Minecraft in 60 Seconds

This is Minecraft in 60 seconds. Minecraft
is the award-winning break-out hit from MO’-YENG, which has sold over 11 million copies to date.
This swedish game company, not to be confused with IKEA, lets you build your own world without
the use of allen wrenches.In Minecraft you are in a cube-based world where you chop,
harvest and mine resources to survive and customize the landscape.With the right recipe
you can craft everything from bread to live and TNT to blow stuff up. At night you need
to watch out for angry spiders, skeletons, zombies, endermen and creepersNobody like
you creeper.There are three difficulty levels in survival mode including Hard which deletes
your world and all your work if you die. Yikes. Minecraft also has a creative mode. Leave
the angry mobs behind and have access to all the bricks you’ll ever need. If surviving
isn’t your thing maybe you can challenge these fantastic builds, all done with little blocks.
Minecraft also has an adventure mode so you can try out challenge maps by other players.
There you can solve puzzles and defeats custom mobs all on beautifully hand-crafted maps.If
that’s not enough take Minecraft online and do everything I’ve talked about with friends
or customize everything from the way to landscape looks to your own skin. That’s Minecraft in
sixty seconds
and I’m Tarkvunder.

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