Minecraft: How to make a beach umbrella and deck chairs

How to make a beach umbrella and deck chairs The beach umbrella requires 8 white wool blocks, 5 wool blocks with another color and 3 fences. You can make these umbrellas in whatever color you like. Now for the deck chairs. They each require a slab and a stair. You can make some small tables using more slabs. Here I’m trying to figure out where to place the last table.

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  1. David Fontaine

    Magma! You should make a let's play! Survive in the woods & make an awesome house & put a bunch cool stuff in it. I consider you genius, but if you make a survival series, that would be awesome! I'm going to send a bunch of personal messages for people to watch your tutorials!

  2. David Fontaine

    Hey, many famous commentators have bad voices, but are still who they are. Look at TobyGames (No offense if you are reading this) or NoRegrets (Also no offense). It doesn't matter how your voice sounds, people just want to entertained! Give it a try, I'm sure it will turn out great!

  3. MegaMikeDynamite

    thanks magma! i also enjoyed your doorbell tutorial. it really helped man!!! also, plz make some sort of minecraft series. youd be perect for one!

  4. Craze VyRel

    magma don't worry if your shy man your vids r awesome i can't speak english very rather so i no how it feels but i don't think you would get any hate because um sure everybody loves your vids 😀

  5. Faeryheart

    Well you decide if you want to do one, but I think people will watch it because they like you and your ideas, not because of your voice 🙂

  6. Grant Cambron

    Just do what you think is right but I don't think your voice is going to be bad. People will go past your voice and recognize your personality and intelligence. It's always your choice though.

  7. Kawaii Kurun

    hahahahaha xD i know this has english text bubbles already but still!! im gonna send english subtitles lol sorry if thats bothering..

  8. dan pulsford

    To be well truthfully honest I find this tutorial useful and fantastic to be well truthfully honest and also I've build something like that aswell and followed those instructions as I go along and also making a beach umbrella and deck chairs instead of using oak stairs and oak slabs I've used Birch stairs, birch slabs an birch fences for the deck chairs definitely😊😊😊😊😊😊

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