longer than
necessary but this little area is pretty easy to not get lost
just kind of the way it has that narrow strip of land with the jungle on it
and then the border of the biomes so we’re pretty good we’re set up pretty nicely now
and i’m happy on this seed and we’re gonna have
some good times and no you can’t come in you big silly you’re too silly you can’t get through
a one block stupid spider okay all right you guys i’m
gonna say thank you for watching and good night
no silly you are not a horse no you are not no you are not a horse oh you drive me to

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